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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/8-1

Aug. 1, 2000

Why Not Boycott All British Internet Sites, e-mails? Worldwide Internet “Boycott Britain” Campaign Proposed

"Big Brother" Resurfaces in Britain, Montenegro

Echelon Investigated by a Portuguese MP; New World Order - по-русски (in Russian); French Minister: Europe 'Should Accept' Up to 75 Million New Immigrants, Preferably Gay? Blasted Montenegro "Vacations;" "Carnivore" in Australia



London                       1. “Big Brother” Resurfaces in Britain; Call for a 

                                        Worldwide Internet “Boycott Britain” Campaign

Podgorica                   2. British “Big Brother” Clone Resurfaces in Montenegro, Too

Lisbon                        3. Echelon Investigated by a Portuguese MP  

New York                   4. New World Order - по-русски (in Russian) Aug. 2, 2000

Marseille                   5. French Minister: Europe 'Should Accept' Up to 75 Million 

                                        New Immigrants Aug. 2, 2000

Paris                          6. French Leftist Minister Expelled over Gay "Slur" Aug. 3, 2000  

Chicago                     7. Brits Fume over Gibson's "Patriot" Aug. 3, 2000  

Podgorica                  8. Blasted Montenegro "Vacations:" Two Britons and Two 

                                       Canadians Arrested in Montenegro? Aug. 3, 2000  

Sydney                      9. FBI Goes International: Australia Also to Use "Carnivore" Aug. 15, 2000



1. “Big Brother” Resurfaces in Britain

Call for a Worldwide Internet “Boycott Britain” Campaign

LONDON, July 28 - It is now official.  The “Big Brother” has made its first public appearance since the end of the Cold War.  And appropriately[1], he has resurfaced behind the Iron Curtain.  In Great Britain (see “A New Iron Curtain Over Europe”).  On Wednesday (July 26), the U.K. became the first western country to pass a law that legalizes government eavesdropping on the Internet. 

From Oct. 5, 2000, forward, the day the new British cyber-snooping legislation becomes effective, you can safely assume that any e-mail sent to or from Britain will be about as private as an open letter.  Mainly as a formality, the bill must now be signed by the Queen to receive its official passage into law with what is known as the Royal Assent.

Of course, five Anglo-Saxon countries, led by the U.S. and the U.K., and also including Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have been spying electronically on their citizens (illegally) for years - see “ECHELON: New World Order's Fifth Column Among Us,” Feb. 22, 2000).  But this was the first time that cyber-snooping has been legalized by an act of parliament.

Ironically, the same day the British House of Commons passed the Big Brother legislation (July 26), Germany conceded defeat to the cross-border reach of the Internet, and gave up trying to bar access to international “neo-Nazi” sites.  Deputy Interior Minister, Brigitte Zypries, the government's Internet security chief, said in an interview with Reuters last week that it was unrealistic to try to shield Germans from outside Web sites, even though police do aim to stop homegrown Nazi and other offensive material to the New World Order types.

“With the growth of Web pages there is a greater chance of encountering such sites. We are not happy about this,” Zypries said. “That's life and that's the Internet and you can't change it. You can't build a wall around Germany.”

Well, evidently not in Tony Blair’s Britain, the world’s new bunker mentality haven run by a Big Brother maven.

And back in the U.S., both Democrat and Republican members of a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee launched a barrage of questions on July 24 at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials about a system known as Carnivore that federal law enforcement officials have been using (ILLEGALY!) to track and read e-mail messages in supposedly criminal and national security investigations.

In a contentious hearing, many members of the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution expressed grave  concerns about the potential for privacy violations and skepticism that Carnivore's operations are as confined as the FBI says they are.  At least one member, J.C. Watts, a Republican from Oklahoma, called on the FBI to suspend the use of the system.

Only one member of Congress stood up for a CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED right of every American citizen?  God… Why don’t we give Blair a “green card.” and have him become the Speaker of the House (of Ill Repute)?

Some congressional Subcommittee members also suggested the FBI has not been as forthcoming about Carnivore as it should have been.  (“Forthcoming?”  For the killers of innocent women and children at Waco?).  The system was only brought to light after Internet service provider (ISP) Earthlink Inc. complained about it in a Wall Street Journal story.

Under the onslaught of questions, the FBI officials and representatives of the Department of Justice remained firm in their defense of Carnivore, which they called a "minimalization tool" needed to catch drug dealers, child pornographers and terrorists who have begun using e-mail in illegal endeavors in the same way as they have historically used the telephone and other technologies.

The FBI has worked on the development of Carnivore over the past three years.  It has been installed at ISPs 25 times, including in 16 cases this year - six involving criminal investigations and 10 involving “national security” investigations. The law enforcement  officials declined to provide specific details about the cases because none has been fully prosecuted.

Most of the ISPs that have installed Carnivore have been small companies that don't have the equipment and technical expertise to give investigators the information outlined in a court order. Larger ISPs, with the exception of Earthlink, haven't been affected by Carnivore, which Kerr said is passive on the network, and doesn't interfere with the delivery of e-mail, because they have the ability to give the FBI what it needs.

“Passive?” In other words, a worm!

In every case but the one involving Earthlink, the ISP’s SHEEPiSHLY (!) cooperated  with the court order.  (Remember “Ostriches, sheep, sardines”… of the New World Order?).

Earthlink tried to develop software "in real time," and it was unable to provide all the information the FBI had sought. Consequently, the agents returned to the judge and Earthlink was "compelled to move ahead," the FBI spokesman said.

Wow!  “Kremlin on the Potomac?”

Meanwhile, back in Britain, under the provisions of the RIP bill, the U.K. government - specifically the Home Office and its head, the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, can demand encryption keys to any and all data communications, with a prison sentence of two years for those who do not comply with the order.

The “RIP bill?”  Wish that stood for a “rest in peace” bill.  Not in “Britain behind the Iron Curtain.”  That’s where it stands for Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) bill which requires ISPs (Internet service providers) in the U.K. to track all data traffic passing through their computers and route it to the Government Technical Assistance Center (GTAC). The GTAC is being established in the London headquarters of the U.K. security service, MI5 -- the equivalent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the U.S.

In actuality, though, the British RIP stands for RIP off, or RIP up, the citizen - to shreds.  As it did in the Soviet Union or in Mao’s China.  Blair’s is only a different communist dialect.

Consider the communist-style gag provisions, for example, that this new British law imposes on its citizens.  If a company official is asked to surrender an encryption key to the government, that individual is barred by law from telling anyone - including their employer, be it senior management or security staff - that they have done so.

In other words, loyalty to the “party” (i.e., the One World governments) supersedes all other obligations of a British citizen.  Including those to private companies or individuals who are paying his/her salaries.  Talk about being conscripted into a “British KGB” without ever having a say in it!  Even the Soviet KGB had more style than that.

Guidelines for this "tipping-off" offense, as it is known by the British law, could leave an international company completely unaware that, what it assumes is secure company data, may be under investigation by MI5. Those violating the tipping-off offense can face up to five years in prison.

While U.K. employees are protected against the consequences of passing encryption keys or encrypted data to the government, that protection does not extend outside the U.K. to other jurisdictions, such as that of the parent company.  In other words, foreign citizens may be hauled off to a British jail for actions that are perfectly legal in their home countries! 

So much for a “united Europe.”  Or for the “EU.”  Or for the “UN.”  Or for any number of neo-communist symbols under which the New World Order leaders operate.  So much for British tourism, with the jail threat hanging over every visitor’s head.  It is sure to “prosper” the way the Soviet tourism did.

What should be comforting to the truth and liberty-lovers in the world about all the NWO contradiction and confusion, is the stupidity of the people who passed such laws.  The Halfbright Blairs and their blaring Hillary-ous mentors continue to shoot themselves in the foot while aiming at their designated targets - Christianity, patriotism, family, cultural uniqueness… 

The more the merrier, as far as we are concerned.

Meanwhile, civil liberties organizations are worried that the government's e-mail interception bill would grossly encroach on privacy, while businesses fear the law will force e-commerce companies to move operations to other countries, such as Ireland, which do not have such restrictions.

Some opponents of the RIP bill are pointing out that the technology provided for in the bill is already out of date and fairly simple to circumvent.

And ISPs in the U.K. are concerned that the cost of establishing the technology required by the RIP bill would be crippling. Some ISPs in the U.K., including PSINet, have said they will be forced by the RIP bill to move their operations out of the U.K. altogether.   And that it may bankrupt others.

The British Broadcasting Corp. has estimated that implementing the RIP bill will cost companies 46 billion pounds (US$69.9 billion) over five years, a claim that Blair’s Internet “straw man” (Jack Straw) vehemently denied in a letter sent to the Financial Times on June 14, and posted on the Home Office Web site.


TiM Ed.: So is this a typical British “tempest in a tea cup?”  Hardly.  Britain, in this case, is merely a “point man” in this GLOBAL assault on truth and liberty by the New World Order.  Lest you’ve forgotten that Echelon or Carnivore may be “red”-style, but are not Red Coat inventions…

So what’s to be done?  What should we do - the folks whose great-great-grandfathers bled real red blood fighting the British Red Coats?  Should we wait to be arrested as potential tourists to Britain for speaking the truth on the Internet - an offence we never knew we had committed?

No.  No, we should not wait for that to happen.  We should instead apply the famous British crown’s and its alien bankers’ peacetime remedy to most ills of the world - SANCTIONS!  If Tony Blair’s Britain wants to be a well-fortified Internet island-bunker, secure from the Truth and all non-PC thoughts, why don’t we all help it?  Hit Britain with Internet-style sanctions.

·        Why don’t we all ban all delete all British e-mail addresses from our lists by Oct. 5? 

·        Why don’t we all install filters at our Web sites that will ban all British visitors to them? 

·        Why don’t we all threaten to cancel our web hosting or ISP contracts unless our Internet providers agree NOT to comply with such British Big Brother laws?  Either here, in the U.S., or overseas, such as in this Red Coats country.

Just some initial ideas for a start of a worldwide Internet “Boycott Britain” campaign.   If you have some more ideas about how to black-list the “black list”-inventors in London, feel free to e-mail them to us at 

 The “Boycott Britain” idea ought to be of particular importance to Americans and Canadians.  For, the British have been aiding the New World Order governments in Washington and in Ottawa in circumventing the U.S. Constitution and making a mockery of Canada’s laws.  Here’s an excerpt from our February 2000 piece - “ECHELON: New World Order's Fifth Column Among Us - a Mutation of the British Empire?,” Feb. 22, 2000):

“(Mike) Frost (a retired intelligence officer Mike Frost spent 19 years collecting top-secret information at Canada's Communications Security Establishment (CSE), who was trained in the U.S. by the National Security Agency, says the eavesdropping is not necessarily limited to criminals or foreigners, as is required by both U.S. and Canadian laws.

        "There is no distinction made whether you're a foreigner or not," he says. "That's a tough question, because never will the Canadian government or the American government admit that they can circumvent their legislation by asking other countries to do what they can't do for themselves. However, if you just look at how the system works -- if five countries do the collecting, if five countries input their common database that five countries can draw from, it's fairly easy to see how Canada can do things for the United States and vice versa that the countries can't do for themselves."

        And although Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand all play crucial roles, Frost says there's no doubt about who's "driving the train," as Frost puts it.  "NSA drives the train," he says. "NSA is the conductor, NSA tells the train where to stop, and tells the passengers where to get off and where to get on".”

And just in case your knees are getting wobbly, and you think that challenging the Blair Red Coat censorship behind the new Iron Curtain in western Europe could be harmful to your life, think about the odds and conundrums the Mel Gibson’s characters had had to face in both, the “Braveheart,” and in the “Patriot.”  Don’t you consider yourself lucky - to be able to fight a cyber-battle, rather than an all-out blood-and-gore war with no "dubya" in between? 

[1] Appropriately - because Big Brother was invented and immortalized in 1948 by a Briton (George Orwell, in his masterpiece “1984”).  But Orwell assigned the Big Brother’s loathsome eavesdropping, spying and mind-bending practices to the communist regimes, behind the then Soviet “Iron Curtain.”  That he should now reappear behind the NATO/EU Iron Curtain, is both supremely ironic and appropriate.  


2. British “Big Brother” Clone Resurfaces in Montenegro, Too

PODGORICA, July 30 - An officer from Montenegro's Special Police, the “Specijalni,” has described the role of the SAS in training the force to The Independent, a British daily. Tensions between Montenegro and Serbia the last republics remaining in the Yugoslav federation are likely to be stretched even nearer to breaking point by the revelations.

The 15,000-strong force will be the front line of an insurrection attempt by the separatist Montenegrin president, Milo Djukanovic, to secede from Yugoslavia.  The presence in Montenegro of the Seventh Battalion of the Yugoslav Army, which has been busy recruiting there, raises the prospect of a bitter fratricidal war on Montenegrin soil between the pro- and anti-Milosevic camps, the London-based Independent reported in its July 30 story.

Sparked by Djukanovic's increasing threats to break away (see “His or Her Room?” - Cavorting with the Enemy (Albright), Dec. 29, 1999), the Seventh Battalion keeps an ever-watchful eye on its Montenegrin counterparts. But British involvement in the republic, in the shape of the SAS, may have escaped the gaze of the black-bereted recruits to the Yugoslav force.

The revelation comes amid an increasing sense of doom in Montenegro, following the announcement by Milosevic that he will seek re-election as Yugoslav president in polls in late September. An internal EU analysis recently predicted that Milosevic would most probably win at least another four years in office.

In the grounds of the Hotel Zlatica, now converted into a barracks on the outskirts of Montenegro's capital, Podgorica, Velibor, 23, an experienced officer in the Specijalni, spoke of his time with the British unit: "It was great. We learnt a lot. Some of the techniques they use are different to ours."

The threat from fellow countrymen in the Seventh Battalion is treated very seriously: "If somebody wants to harm our country, you have to shoot him. It doesn't matter if it's your friend or your father or your brother. My best friend or he used to be, he joined the army and I joined the police told me 'brother, it's better for me to shoot you because then you can't shoot me'."

Velibor stands well over 6-ft tall, as do most of the officers in the élite unit of the Special Police seemingly in contrast to their SAS tutors. "They told us 'You have very big guys here... we are all small guys and we like to run, and you all like to lift weights.' We were very strange to them."

The Special Police has a fierce reputation in Montenegro its gung-ho approach seemingly unsettling the SAS. "They thought we were crazy. When two of us banged into a house and started shooting into walls, bullets were flying around and they said 'Oh, it's a real gun, real bullets? You're crazy guys, you don't have protection'. But we have a heart, we don't have protection but we have a heart. A big heart."

The role of the SAS in Montenegro is highly sensitive, with the Special Police seen as a challenge from inside Yugoslavia to Milosevic. His supporters have regularly claimed that "foreign forces" are arming and training the Specijalni. Montenegro's government officially denies any involvement by foreign nations in the training or arming of the police.

Djukanovic describes the Seventh Battalion as a "paramilitary force". "Mr. Milosevic has always formed groups with the aim of provoking internal conflicts," he says.


TiM Ed.: Yeah, right.  And “mafia” is a Montenegrin or a Serbian word?  As was the KLA…?   

For the full report, check out…  

Meanwhile, consider some other examples of the “Perfidious Albion” at work (Her Majesty’s government), acting in less than a “majestic” manner in recent years:

S99-126, "Peace" 20 - Special TiM GW Bulletins (July 23, 1999)

"Perfidious Albion" Strikes Again, Aided by "Uncle Sam" - TiM GW Bulletin (1/26/97)


3. Echelon Investigated by a Portuguese MP

LISBON, July 28 - The European Parliament has chosen the Portuguese European Parliament Member MP Carlos Coelho to lead the investigation on "Echelon," the worldwide eavesdropping system run by five Anglo-sSxon nations.

The Portuguese is going to be the man that, for a year, will be under the most stringent surveillance of the world of espionage The Portuguese European Parliament Member, Carlos Coelho, of PSD (Partido Social Democrata, Social-Democrat Party, member of the Christian Democrat group in the European Parliament-EP), newly-appointed president of the investigation committee of the EP that, starting in September, will investigate the Echelon spy system, will be the most watched man in the world during the next year.

"My telephones, faxes and e-mails might already be under surveillance," he told a Tal&Qual reporter this week with a shrug of shoulders that shows his perfect awareness of the situation.

Originally from Lisbon, where he was born 40 years ago, Carlos Coelho was president of the Young Social-Democrats and became the youngest MP in Europe at the age of 19 when he replaced the late MP Natlia Correia in the Portuguese national parliament. His personality is marked by a very peculiar sense of humour that makes him, for instance, wear ties with rabbit images (in Portuguese Coelho is rabbit), which is enough to break with protocol rules in the most serious situations.

Carlos Coelho was also one of the youngest Portuguese government members when he was the under-secretary to the minister of Education Manuela Ferreira Leite. Now, his election for "first-vigilant" of Echelon is due to the fact that he’s a member of the Committee on Citizens Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs at the EP.

On the other hand, if our man in Strasbourg faces any difficulty penetrating the complex world of espionage, he can always hope for advice from his colleague and leader of the PSD MPs at the EP, Pacheco Pereira, the author of the introductory text of the Portuguese version of the most polemical espionage book since the end of the Cold War: The Mitrokhin Archive, which will be published next November in Portugal.

Industrial espionage Carlos Coelho is going to co-ordinate a group of 36 MPs for a year, starting next September.

"There's a system which is organized and controlled by the American secret services which has the capacity to intercept practically all forms of communication of voice and data at a planetary scale," Carlos Coelho said last March to the European Committee, in Brussels.

After the Berlin Wall fell and the end of Cold War between the United States and the former USSR, this powerful surveillance system known as Echelon "was directed not with purely military and defense intentions, but with commercial, industrial and technological goals," the Portuguese MP also said.

Several journalistic investigations about Echelon, the most recent made by Duncan Campbell, shows well how information gathered by the spy satellites from the USA ruined important business of European companies.

One additional problem for Carlos Coelho is that one of the partners of the Americans on this spy system is the United Kingdom, also a member of the European Union. "If France tells us that we can't have access to certain information because they consider it to be a state secret, we are not going to insist on the request. As for UK, the case might be different...," explained Carlos Coelho this week to Tal&Qual.

“In September, I will start co-ordinating the group, first asking the nations involved on Echelon  for the necessary co-operation. Only afterwards will I see what can be done in face of the answers that we will get from those countries," added the same Euro MP.

The origins of Echelon date to 1947, when the secret services of the UK and USA created the UKUSA agreement. The intention was to watch the movements of the nations that after Word War II were left behind the iron curtain raised by the communists from Moscow. As years went by, the antennas of the UKUSA agreement spread to the allied countries of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, creating a privileged net of Anglo-Saxon information.

Excluded from this group are the other powerful European nations such as France, Italy and Germany.  Not to mention Russia.


4. New World Order - по-русски (in Russian) Aug. 2, 2000

NEW YORK, Aug. 2 - Speaking of Russia, we’ve received the following feedback from Peter Budzilovich, a TiM reader who also publishes articles in Russian on the topic of the New World Order.  The Russian language readers may wish to check out the articles posted at his web site (see below):

“Thanks for another insight into things to come. You know, I've been writing about this for the past four years -- but it's all in Russian. Since I know Russian, I feel that it is more important for me to let the people IN RUSSIA know about these things than here.

In case you know some Russian-speakers, you might ask them to look up a few of my articles on the subject at my website:

"The New World Order in Year 2000" -  

"Introducing: The Trilateral Commission" -  

"Puppeteers of America" -

"Financial Dictatorship of the Antichrist" -

Of course, other articles at my all-Russian website, , also touch upon this theme, but the above four are specifically aimed at spreading the word about Big Brother and the NWO, the CFR, the Trilats, and the Bilderbergers.

You might be interested to know, that at the last two Bilderberger meetings, for the first time, there were representatives from the Russian Federation. And there is at least one "Russian" in the International division of the CFR (established by David Rockefeller in 1995); and "Russians" (e.g., Chubais, Yavlinsky and others) have been making presentations to the Rockefeller's crowd.

S Bogom.”



5. French Minister: Europe 'Should Accept' Up to 75 Million New Immigrants Aug. 2, 2000

MARSEILLE, July 28 - The European Union could admit up to 75 million immigrants over the next half-century and must be prepared to become “a racially hybrid society,” according to a paper drawn up by France, which now heads the EU’s rotating presidency.  Jean-Pierre Chevènement, the French interior minister, produced the document for a meeting of EU ministers in Marseille on July 28 that said the citizens of the EU should be told that Europe would become an area of "cross-fertilization" (“métissage”).

Diplomats expressed surprise at the blunt language of the text, according to the British media, as it avoids the Anglo-Saxon political correctness to argue that with declining fertility and birthrates, the issue of legal immigration into the EU must be tackled.

"Public opinion must be told clearly that Europe, a land of immigration, will become a place where cross-fertilization occurs," says the document. Métissage also translates as “cross-breeding.”

Chevènement is in effect issuing a wake-up call to governments to consider resuming what demographers call "primary migration", encouraging the entry of economic job hunters who intend to stay and bring their families.

Meanwhile, rampant immigration has fuelled anti-foreigner sentiment cross the continent, in a range of countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden and Spain. Fears are widespread of a new influx from Poland and Hungary once they join the EU in coming years.

The French document is based partly on a recent survey by the UN Population Division. That said the population of the 15 EU countries and countries currently bidding for membership would fall in the next 50 years from 729 million to 628 million, while the world's population would grow from 6 billion to 9 billion.

Immigrants, mostly from developing countries, would be needed to fill the vacuum, the UN report argued. Germany recently illustrated one approach to the problem, calling for the immigration of 200,000 IT specialists from India.

Ireland, whose economy is booming, is considering importing some 200,000 skilled workers from Asia over seven years.


TiM Ed.: For more on the topic of forced immigration, one of the New World Order’s global tools in lowering labor costs and breaking up homogeneous societies, check out the following TiM articles:

A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California (July 5, 2000)

Aztlan: America’s Kosovo - Djurdjevic's speech at the Reform Party AZ convention (May 20, 2000)

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A BEAR IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING (Chronicles, Dec. 1998)

Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts (Jan. 1999)



When Cultures Collide... (WT column, 8/18/96)  


6. French Leftist Minister Expelled over Gay "Slur" Aug. 3, 2000  

PARIS, Aug. 2 - France's Radical Left party, a minor member of the ruling Socialist-led coalition, has expelled a former junior cabinet minister for describing homosexuals as "abnormal destroyers of humanity," the London Guardian reported on Aug. 2.  Senator François Abadie, a former mayor of Lourdes and minister for tourism who now sits in the French upper house for the Hautes-Pyrénées region, was ejected from the party after telling a protesting parliamentarian to "go bugger" himself.

The Radical Left's chairman, Jean-Pierre Baylet, said he had no choice but to sever all ties with the outspoken septuagenarian whose "homophobic views are diametrically opposed to all our values". The party was "thoroughly ashamed of such words", he said.


TiM Ed.: Maybe France should be thoroughly ashamed of such parties?  And maybe the world should be thoroughly ashamed of such dictatorships of minorities?  


7. Brits Fume over Gibson's "Patriot" Aug. 3, 2000  

PHOENIX, Aug. 3 - While the latest Mel Gibson hit, the "Patriot," released just before the Independennce Day, played to rave reviews and riveted audiences in this country, the film has received less than flattering reviews in the "Red Coat" country.  Here's a review of these British reviews and of the movie, by Dr. Serge Trifkovic of the Rockford Institute in Chicago:

"British talking heads are a sensitive lot: Ever itching to aim their condescending witticisms at the rest of the world, they become suddenly indignant whenever some poor foreigner dares to portray their ancestors in a bad light.   In the past few weeks English journalists have been foaming at the mouth over The Patriot, Columbia Pictures latest big-scale epic.

"Gratuitously anti-British," moans the "Independent," claiming that "Hollywood’s history is bogus, but the violence is all too real" (July 2). Mel Gibson "resembles a young Willie Nelson or an ageing hippy of 1976 who has inexplicably traded his guitar for a musket" and "in an accent that hovers somewhere between LA and Oz, he sounds ridiculous," bitches the Daily Torygraph, er, Telegraph (July 3). "There are plenty must-have factors for the intended hit: big budgets; big stars; big special effects. And of course, sneering, smirking, deliciously evil villains with British accents," complains the Guardian (June 18).

So what is the fuss all about? It is about Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin, a respected South Carolina plantation owner and widower with seven children. It is 1776, and Martin is initially unmoved by the call to arms following the Declaration of Independence. He opposes a vote in the South Carolina legislature to fight for the birth of the nation. As a parent, he says, "I have not the luxury of principle." In addition, he is haunted by the memories of the French and Indian Wars.

Enter a sadistic British colonel whose troops invade Martin's plantation. While some reviewers have quite justly complained of the film's historical inaccuracies, it appears that the character of Colonel Tavington is based on the very real life exploits of Colonel Banastre "The Butcher" Tarleton (also known as "Bloody Tarleton"), who acquired notoriety for the slaughter of surrendering American militiamen at Waxhaw. He was a thoroughly modern man, this Tarleton, way ahead of his times, in that he practiced total war - burning houses, destroying crops, taking hostages, the end justifying the means -- when the European ideal was limited war confined to a field of battle, and respectful of innocent civilians. He was vindicated by history: his methods were subsequently perfected by French revolutionaries, Union generals, Bolsheviks and Einsatzgruppen.

But back to the story. After helplessly watching his family brutalized and his son carried off to be hanged, our hero regains his fighting fervor. Martin organizes a ragtag militia and starts a guerrilla campaign that thwarts all British plans for an easy victory in the South. Once he decides to fight, though, the redcoats start piling up like so many villains in a James Bond flick. There's a happy end, of course, and we have just celebrated its 224th anniversary.

For all the obviousness weaknesses -- one macho teenager told us there was too much pointless violence! -- the film does conveys a traditionalist core message. Martin had renounced fighting and only wants to raise his family in peace. He eventually takes up arms not because he believes in lofty ideals or self-evident truths, but because fighting is the only way to protect his family, his property, and his own life. As Gibson put it himself, "Martin is not necessarily that much of a patriot. He’s as patriotic as most people, but he's not a screaming, jingoistic, flag-waving guy."

The Patriot’s considerable emotional force stems from the sheer rage that prompts Martin to overcome his inhibitions and do what a man needs to do. "Everybody has a place they call home, and everybody wants their home to be a place where they can pursue happiness," in Gibson’s words. When the chips are down we fight for that which matters most to us, and that is our home and family.

Which is why we have no doubt that Martin's grandsons would make the right choice when their own time came - in 1861 - to act like men.

This core message about the origins of the Republic, its historical rootedness in real-time, real-place communities, belies the vision of America based on "civic nationalism," a polity composed "of equal, rights-bearing citizens, united in patriotic attachment to a shared set of political practices and values" whose national belonging is "a form of rational attachment" (Michael Ignatieff). This pernicious view is shared by Hans Kohn, who claimed that "civic nations" like France, the United States, and Canada, "look to the future" and celebrate "a rational and universal conception of liberty," while "ethnic nations," like Serbia, Germany or Japan, look instead to "history, monuments and graveyards" and celebrate a kind of "tribal solidarity."

Such views are parroted by a legion of "political scientists" who lie to our children that nations are "imagined" (or "constructed," or "invented") communities. For these people the next logical step in the struggle for true democracy and human rights is to persuade - or, if need be, to force - "ethnic nations" to switch to civic nationalism. The bombing of Serbia was their finest hour. The litmus test of the reconstructed tribalists compliance will be in their willingness to open their borders to third world immigrants and their schools to rational political scientists.

This is a view of the world light years away from the essential message of Gibson's Patriot. For that reason alone this film is a good thing. Blood and gore, special effects and pyrotechnics apart, it is about real people living in real communities, and defending them, in the name of them as-such, and not in the name of some ideological construct. No rationally attached civic patriots here, thank you very much.

And as for the fuming Brits, lets hope we see Mel next in Transvaal, as a Boer farmer in 1899."   


TiM Ed.: You can also read this review by Dr. Serge Trifkovic at 


8. Blasted Montenegro "Vacations:" Two Britons and Two Canadians Arrested in Montenegro Aug. 3, 2000  

PODGORICA, Aug. 3 - The Yugoslav Army said Thursday (Aug. 3) that it had arrested two Britons and two Canadians suspected of training pro-Western forces in Montenegro on how to commit "terrorist actions,'' according to an Associated Press report.

An army statement, faxed to the Associated Press, said the four were arrested near the border between Montenegro and Kosovo sometime during the night between Monday and Tuesday. The four were armed "with military equipment, explosives, etc.,'' the statement said.  "There are indications that the arrested foreigners were training special units of Montenegrin police and that they are specialists for explosives and terrorist actions.'' 

It was the second arrest of four foreigners reported this week by Yugoslav authorities. Four Dutchmen were seized last month on Serbia's border with Montenegro.  On Monday (July 31), Yugoslav authorities played a videotape at a news conference that showed the Dutchmen confessing to the charges of plotting to kidnap or assassinate Yugoslavia's president Mr. Slobodan Milosevic and the former Bosnian Serb leader, Dr. Radovan Karadzic. 

The army said today that the Britons and Canadians were employees of the NATO-led forces in Kosovo and were suspected of training pro-Western secessionists in Montenegro, Serbia's tiny sister republic, to commit "terrorist actions."

The charges were rejected by British and Canadian forces, who said the four were simply returning from a weekend vacation in Montenegro to nearby Kosovo, the Serbian province that NATO-led forces now control, and were not carrying arms or explosives. 

But Yugoslav army spokesman Col. Slobodan Stojanovic, told the Associated Press the four were "not tourists, but terrorists.  Illegal material was found in their possession for which criminal charges are earmarked,'' Stojanovic said.  

In a statement faxed to news agencies in Belgrade, the Yugoslav Army said, "There are indications the foreign citizens arrested trained special units of the Interior Ministry in the Republic of Montenegro and are specialists in demolition and performing terrorist actions." 

The two Britons - Adrian Pragnell, 41, and John Yore, 31 - work in Kosovo training police officers at the police academy, said their employer, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,
which is based in Vienna. The Canadians -- Shaun Going, 45, and his nephew Liam Hall, 19 -- had also gone to Montenegro from Kosovo for a weekend break, employees told Agence France-Presse in Pristina. Mr. Going was said to be friendly with the Britons and was traveling with them. 


TiM Ed.: For what it's worth, the OSCE has been a cover for a cesspool of spies in civilian clothes in this writer's experience while covering the Balkans wars of the 1990s.  After the OSCE staff left Kosovo last year at the start of NATO's bombing, for example, the Yugoslav Army found aerial guidance devices, presumably planted by these supposedly OSCE mission "neutral observers."  An army spokesperson had shown on local TV some of the radio locators they had discovered (see 

No surprises there, especially considering who the OSCE chief for Kosovo was at the time - none other than the American William Walker, the "butcher of El Salvador," as one of our Serb sources referred to him. (For more on Walker's track record, check out the "Washington's Crisis Factory" and the NATO War: One Year Ago Today; "Berliner Zeitung").

This writer also personally came across some of the OSCE scum when he criss-crossed the front lines in Gorazde, Bosnia, in 1994 (see "Fishing for Bodies in the Drina" (8/1/94) and "Excerpts from Bosnia Wartime Diaries" - a members only TiM archives piece).


Canadian, British “Tourists” Take Explosive Fuse Cables to Their Montenegro “Vacation?” Aug. 5, 2000

VANCOUVER, Canada, Aug. 5 - British and Canadian governments maintained that the two Britons and two Canadians arrested by the Yugoslav Army on Aug. 3 were merely enjoying their vacation in Montenegro. Really? If good times and R&R was the only thing on these "tourists" minds, why would they enter a foreign country without the required visas, but with explosive fuse cables? (see the photo).

The following comments in reaction to our above story by Mr. Paul V., a TiM reader from Vancouver, Canada, may help shed additional light about the kinds of "tourists" that the Yugoslav Army has arrested:

“Dear TIM Editor:

I am writing in regards to the two Canadians arrested in Yugoslavia.  I have been reading many western new reports which are UNANIMOUSLY reporting that these men were found with nothing more in their possession than "tools", "coils of wire" and "cables".

However, when I first saw the video footage on the news, I immediately noticed what looks like a coil of Primacord, the fast fuse which is connected to the blasting cap which ignites the explosive charge. Having once worked for a blasting outfit, I know what Primacord looks like.

Maybe my observations are wrong, but perhaps you could check this out yourself and ask your sources to confirm or deny this.  Given that these men were blasters, they would have easy access to Primacord. Perhaps they are innocent -- but why in the name of God were they doing carrying it with them in a hostile and dangerous military environment where they could be immediately arrested for possessing it, and possibly executed?

Ask any blaster and he will tell you that it is extremely unlikely to be carrying Primacord with you on your holidays back home, let alone in a war zone.

Once again, my observations may be wrong, but given the amazing capacity for NATO and the western press to feed lies and distorted information to the general public, I know that there is more to this story than we are being told.  Can you check this out?  Thanks.”


TiM Ed.: A short while later, we received this follow-up communication from the same TiM Vancouver correspondent:

“Liam Hall's father admitted that his son was indeed carrying blasting "wire" in his car trunk. He also stated that (quote) "they didn't have visas to go across the border... they didn't have their paperwork done so that was a mistake on our part."

Excuse me? Cross a hostile border in a war zone without visas or proper papers, carrying explosive materials?  Does this sound like a rational scenario to you?"


TiM Ed.: Guess the British and Canadian governments haven't thought that one through.  Looks like there will be plenty of egg-on-face to go around in London and Ottawa by the time the foursome have finished "singing" to the media (i.e., telling the truth about their real mission in Montenegro).  The fact that Hal and Going may have been coming and going from Montenegro illegally, just as seasoned British SAS “vacationers” have been doing, won't aid their case, either (see Item 2 in this Bulletin).  Especially if you keep in mind that the story of the British SAS secretly training the Montenegro special police was published four days BEFORE the arrests of the four British and Canadian "tourists" with dynamite fuse wires. 

The SAS troops also figured in most of the kidnappings of Bosnian Serbs on behalf of the Hague kangaroo court in the last three years, including the 1997 murder of Simo Drljaca (see "International Justice Progresses from Kidnapping to Murder" and "Put the U.N. Justice on Trial").

The Irish in Northern Ireland have also had plenty of experiences with such merry British “holiday-makers” during the last three decades (see "War of the Hooligans," our 1998 report from Belfast).  Which is why it is more than a bit ironic that the two Canadians arrested with the Britons seem to be of Irish descent.


Shaun Going, Thaci's Pal? Aug. 6, 2000

PHOENIX, Aug. 6 - Bob Petrovich, another TiM reader from Canada, has just sent us the following clip from an Apr. 5 BBC report, "Kosovo gripped by racketeers," about a UN police raid in Kosovo in which one of the Canadians now in custody of the Yugoslav Army, Shaum Going, was also mentioned - not in flattering terms, either:

"Last January UN police raided the apartment of Gani Thaci, Hashim Thaci's elder brother, over a fire arms incident. Apart from finding an illegal weapon hidden under a child's mattress, they found $250,000 in cash. 

Gani told police the money was given to him by a Canadian construction firm working in Kosovo, Meridian Resources. Meridian's Director Shaun Going maintains the fee was closer to $60,000, but admits Gani was paid for "intermediary services". Gani, he says, helped him seal deals with several companies that were taken over by Hashim Thaci's administration after the war."

You can also read more on that in “War of the Hooligans” Continues: Albanians vs. Albanians - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/6-5, June 12, 2000

Petrovich adds that "MERIDIAN RESOURCES was established in ALBANIA in 1992, the same year Americans signed deals with Albanians for military cooperation."

For a full Apr. 5 BBC report, check out -  


9. FBI Goes International: Australia Also to Use "Carnivore" Aug. 15, 2000

SYDNEY, Aug. 6 - Australian spies could soon monitor people's e-mail using technology developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the London Telegraph reported in its Sunday, Aug. 6 edition.  

In a recent visit to Australia, FBI agents instructed local intelligence agencies on how to use the "Carnivore" monitoring system.  Australia already has laws allowing one of its intelligence organizations to monitor all communications by an individual under one warrant.


TiM Ed.: And so, FBI goes international.  Nor is this the first time.  The controversial Echelon spying system, which is shared by five Anglo-Saxon countries, also includes Australia.

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