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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/8-6

Aug. 21, 2000

U.N. Panel: Sanctions Must Go, But U.S. Says "No Go"

Dozens of Kurds, Iraqis Slaughtered by U.S, Turkish Planes in Silence, Like Lambs 

NWO at Work: Muslims Who Helped Destroy Serb Churches in Kosovo, Now Finance 50 New Mosques



Iraq                            1. The Forgotten War II: Kurds, Dozens of Kurds, Iraqis

                                          Slaughtered Like Lambs, in Silence

Geneva                      2. U.N. Panel: Iraq Sanctions Must Go

Jerusalem                  3. Satellite Images of Israeli Nuclear Reactor Published

London                      4. Israel Hunts for US Intelligence Officer: A “Mata Hari”-

                                       “Jonathan Pollard” Soap?

Pristina                     5. UAE: Muslims Who Helped Destroy Serb Churches in

                                    Kosovo, Now Finance 50 New Mosques


1. Dozens of Kurds, Iraqis Slaughtered by U.S, Turkish Planes in Silence, Like Lambs

IRBIL, SAMAWA, Aug. 13-15 - Just as the Democratic National Convention was getting under way in Los Angeles, the U.S. and Turkish pilots rained death and destruction on innocent Iraqi and Kurdish civilians. 

On Aug. 15, for example, 38 Kurdish civilians, including children, were killed near Irbil (see the map) in northern Iraq when Turkish warplanes attacked a camp of herdsmen and their families, according to a statement released in Cairo by the Kurdish Democratic Party.  More than 40 people were injured.  American AWACS planes coordinated the Turkish attacks.

The Iraqi Kurdish satellite television channel, Kurdistan TV, showed the wounded, several of them small children, lying on hospital beds in the regional capital (Irbil), their heads and limbs in bandages and slings.

"We were grazing our animals in the summer pastures," said one woman.  "Suddenly the planes flew over, then they flew back again, and there were explosions everywhere. I don't know what happened then, but everything was covered in blood."

Two days earlier, two Iraqi civilians were killed and 19 wounded in the southern Iraqi town of Samawa, 175 miles south of Baghdad, when U.S. planes, for the second day in a row, bombed what the Pentagon termed to be “a government warehouse.” 

But a Reuters photographer at the scene said there were no Iraqi military units in the area.   The photographer reported the U.S. or British planes flying over the site some 16 hours after the strike.  A part of the warehouse was destroyed while rooms used to store food and six nearby houses were badly damaged.

The Pentagon spokesman said the U.S. used precision weapons in order to minimize “collateral damage” to nearby civilians.

But Iraqi trade minister, Mohammed Mehdi Saleh, said the raid was “another criminal act ... against a facility providing food and services to the people of Muthana province," according to Reuters.  

Salef told reporters in Baghdad that the warehouse and storage rooms contained food and other material imported under the oil-for-food program with the United Nations.  He said Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who house U.S. and British bases, were partners in the raid.

Between Dec. 17, 1998 and Aug. 16, 2000, the U.S and U.K military aircraft have flown a total of 23,407 sorties over Iraq.  Of that total, 18,749 were from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and 4,658 from Turkey.  Iraq says around 300 civilians have been killed and 900 wounded in these attacks.


TiM Ed.:  And have you heard or seen anything about these crimes against humanity  in the headlines or on the front pages of the “free media” in the country that calls itself the “leader of the free world?”  If so, please tell us when and where. 

As far as we are concerned, these tragic stories were basically “AWOL” from the Americans’ TV screens and newspapers.  Even the newspapers that did carry the wire reports, such as that by Reuters, gave them only a couple of inches of news space, buried deep within the inside pages.

Meanwhile the establishment media headlines and the splashy front page news fed the American public the Hillary-Bill-Al-Joe Demo-soap from Los Angeles.  Or was it a donkey soup?  J Can’t be sure.  But the aftertaste was bad, just the same.

No surprise there.  When Bill Clinton ran into trouble with the Congress over his lewd Lewinsky affair in December 1998, he launched another series of air strikes against Iraq (see "Klinton's Amerika, Israel's Tomahawk," TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-7, Dec. 21, 1998). 

And the Clinton administration has been doing it with amazing regularity ever since.  Check out, for example, "The Forgotten War: Another Anglo-American Genocide" - Aug. 14, 1999, a TiM Bulletin about the bombing of Iraq published almost exactly one year ago.  Or our next story, about the devastating impact of the genocidal U.S.-led U.N. sanctions against Iraq, now in their 11th year.


2. U.N. Panel: Iraq Sanctions Must Go

GENEVA, Aug. 18 - The United Nations Sub-Commission on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, composed of experts named by their respective governments, issued the appeal in two resolutions adopted at its annual meeting in Geneva, the BBC News reported on Aug. 18.

It said the sanctions, imposed 10 years ago after Iraq invaded Kuwait, had "condemned an innocent people to hunger, disease, ignorance and even death."

A report to the panel by a Belgian law professor, Marc Bossuyt, said the sanctions were "unequivocally illegal". He said they had caused a humanitarian disaster "comparable to the worst catastrophes of the past decades".

The report was attacked by the United States as "incorrect, biased and inflammatory."  The U.S. says Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is to blame for the suffering of ordinary Iraqis.

The UN human rights body said statistics showed the oil-for-food program was meeting "only part of the vital needs of the (Iraqi) population".  The UN resolution cited the 1949 Geneva Conventions, which it said "prohibit the starving of civilian populations and the destruction of what is indispensable to their survival."


TiM Ed.: Well, but that was back in 1949, when the world was a lot more civilized than today.  The TiM Serb readers in particular, at least those who have survived over eight years of similarly deadly sanctions, supposedly aimed at Slobodan Milosevic, should find the genocidal parallels of the New World Order tactics eerily familiar.  And just as frightening.


3. Satellite Images of Israeli Nuclear Reactor Published  

JERUSALEM, Aug. 19 - New satellite pictures of Israel's nuclear reactor were published on the front page of an Israeli mass-circulation newspaper Friday (Aug. 18), according to an Associated Press report.  “It is a sign that the country's nuclear weapons capability is being discussed here with increasing openness after decades of silence,” the AP said.

The Yediot Ahronot daily said the high-resolution pictures came from the Federation of American Scientists Internet Web site. The pictures, taken July 4 by IKONOS, a civilian satellite, were sold on the Internet by Space Imaging Corp.

It has long been assumed that Israel manufactures nuclear weapons at the Dimona reactor in the southern Negev Desert, though Israel has never admitted it, sticking to a policy of nuclear ambiguity.

In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, who worked as a technician at Dimona, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for giving pictures taken inside the reactor to The Sunday Times of London. Based on the photographs, experts said at the time that Israel had the world's sixth-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

In the photographs published Friday, the reactor's dome is clearly visible in the largest picture in the paper, along with the rest of the buildings in the complex. In a second photo spread, on an inside page, Yediot Ahronot provided a five-panel illustration entitled, "How to make a bomb."

Earlier this week, Israel television broadcast satellite photos of Dimona taken in 1968 and 1971, also provided by the Federation of American Scientists Web site. A report on the site said the new pictures show that the capacity of the reactor has not been increased. Which means that Israel may have built up to 200 weapons at the most, according to estimates of the FAS scientists.

Up to now, Israel's military censor has prevented local outlets from using pictures of the reactor. But the Internet cannot be controlled, said David Ronen of the censor's office in Jerusalem. "If it's taken from the Internet, it can be printed, as long as the source is noted," Ronen said.

Israel's official policy about nuclear weapons is "opacity," statements meant to leave all the possibilities open without admitting anything. There has been only sporadic debate about the issue, and the anti-nuclear lobby in Israel is tiny. 


TiM Ed.: Which nevertheless proves, that Israel today has freer media than any other western country that boasts its supposed "freedom of the press."


4. Israel Hunts for US Intelligence Officer: A “Mata Hari”-“Jonathan Pollard” Soap?

LONDON, Aug. 21 - An American military intelligence officer with an Israeli girlfriend, who went AWOL from his base in San Antonio, Texas, is being hunted in Israel. 

A U.S. embassy spokesman told The Independent in London that the Israelis were co-operating with attempts to locate Lt-Col Jeremiah Mattysse, 49, an army reserve officer, who failed to report back from vacation on August 8. 

Until February, Lt-Col Mattysse commanded the army reserve intelligence support center at Camp Bullis, San Antonio, which trained reservists in intelligence work. Joseph Hanley, a US army spokesman, said that "because of his background, [his disappearance] is of heightened concern".

Rivka Artzi-Nir, who lives in Israel and says she is Lt-Col Mattysse's girlfriend, told local newspapers that he had been devoted to Israel since converting to Judaism 10 years ago. 


TiM Ed.: Oh, so we have the makings of a cross between a “Mata Hari” and a “Jonathan Pollard” story here?  “Devoted to Israel?”  At the expense of the U.S., perhaps? 

Oh, please… Spare us the charade.  Why bother asking the Israeli police to hunt down a mere lieutenant-colonel?  Why not summon the Washington, DC, police to put behind bars the folks who are a far greater threat to our national security?  The heads of the Clinton administration, of course (see “Spies Galore, Enemy Within, Foxes at the Gate” - May 13, 2000).  That would be not only much more cost-effective; it would be much more national security-effective.

Why not let the colonel enjoy his love and the Israeli sun?  Unless, of course, his girlfriend is also in cahoots with Mossad and the Clinton administration?

“Mata Hari Returns to Hollywood from Tel Aviv!”  Can’t you just see the headline following the next Steven Spoofberg soap opera?


5. UAE: Muslims Who Helped Destroy Serb Churches in Kosovo, Now Finance 50 New Mosques

PRISTINA, Aug. 19 - Sorry to have to fling you so suddenly from the delights of the Hollywood soap to the reality of today’s Kosovo.  But the Reuters news wire reported on Aug. 19 that the United Arab Emirates defense minister had “offered to build 50 mosques in Kosovo at his own expense.”

So far so good.  In fact, wonderful.  At least someone in the Muslim world is trying to entice the Kosovo Albanian terrorists from their drug-dealing, crime-infested world to entering the house of God.

Not so fast, though, as TiM reader from Canada, who had sent us the above story, warns.

For, the next sentence of this Reuters release said that, the “project would be carried out with the help of the UAE troops serving in the NATO-led peacekeeping force.” 

The United Arab Emirates is a NATO country? 

It is as much “NATO” as were the Jordanian or the Pakistani (Muslim) “peacekeepers” in Kosovo who brutally shut down a Serb radio station last week, and participated in the British seizure of the Serb mine in Kosovo last week (see “British-led NATO Troops Seize Serb Mine in Kosovo”).  Or as were the Iranians during the Bosnian war.

The only thing that binds all these Muslims “peacekeepers” is their hatred of the Serbian Orthodox Christian - Serbs! And the New World Order money that helps them translate their hatreds into geopolitical gains (see the “Anti-Christian Crusades of the 20th Century”).

But how did the 1,250 UAE troops get to Kosovo?  The same way as the Musliim “mujahideens” got into Bosnia in the 1990s.  Only less subversively.  In both cases, however, with the help of Washington’s “Ayatollah Klintonmeini”.

But wait a minute… Remember how all hell that broke loose (inside NATO) when some 250 Russian soldiers showed up and took the Pristina airport on June 11, 1999? (see, among other TiM stories about that).

Yes, but they were Russian.  Meaning Orthodox Christian.

Oh, but religion is not supposed to make any difference in the globalist-atheist, multi-cultural New World Order of the ostriches, sheep, and sardines?

Maybe not.  But it seems to anyway…

You see, these same United Arab Emirates “peacekeepers,” that NATO had somehow illegally managed to inject into Kosovo, and whose minister wants to charitably build 50 mosques in this Serbian province, are directly responsible for the destruction of the St. Nicholas Vucitrn Serbian Orthodox church, according to the Raska and Prizren Serb Diocese.

“From well-informed sources, the Diocese of Raska and Prizren has learned that the church was ‘secured’ by no less than 20 Arab troops who permitted Albanian terrorists to carry out an attack on the Church. During the previous destruction of the church of St. Nicholas in [the Vucitrn village of] Banjska [on January 30, 2000], the Diocese learned from well-informed sources that the attack was coordinated with Arab troops which withdrew at the decisive moment and permitted the terrorists to destroy the church.”


TiM Ed.: As in America, the foxes are guarding the chickens in Kosovo, too.  For how much longer are we going to put up with that?

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