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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/8-3

Aug. 15, 2000

Jordanians Shut Down Serb Radio Station

British-led NATO Troops Seize Serb Mine in Kosovo 

Pakistanis Handcuff Serb Diplomats; Ethic Albanians Steal 250 Railroad Cars with NATO Help; Three Trainloads of Yugoslav Army Tanks Arrive in Bar (Montenegro); Thaci Attends Democratic Convention; Washington's "Kiss of Death"



K. Mitrovica               1. British-led NATO Troops Seize Serb Mine in KosovoAug. 15, 2000

Belgrade                      2. Jordanians Brutally Shut Down Serb Radio Station

Belgrade                      3. Pakistanis Handcuff Serb Diplomats

Kosovo Polje               4. Ethnic Albanians Steal 250 Railroad Cars with

                                         NATO Help?

Bar                              5. Three Trainloads of Yugoslav Army Tanks Arrive in Bar

Long Beach                6. Buchanan Backs Serbs against NATO in Kosovo

Phoenix                       7. No Vote Is Better Than Fraud Vote

Phoenix                       8. American vs. Serbian “Demo Farce”  

Los Angeles               9. Thugs of the World Unite, Part III: Thaci Attends Democratic 

                                        Party Convention, Kisses AlbrightAug. 15, 2000

Washington               10. Washington’s Move - “a Kiss of Death” to Democracy in 

                                          Serbia, Says Serb Opposition LeaderAug. 16, 2000

Moscow                     11. Russian Politician Warns Clinton May Stir Up Trouble in the 

                                         Balkans to Help Gore’s CampaignAug. 16, 2000

Belgrade                    12. Milosevic, Artemije Both Colluding with Serb Enemies?Aug. 16, 2000

Pristina                      13. Nine Serb Children Hurt in Grenade Attack on Kosovo PlaygroundAug. 19, 2000


1. British-led NATO Troops Seize Serb Mine in Kosovo
Aug. 15, 2000

K. MITROVICA, Aug. 14 - British-led NATO troops showed their ugly faces again early Monday morning (Aug. 14) when six civilians and four NATO soldiers were injured during an airborne and ground NATO assault on Zvecan, two miles north of Kosovska Mitrovica, the last remaining Serb mine in the Trepca industrial complex in Kosovo.

Some 900 NATO soldiers, including French troops, took part in a pre-dawn operation in which Igor Stefanovic (27) sustained a head injury from a rubber bullet and was hospitalized, according to K. Mitrovica hospital, Dr. Marko Jaksic. 

Four members of the British Royal Regiment were also injured when a group of 40 soldiers got caught in between two groups of some 200 Serbs each who threw rocks at them. 

Representatives of KFOR and UNMIK had said that environmental pollution was the primary reason for taking over control of the smelting plant, a charge that the Serb authorities in Trepca dismissed as preposterous.

"We had to act in order to ensure the safety of the population," said Bernard Kouchner, according to an Aug. 14 Reuters report.  Kouchner is a French leftist politician who has run Kosovo as a de facto protectorate since mid-1999.

Mr. Kouchner said a French, American and Swedish consortium would develop a $16 million renovation plan for the vast and dilapidated Trepca complex, ensuring lead smelting could restart.  But Mr. Kouchner's chief economic adviser, Bernard Salome, said it could take three years before significant output appeared.  

Some 1,800 Serb jobs are at stake.  Kouchner assured the Serb workers that they would keep their jobs even while the smelter was shut for repairs, with their salaries guaranteed.  But the Serbs are naturally skeptical about that, given Kouchner’s proven Serbophobia and a myriad of broken promises during the first year of NATO’s occupation of Kosovo, when some 250,000 Serbs were driven from the province.

The Zvecan lead smelting plant has been in operation since 1939, not 1991, as claimed by UNMIK, according to the Trepca company statement.  And it has stopped work only for occasional overhauls and during NATO's aggression from March to June 1999. The 306 meter (over 900 feet) smokestack, built in 1972, as well as equipment and installations for purifying waste gases, in which more than 10 million German marks were invested, are best evidence that the people's health was a consideration long before UNMIK's deployment, the company statement said.

The Zvecan lead smelting plant has been in operation since 1939, not 1991, as claimed by UNMIK, the Trepca company statement said.  And it has stopped work only for occasional overhauls and during NATO's aggression from March to June 1999. The 306 meter (over 900 feet) smokestack, built in 1972, as well as equipment and installations for purifying waste gases, in which more than 10 million German marks were invested, are best evidence that the people's health was a consideration long before UNMIK's deployment, the company statement said.

During the June-July period, for example, there was 0.12 milligrams of lead per cubic metre (permitted level 0.15 mg), .0019 mg of zinc (permitted level 0.4 mg), copper 0.004 mg (permitted level 0.01 mg), iron 0.002 mg (permitted level 0.2 mg), etc.

"If UNMIK experts are concerned for the children and pregnant women in Kosovska Mitrovica, they should take care of the waste gases from their own heavy-duty vehicles that throng our roads at all hours and poison the people", the Trepca statement said.

During the aerial assault, NATO troops also threw flyers from helicopters advising the residents of Zvecan and the workers of Trepca that soldiers would be patrolling this region for some time.  "It will be our pleasure to get to know the members of this community during the next few days. Thank you in advance for your cooperation," the flyer read. 


TiM Ed.: Little did they know (or maybe they did, but didn’t care?), that that was the kind of cheap propaganda Hitler’s troops in Serbia also used to carry on before and during their brutal occupation of Yugoslavia in WW II.

So far be it from environmental concerns, this NATO military operation against the only major production facility left in Kosovo that was still under Serbian control, was just another act of naked aggression against the Serbs in Kosovo.  The British led, and the Muslims followed (Pakistanis, Jordanians - see the next two items) brutal assaults on the Serbs, should remove any doubts as to what this attack was about. It was an attack on the Christian Serbs’ only remaining source of income in Kosovo.  It had nothing to do with pollution.

But the fact that NATO/UNMIK used “pollution” as a cover for their pre-dawn raids on the Serb mine, a motel and a radio station, is a good indication of how lame the Kosovo occupation by Bernard Kouchner’s NATO/UNMIK troops is. 

By the way, ever wondered about how the Muslims from Jordan and Pakistan got to be a part of the NATO forces in Kosovo?  If not, you’d better start contemplating that.  For, the next thing that may happen in your neighborhood is some Muslim “UN policemen” showing up, imported from God-only-knows-where by the likes of Klinton or Dubya, asking to check your ID cards.  And slapping handcuffs on you if you didn't have any.  Before shutting down your business or Christian schools and churches (also see Anti-Christian Crusades of the 20th Century - July 23, 2000).

What ID cards?

Ever checked the back of your new driver's license?  See a magnetic strip there?  What do you suppose that is for?  A grocery shopping credit? 

Today, for example, this writer was fingerprinted (no kidding!) while having his signature notarized at a local bank.

“Thought only the criminals get fingerprinted,” this writer protested.

“Sorry, Sir,” it’s a new rule.

A new rule? Well, maybe it’s time we, the People, started changing some rules around here. And making some new ones.

Just as it may be time that the Serbian people put someone in charge in Belgrade who is willing to “kick ass” of the neo-colonial “international community” that’s bleeding Serbia dry, rather than to continue to tolerate the “kiss ass”-attitude that the Milosevic regime is displaying.


2. Jordanians Brutally Shut Down Serb Radio Station

BELGRADE, Aug. 14 - Less than three hours after the NATO seizure of the Serb Trepca mine in Zvecan, members of the Jordanian UNMIK police burst into the building of Serb “Radio S” in Zvecan at approximately 6:30 AM, and shut down its broadcasting.

The interim OSCE commissioner for media, Simon Haselock, had previously ordered that broadcasting of the program cease, but employees refused to follow suit. Employees say that the Jordanians were "exceptionally rough," Belgrade’s daily “Blic” reported today.

According to the employees, the Jordanian police confiscated some of the equipment, shut down the radio station, and then completely encircled the building of the Trepca Workers' Building, where this media source is housed.


3. Pakistanis Handcuff Serb Diplomats

BELGRADE, Aug. 15 - A source in the Yugoslav Committee told “Blic” that early yesterday morning (Aug. 14), at approximately 4:00 AM, members of the “special forces” from the Pakistani contingent of KFOR, broke into the Rudare Motel in Zvecan, where representatives of the Yugoslav Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who work in the office in Kosovska Mitrovica, are staying.

"The Pakistanis conducted a search, injured one waiter, and put handcuffs on every person whom they found. After 15 minutes they removed the handcuffs and left the motel," said the source.


4. Ethnic Albanians Steal 250 Serb Railroad Cars with NATO Help?

KOSOVO POLJE/DOBREVO, Aug 13 - Ethnic Albanian in collusion with international KFOR/NATO officials, have stolen 250 Serb railroad cars, according to a Tanjug Aug. 13 report. 

For more than a month, Tanjug said, ethnic Albanians had been hauling off rolling stock from the NATO/UN occupied Kosovo to Macedonia.  Serb amateur radio operators in Kosovo say that railway cars are being taken from Kosovo Polje to the iron works in Skopje, probably to be sold as scrap iron, thus causing heavy losses to the Yugoslav Railroads company.

More than half of the 450 plus old and decommissioned cars parked on the track between Dobrevo and the Kisnica mine have been hauled away. Since the Kosovo section of the Yugoslav-Macedonian border is controlled by KFOR, the responsibility for the theft rests with the international force, the Tanjug report said.


5. Three Trainloads of Yugoslav Army Tanks Arrive in Bar (Montenegro)

BAR, Aug 12 - Three trainloads of the Yugoslav Army battle tanks arrived in Bar on Saturday night (Aug. 12), according to our eyewitness reports from Serbia. 

As we have reported several times in the last eight months, the port of Bar, a strategic link from the Adriatic Sea to Belgrade, had been targeted as the most likely assault point in the event the NATO troops, including the U.S. Marines, come to the rescue of their Montenegrin stooges (see the TiM READERS' FORUM - December 1999).

Guess Slobodan Milosevic is taking no chances in having the U.S. Marines as the September 24 Yugoslav election observers?


6. Buchanan Backs Serbs against NATO in Kosovo

LONG BEACH, Aug. 12 - In his acceptance speech at the conclusion of the boisterous Reform Party convention in California this weekend, Pat Buchanan backed the Serbs against the NATO occupation of Kosovo.  Here’s what he said among other things:

“Let me tonight lay out the great issues where our New Reform Party stands apart from both Beltway Parties.

Last year, at the close of Clinton's War, I was given a small party by Serb-Americans who wanted to thank me for opposing the war. They told me of a woman who had desperately wanted to be there, but was not, because she had to go back to Serbia to bury her parents, who had been killed in the American bombing.

Mr. Bush said his only complaint about that war on Serbia was that we did not fight it "ferociously enough." Mr. Bush, tell that to that Serb-American woman who lost her mother and father.

Why did we do this? Why did we bomb this little country for 78 days when it never threatened or attacked the United States?

Yes, there was a nasty guerrilla war going on in Kosovo, with terrorist attacks on Serb soldiers by the KLA, and ugly reprisals. But in one year, there had been 2000 casualties on all sides. Yet, look at the disaster we wrought, after Clinton launched his war.

Thousands dead, a million Albanians driven out of their homes; now, a quarter million Serbs ethnically cleansed in KLA counter-terror. Serbia is smashed. Kosovo is destroyed. Russia has been driven into the arms of China; and American troops are tied down in a Balkan peninsula that has nothing to do with the vital interests of the United States.

My friends, I count myself a patriot. I love this country. But what in God's name are we doing? Milosevic is a thug and a tyrant. But that is not his country we destroyed. That is their country; and the Serb people have always been friends of the United States.”


7. No Vote Is Better Than Fraud Vote

“Three Stooges” from Serb Diaspora Offer Unsolicited Advice to Their Beleaguered Countrymen - “Vote No Matter What!”  Why?

PHOENIX, Aug. 14 - The following is a “sneak preview” of a (Serbian) Election 2000 commentary by the TiM editor that will be published in September by the Serb media.  Remember what our Ma and Pops used to say when we, the “Baby Boomers,” finally got to be old enough to vote and for this country? (but not to drink!).  

“Always vote!”  Or, “don’t throw away your franchise!”  Or, “it doesn’t matter for whom you vote, just vote.”

Well, such an America, a country in which our vote still mattered to someone, somewhere is now merely a fond, distant memory.  Margaret Carlson, a Paradise Valley, Arizona, resident, said it well in her letter to the Arizona Republic, published on Aug. 12, under the headline, “Death of an Old Friend.” 

Here’s an excerpt:

“…A very old friend had died behind that red-white-and-blue curtain; a beloved 225-year old friend.  His name was Democracy…. He believed in government of the people, by the people and for the people. 

Let’s try Plutocracy for a change; a government by the few for the few - the few that have enough big bucks to buy the government.

So don’t rush out to vote this year - unless you need an exercise.  The voting has already been done for you, one of the advantages of Plutocracy.  It’s so much simpler this way…”

It was both ironic and providential that the same day (Aug. 12) we received another message titled, "Serb Chain Letter  - Lan~ano Pismo."  It came from a TiM reader in Serbia.  Yet it had evidently originated from the "democratic" Serb brethren in the Diaspora - the three men whom I am going to call “Three Stooges” for the purposes of this article.

(Since their advice to the Serbs was made supposedly at a “national interest” level, there is no need to expose the identities of the Three Stooges - at least not for the time being.  Suffices to say that the TiM editor knows personally all three, and that all three are supposedly OPPOSED to the Milosevic regime.  Which makes the stupidity of their UNSOLICITED advice to the Serbian voters that much greater.  High turnout would only help Milosevic).

In essence, the message from the Three Stooges in the Diaspora to the people to the Serbia was, vote no matter what!

Actually, they said, according to the message we had received from Serbia:


Or in Serbian…


To which this writer replied with - hogwash!

What follows are excerpts from a reply to this piece.  The advice by the Three Stooges was perhaps well-intentioned, but nevertheless is ill-construed, and more importantly - UNSOLICITED advice to the Serb electorate.  Especially considering that two of the Three Stooges do NOT have the right to vote in Serbia, as far as this writer is aware, anyway.

“Thank you for your "Serb Chain Letter  - Lan~ano Pismo." My comments that follow below are, of course, not aimed at you personally, but at those Serbian well-intentioned fools in the Diaspora who had initiated it. Willingly or unwittingly, they are serving the interests of the Serb enemies, both external and internal, and to the detriment of the Serbian nation.

This "Serb Chain Letter  - Lan~ano Pismo" was one of the most foolish pieces of "advice" the Serb voters have ever received from the Serb Diaspora.

Why?  Why should the Serbs be bigger fools than Americans? 

        Don't the Serbs know that only 38% of Americans voted in the 1998 congressional elections?  (i.e., that 62% of Americans boycotted the latest show of our “Demo Farce?”). 

        Don't the Serbs know that the American political system has become so corrupt that only fools bother to vote for major parties? 

        Don't the Serbs know that, what is being presented to the Serbs by the western opposition quislings as "democracy," is in fact, a "demo farce" or a plutocracy? 

        Don't the Serbs know that the Serbian "demo farce" is a copy of the American version of vote fraud?

If they don't, I invite them to check out our recent articles on that topic... American vs. Serbian “Demo Farce” and ”A Party of Firsts, First to Blink: “Bonehead Al” Taps “Phony Gerry” against Texas “Big Dippers” 

 "About the only thing that ranks in the same league of short-sightedness and stupidity as the above advice to the Serbs to get out and vote no matter what, and thus endorse the Serbian "demo farce," was a similar letter I remember receiving in December 1991 from the Serbian Unity Congress, for example, urging the Serbs the world over in another “circular letter” to support the so-called "Vance Plan." 

 For those Serbs with blotted-out or faded memories, the "Vance Plan" supposedly "ended the 1991 war in Croatia."  In fact, it started Yugoslavia's occupation by NATO. 

 This writer was livid about that "Vance Plan" at the time.  For, for the first time in modern history, it called for deployment of foreign troops on Yugoslavia's sovereign soil, under the guise of "blue helmets."  Consequences of that Slobodan Milosevic strategic and tragic mistake, about which I had told off Milosevic to his face in February 1992 (if interested, search our web site for details, or check out this writer’s Washington Times column, July 1998), are now regrettably visible even to ordinary people, not only to statesmen and to supposedly strategic thinkers.  

Yet some of the Serbian Diaspora "leaders," who now seem to be again saying "vote no matter what," also hailed the "Vance Plan" back in 1991.  Which was the prelude to the "ethnic cleansing" of nearly one million Serbs during the 1990s by the "blue helmets" and NATO.

 In this writer’s opinion, if leaders of the Serb Diaspora should be telling the Serbian people in Serbia anything (and again, in my humble opinion, they should not - at least not until the Serbs in the Diaspora have a vote in Serbian elections), it is that they should BOYCOTT any vote that would endorse the fraudulent "victories" by either Milosevic or the Clinton/Albright-proxies.


After all, Hitler was also elected by a popular vote…  And in an election far more honest than today’s American or Serbian “demo farces”.

Any vote in a fraudulent election or in a plutocratic society only serves to legitimize the oppression of the regime.  And that's what the Three Stooges of the Serb Diaspora, who are ostensibly opposed to the Milosevic regime, advised their countrymen to do? 

O tempora, o mores...

With hare-brained advisers like that, the Serbs back home might as well just follow the old national saw - "trust in yourself and in your own horse." 


8. American vs. Serbian “Demo Farce” 


9. Thugs of the World Unite, Part III: Thaci Attends Democratic Party Convention, Kisses AlbrightAug. 15, 2000

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 - Hashim Thaci, the Kosovo Albanian terrorist-in-chief and (thus) Madeleine Albright’s good pal, attended a gala luncheon on Monday (Aug. 14) at the Democratic Party convention in Los Angeles.  A TiM source who was also there said that when Albright and Bill Clinton showed up, “before they spoke, Thaci went up to Albright, had a brief talk, and then they kissed twice on the cheeks.”

Thaci’s star rose at the Rambouillet talks in February 1999 where he got chummy with Albright, and at the age of 29, became the top Kosovo Albanian negotiator.  By that stage, this unsavory character had been already wanted for murder of a policeman in Kosovo, among his other crimes (see "Wither Dayton, Sprout New War?"). 

Also see “Thugs of the World Unite, Part II - S99-117, "Peace" 11 - Special TiM GW Bulletins (July 1, 1999), and "Thugs of the World Unite!" (Part I) - TiM GW Bulletin 98/6-7 (6/26/98).


10. Washington’s Move - “Kiss of Death” to Democracy in Serbia, Says Serb Opposition LeaderAug. 16, 2000

U.S. Opens New Office in Hungary

WASHINGTON, Aug. 16 - The State Department announced yesterday that it had opened a new office at the U.S. Embassy in Hungary “to support democratic forces in Yugoslavia in advance of national elections.” The office will be headed by the ambassador to Croatia, William Montgomery.

"We think it's very important to let those committed to true democracy in Serbia know that we support their efforts," State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said, according to an Associated Press report.  The Clinton administration is hoping for a strong showing by opposition forces in the Sept. 24 elections.

And what say these opposition forces in Serbia?  

They say "nay."  The latest Clinton administration move “is a genuine kiss of death to all truly democratic and patriotic forces in our country,” said Vojislav Kostunica, the leader of the united opposition and its presidential candidate in the Sept. 24 Yugoslav elections, in a statement released today.  Here’s the rest of the statement:

“A decision made by the United States to open ‘an office in Budapest to assist democratic forces in Serbia’ is nothing short of the most blatant meddling into our country's internal affairs and a drastic but common example of the present-day U.S. administration's hegemonic and colonial aspirations.

Huge doses of arrogance and hypocrisy are required for saying that the development of democracy in Serbia is the United States' long-term goal. Serbia's democracy can be nothing but a Serb goal, and no one else has the right to share it.

It is crystal clear now that the U.S. ultimate goal is the national fragmentation of Yugoslavia and disintegration of Serbia's coherence. Had it been otherwise Washington would never have come again to the aid of Slobodan Milosevic, a man with whom it has already made a string of arrangements that proved to be most detrimental to the Serbs.

Milosevic's electoral triumph would lead directly to the further dismembering of Yugoslavia, the amputation of the Serb national tissue and the establishment of a U.S. protectorate in the heart of the Balkans. Therefore, the U.S. move is a genuine kiss of death to all truly democratic and patriotic forces in our country, and an incentive to a nationally uncommitted, corruption-ridden and irresponsible state policy.”


TiM Ed.: For those to whom the diabolism of the latest Clinton administration move may not be immediately self-evident, here’s an explanation. 

For an average Serb, the Clinton administration is the epitome of a satanic foreign power.  It is a government led by the Satan-in-Chief and his female assistant - the U.S. Secretary of Hate, Madeleine Albright, that spearheaded a brutal NATO assault on this small Balkan country last year in which more than 2,000 civilians were killed, and thousands of civilian industrial sites were destroyed (see “Tour de Serbia”).

Washington’s war on the Serbian people (not Milosevic!) continued after the NATO troops occupied Kosovo.  Only by other means.  The genocidal sanctions have been extended into their ninth year.  Over 250,000 Serbs have been “ethnically cleansed” from Kosovo, and more than 1,200 murdered under the noses of the KFOR/NATO troops, the KLA terrorists’ partners in crimes.

And now, the Satan-in-Chief and his female assistant, possibly the most despised person in Serbia, are publicly proclaiming that they are behind the Serbian opposition.  Which will inevitably drive Serb voters toward Milosevic, the devil they know.  No wonder Kostunica is calling it a “kiss of death” and trying desperately to distance himself from the Washington devils.

Just in case you’re tempted to jump to a conclusion that such diabolism is a Clinton-Albright specialty, don’t!  It is a New World Order specialty. 

Back in 1992, for example, the George Bush Sr. administration helped Milosevic defeat the democratic opposition candidate (Milan Panic) using the same tactics.  Bush and his Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger, warned Milosevic against his supposedly intended aggression against Kosovo, and sent 500 U.S. troops to Macedonia (see "Like Watergate, Cover-up Worse Than Original Crime" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/6-1).  What followed was a landslide victory by Milosevic in the December 1992 elections.


11. Russian Politician Warns Clinton May Stir Up Trouble in the Balkans to Help Gore’s CampaignAug. 16, 2000

MOSCOW, Aug. 16 - Vice-speaker of the Russian State Duma (the parliament) warned that, if the Clinton administration fails in trying to force the Israelis and the Palestinians into signing of a new Middle East peace agreement, the U.S. may “organize an action, in particular, in the Balkans,” to help Al Gore’s prospects in the November elections.

“Clinton is eager to win in an international arena to help his Party,” said Vladimir Lukin.  We need to be prepared for high risk, and it's better not to beat around the bush.” (click here to read the original story in Russian ).


TiM Ed.: What Lukin is probably alluding to here is a possible invasion of Montenegro by NATO to help the western quisling there, Milo Djukanovic, in his effort to secede from Yugoslavia.  That eventuality is something for which Russia has been preparing for some time.  As we have reported several times in the past, the U.S. Marines in particular have been training for such a mission since last year (see “US Marines to Invade Montenegro via Port of Bar?” - Dec. 1999) and “NATO, YU Army, Swapping Accusations of Troop Build-ups” - March 2000).

Such a possibility is also the reason the Yugoslav Army has just sent three trainloads of battle tanks to the port of Bar (see Item 5 above).  And why Russia announced in late April that it would be ready by October to send a part of its Northern Fleet to the Mediterranean (see “Dangerous Nuclear Saber-rattling in Washington, Moscow and Beijing,” Apr 29, 2000).


12. Milosevic, Artemije Both Colluding with Serb Enemies? Aug. 16, 2000

BELGRADE, Aug. 16 - Two different Belgrade sources using different facts and rationale regarding the same travesty have arrived at the same conclusion about two different Serb leaders who are supposed to be sworn enemies of each other.  Slobodan Milosevic and Bishop Artemije BOTH seem to be colluding with Serb enemies, these sources say in their today's releases.  

If true, applying Logic 101 to the reasoning of the two Belgrade sources, this makes both Milosevic and Artemije enemies of the Serbian people, doesn't it?  And playing for the same side - the New Word Order rainbow team.  If true...

Kostunica: Milosevic Sellout?

Vojislav Kostunica, the presidential candidate of the Serbian democratic opposition, pointed out today in a statement that the Serb workers at Kosovo’s "Trepca" complex, whose lead smelter in Zvecan was forcibly seized by Bernard Kouchner’s NATO troops this weekend (see Item 1 above), were offered by UNMIK representative “1,250 dinars as an advance, in brand new, unused banknotes,” instead of the 50 German marks that Kouchner had promised them.

From which Kostunica deduced that Milosevic may have cut a secret deal with Kouchner over “Trepca:” 

“Therefore, one can rightly ask how UNMIK managed to come by dinars, and also brand new ones? How did it obtain the lists of employees? How is it that UNMIK, whose head Bernard Kouchner, last year introduced the German mark as the only legal tender, is now paying in dinars? Could it be that the Milosevic regime has once again concluded a secret deal and sold "Trepca"?”


TiM Ed.: It could. But not necessarily. The preceding is an interesting speculation. But Kostunica's analysis falls flat on several counts.  

First, if one sells something, one is supposed to get something in return.  What was Milosevic supposed to have received in return for selling out "Trepca?"  Kostunica fails to answer that question.  From what we have seen about the “Trepca” takeover, it was a classic case of (NATO/UNMIK) armed robbery.

Second, the fact that the dinars UNMIK has offered the “Trepca” employees are supposedly brand new banknotes, actually practically exonerates Milosevic. Brand new bank notes are the only kind the western forgerers’ could have illegally produced or obtained.  Only to get USED dinars would Kouchner have needed Milosevic’s government cooperation.  Using fiat dinars cost UNMIK next to nothing.  And it contributes to inflation in Serbia.  That's hardly a plus for Milosevic's election campaign.

Third, Kostunica fails to draw possibly the most important conclusion from his own revelation.  To have had all these bags of brand new money ready and available to try to bribe the workers into accepting the takeover by foreign interests, Kouchner and NATO must have been planning the “Trepca”-Zvecan raid for a long time.  Which makes their thinly veiled excuse - their supposed concern over pollution - more suitable as cover for some Kosovo strip joint dancer, then for professional political prostitutes, such as Kouchner or Madeleine Albright.


Artemije and Other Serb Traitors

At about the same time as Kostunica was musing about Milosevic, Milenko Radic, president of the Fund for the Development of Democracy in Serbia, has been wondering about Bishop Artemije and his cohorts among the western vassals in Kosovo. 

Once again, the subject was the same - Kouchner’s seizure of the “Trepca” complex, whose worth is “estimated at over ten billion dollars,” as Radic wrote in a piece titled “Division of Spoils,” that was distributed today by the Serb Media Center in Belgrade.

The author goes on to suggest that the sellout of the remaining Serb interests in Kosovo occurred at a meeting organized by the Washington Institute for Peace in "Early House Virginia" on July 21-23, 2000.  The meeting was attended by 26 representatives of the Kosovo Albanian community (including Hashim Thaci, Ibrahim Rugova, Redzep Cosja, Edita Tahiri, Mahmut Bakali, Kacusa Jasari, Ljuljeta Pulja...)  And by the 16 "representatives of the Serbian community in Kosovo and Metohija " (Bishop Artemije, Fr. Sava Janjic, Rada Trajkovic, Randjel Nojkic...).

At the end of the meeting, these unelected “Serb representatives” nevertheless signed a Declaration "in the name of the Serbian community in Kosovo and Metohija" that supplements and amends the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.  It was this UN resolution that authorized NATO’s occupation of Kosovo in June 1999.

With this Declaration, the so-called "Serbian representatives" asked the KFOR and UNMIK troops to close the Kosovo border with Serbia, demanding a "more efficient control of entry" into Kosovo and Metohija, Radic writes. 

They also insisted on urgent disbanding of all parallel structures of power and security, and asked that KFOR and UNMIK engage in a coordinated action to affirm their authority over all parts of Kosovo and Metohija. “(Thus) implying their opposition to the authority of Yugoslavia (in Kosovo),” Radic concludes.  

Whereupon he sums up his commentary as follows:

“The takeover of Trepca, (of the) thermal electric power plant "Kosovo B", (of) the mine, telephone system... all give the impression that in Kosovo and Metohija the division of spoils, estimated at over ten billion dollars, is taking place.”


TiM Ed.:  "Division of spoils?"  How about - NATO grabs 100% of the “spoils,” Serbia gets the rest? 

The only unanswered question is - what is Bishop Artemije's and other Serb quislings' share of the NATO “spoils?”  Their role in ensuring that the Serbian share of the “spoils” in Kosovo was zero is now quite clear.  In most countries around the world actions like that would be called - TREASON!

(Also see, “Artemije, His Disgrace,” and Artemije: Naive Lamb or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?).  


13. Nine Serb Children Hurt in Grenade Attack on Kosovo PlaygroundAug. 19, 2000

PRISTINA, Aug 18 - Nine children from a Kosovo Serb village were injured Friday when two grenades were thrown at them while they were playing, KFOR spokesman Flight Lieutenant Tim Serrell-Cooke said, according to an Agence France Presse report..

The children were injured on a basketball court in the village of Crkvena Vodica, near the central Kosovo town of Obilic, five miles (eight kilometres) northwest of Pristina, when unidentified drive-by attackers in cars threw the grenades, the multinational peacekeeping force's spokesman said.

The children were taken to hospital for treatment for light injuries but later released, a spokesman for Kosovo's UN administration said.  

Around 100 local people gathered in the streets of the village after the attack, which KFOR spokesman Major Scott Slaten described as "particularly cowardly." The crowd threw stones at UN police officers, Serrell-Cooke said, but no-one was injured.

The Yugoslav news agency Beta said the children, aged between five and 15, were playing near a KFOR checkpoint, when a device "was thrown from a passing car with no license plates". No perpetrators were apprehended, though Kosovo Albanians are suspected to have carried out the attack.

Earlier Friday (Aug. 18), a building in Pristina city center was damaged and one woman slightly injured when an explosion rocked a block housing the offices of local (non-Albanian) political parties and the Yugoslav office of representation.  Major John Powell, acting commander of the British peacekeeping unit based in Pristina, told AFP the explosion was probably caused by a rocket-propelled grenade or a rocket launcher fired from outside the building.

Also on Friday, the Serbian Orthodox church St. Peter and Paul was destroyed in Suva Reka, Kosovo.


TiM Ed.: Meanwhile, the head of the NATO Kosovo protectorate is so worried about alleged pollution from a Serb Trepca mine hurting the local Serbs, that he had ordered his British NATO "centurions" to seize it for him.  

And so, the KKK (Kouchner-KFOR-KLA) "peace farce" continues in Kosovo.  The local Serbs would be grateful to Monsieur Kouchner, however, if he would at least quit insulting their intelligence while exterminating them.  Especially considering the racist trail that he had left behind in France, before coming to Kosovo.

Here's an excerpt from a comment sent to TiM in Serbian by a reader whom we shall identify by his prophetic initials - "MD" (since Kouchner used to head up the Doctors Without Borders organization before taking on his present full time job of subjugating the Kosovo Serbs).  

Here's our translation of this MD's remarks about Kouchner:

"Some 7-8 years ago, at a time when (Bernard) Kouchner was the French minister for human rights, or something like that, one of my close friends had told me about an incident that took place during a reception in Paris that both my friend and Kouchner attended.

Since my friend is a high-ranking French official who had been spreading his considerable wealth around by helping various humanitarian organizations, Kouchner approached him and started a conversation about Bosnia and the Serbs.  As my friend started to defend the Serbs, however gently, a visibly agitated Kouchner asked him.  

"Sir, have you ever been near any of the Orthodox priests?  Sir, they stink.  Their beards stink.  They are still in the Middle Ages."

My friend smiled at Kouchner gently and replied.  "Yes, I do know Orthodox (Christian) priests very well.  I am an Orthodox myself.  A Russian Orthodox."

Kouchner fell silent, stunned, and then disappeared in the reception crowd.

My friend has a German-sounding aristocratic surname, but is a descendant of a famous Russian aristocratic family, something the communist-zionist-marxist-trotzkyist-maoist 'humanitarian' louse - Kouchner - had not found out before meeting him."



TiM Ed.: And now let us tell you about a real Serb tragedy.  It is not when a  "communist-zionist-marxist-trotzkyist-maoist 'humanitarian' louse" - as Kouchner was characterized by our MD correspondent - orders a takeover of one of the most valuable Serb assets in Kosovo, the "Trepca" mining complex.  

It is when some of the Serb Orthodox priests, about whom this "communist-zionist-marxist-trotzkyist-maoist 'humanitarian' louse" had said that they stink; that their beards stink, that they are still in the Middle Ages - kiss this racist Jew's posterior (figuratively, of course).  Such as Artemije, His Disgrace, a Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing.  And his English-speaking helper-in-disgrace of the Kosovo Serbs, Father Sava Janjic.  Who have also done the same with Madeleine Albright and Bill Clinton - after the two had led the NATO bombing that killed more than 2,000 Serb civilians.

Instead, these Orthodox priests should have reminded these Christian Dior, Givenchy, Gucci... perfumed princes of the New World Order what happened to their predecessors during the French Revolution.  And asked them to contemplate that the Serbs in the early Middle Ages ate with knives and forks while Henry VIII finger-munched on his roasts.  Before beheading his many wives.  For "humanitarian reasons," of course.

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