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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/7-2

July 12, 2000

Long-term New World Order Plans Being Realized...

Washington's Montenegro Vassals Vandalize and Desecrate Christian Church

Anti-Christian Pornography, Vulgarity, Masquerades as “Art”; Serb Opposition Leader’s “Self-Assassination”



Montenegro            1. Washington's Montenegro Vassals Vandalize and Desecrate

                                     Christian Church

Montenegro           2. Anti-Christian Pornography, Vulgarity, Masquerades as

                                    “Art” (Excerpt from an October 1997 TiM Bulletin)

Chicago                  3. Serb Opposition Leader’s “Self-Assassination”


1. Washington Montenegro Vassals Vandalize and Desecrate Christian Church

Continuation of a Longtime Secessionist Trend

BELGRADE, July 12 - Washington’s Montenegro vassals are showing their true anti-Christian face again.  We’ve just received a message from the Metropolitan Amfilohije, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral (shown in the photo), in which this church leader accuses the Montenegro Milo Djukanovic government of taking an active role in the vandalism and desecration of a Serbian Orthodox Christian church in Njegusi, a small town in Montenegro.

Djukanovic is a former communist who has embraced the Clinton-Albright New World Order’s goal of stripping Yugoslavia off this constituent republic.  He is now driving hard toward secession, using the evidently very generous western finances that are pouring into this tiny Serbian coastal province of 600,000 people. 

Prodded and aided by the West, Djukanovic’s government has also tried to invent a new Montenegrin autocephalous church.  Literally!  Unsuccessfully so far, but who knows….  Remember how Djukanovic and his western sponsors had already shown their anti-Christian faces nearly three years ago? (see Anti-Christian Pornography, Vulgarity Masquerades as Globalist ‘Art’ in Montenegro” - TiM Bulletin 97/10-1, Oct. 4, 1997 - also reproduced here as the next story of this TiM Bulletin).

In other words, the New World Order’s assault on the Serbian Orthodox Church has been systematic.  It goes way back.  Way before the Kosovo War.  Way before the latest Washington-engineered rift between Djukanovic and his former communist pals - Slobodan Milosevic and Momir Bulatovic, president and prime minister of Yugoslavia.

If in doubt, check out the TiM Bulletin written nearly four years ago, “Montenegro: Poised to Break Away?”  Or its more recent rendition - “Western Money Buying Montenegro Votes?”.

It’s an on-going “All in the Family” tragi-comedy, with Serbian people being the only constant part of the cast.  Playing the role of victims being punished as criminals.

And now, here’s the message we received today from Met. Amfilohije:

CETINJE, Monday, July 10, 2000 - With much regret and grave concern, we are informing the public that a group of people falsely presenting themselves as Orthodox clergy, together with their followers, among whom were well known atheists and "old style" church persecutors, on Sunday 9th of July this year, illegally broke into and desecrated an orthodox church owned by the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral in Njegusi, thus trampling under foot elementary religious, human and property rights.

 Our Metropolitanate informed in advance the President of Montenegro Mr. Djukanovic, President of the Montenegrin Government Mr. Vujanovic, President of the Montenegrin parliament Mr. Marovic and Minister of the Police Mr. Maras about the previously announced and planed intention to break into this church, asking them to protect our property and legally guaranteed rights of the Orthodox church. Since we have been assured at the highest level that Montenegrin Police will fulfill their lawful duty, and prevent the illegal breaking into the church, as well as the endangering and misuse of the church property, the official representatives and the orthodox faithful of our Metropolitanate decided to abandon the plan to personally protect their property, with a view to avoiding the conflict and its possible tragic consequences.

 Unfortunately, Montenegrin Police not only missed to entirely fulfill their legal duty, but also have openly helped the hooligans and consciously let lawlessness unleash. One of the policemen, sadly, personally took part in what appeared to be the lynching of an independent, freelance photographer Mr. Ciric, destroying the film from his camera, while Mr. Ciric was being severely beaten up by the delinquents and his equipment shred to pieces.

 Complicity of a similar kind was also obvious a couple of days earlier when one of the thugs threatened hierodeacon Jefrem Dabanovic that he will "cut his head off with a shovel", and the policeman present at the scene (Mr. Milasevic) added: "with a sword, why use the shovel!"

 Taking into account yesterday's and other earlier incidents we see that some people display unprecedented, poisonous and chauvinist hatred, in the full presence of the "official keepers of the law and order", towards people who declare themselves as members of the Serbian nation in particular. This type of hypocritical behavior with regards to the Orthodox Metropolitanate by the official governmental institutions, which was recently repeated several times only confirms that this government's institutions are directly or indirectly becoming an accomplice in the job of stamping on and suppressing the elementary religious and human rights and endangering, plundering and stealing  the property of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral. Only in lawless countries, without independent courts of law, it is possible that a group of people, who falsely proclaim themselves to be something that they are not, without any court rulings or decisions, can be allowed to persistently try to extort and unduly claim property which legally belongs to someone else.

 Recent developments and the attitude of the (Djukanovic) regime towards the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, more and more looks as the continuation of the repression which started during the World War II and after, when Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Joanikije was killed (1945) with over a hundred orthodox priests, the church property confiscated and never returned back, innocent Metropolitan of Montenegro Arsenije imprisoned (1954), the only public demonstrations in this period held in front of Cetinje Monastery (organized by the regime) against the honorable Metropolitan Danilo (1971) just because he opposed the shameful destruction of the Church dedicated to St. Petar of Cetinje at the top of Lovcen mountain.

 In the recent years as we expected the true democratic changes and the emergence of the new type of state ruled by law modeled on the modern European democratic states, we have to express our grave concerns with regards to the fact that Montenegro is on the brink of becoming a lawless country, which the above mentioned incidents and other similar ones sadly confirm.

 The time of "transition" and "privatization" is being used in an opportunistic way and we are witnessing the " mushroom style", overnight sprouting of various businessmen and millionaires thriving on the misery of 'simple folks'. Through their infantile and short-sighted political manoeuvring the highest government institutions are directly warming up the old animosities and divides and making new ones; in the name of Montenegro and its "European" future they are either trampling under foot or sidetracking the state-forming, national and spiritual heritage embodied in the "saints- bearing" Petrovic family and ages long efforts and longings of Montenegrins who are now finding themselves in the position to "sell their faith for a  single dinner, and their face and their souls for 'euros' ".

 Having in mind all of these and our responsibility for the destiny of Montenegro, the Orthodox Church and our people, we feel that it is our duty to appeal to domestic and international public, as well as the international institutions for the protection of human rights, to help us protect the endangered elementary religious, human and property rights of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral. At the same time we are appealing to the clergy, monastics and the faithful of our Metropolitanate and our Church to step up their prayers for peace, love and brotherly unity in our Montenegro, among our people and in our country.

 Still not having lost confidence that state institutions will stop the new lawlessness, and especially the unprecedented methods and lawlessness used against the Orthodox church, we appeal to the current regime to show in deed and not only verbally that Montenegro really is a state ruled by law and that it wants to be such a state. If the justice and the rights are being trampled upon through such behavior of the regime in power towards the Metropolitanate which is and has always been the 'spinal cord' of Montenegro, what are we to expect in other domains of personal and public life?! Lawlessness does not lead to Europe, and even less it leads to a society of honorable citizens; it rather strikes one out of company of decent men and out of history of civilized nations.

 Placing our hopes in the mercy of God and the protection of St. Petar of Cetinje. and relying on God's and his (St. Petar's) truth " that in God's Name are judgement and justice", we appeal upon all the faithful, and all people of good disposition to strive for peace, patience and perseverance in goodness and justice. We are also inviting all Orthodox clergy and the faithful to gather in front of Cetinje monastery for annual celebration of the feast of St. Peter and Paul, invoking upon all the blessing of the Father, lovingkindness of the Son, together with the communion of the Holy Spirit.


His Grace Amfilohije, e-mail: mitropolija@cg.yu


2. Anti-Christian Pornography, Vulgarity, Masquerades as “Art”

An Excerpt from an October 1997 TiM Bulletin

CETINJE, Montenegro, September 1997 - Picture a Jesus Christ crucified on an (Orthodox) cross surrounded by four apostles, three of whom have the Nazi swastikas painted over their heads and halos. 

Sacrilegious?  Blasphemous?

Yes.  But that's not all.

Now, substitute a pig's head for Christ's on the same cross, and visualize his oversized erect penis protruding toward the apostles.

Vulgar?  Profane?  Revolting?

You bet.  But that's not all, either.

Imagine a nun praying on her knees to a naked woman with a halo over her head who appears to be masturbating.  Envisage a cross with Christ's head on the cross shown as a lump of feces. 

Disgusting?  Crude?  Primitive?

Of course.  But that's not all, either.

The above were only some examples of the "art" which the liberal globalists, like Nikola Petrovic, a Paris-based distant relative of Montegro's famous 19th century poet and bishop, brought to Cetinje (Montenegro) Bienale III.  This spoof of Jesus Christ and of the sacred Christian objects, was sponsored by the United Nations' UNESCO organization, the European Council, the Montenegro government (read Milo Djukanovic, the prime minister and leading presidential candidate), the British and Austrian embassies to Yugoslavia, the foreign ministry of Italy, and by and some other French, Spanish and Austrian organizations. 

"The Antichrist brought to you by the New World Order" (our term) exhibit was supposed to last from Sept. 20 to Nov. 2, 1997.  It was hurriedly closed last week by the Montenegrin government after a barrage of protests from the Serbian Christian community, led by Metropolitan (Archbishop) Amfilohije of Cetinje.  Djukanovic feared that his sponsorship of the exhibit may cost him some votes in the heat of the presidential election campaign, according to our Belgrade sources.

Despite the closure, there is no evidence that organizers or sponsors were embarrassed by the sacrilegious filth they were brazenly pawning off as "art." 

"Isn't it cynical (for Mr. Petrovic, the president of the Bienale) to accuse (us) of 'censorship of an exhibit,' and, God forbid, of endangering 'artistic freedom,' when such 'freedom' spits upon the faith, upon the conscience, upon the human dignity of millions of people?" asked Met. Amfilohije in a news release dated Sept. 25.  "An artist is free to proclaim that the feces and animal-like images are his basic reality of God - all in the name of 'freedom of expression.'  Don't I then have also the right to protest when someone sticks such feces under my nose?  Especially when the 'search for a new spirituality' is manifested by a painting of a feces or a pig on a cross... or that of the Jewish star instead of the Christ who has risen, thereby implying for those who are not illiterate that all European culture and art is founded upon a feces and pig-like passion."

(A highly placed Belgrade source has told this writer on Oct. 2 that some visitors to the exhibit reported a bad stink coming from the painting in which Christ's head was depicted as a lump of feces on the cross, suggesting that real feces was used to create the effect).

"The last phase of a dark epoch begins when politics becomes separated from morality," Met. Amfilohije said, quoting a passage from a catalogue at the Cetinje Bienale.  "The darkness becomes deeper and wider when art becomes separated from morality, as was the case at this exhibit."


Ed. An isolated case of anti-Christian propaganda?  Hardly.  In our TiM GW Bulletin 97/7-11 (7/29/97), we reported about an article published in the Israeli scientific magazine Galilo about the dangers of cloning, which was illustrated with an image depicting Virgin Mary with a cow's head, according to a July 5 report by the Birzeit News, a Birzeit University paper. 

The Greek Orthodox Archmandate, Dr. Attallah Hanna, similarly attacked it as " the slur on Christianity.  The 'Latin' (the Roman Catholic?) Patriarch Michel Sabbah commented that the Galilo image represented a kind of provocation, "that leads to war and sectarian strife." 

The editor of the Israeli magazine apologized under pressure.  Yet the New World Order sponsors of the Cetinje sacrilege remain unrepentant.  Is it because they DID try to foment more "war and sectarian strife" in the Balkans with a DELIBERATE provocation of the Christians?

If so, their attempt has failed miserably.  For, Every artist's work is a mirror of himself, not that of the subject.  Just like the communists who desecrated Christian art, the NWO artists and sponsors of the Cetinje exhibit have merely managed to demonstrate their own primitivism, crudeness and vulgarity. 

For that reason, this writer wishes the exhibit had remained open, and that Christian organizations had given it maximum publicity, bringing visitors to Cetinje from all over the world to see first-hand the real face of the NWO.


P.S. This writer has a copy of the poster advertising the exhibit, as well as the photos of several of the paintings described above.  If any of you wish to have them uploaded, please let us know.  But you will have to wait for this until this writer returns to the U.S., later in October, when the images will be scanned at our office.


3. Serb Opposition Leader’s “Self-Assassination”

CHICAGO, June 27 - Immediately after a news story broke about an alleged attempt on the Serbian opposition leader’s life, we published the story, “The Botched Draskovic ‘Assassination’”, June 17).  Now, we bring you excerpts from a commentary by Dr. Serge Trifkovic, of the Rockford Institute in Chicago, on the same topic:


by Srdja Trifkovic

Vuk Draskovic, leader of Serbia’s major opposition party, was lightly wounded when gunmen opened fire through a window while he was watching television, alone in his holiday home, in the Montenegrin coastal town of Budva. The attack took place late in the evening on June 15. After being treated at a nearby hospital Draskovic immediately accused Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and his wife Mirjana Markovic of masterminding what he called "an assassination attempt."

 Two days later Montenegrin police announced they had detained the gunmen who shot and wounded Draskovic and "knew who had ordered the shooting." Vuk Boskovic, an assistant to the Interior Minister, said that those who carried out the attack were "the persons who came from the Serbian territory after Vuk Draskovic came to Montenegro."

 So far so conventional: a ruthless dictator wants to get rid of an annoying opposition politician, and orders his thugs to take him out. But things are seldom what they seem to be in the Balkans, where a careful analyst can often find more (or less) than meets the eye. In Serbia, for instance, the opposition and the regime have one thing in common. They share an abiding contempt for Vuk Draskovic, the perennial leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement (Srpski pokret obnove, SPO) and the conviction that he staged that "assassination attempt" in Montenegro to bolster his flagging reputation. Publicly, the opposition parties have condemned the Budva shooting. They are at least pretending to accept his claim that the botched attentat was the work of Milosevic’s secret police. But off the record, tout Belgrade agrees that Draskovic hatched the plot to increase his popularity and diffuse tensions within his party, which - for the first time since its founding a decade ago - no longer uncritically accepts his erratic leadership.

 Our Belgrade sources point out that whenever he faces pressure Draskovic seeks to resolve it through some dramatic gesture that will "turn a new leaf" and help him reinvent himself. "Vuk’s neurotic unpredictability" - frustrating to his supporters and other opposition activists - has become "intolerable" since he survived a suspicious car crash in which his wife’s brother and three bodyguards were killed last fall. "His volatility provoked howls of derision earlier this month, when he backtracked on a pledge to mount a united stand with other opposition parties at local and federal elections," according to journalist Zeljko Cvijanovic. Even some members of his own party suspect that he had made a pact with Milosevic to preserve corrupt SPO municipal authorities in several major Serbian towns and cities: "The SPO leader's actions have also set him on a collision course with some in his party who believe he is trying to neuter its stand against the regime. They also resent his quarrelling with other opposition parties with whom they believe they can co-operate." Other opposition leaders are increasingly reluctant to work with him. Their dislike of Draskovic has been growing ever since last October's alleged assassination attempt.

 Many suspect, according to Cvijanovic, that Draskovic’s recent erratic behavior is a symptom of deteriorating psychological problems, brought about by his close scrapes with death. On the day of the rally in Milosevic’s native city of Pozeravac last spring, at which all opposition parties were supposed to show their unity against the regime, Draskovic repeatedly phoned his representatives there with contradictory orders. Irritated by his indecisiveness, one member of his party quipped to psychology professor and leader of the Social Democratic Union, Zarko Korac, "Professor, take the phone, I think this is a case for you."

 The doubts about the veracity of Draskovic’s claims were not dispersed by the arrests: rumor has it that some of the suspects were in fact his party members or even bodyguards, which may imply complicity rather than lethal intent. In addition the Montenegrin government is strangely reticent about the course of the investigation, in view of its usual eagerness to score points against the unspeakable Mr. Milosevic. […]

 "Why would Slobodan Milosevic waste a bullet on a politician who has distinguished himself throughout his career by the ability to shoot himself in the foot? Repeatedly. Or get it in the ear when he misses the foot? In the end, Draskovic's botched 'assassination' has so far managed to kill only the target's own character and credibility."

 Why indeed? Cui bono? With political enemies like Vuk Draskovic, Slobodan Milosevic needs no friends: his status as Serbia’s President-for-life is perfectly secure anyway. He has drawn Draskovic and his coterie into the temptation of corruption - they control four of the richest municipal authorities in Serbia - to which the SPO leadership has succumbed in a big way. This has made them susceptible to Milosevic’s blackmail, and turned them into at least potential collaborators of the regime. "He has been able to use Draskovic as a willing or unwitting tool," says a prominent Belgrade opposition leader who asked to remain anonymous. "If Vuk is willingly cooperating with Milosevic, he is deceitful; if he is unwittingly playing into his hands, he is an idiot," our source continues. "On balance, he is a bit of both. Vuk’s ability to sow discord within opposition ranks is coupled with an unerring talent for wrong moves. He would rather let Milosevic rule for another ten years than see anyone but himself in his place."

 With each passing day the somewhat farcical scenario played out in Budva looks most suspicious to those familiar with the Yugoslav scene. Political killings in Serbia are one of the few growth industries. They are administered efficiently and cleanly. The list is long and includes a host of high-ranking officials, including a police general, a defense minister, and many prominent organized crime figures. Had Milosevic really wanted to take Draskovic out, we would have been writing an obituary now. As it is, the long agony of Serbia - squeezed between the hammer of Clinton-Albright and the anvil of Milosevic - will continue unabated.”  

Dr. Serge Trifkovic, Rockford Institute, Chicago, Illinois

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