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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/6-8

June 20, 2000

A Crowing NATO Spokesman Having to Eat Crow

NATO Infects Itself with Virus That Reveals Its Secrets

A Special Report from Kosovo: Serb Prisoners Held by KFOR/UNMIK for Months without Charges; The Forgotten Massacre of Serb Civilians



London                       1. NATO Infects Itself with Virus That Reveals Its Secrets

San Jose                     2. A Special Report from Kosovo: Serb Prisoners

                                        Held by KFOR/UNMIK for Months without Charges

Toronto                      3. The Forgotten Massacre of Serb Civilians


1. NATO Infects Itself with Virus That Reveals Its Secrets

LONDON, June 18 - Klutzy, klutzy… A crowing NATO spokesman is now having to eat crow.

“Bungling NATO scientists have created a computer virus ‘by mistake’, causing military secrets to find their way onto the Internet,” the London Times reported on Sunday.  The virus, called “Anti-Smyser 1,” was created by scientists at NATO’s KFOR peacekeeping force headquarters in Pristina, Kosovo.

They were seeking protection from virus attacks similar to those launched by the Serbs during the Kosovo conflict. But the experiment went wrong, and scientists accidentally unleashed the virus on themselves.

“Following an investigation into the leaks, I can now tell you that this was started at KFOR by our own people and subsequently spread to NATO headquarters and to other NATO members," said Jamie Shea, a NATO spokesman.  

At the time the leak first became public in April, Shea was haughtily admonishing the British press saying: "These are sensitive NATO documents."  But last week he was keen to play down the importance of the leak, the Times said.

For the full Times story, check out - .


2. A Special Report from Kosovo: Serb Prisoners Held by KFOR/UNMIK for Months without Charges

SAN JOSE, June 18 - Tika Jankovic is a Serbian-American and a longtime TiM reader from San Jose, California.  He has just returned from a trip to Kosovo, where he delivered some humanitarian aid to the few remaining local Serbs.  He has also sent us an exhaustive report about what he saw and heard, which he also forwarded to the White House, the US Congress, the Pentagon and the United Nations.  Here are some excerpts from it:

June 18, 2000

SUBJECT:    Report From the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija

I have just returned from my journey to Serbia, including a visit to the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija, usually, and wrongly, referred to as "Kosovo"("Kosovo" is a short for a plain around the seat of the Province, Pristina, correctly called "Kosovo Polje (Poliye)", meaning "Field"). My destination in Kosovo was the city of Kosovska Mitrovica, completely depleted of the Serb population, except for a small northern section, separated from the NATO-Albanian community in the south with the Ibar river, and connected together with a bridge, around which all major events in the city revolve. I spent two days in Mitrovica, from May 31 to June 2, 2000. […]


1.-- I met with William Nash, a former Pentagon general, who is the UNMIK    administrative governor of the city and the entire district, though the district is    nominally under the French control. He holds the office in the southern part Kosovska Mitrovica, staffed with Albanian personnel. I paid a visit to his office to obtain a permit to see 43 Serb prisoners, incarcerated in the former city jail, located in the northern section of Mitrovica. He complained of the "non-cooperative Serbs", and blamed them for the "slow return of democracy" in Kosovo (those 350, 000, kicked out and those a couple thousand left in a few isolated pockets, to live on a bowl of spaghetti a day, donated by the "merciful international community"?). The request was granted.  Note: The UNMIK governor of the city of Vucitrn, a nearby town, in the French occupied sector, also is an American.

2.--There are over 1,200 missing Serbs in Kosovo, abducted by the Albanians, since the NATO occupation started on June 14, 1999. UNMIK, and KFOR have repeatedly refused to cooperate in locating their whereabouts. They are believed dead, knowing the wild, savage nature of the Albanians, ignorant of any law. Revealing their deaths, or even a few of , would undermine so coveted NATO credibility and the image as the "honest peace brokers and builders" in Kosovo. I have obtained documentation of around 800 such victims from the Association of the Families of the Missing Serbs in Kosovo", in Belgrade, and am pursuing this line, and need help of others, truly concerned and dedicated human rights activists.

3.-- I first visited four Serb prisoners from the city jail, admitted to the city hospital, located in the north part. They were guarded in a separate room by the Jordan and Egyptian police officers. I took testimonies of the prisoners using a video camera. They have been incarcerated and held prisoners from six to ten months, without trial, or evidenced charges. One received a written sentence by the Albanian "judge" when he was taken to the jail first time. Formal charges against the Serbs brought by the Albanian courts are typically formulated as "GENOCIDE", for most of them.

One hospitalized prisoner, a boy of 16, mentally retarded, used to be held in home custody, has been incarcerated for 8 months on the charges of burning 100 (even!) Albanian houses! The accusers were Albanian neighbors, the judge was an Albanian, the jailers also were Albanians. The finger pointed at any Serb was sufficient legal proof of the "crime" to have the French police officers come to the door and handcuff the helpless Serbs accused of crimes with no proof, and turn them to the Albanian prosecutors, as describe above. That is how these four wretched souls were apprehended.

Another, half-blind, elderly Serb prisoner, diagnosed with "angina pectoris", was charged with multiple murder of Albanians, one who could barely walk. His son was abducted by Albanians in July 1998! His fate has remained unknown to these days. The third Serb was apprehended, along with his son, on the "genocide, Art. 26" charges! The forth, an old Roma, was taken to prison with his two brothers, on similar, "genocide" charges. The sentences were passed first time for two months, then extended for another two months, and so on each time when the previous sentence expired. The extensions were given on a piece of paper, as on a shopping note!

4.-- City jail: There were 39 more Serbs in the city prison. The charges were very much the same as described above. Some of them have been in jail since June 1999, without trial, without defense, without verdicts, and WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE of the crimes they were charged with. An American warden, a former US police officer, was in charge of the jail.

5.-- Legal system, established and run by the UNMIK and their Albanian allies for the Serbs, was described by the jail warden, a former American policeman as: "The prisoners are charged with genocide and WE have to take the charges seriously!" ( without asking for the evidence?). The prisoners are barely held alive. They do not receive fruits, vegetables, meat in their diet, no fruit juices, vitamins. They have no bed sheets, pillowcases, clothes, shoes, socks, slippers, pajamas, no papers, radio,  books to read. They used dirty, smelly, torn out blankets only, inherited from the previous prisoners. There is no washing machine for the blankets or clothes.

The prison is guarded by the French soldiers, with tanks, barbed wire, machine-guns on ready. The prisoners have no legal advisors, attorneys to see them. They are getting two-month extensions for the jail by Albanian judges, routinely, which does not bother the US Warden in charge of the prison! A forty-day hunger strike by all 43 prisoners did not impact conscience of the jailers and their Western sponsors. The rallying of the thousands of the Mitrovica city protesters in front of the jail gate for two weeks did not move the NATO/UNMIK/Albanian authorities. Four of the prisoners, mentioned above, ended up in the local hospital as the result of the hunger strike.  (Another hunger strike started by the prisoners on June 6, after I left Mitrovica, and is ongoing.).

5.-- City hospital: The entrance to the hospital (Northern section of Kosovska Mitrovica) is fortified, guarded by French solders, with a huge tank by the gate. Visitors are checked. Just completed, reconstructed Children Hospital in the complex, was TAKEN BY THE FRENCH TROOPS as soon as they seized the city. As a gesture of "good will", KFOR requested to repair the roof on the main hospital building before the winter last year. Its "builders" tore off the old roof and exposed the building to rain that flooded the operating theaters and damaged the interior of the hospital, leaving the patients to freeze in the unheated rooms throughout the winter.

The "international community" - actually the Province's occupation force, denied any help to the hospital. Eventually, it generously proposed to the Hospital Management a medical help, and salaries to the staff, if and when they join the Kosovo (State) Medical System, and let the Albanian personnel take the Hospital over. This sort of a blackmail, so often exercised by the "humanity" obsessed Western colonial authorities, is a typical example of the so much trumpeted announcements of their (phony) humanitarian mission in the Province.

It should be pointed out, that 12,000 Serb doctors and other medical personnel have been purged from the Province by the NATO-KFOR forces, leaving NO single medical staff in the entire region. The Mitrovica North Hospital is the only medical facility in the entire Province, staffed with the Serb personnel, left for now to serve the remaining, and all time dwindling Serb community there.  

6.-- At night, the French armor roars up and down Serb section of the city to harass the population. Once I jumped off the hotel bed at midnight, awaken by the terrible noise coming from the street below, rushed to the window to see four KFOR French tanks parading back and fort in the main street, at the full throttles. The very same night a gang of French soldiers went on raiding the neighborhood, breaking into Serb apartments, rudely pushing around the sleepy and frightened men, women and children, on a pretext of "seeking hidden weapons". The KFOR policy is to disarm the Serbs, and arm the Albanians, so to assist them in further terrorizing, and slaughtering the defenseless Serbs, with intent to drive them out of the Province.

 7.-- UNMIK and KFOR, with their Albanian allies, often cut-off communication lines, water and electricity supply to the Serbs in Mitrovica enclave at will. The water supply to the Serbs is routinely shut-off from sundown to 8:00AM next day, and every day so.

8.-- Albanians are abetted by UNMIK and KFOR to provoke incidents on the Serbian side of the city, so the Serb defenders set up a round-o-clock watch, to prevent Albanian terrorists from getting into the city to hurl hand grenades onto civilians, or machine-gun cafes and shops. I have met four Serb girls and a few young men, wounded by Albanians in such attacks, in a plain view of the French soldiers, who were calmly standing by.

On some occasions, the French legionnaires, toss hand grenades on the crowd of protesting Serbs. I interviewed a nurse from Mitrovica Hospital, who was injured with fragments of a hand grenade, thrown by a French soldier at a group of Serb defenders of the bridge, who were trying to stop the Albanian terrorists' incursion into the Northern Mitrovica, by crossing the bridge allegedly guarded by the French KFOR( Kosovo Force).

9.-- The UNMIK and NATO-KFOR authorities are demonstrating the Western values, they came to the Province to teach the "Serb savages" to, in exercising the principle of a "free speech". Out of 24-hour TV Pristina program time, in the "multiethnic" Province of Kosovo and Metohija, the allotted segment for the Serbs is ONE MINUTE only!! The condition for enjoying this privilege, generously granted by the Colonial Governor Kouchner to the "non-cooperative" Serbs, is to use the 30 seconds for weather forecast, and the other 30 seconds for the rest of the news, announcements, music, messages, advertisements!!

10.-- On a positive note, the Serbian side of the Trepca industrial complex, two mines, the smelter and the refinery are starting to operate, whereas the rest of it, in the NATO-Albanian sector, the mines are in shambles-all shaft levels are flooded and no production is under way. The Serb personnel, qualified for the job, has been all expelled by NATO-KFOR, and the Albanians, who have never liked to learn and work, did not care for production, instead they were rather involved in more lucrative, and easier activities, such as drug trafficking, prostitution, racket, smuggling weapons, etc. Their Western sponsors, UNMIK, NATO, KFOR, International police and a motley army of international "humanitarian" and business profiteers have been looking the other way all the time, and forgave those abhorrent Albanian crimes.

11.-- It should be pointed out that THE SMELTER plant, in the Serb section, is the NECESSITY to exploit the Trepca mines, and the NATO is so eager, and impatient, to push the Serbs out of Mitrovica and get hold of the plant. The raw metal ore HAS TO BE MELTED first into ingots before further processing, and there is ONLY ONE SUCH SMELTER in the entire region, over by Mitrovica, in the Serb populated territory! (As I have learned there, the legal co-owner of the Trepca industrial complex is a Greek corporation, with a legal tender on a 99 year lease!). About 1% of impure metal mix of lead, zinc, silver, gold is being extracted from the ore through the smelter, before it is separated out and purified in the next process by the refinery (Serbs have such one). The purity of the Trepca metals is graded as 99999 (the standard commercial grade is 9999 only!), and the Western sharks are salivating at the prospect of laying their hands on this treasure. The current monthly production of this facility is estimated to be 1,000 kg of gold and 3,500 tons of lead, in addition to production of zinc and silver.

A few days before my arrival to Mitrovica, Albanian arsonists blew up a huge zinc refinery on the NATO side, which was reconstructed days before the NATO barbaric bombardment of Serbia. The reconstruction cost the Serb government over $10 million. A rumor has it that destruction of the refinery was staged by Albanians to cover up he theft of equipment and other inventory by the Albanians and their Western accomplices. Many major production facilities, that were spared the NATO bombs and missiles, have been ripped off to the bare bones by the Albanian thieves and transferred to Albania, evidently with approval and, very likely, the participation of the KFOR/UNMIK and other authorities ( Is it possible for the convoys of big rigs to sneak by pass the heavily guarded, KFOR check points, set up all over the Province?).

It should be pointed out that the US construction companies, contracted by the Pentagon, are building the US military base "Bondsteel"(on a 760 sq mile site, the largest US base in Europe!) by the city of Urosevac, by excavating the stones from a quarry owned by Serb company "Kosmetput-Inzinjering" (Kosmet Road Engineering), using the company's facility and equipment FREE OF CHARGE,-just helping themselves to the stolen property! The Serb owners have been kicked out barefooted in the US/NATO joined efforts to bring happiness and teach Western ideals to the "multiethnic" Kosovo-Metohija society, purged thoroughly from the non-Albanian population since the "NATO/ KLA liberators" invaded the Serbs' centuries owned territory, on June 14, 1999. This site has been picked by the Pentagon for a US base because of its tremendous geostrategic importance. It dominates the air space far north to the Danube valley, and south to the Aegean Sea.

While traveling by a van from Belgrade to Kosovska Mitrovica, around 200 miles south, I have spotted three major NATO military bases, built along a 10 mile stretch of road before Mitrovica. One was built for UNMIK, the other was built by French, judging by the hosted flags. Another base, a huge helicopter platform, was seen under construction a half mile away in the hills. Aren't the NATO forces digging in heels for an indefinite stay in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija, seized by brutal, imperialist force?

12.-- To protect the part of their city, the North Mitrovica, from intrusion by Albanian terrorists, the local, bodily able Serbs, from 16 to 70, many of them refugees from the south part of Mitrovica and from other parts of the Province, have set up a round the clock watch on the Ibar river bridge - Bridge Brigade, guarded by the French KFOR troopers. Once, in March 2000, the French guards left their post at the Bridge to let a crowd of thousands of the Albanians pass from the south to smash the Serb defenders. When confronted with around 30 resolute Serb sentries, who happened to be on the other side of the bridge, guarding the crossing, the Albanians backed off, under protection of the French troops, who feared their Albanian allies could get hurt, though they outnumbered the Serbs 100 to 1. […]

Tika Jankovic, San Jose, California, June 18, 2000



3. The Forgotten Massacre of Serb Civilians

KLECKA, June 18 - This weekend’s media reports about a “secret” KLA weapons cache that KFOR had suddenly discovered near Klecka would lead one to believe that this was a big surprise to the West (see TiM Bulletin 2000/6-7). It should not have been. Klecka has been a KLA training camp and a munitions dump all along. Only the people who didn’t want to know that would have waited until now to “discover” something that was public knowledge as far back as 1998, as the TiM reader, Bob Petrovic of Toronto, Canada, points out.  Here are some excerpts about it from the Toronto-based Balkan Peace web site that he referenced:

“Klecka contained a KLA base including a training camp and a munitions depot. A large amount of weaponry and ammunition was recovered by the police, including anti-tank rocket propelled grenades, as well as humanitarian aid packets provided by the United States. In the village of Klecka, the bodies of 22 Serb civilians were found.”

And what happened to these civilians? Read on another excerpt from the same Balkan Peace report about it:

“On August 27, 1998, Serbian police discovered a cremation oven in the lime factory in the village of Klecka, used to dispose of murdered Serbian civilians. Captured KLA terrorists from Malisevo, Lyan Mazreku and Bekim Mazreku, told the police that in July, 1998 the KLA captured, killed and burned 22 Serbian civilians in the village of Klecka, some 45km Southwest of Pristina. Civilians were put before a firing squad and executed. The lime factory ovens were used in hope that the high temperatures would destroy the evidence. However, several partially burned bodies remained.

Lyan Mazreku admitted that the KLA rounded up about 100 civilians in the village of Orahovac, under the command of Fatmir Lima, Gani Krasnici and Hismi Kilya. They transferred them to Klecka where they proceded to rape, in front of everyone, all the females, regardless of age, including little children. Also, Lyan Mazreku admitted to raping and cutting off a little boy's ear. He described how people's limbs were amputated, eyes gouged, heads cut off, and various organs removed before they were finally shot.

Bekim Mazreku admitted to having personally killed 5 men, 3 women and 2 children ages 7 and 11 years. He confirmed that a KLA firing squad executed 22 civilians under the directive of Fatmir Lima, Gani Krasnici and Hismi Kilya.”

What followed were public comments by a host of western officials, including some from the State Department, all expressing disgust and outrage with the barbarity of the Kosovo Albanian terrorists:

"I condemn the horrible massacre of Serb civilians committed by Albanian terrorists. The United States are shocked by the brutalities in the village of Klecka. Whoever did this must be punished. The United States do not support the armed battles of the KLA and condemn every kind of aggression, as well as the kidnapping of civilians."

Christopher Hill, Special US Envoy to Yugoslavia

"I am haunted and horrified by this weekend's images of charred remains in a makeshift crematorium."

Mary Robinson, High Commissioner UN for Human Rights

The Balkans Peace report continues…

“On September 8, 1998, the first of the six discovered mass graves, and the execution grounds where Albanian terrorists murdered Serbian civilians, were found near the village of Glodjane. By September 13, 1998, the bodies of 37 Serb civilians were discovered. The remains of other bodies were found nearby and it is assumed that they were dragged there by dogs, birds and wild animals. The count of killed Serbs is not final.

The Examining Magistrate, Rajko Gojkovic, described the scene as monstrous, since many of the victims were mutilated and tortured before being executed. Several other shallow graves were discovered near Glodjane, with mutilated, beheaded or castrated bodies.”


TiM Ed.: So, we have the bodies, dates, places, furnaces, identity of the killers, even their confessions. Plus in the fall of 1998, a team of Finnish forensic experts, led by Dr. Helena Ranta, collected the physical evidence at Klecka and other Kosovo sites, and took it home to Helsinki to run DNA and other tests, according to Reuters (Dec. 1, 1998) and SUC (Dec. 23, 1998) reports.

And what did the UN War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague do about these crimes against the innocent Serb civilians?  Nothing that we know of.

Furthermore, Dr. Ranta’s Klecka report never saw the light of day.  Suppressed by the New World Order “justice?”  You bet. Just as was her report about a subsequent January 1999 Racak “massacre” of Albanians, which was used as a pretext for NATO’s bombing of Serbia. In the end, that “massacre” turned out to be another New World Order invention, according to Berliner Zeitung, which obtained the Ranta forensic report in March of this year.

To summarize… Known KLA training camps and munitions dumps are tolerated by KFOR for over a year before being “discovered.” Real massacres of Serb civilians are buried and suppressed. Instead, fictitious “massacres” of Albanians are invented to justify additional killings of Serb civilians by NATO bombs.

And that’s western justice? No, that’s New World Order “justice.” It’s not all that different from the earlier communist or fascist versions, is it? Worse, the architects of such “justice” are the self-proclaimed leaders of the “free world” who are lecturing other countries about “human rights” and “democracy.” At least Lenin, Stalin or Hitler didn’t pretend to be lily-white “liberals.”

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