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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/5-4

May 13, 2000

Destroying America the Beautiful

Aztlan: America's Kosovo

Mexico Sues Arizona Farmers; Aztlan: America's Kosovo; The "Great W. State of Texas" and "Klinton's Amerika" Look Alike; A Military Quiz



Washington                1. Spies Galore, Enemies Within, Foxes at the Gate

 Phoenix                      2. Mexico Sues Arizona Farmers for Defending Our Borders

 Albuquerque             3. Aztlan: America's Kosovo

 Dallas                        4. The "Great W. State of Texas" and

                                         "Klinton's Amerika" Look Alike

 Idaho                         5. A Military Quiz: Name This Country


1. Spies Galore, Enemies Within, Foxes at the Gate

WASHINGTON, May 12 – They are shredding the U.S. Constitution faster than Oliver North disposed of incriminating "Iran-Contra."  They are leaking secrets to foreign agents like a sieve.  They are pandering to our enemies while bombing our traditional allies.  They are erasing America's borders by rampant illegal immigration, especially from Latin and Central America.  They are destroying the U.S. military, both by downsizing and upwimping it (gays and lesbians; Draftdodger-in-Chief as Commander-in-Chief; Madam Halfbright launching half-baked wars).

Who might "they" be, these enemies of the United States?  Bill Clinton and his officials, the folks who have sworn to protect our Constitution and our country.  They are doing it the way a fox would be guarding a chicken coop. Meanwhile, the American hens inside are sedated by CNN and other soap operas, as foreign agents are having a field day in Clinton's Washington.

If you haven't heard yet about Israel's alleged spying at the Clinton White House, for example, you must have been vacationing on Mars, or were glued to the TV in that chicken coop.  We first learned about it last week from an Insight magazine story, forward-dated to May 29, 2000.  Here's an excerpt:

"More than two dozen U.S. intelligence, counterintelligence, law-enforcement and other officials have told Insight that the FBI believes Israel has intercepted telephone and modem communications on some of the most sensitive lines of the U.S. government on an ongoing basis. The worst penetrations are believed to be in the State Department. But others say the supposedly secure telephone systems in the White House, Defense Department and Justice Department may have been compromised as well.

The problem for FBI agents in the famed Division 5, however, isn't just what they have uncovered, which is substantial, but what they don't yet know, according to Insight's sources interviewed during a year-long investigation by the magazine. Of special concern is how to confirm and deal with the potentially sweeping espionage penetration of key U.S. government telecommunications systems allowing foreign eavesdropping on calls to and from the White House, the National Security Council, or NSC, the Pentagon and the State Department.

The directors of the FBI and the CIA have been kept informed of the ongoing counterintelligence operation, as have the president and top officials at the departments of Defense, State and Justice and the NSC. A "heads up" has been given to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, but no government official would speak for the record.

"It's a huge security nightmare," says a senior U.S. official familiar with the super-secret counterintelligence operation. "The implications are severe," confirms a second with direct knowledge. "We're not even sure we know the extent of it," says a third high-ranking intelligence official. "All I can tell you is that we think we know how it was done," this third intelligence executive tells Insight. "That alone is serious enough, but it's the unknown that has such deep consequences."

A senior government official who would go no further than to admit awareness of the FBI probe, says: "It is a politically sensitive matter. I can't comment on it beyond telling you that anything involving Israel on this particular matter is off-limits. It's that hot."

Now get this - "anything involving Israel… is off limits" in Clinton's Washington.  Why?  Because Americans might find out where the Clinton administration officials' real loyalties lie?  In which case, the U.S. taxpayers, who are not glued to the chicken coop TV sets, might develop a sudden curiosity about why we should continue our unflagging, decades-long, multi-billion dollar annual support of a state that continuously spied on us?  (remember the Pollard case?).

And where is Congress in all this, whose job is to protect our purses and?  Silent.  AWOL.  Hiding behind the powerful AIPAC pocketbooks?

Well not all U.S. officials are willing to suffer the fate of the chickens guarded by the foxes.  The FBI National Security Division chief, Tim Bereznay, for example, testified before the House International Relations Committee on Thursday (May 11) that known foreign spies ("intelligence officers") are serving as fully accredited press correspondents at the Madeleine Albright State Department (56 foreigners and 467 Americans have 24-7 access to the Foggy Bottom stately lair - see the Fox News, May 12).

And what's Madam Halfbright, one of the foxes, doing about it?  In a word, nothing! 

"I need to see the (FBI) report and will act upon it, but I truly believe that we operate in a country where people are innocent until proven guilty," Albright told a Washington press conference that she addressed with the visiting French foreign minister, Hubert Vedrine.

Sure thing.  Just as she "acted upon" when the man in a tweed jacket walked into her office at the State Department in 1998, picked up a ream of classified documents, and walked out.  He was supposedly never identified, "but the officials have learned that he had a regular State Department pass," the Fox News said.

The man was never identified, yet "officials have learned that he had a regular State Department pass?"  What sort of moronic officials or media or both are making such statements?  Do they assume that we are all brain-dead from watching CNN and other soap operas in their chicken coops?

Furthermore, Albright's State Department is losing laptops with highly classified information as if they were used books from a local library.  No less than three have so far disappeared this year alone. 

FBI's Bereznay said that a detailed record exists of everyone who entered and exited the room where the classified laptop was located.  Yet no arrests have been made, just as no one was apprehended in the case of the man in a tweed jacket.  More "off limits" espionage crimes against the American people condoned by the Clinton administration for political reasons?


2. Mexico to Sue Arizona Ranchers for Defending Our Borders

PHOENIX, May 12 - And then there are other crimes the New World Order servants who masquerade as Presidents have been committing against the American people in the last three decades.  Such as "genocide," according to Joseph Fallon, a researcher for the bestselling Peter Brimelow book on immigration, "Alien Nation" (Random House, 1995).

"Genocide?"  Yes.  That's exactly what Mr. Fallon calls the rampant legal and illegal immigration that has hit our country like a tidal wave following the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act (also see this writer's Aug. 31, 1997 Washington Times column, "Dancing 'Round the Golden Calf").  Here's an excerpt from a letter that we received today from Mr. Fallon:

"Dear Mr. Djurdjevic,

I hope you found acceptable the official complaint to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights charging post-1965 U.S. immigration policy with violating international customary law against genocide. To date, no one who has submitted this complaint to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has received an acknowledgement, let alone a response. 

However, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights recently did meet with supports of illegal aliens and expressed sympathy for their concerns -- their demand  to illegally enter the United States without suffering legal penalties or without being forced to illegally enter the United States by traveling over dangerous terrain to avoid arrest by the U.S. Border Patrol."

Furthermore, Mr. Fallon says that Americans who are standing up for our sovereignty might be hauled before an international U.N. court:

"Now the NEWS.  Last night, I was notified by e-mail that radio talk show host, Michael Reagan, son of the President, announced that the Government of Mexico has allegedly filed an official complaint with the United Nations against the farmers in Arizona. 

The government of Mexico is apparently demanding that the United Nations condemn the farmers in Arizona -- who are arresting illegal aliens for violating U.S. laws, and trespassing and vandalism the farmers' homes and properties -- with violating the human rights of the illegal aliens. 

The government of Mexico is already soliciting U.S. attorneys to sue the Arizona farmers for preventing illegal aliens from trespassing on the farmers' property. 

It is important that those farmers are supported. Genocide 'trumps' all other laws.  In response to Mexico's actions, the farmers and their supporters should file their own complaint to the United Nations charging illegal aliens and the government of Mexico with violating international customary law against genocide."

Joseph E. Fallon


TiM Ed.: Indeed, it is important that American citizens are supported when they are defending our borders against an assault by illegal immigrants.  Lest we want Arizona to become another Kosovo (see the next story). And especially when Mexico is trying to transfer the jurisdiction over the American sovereign issue to the United Nations, while the Clinton administration is considering amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Latin America. 

The reason?  Courting the Hispanic vote, of course.  So "Politics Ueber Alles!" ("politics above all!") has been, is and evidently will be the rallying motto of the Democratic Party's election campaigns.  "Isn't it interesting (and highly racist) for Clinton to grant an amnesty to Hispanic illegal aliens only?" - the TiM reader who sent us the above story commented.

Nor is the "W" (George W. Bush) much different.  The governor of Texas and the likely GOP presidential candidate also has his own Hispanic constituency to please.  As Samuel Francis writes of the Texas governor in the April issue of the Chronicles magazine:

"[Bush] makes much of campaigning in Spanish and using Spanish-language ads, as well as boasting of his earlier record of opposing immigration restrictions, supporting bilingual educations, and staging photo ops with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo and Mexican governors across the Texas border.

The Texas governor has also opposed using U.S. troops to protect the border from illegal immigration and has refused to take action against the Texas border town of El Cenizo, which last year enacted an ordinance forbidding cooperation with state and federal immigration authorities. The town's law is an open violation of federal law and an open declaration that it will not enforce border security against illegal entries. To date, Governor Bush has done and said nothing either to bring this town into line with Texas and federal law or to indicate what action, as president, he would take against it…

As for immigration itself, earlier this year the governor announced that he not only opposes efforts to curb it but believes ‘we ought to increase legal immigration for our country's advantage. The high-tech world we are now dominating is dependent on educated folks, but we're short… of workers.' Repeating his opposition to using troops on the border, he told editors of the Cedar Rapids Gazette in January, ‘Forget it. Mexico's our neighbor and friend'."

So the immigration floodgates are wide open.  No wonder Arizona ranchers are having to defend their property and our borders all by themselves.

The only presidential candidate who stands tall for the American sovereignty, and will act against the rampant immigration and globalism, is Pat Buchanan (see "Buchanan on the Stump").  Arizonans who care about the inviolability of our borders will have a chance to express their support for Buchanan at the Reform Party state convention on May 19-20 in Phoenix (for details contact Margot Wittenberg, Reform Party of Arizona Convention Chairlady; e-mail:, Tel: (480) 488-9098; Fax: (480) 488-0581; or, click on schedule May 19-20).  The TiM editor will also speak at the Convention. The title of his speech, "No 2 NWO, Yes 2 Pat's Pats - AZTLAN: AMERICA'S KOSOVO - Why America Needs Buchanan for President."


3. Aztlan: America's "Kosovo"

PHOENIX, May 12 - Almost seven years ago, this writer for the first time contemplated a possible break up of America along the demographic lines.  Nearly five years ago, he first put it on paper, in an article that compared Bosnia and the U.S.  Four years ago, at the height of the 1996 presidential campaign, the Washington Times published his column "When Cultures Collide…" which dealt with that theme.  Over two years ago, he also compared the situation in the American Southwest with the demographic war in Kosovo that had been raging for decades (see "Kosovo: Bosnia II and Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya"). 

And now, all these warnings have unfortunately become a reality.  According to an article in The Albuquerque Tribune, Dr. Charles Truxillo of the University of New Mexico has become the second prominent professor to endorse a new Hispanic nation comprised of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and southern Colorado. Its capital would be Los Angeles.

Previously Dr. Jose Angel Guttierrez of the University of Texas has endorsed the new country. Truxillo suggests it be called "Republica del Norte," and adds, ominously, that it should be brought into being "by any means necessary." But he believes that the new nation can be created through the electoral process, as endless millions of Mexicans continue to pour into the Southwest, where they are promptly radicalized by the NWO liberals and militant Hispanic organizations, like La Raza, MALDEF, and others.

Many radicals prefer to call the gestating country Aztlan. Hispanic revolutionaries are distributing leaflets in California and elsewhere warning whites to "get out" before it's too late.  Californians who have publicly protested against Washington's immigration policies have been physically beaten by Hispanic terrorists (as also noted in this writer's 1996 column, for example).

Furthermore, well-known demographics experts, such as Harold "Bud" Hodgkinson, director of the Center for Demographic Policy, Institute for Educational Leadership in Alexandria, VA, and Hazel Reinhardt, a consultant based in Minneapolis recently identified the following consequences of unchecked immigration:

        Sometime this year, white people in Santa Clara County, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, will find themselves a minority. Hispanics, Asians and blacks will represent 51 percent of the population.

        California will become the first majority-minority state in 2000. Texas will reach this status about 2010.

        By 2050 whites -- those with no Hispanic heritage, will become a minority in the United States for the first time in history.

        Hispanics will become the largest minority in the United States in 2010.


TiM Ed.: Welcome to Aztlan, America's "Kosovo."


4. The "Great W. State of Texas" and "Klinton's Amerika" Look Alike

DALLAS, Apr. 13 - Meanwhile, here is the "Great State of Texas" that has emerged under the "W's" leadership, according to a letter from a TiM reader in that state:

"The Great State of Texas, under the leadership of Governor George W. Bush, is ranked:

50th in spending for teachers' salaries

49th in spending on the environment

48th in per-capita funding for public health

47th in delivery of social services

42nd in child-support collections

41st in per-capita spending on public education

           and ...

5th in percentage of population living in poverty

1st in air and water pollution

1st in percentage of poor working parents without insurance

1st in percentage of children without health insurance

1st in executions (avg. 1 every 2 weeks for Bush's 5 years)

Just think of what he could do for (to) the country if he were president!


"There are no unconquerable fortresses. There are only bad conquerors."


TiM Ed.: Nor is Texas an exception in "Klinton's Amerika."  The U.S. prison population now exceeds 1.86 million, according to an April 20 Reuters report, filed from Washington. 

"The U.S. prison population, long the largest in the world, increased even more to 1.86 million inmates in 1999 and may surpass 2 million next year, according to a Justice Department report," the Reuters said. 

The report said the nation's prison and jail population at 1,860,520 inmates at the end of June 1999 was up 4.4 percent from the year-earlier level, the equivalent of adding 1.122 inmates each week.  From the end of 1990 to mid-1999, the prison and jail population swelled by almost 712,000 inmates, resulting in an incarceration rate of 1 for every 147 Americas, up from 1 in every 218 residents.

Although the report did not give any comparative prison figures for foreign countries, private experts have told Reuters that the United States has been followed by China with an estimated 1.2 million inmates, and Russia with about 1 million inmates.  But China's population is almost five times bigger than the U.S..  Which means that even this communist country's incarceration rate is about one-fifth that of the U.S. 

Welcome to "Klinton's Amerika," the "land of the free!"


5. A Military Quiz: Name This Country

PHOENIX, May 12 - if you're a proud and patriotic American, just in case you're not depressed enough by now, here's another quiz that we received from a TiM reader in Idaho:


        709,000 regular (active duty) service personnel

        293,000 reserve troops;

        Eight standing Army divisions;

        20 Air Force and Navy air wings with 2,000 combat aircraft;

        232 strategic bombers;

        13 strategic ballistic missile submarines with 3,114 nuclear warheads on 232 missiles;

        500 ICBMs with 1,950 warheads;

        Four aircraft carriers, and;

        121 surface combat ships and submarines, plus all the support bases,

        shipyards and logistical assets needed to sustain such a naval force.


Is this country Russia? . . . No.

Red China? . . . No.

Great Britain? . . . Wrong Again.

USA? . . . Hardly.

Give up?

Well, don't feel too bad if you are unable to identify this global superpower, because this country no longer exists.  It has vanished.  These are the American military forces that have disappeared since the 1992 election of Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

Sleep well, America!"


TiM Ed.: Only under heavy sedation in an NWO chicken coop.

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