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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/11-1

Nov. 5, 2000

Subverting Australian “Democracy” to “Political/Secular Elite”  

God Save the Queen? No, God Save the Citizen!

Bryan Fyffe’s 18-year Battle with the “Law”; Ever Met the Ugly Australian? Human Race Is Regressing, Bring on the Mushroom Cloud? We Are Living in Eschatological Time; The Asians Are Coming; Flight of the Kiwis



Melbourne             1. God Save the Queen? No, God Save the Citizen!

                                    (From Her Majesty’s Servants)

Sydney                   2. Bryan Fyffe’s 18-year Battle with the “Law”

Phoenix                  3. Subverting Australian “Democracy” to “Political/Secular Elite”

Melbourne             4. Ever Met the Ugly Australian?

Adelaide                 5. Human Race Is Regressing, Bring on the Mushroom Cloud?

Melbourne             6. We Are Living in Eschatological Times  

Perth                      7. Western Australians No Longer Innocent Until Proven GuiltyNov. 7, 2000

Sydney                   8. Brian Fyffe Denied Bail, His Daughter ReportsNov. 11, 2000

Brisbane                 9. PM Commits Australia to International SlaveryNov. 18, 2000

Sydney                  10. The Asians Are ComingNov. 18, 2000

Auckland               11. Flight of the Kiwis: New Zealanders Flee Globalist InvasionNov. 20, 2000


1. God Save the Queen? No, God Save the Citizen! (From Her Majesty’s Servants)

MELBOURNE, Oct. 30 - Australian government officials boast about their country supposedly being a democracy.  This implies a nation in which citizens are free to speak their minds and vote their conscience without interference by the government or other judicial authorities.  From our past articles on Australian affairs (see our stories on mandatory bicycle helmets or the referendum on monarchy, for example, and TiM Bulletins Index - Australia/New Zealand for other articles on Aussie affairs), some regular TiM readers may already have inkling that the reality in that beautiful land Down Under is perhaps at a variance from the rosy pictures its officials and the establishment media paint.

Well, the latest correspondence we have received from several of Australian sources may help change the minds of the remaining doubting Thomas’s about the “freedoms” and “human rights” in Australia.  And no, we’re not talking about the oft-cited alleged abuses of the Aborigine rights.  We’ve received letters from ordinary white Australian citizens who say they were abused by the Australian government law enforcement agencies and the courts - for no apparent reason other than that they stood up for their rights, and refused to be shorn like the sheep by Her Majesty’s herdsmen.

Here’s the first such story, as told by the chief protagonist himself, Mr. Wolter Joosse, a horse-breeding farmer in the state of Victoria:

“I live with my family on a small farm of about 30 acres in the State of Victoria, where we breed horses. We do not need any services but electricity and phone. We subscribe to the Lord's water supply and are fortunate to receive plenty from the skies to allow us to survive.

Some six years ago, we suddenly received an account from a government body, though incorporated, named South East Water Inc., that claimed a charge for 'drainage'. I wrote and suggested, that this must be a mistake since we use no services of that kind.

I was then informed that this was related to water that spilled of our property and went into State rivers and the like. I responded in turn that, since we solely depend on the Lord's blessing, our property had been laser graded in such way that all water would flow towards our dams, and as such it would be unlikely, that any would run off our property. However, we stated, should indeed some spill off, which was collected by you, we feel, that since you charge others for water, that we in turn should be compensated for the amount of our water, that you claim you are collecting.

Suddenly, we received a three page letter stating that the charge was not really for drainage, but a levy to create and maintain wetlands, parks and gardens. I responded that this was a noble cause, but in view of the fact that we already were maintaining a 30 acre park, we felt that our contribution ought to suffice.

For some years, we did not receive any more accounts. Until recently that is, when the matter went to court. My defense had many rounds of ammunition, each of them capable of winning the day, but...

Firstly I argued, that South East Water Inc. was an agent allowed to collect monies for Parks and Water, a government body. As such South East Water Inc. did not provide any service to me and could not legally make any claims. Parks and Water, who claimed to provide a service (?) would have to be the Claimant.

Secondly, before a government body can issue a contract, it is bound by law to seek tender for the contract.  However, South East Water Inc. was already named in the legislation as being contracted by Park and Water prior to this body having the legal right to claim any charges.

Thirdly, I argued that the legislation was invalid on the grounds that in 1975 the State Government of Victoria "re-enacted" the Victorian Constitution, without the knowledge or consent of the people. In doing so, there must have been a point in time, when the Parliament had no longer authority, as either the previous constitution was repealed or Victoria was to have two Constitutions (!?).

Furthermore, the Constitution stated that when an alteration to the Constitution was made, all Members of both Houses must be present at the second and third readings of any such Bill. The official Journal of the Parliament, the "Hansard", showed, however, that only 26 Members were in the House to vote (15 for; 11 against). Therefore, by operation of law, the Bill could not possibly have been proceeded with and the "re-enacted" Constitution was null and void.

Fourthly, it was argued by the Claimant argued that, by reason of law - s14 of the Water Industry Act, 1994 - I was deemed to be under "contract" and as such the charge was legal and binding. I asked the Magistrate if he could possibly explain to me how I could enter into a "contract" without my knowledge or consent, and how such contract could be legally binding, when I did not know the terms and conditions of such contract???

Fifthly, I argued that since I had formally seceded from the Crown in right and Parliament of Victoria, that I could not be the subject to the legislation. British and Australian law states, that if a Parliament dispenses with the law, the Parliament abdicates (see “The Right to Secede” in the PS). The people, therefore, are absolved of their allegiance thereto, and have the right, under international and domestic law, to self-determination. More and more people in Australia are seceding in attempt to escape the unauthorized authority of the defunct regimes.

The outcome? The charge against me was found proven, even though the Magistrate could not give me explanations in law as to why my arguments failed, other then in saying "because I have ruled so..!"

As a token of an apology to me, he stated: "Mr. Joosse, you should know that there is no separation of powers in Victoria, I should know so, because I was personally sacked by the Government. The Chief Magistrate told me in no uncertain terms that separation of powers does not exist in the State of Victoria."

To which I replied: “Your Worship, that is indeed a very sad situation, since that denies the people of Victoria their legal right, which is inviolable, to an independent tribunal.”

Then the Magistrate said to the Claimants solicitor, "I hope you are not going to ask for costs, because I think that I can speak for both of us, that we have learnt a lot this morning from Mr. Joosse.  It has been most educational".

However, of course, costs were sought, nearly $ 2,000.00. I pointed out to the Magistrate, that the Government instructing private law firms to prosecute the people was yet another form of intimidation. By allowing these private law firms to charge whatever they fancied, the government tries to intimidate the people, by way of costs, from standing up for their rights. Those who are standing up to the forces of Satan and Lucifer do so without funding, and have done so for years.

Epilogue. Dear Bob, (as you can see), here in Australia we are fighting the forces of Satan and Lucifer. As British subjects, we are meant to be under the protection of the Queen (of King), and as such under the protection of God. The Coronation Oaths Act, 1688, prescribes that the Queen swears to uphold the Natural Law and the True Profession of the Gospel. As such everyone, who swears allegiance to the Crown has the duty and care of that oath. In plain English that means that no law made by man can overrule the laws of God. It would be inconceivable to imagine that a Muslim government could violate the Koran, yet our governments habitually violate the Bible.

Those agents of Satan and Lucifer, who are entrenched in upper levels of government, have taken advantage of the ignorance of the people, and now rule them by bluff and intimidation. These evil forces are not large in numbers, but hold the top positions in both government and opposition. It does not matter, which one gets elected, and as such our voting system has been altered to ensure that only one of the parties can come into government, or hold the balance. It is only when you start to look that nothing hangs legally together, but with the courts firmly under the control of the governments (they appoint the judges) and solicitors being agents of the court and in fear thereof, the ordinary people have virtually no hope and are at the mercy of these evil forces, without protection whatsoever.

For a number of years now, I have been researching the legal status of our system, and with the help of others (some who have spent up to 20 years full time on this) we can prove without doubt that those who govern us have no valid authority. To prove that is not difficult, and maybe a thousand different arguments can do just that. However, to find a solution which will allow it to be corrected without the nation plunging into chaos is of course more difficult, and many who would like to see the power returned to the people are hesitant to give us support in fear of what might be the fall out.

Just recently, I found the perfect solution, which would bring back the power to the people, keep law and order, and in general will allow life to go on as normal without any adverse effects to either people or businesses (see “The Right to Secede” in the PS).

We have lost many battles, but are winning the war. Good must and will conquer over evil. It is difficult for us to get our message out as it is all done voluntarily and without funding. We struggle when equipment breaks down, or when we run out of paper. We are most alarmed about the lack of interest from established churches within Australia. The violations that we speak about ought to be of major concern to all who believe in God, since they violate God's laws.

I shall in a separate e-mail forward further documents for your perusal. Thanks for your interest and concern. Best regards,

Wolter Joosse, Victoria, Australia

P.S. Attached please find some documents which were prepared by Mr James Renton, Barrister and Solicitor. Mr Renton has researched the validity, or lack of, our legal system for nearly 20 years.


The right to secede is not automatic. The citizens of Australia have a duty of allegiance to the temporal sovereign, being the Crown and the Government of the Commonwealth, and the Crown and the Government of a citizen’s State residence. If a government violates the fundamental rights of the citizens, it abdicates government and the citizens are absolved of their allegiance thereto. This has happened to the Commonwealth and State governments, by virtue of the application of the Bill of Rights, 1688 (Annexure A), as follows:

Article 1. those governments habitually dispensed with the constitutional rights of the people, without the consent of the Parliament of Westminster;

Article 4. those governments habitually levied taxes against the people, without the consent of the Parliament of Westminster;

Article 6. those governments habitually disarmed the people;

Article 12. those governments habitually granted possession of the people’s means of production tom bankers, without due process of law.

The Bill of Rights cannot be dispersed with by a parliament (the Statute of Monopolies, 1623: Annexure B), nor by the executive (the Petition of Rights, 1628: Annexure C), nor by the judiciary (the Habeous Corpus Act, 1640: Annexure D), and it is the law of Victoria (Annexure E), New South Wales (Annexure F), and Queensland (Annexure G), and by virtue of Section 118 of the Constitution, it is the law of the Commonwealth (Annexure H), and by virtue of Section 24 of the Australian Courts Act, 1842 (UK), the law of the other States.

When a government abdicates, the citizens have the right to secede and escape the usurped jurisdiction of the former Officers of the defunct government, by virtue of Article 1.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966, which is the law of Australia by virtue of the application of Sections 3 and 6 of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act, 1986 (Annexure I)

Once the citizens have seceded, they have the right to form a new nation, or join a new nation, by the virtue of the application of Article 5 (d) (iii) of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, 1965, which is the law of Australia by virtue of the application of Section 3, 6 and 7 of the Racial Discrimination Act, 1975 (Annexure J)

That new nation is entitled to have the former Officers of the defunct governments respect it’s territorial integrity and political independence, by virtue of the application of Articles 1.2 and 2.4 of the Charter of the United Nations, which is the law of Australia by virtue of the application of Section 3 of the Charter of the United Nations Act, 1945 (Annexure K)

All the above laws, both domestic and international, are binding upon the former Officers of the defunct government by virtue of the application of Section 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900.


2. Bryan Fyffe’s 18-year Battle with the “Law”

SYDNEY, Oct. 25 - So you think Mr. Wolter Joosse’s troubles with the Australian government are an isolated case?  Think again, after reading the following correspondence we have received from Brigitte Straulino, president of the One Voice - One People, an independent, non-profit organization based on Sydney:

“Dear Sir, I would like to introduce our human rights organization. We are trying to give silenced victims of human rights abuse a voice. Please check our website where we have listed some cases, including a short history of the Brian Fyffe case. Ten of these cases have been filed with the UN Human Rights Commission, including Brian Fyffe s case. History written by Brian Fyffe a letter which has been sent by us to more than 30 Politicians (Ministers, Senators, Members of the House of Representatives etc)/

The following statement by Mason CJ, previous Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, is self-explanatory: "Every democratic, industrialized country except Australia has legal protection of rights, including the right to equality, of on kind or another".

If you can help us to expose what is really happening in Australia, you would help a lot. Thank your and best regards.

Brigitte Straulino, President One Voice - One People, Human Rights Defenders


TiM Ed.: Among the information Ms. Straulino had enclosed about Mr. Fyffe’s case was the following brief summary.  As in Mr. Joosse’s case, everything started innocently enough.  For Mr. Fyffe, however, the initial bulldozer incident has turned into an 18-year nightmare:


“Mr. Fyffe was operating a bulldozer when it suddenly caught alight and was badly damaged by fire. Brian Fyffe had the bulldozer insured with the insurance company of the State of Victoria at the time of the fire, but the State of Victoria refused to pay for the damage.

The matter went eventually to court, where Mr. Fyffe was awarded the $130,000 the machine was insured for and also $107,000 in interest. It was three years after the fire before the case was heard in court. Despite the fact Mr. Fyffe had won the claim the insurer (State of Victoria) would not settle and another year passed. Because of the matter being dragged out and the late payment of the insurance Mr. Fyffe was in a situation where he had no "tools of trade" and could not pay for new ones. This damage done to his business was never accounted for by the courts.

When the insurance claim finally settled, most of the money went on interest payments to the banks. Some of the interest rates these banks were charging him was as high as 25%. Mr. Fyffe offered to payout the bank loan but the bank would not agree to this.

Some time later, the police of the State of Victoria and the Special Operations Group raided Mr. Fyffe's property. A forensic bomb expert alleged that Mr. Fyffe had sent a letter bomb to the bank. (It has only come to light recently that the evidence of this 'bomb expert' has been discredited and that he has been dismissed from his official job as forensic scientist).

During the raid the police took some modified clocks and batteries as evidence for "making bombs". The clocks were being modified at the time, for automatic control of the irrigation system on the farm.

Three weeks later, a 27 man strong police force, the Special Operations Group, the media, helicopters, horses, dogs and their owners marched on Mr. Fyffe’s land.  Mr. Fyffe was not at home. The police arrested Mr. Fyffe's wife and took her to the police station, charged her and then released her. (Mr. Fyffe's son, who was 17 years old at the time, was not charged until two months later when he had turned 18.)

Arriving at his home, Mr. Fyffe was also interviewed and arrested, and then held without bail for 10 months. He faced charges of 18 serious criminal offences, all being dismissed at the committal hearing as the Judges found the evidence to be untrue and unsubstantiated. The charges against his wife were also dropped at this hearing. The police later re-instated the charges again her. The police also dropped two of the three charges against his son but later re-instated them.

Mr. Fyffe was charged with yet another three offences, convicted, but later appealed this conviction, a week after he was released from jail. Two of these three charges were dismissed but the remaining charge, possession of explosives under suspicious circumstances, being the alarm clocks, was upheld. The alarm clocks, which had no explosives or detonators, were the only things that were found on Mr. Fyffe's property. The Victorian Police found no other items during their thorough search. The State of Victoria has not cleared this matter through the courts presumably because they know that they have caused loss and damages to the Fyffe family for no valid reason.

Mr. Fyffe's farm was auctioned off and bought by the State of Victoria during the period that Mr. Fyffe was held in custody and could not prevent the unjustified auction. Mr. Fyffe alleged, against the State of Victoria, that the charges against him were fabricated, that holding him without bail for 10 months was illegal, that the fire sale of his property was suspicious and that he was entitled to be compensated for the way he was treated, for the defamation of himself and his family and for the traumatic experience they suffered.

In his eight appearances in the Supreme Court of Victoria and one in the High Court of Australia none of the matters raised have ever been answered and he consequently lodged complaints with the UNHRC over the gross violations of his human rights.

Held in detention for 10 months on flimsy and unjustified grounds, it would appear that the detention was in revenge for his stand against the State insurance office. This detention robbed him of his farm and his income and defamed his and his family reputation.

Brian Fyffe's application for Special Leave to Appeal to the High Court of Australia has been refused by the High Court, and the State of Victoria is now adamant that the Fyffe family will be removed from their farm soon.

On Oct. 10, 2000, the Fyffe family experienced yet another police raid on their property:

Arriving after dark (8 p.m.), an approximately 60-men strong force, consisting of the police, sheriff's officers and Police Special Operations Group, appeared on his land. Brian Fyffe was handcuffed, arrested and charged with making threats to kill and with multiple firearm offences as it was alleged that guns were found on his property.

In a previous police raid - conducted by the Special Operations Group and attended by the media, helicopters, horses and dogs - the police found modified clocks and batteries in the house. Brian Fyffe was charged with possession of explosives under suspicious circumstances, referring to the alarm clocks. His family was also arrested (see the details of Brian Fyffe’s own testimony at web site).

The clocks found on Brian Fyffe's property were being modified by the youngest son, Joe, who was an apprentice diesel mechanic at the time, for use as watchdogs on diesel irrigation motors.  This was done for the purpose that the clocks can shut down a motor at a certain time in the night, without someone having to get out of bed.

Brian Fyffe was held without bail in custody without a trial for 10 months. 18 serious criminal offences were dropped when the matter was finally heard. The charges for possession of explosives under suspicious circumstances were upheld despite that no evidence of explosives, detonators or anything connected with explosives had been found on the property.  Although it turned out in the end that the Fyffe family suffered a wrong the Australian Government refused to compensate him.

What are the implications of the Fyffe case in Australia?

There is indeed an alarming situation in Australia due to the precedent set by this case:

        The legal authorities in Australia must find any one in the possession of an alarm clock or a similar device guilty of having the intention to build a bomb in order to avoid discrimination.

        People in disputes with their business partners, neighbors or with banks, governments, government departments, or any other Australian authority, when found in possession of alarm clocks or similar devices are guilty of being potential bombers and a serious threat to the national security.

        Consequently every civil court case in Australia where the parties are in possession of alarm clocks or similar devices becomes a criminal matter and in some states is subject to mandatory sentencing.

        Considering the amount of alarm clocks and similar devices in use in Australia, this country is in danger to develop into a convict nation.

Unless the Australian Government appoints a Minister with portfolio for alarm clocks and similar devices and legislates retrospectively the possession and the use of the above via licensing (like guns), Brian Fyffe is entitled to an effective remedy for the violation of his rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

It is however a sad fact that human rights are not implemented into the law in Australia such failure causing the country to be an outsider by modern democratic standards.

Brian Fyffe’s case is just one of many serious cases of human rights abuse OVOP has forwarded to the UNHRC and published on the Internet.”

(Also see


TiM Ed.: The foregoing two cases suggest that the next time Australians are asked to hail “God Save the Queen,” they may want to chant instead, “God Save the Citizen!” Fom Her Majesty’s servants, of course.  And then check out Mr. Joosse’s idea about how to secede from a government that has already allegedly violated its Constitution, and not just some statutes and rights. 

For more details on this and other human right abuses by the Australian government which go largely UNPUBLICIZED by the lapdog establishment media, check out

As for any similarities with the various Washington administrations that have been violating the U.S. Constitution on their march to a One World Government, “any similarities are purely coincidental,” as they say in Hollywood movies.

Yeah, right.  If you believe that, there is a bridge over the Colorado river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon we’d like to sell you.


3. Subverting Australian “Democracy” to “Political/Secular Elite”

PHOENIX, Nov. 5 - We received the following article from Darren Sarvis, an American patriot and a longtime TiM reader, whose contributions to the cause of truth and liberty TiM readers may recall from the days of the NATO bombing of Serbia.  The historical perspective about how the Australian “democracy” has been abused by the ruling elite throughout the 20th century, penned by Peter J. Mulheron, may help American an other non-Australian readers understand why and how Mr. Joosse and Mr. Fyffe got to be so easily victimized by a government that prophases to be “democratic:”

Political Blackmail? (by Peter J. Mulheron)

“Pro Bono Publico Australian Taxpayers have been funding the subversion of their own country and promoting their own unemployment by electing the Liberal, Labor, National, Democrat and Green parties to their Parliaments.

Australians were conned by the "political/secular trade elite" as early as 1901 when "The British Colony of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act" was passed by its short title "The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act". Only 30% of the public voted at the Federation Referendums. Since then, no referendum under S.128 has been held to authorize "The Crown", nor to confer "power under the Crown" upon the Commonwealth or any parliament in Australia.

Both, the secular academic elite of "the establishment" and Parliament repeatedly contend that the "powers and privileges of parliament were inherited from the 1689 U.K. Bill of Rights in 1901". Validity of that belief has had no legal standing under International Law since 1920. As a consequence, all Acts passed in the Queen's name and decisions of the High Court (under S.51) are invalid.

The 'Act' of Federation and proclamation of the Constitution was never anything less than a method of foreign governments and corporations to freely exploit the minerals, resources and labor of Australians for their own profit.

The major political parties only hold power over the people by withholding this knowledge and exerting laws and regulations to control them.

Trade agreements over a quarter century and 35 double-taxation agreements with foreign countries and corporations since 1933 have made it easy for companies to record a local loss minimizing taxation dues, and when a profit is made, transfer it to pacific island and Asian tax shelters.

One Nation is being vilified because its policies are directed at ensuring Australians get a fair share of the $200 billion tax free profits going off-shore as tax revenue to ensure a secure a future, equality and employment for all Australians. That idea poses a threat to those plundering corporate Australia.

Democracy Means Elected Leaders

When a former Prime Minister comments, "We'd be out of our heads to popularly elect a President," and the incumbent says, "A popularly elected president would interfere with the Party system", Australians recognize that the "free will of the people" is to be again ignored as it was in 1901, 1920, 1945, 1953, 1967, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1989, 1997 and 1998.

The significance of those years is that in 1901 a constitution was formed as a "free-trade arrangement for the cartels and corporations to exploit Australia and its people." In 1920 at the inauguration of the League of Nations, Australia was accepted as a self-governing "republic". In 1945 Australia signed membership of the U.N. with recognition as a "republic".

To further exploit Australia, l953 saw federal government adopt a U.N. Convention on "Double Taxation", which today allows international cartels to avoid $200 billion in annual tax debts, of which only $945 million was recovered in 1996. This tax holiday allowed a 90% foreign takeover of local businesses.

The referendum of 1967 gave Canberra powers to legislate for "other races" and began "multiculturalism", the UNESCO agenda.

The British parliament was challenged in the U.N. in 1970 to show cause why "Imperial Acts" which violate the UN Charter on "free nations", were not rescinded. Despite the illegality, government was dismissed in 1975. Also in 1975, a Royal Commission into banking fraud was stopped.

In 1980, a UN document "The New International Economic Order and its implications for Australia" was adopted "ad hoc" to administer the economy for the transnational cartels' benefit, in the name of "free trade".

After the 1988 referendum, the Federal government ignored the public vote against Council amalgamations and set-up of regional local government -- as the preferred infrastructure for a republic, with adoption of a U.N. Declaration in 1989. The constitutional convention was initiated in 1997 on two only -- very narrow agendas -- whether Australia becomes or does not become a "republic".

A heavily stacked group of elected nobodies in constitutional knowledge were elected by the public against the greater odds of company-sponsored delegates (former politicians) vying for the electronic vote.  The 1998 Convention was chaired by a devout party faithful who will not accept public agenda -- only that decided by the parliamentary parties.

Are all these things a true account of democratic government -- or a massive fraud like the change to the Auditor-General's office in Victoria?”


3. Ever Met the Ugly Australian?

MELBOURNE, Oct. 3 - We received the following reaction to our post-Olympics piece, "Ugly Americans" Booed Down Under,” from Andrew S. MacGregor, a TiM reader from Melbourne, Australia:

G'day Bob! You write about the Ugly American.  Have you met the Ugly Australian?  He goes around singing "we are the champions, no time for losers" and does other stupid things.

All right, so you had some stuck up, stupid, bloody athletes.  But you also had some real ‘beauts’ down here.  Australia's problem was that it had too many yobboos in Sydney, all behaving like spoiled children, just the same as in America.

Why do you think (why Jelena) Dokic is threatening to leave Australia?  It's because we've become so bloody small-minded and bureaucratic.  You should see the job our 'media' are doing on her.  It really brings Newton's third law to the forefront.

Never forget that in the imperialistic American world of today, Australia is the 'deputy dog', and we continue to prove that by belittling behavior.  First we did it with the UK, now we do it with the USA.

So there may have been some Ugly Americans at the Olympic Games, but by God, there were a lot more ugly bloody Aussies there.”

Andrew S. MacGregor, an old bald-headed bughar, a very proud Australian


5. Human Race Is Regressing, Bring on the Mushroom Cloud

ADELAIDE, Oct. 3 - We received the following comment from Mr. Alex Filipovic, a TiM reader from Adelaide, South Australia:

The ignorance and compliance of the human race leaves me underwhelmed.  Ever since the (NATO) bombing (of Serbia) stopped, there are many, and I mean many Serbs in this country (Australia) who still think those governments are allies to Serbia.  Now, how stupid can these people be?  Embracing those who bomb their relatives, friends and the country, and who provided assistance to a bunch of Neanderthal terrorists to murder the leftover (Serbs in Kosovo)?

I have said for many years that the human race is regressing when it comes to common sense and survival instincts.  Perhaps a few mushroom clouds will correct that and allow us to start again.  I fail to understand how humans consider themselves as the superior animal on this planet.

Well, history repeats itself time and again.  In the past evil has taken hold in countries, then continents.  Each time, the consequences have been more fearsome.  This time, the evil seems to have encompassed the entire world.  The consequences?

It does appear that the dollar rules supreme - countries, governments and leaders everywhere have prostituted themselves to the promises of material wealth.  It seems that all and sundry have succumbed.”

Alex Filipovic, Adelaide, Australia


6. We Are Living in Eschatological Times

MELBOURNE, Oct. 31 - We received the following letter from Mr. Dimitrios, a TiM reader from Melbourne (for those who are not familiar with Melbourne, the TiM editor has been told that it is the “second largest ‘Greek city’ in the world - after Athens”):

To the people at 'Truth in the Media' and a special thanks to the man himself, BOB DJURDJEVIC!

It is with great respect and love in Christ that I write to you to thank you, for opening peoples eyes up to the truth. The sad thing is that many people, or I should say the majority of people, cannot see what is really taking place in this day and age. Sadly we are living in the 'eschatological' times and people must wake up and strive for 'salvation'. Jesus is the only means to 'paradise'.

Your articles are fantastic because they show the average person that the world does not function the way the mainstream media and our governments tell us that it does.   Anyway I could probably sit here and write you an essay, but I don’t want to take you away from doing what you do best, telling the truth.

If BOB ever comes to Melbourne, Australia, let us know. I'm sure there would be plenty of people that would love to hear a lecture of his.  May God bless your fruitful work! With respect,”

Dimitrios, Melbourne, Australia


To which the TiM editor replied:

“Thank you very much for your kind words of support.  You're right - we are living in eschatological times.  And as you point out, not only do just a few people realize this; most don't even know what that term means.  So I prefer to quote a Chinese CURSE (emphasis added) with a similar message:  "May you live in interesting times!"  We do live in interesting times...

As for my eventual visit to and a lecture in Melbourne, I would be delighted to do it on my next trip there.  I have been to your beautiful city on the Yara many times, including once during a Greek festival.  So I know that there will be no shortage of Greek friends, not to mention other Australians, who might want to come and attend my lecture.”


7. Western Australians No Longer Innocent Until Proven GuiltyNov. 7, 2000

PERTH, Oct. 7 - We received the following feedback about the above stories from Mr. Chris Gillham of Perth, Western Australia:

"Congratulations on your last issue lambasting the supposed democracy of Australia. I don't agree with all the points made, but I certainly have no argument regarding the lack of Australian media coverage of issues involving civil and human rights. This is not media complicity. It is media ignorance. That's what television does to you. The erosion of citizen and democratic rights in Australia is ongoing. Over the past month here in Western Australia but largely unreported in the print media (and totally unreported in the electronic media):

* Legislation passed whereby the State can seize a citizen's assets if it is suspected they were acquired through illegal means such as drug dealing. Note the word "suspected". This suspicion does not have to be proved and for the first time ever this law does away with the presumption of innocence. The asset is forfeited under the assumption of guilt and, even though there is no conviction for illegal activity, it is the citizen's obligation to prove their innocence if they want their asset returned.

* A change to the Jury Act whereby it is illegal for any jury member to ever discuss anything about a case, with consequent larger fines for publication of what a juror says after trial. Thus, if a juror considers there was something corrupt or wrong at any stage of the process of law and trial, they are never, ever allowed to tell anyone.

* A new record for cyclist hospital admissions in Western Australia, where mandatory bicycle helmet laws punish citizens caught exercising. Cyclist numbers remain approx. 20% less than 1991, when the law was introduced. The highest injury toll ever in Western Australia was recorded in 1997 - a total of 735 hospital admissions. In 1998, this record leapt to 824 hospital admissions. 1999? A total of 837. The government claims the proportion of head injuries has declined. The proportion has declined marginally but not because there are less head injuries... the actual numbers are almost the same as pre-law. The proportion has declined because upper body (non head) injuries doubled when the law was introduced, thus the overall higher numbers in hospital despite approx. 200,000 less people cycling because of the law. Regards,"

Chris Gillham, Western Australia, 


8. Brian Fyffe Denied Bail, His Daughter ReportsNov. 11, 2000

SYDNEY, Nov. 11 - We’ve just received from a TiM reader in Australia the following information update to the Brian Fyffe’s case (see Item 2 in Bulletin God Save the Queen? No, God Save the Citizen!).  As you can see from the excerpted e-mail message sent out today by Mr. Fyffe’s daughter, Judy Mastwyk, "One Voice- One People"- a human rights organization also mentioned in the original TiM Bulletin, this State of Victoria resident arrested on weapons and explosive charges last month, has been denied bail and ordered to remain in police custody until the next court hearing on Nov. 28:

“Dear Brigitte, (Brigitte Straulino of the “One Voice - One People”),

Unfortunately Dad's bail application was unsuccessful today, and he has been remanded in custody until the 28th of November, 2000, at which time he is to appear in the Sale Magistrates court again. I am not sure whether this will be for a remand or if this is the trial date. Dad's Barrister, Mr. Pat Cassey put forward a convincing argument but the Judge said that he would be an unacceptable risk should he be let out on bail. She was of the opinion that the charges against him and the evidence which the prosecution presented were sufficient enough to sway her decision against Dad.

I would like to point out that in relation to the charge sheet the prosecution has withdrawn the charge of possession of an E category weapon, being one machine gun. This charge has been changed to possession of a category D longarm firearm. As I had told you previously, Dad was not in possession of a machine gun and the Police only stated this to make Dad look a lot worse in the eyes of the public.

So I am not sure what the next step will be. We are all a bit disheartened at the moment. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Judy Mastwyk, Victoria

TiM Ed.: In another e-mail, Mrs. Mastwyk adds:

“Dear Brigitte, to answer your first question, yes the house had bars and wire mesh on the inside of the windows. The reason that this was done (by the way this was put into place back in mid-May) was because back in 1989, when Mum was evicted of the property whilst Dad was being held in custody, some persons unknown who obviously knew the house was vacant broke in and made a hell of a mess in it. That is the reason that these precautions were taken this time.

As for the hay bales being inside the house… when we moved everything off the farm in late May because of the threat of the sheriff executing the warrant of possession Dad assumed that the next step the government would take was to disconnect the power and phones to try and force him out. He therefore had gas bottles (little 5 liter ones) water containers (because if the power was cut he could not get water from the water tank) and made whatever preparations were necessary for him to be warm should they proceed with this line of forced eviction.

As for your second request about e-mail addresses for the Herald Sun, I have a direct e-mail address to the journalist who wrote the articles. His name is Jeremy Kelly, and his e-mail address is The e-mail address to the editor is Best of luck with getting them to print a letter as I have sent them numerous letters and not one has been printed!

So I guess at this stage all I can do is try to stall the sale of the property which is being sold through a local real estate agent by public tender… Hope to hear from you soon. Dad sends his regards to you all and said to say thanks for helping.”

Judy Mastwyk, Victoria


TiM Ed.: And just think, this man (Brian Fyffe), has been battling with the State of Victoria government since 1982 (check out the Item 2 above).


9. PM Commits Australia to International SlaveryNov. 18, 2000

BRISBANE, Queensland, Nov. 17 - We received the following comment from Brian McDermott, a TiM reader and an Australian patriot from Brisbane, Queensland:

“Prime Minister (John) Howard yesterday committed Australia to International Communism/Socialism (now euphemistically known as Globalism), saying that it is inevitable. (Which is) exactly in line with the Whitlam-Hawke-Fabian policy.

FIRST POINT: Much has been said about the so-called budget surplus. Nothing has been said about our National Foreign Debt, which has rocketed to over -wait for it - A$404BILLION (TiM Ed.: About US$240 billion), and climbing vertically as we speak.

SECOND POINT: Howard has committed us to so-called "Free Trade" which means zero tariffs. Note that this is for Australia. Yet if we want to manufacture light aircraft for example, and export them to communist China, the Tariff payable to the Chinese government is 100%!!! This is what we are expected to believe is the "level playing field."

THIRD POINT:  Marxism has always been in favor of "free trade" between countries. This is yet another of many ways developed countries can be torn down and reduced to third world level. Other ways are:

(a) Import diseased apples and pears from New Zealand into Australia, so that they will inevitable contaminate the Australian crops, which are presently relatively disease-free;

(b) At the same time, pay orchard-growers so much per tree to bulldoze out perfectly good, healthy orange trees, and import cheap, second class oranges and orange juice from California and Brazil;

FOURTH POINT: The Australian dairy industry is now smashed. The next major primary industry to be smashed is the QUEENSLAND SUGAR INDUSTRY. This is already well under way, with the introduction of cheap sugar imports, low world sugar prices, all exacerbated by the rust disease now rife in many areas, particularly the Mackay district.

FIFTH POINT: We are constantly being told about "growth" (for growth's sake), and "business confidence". Try telling that to the concrete workers, for example, many of whom have been out of work since June.  Or to the engine re-conditioning businesses. We received a report this week that 30 (THIRTY) engine re-conditioning firms on the NORTH SIDE OF BRISBANE ALONE have closed their doors in the last two months!!!

Small shops and businesses across Australia are simply closing down. Most of them do not have the money to pay BAS, GST, etc.

The Loyal Constitutional Army, apparently headquartered at Yandina, has written to many politicians and judges, advising them that they are guilty of committing acts of treason against the Australian people.

HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED WHAT IS THE "COMMON THREAD" with these Internationalists? What is it that binds them together in a conspiracy to undermine countries such as Australia, Rhodesia, South Africa, and all other developed countries?”



TiM Ed.: Yes, we have.  To read about the “common thread,” as Mr. McDermott put it, click on the “Stitching Together the New World Order Flag,” a TiM Bulletin written one year ago - TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4 (Nov 21, 1999) -  You can also click on the TiM Bulletin Index (in the left frame of our home page), and then choose Global Affairs topics, for additional articles on how the “Princes of the 20th Century” (multinational companies), are conquering the world using dollars as instruments of destruction and slavery, and not just bombs and chains.


10. The Asians Are ComingNov. 18, 2000

Australia to Open Its Immigration Floodgates to Singapore

SYDNEY, Nov. 17 - We received the following comment from Kerry Spencer-Salt B.E., LL.B (Hons), The National Watchman, Australian Community Organization, a TiM reader from Sydney, enclosing an article from the Sydney Morning Herald (Nov. 16 - ), excerpts from which we also bring you below.

As you can see, Australia seems ready to ink its own version of the infamous NAFTA deal (a “free trade agreement” entered into in 1993 by the U.S., Canada and Mexico), and open its immigration floodgates to Asians from Singapore:

“The free movement of citizens between Singapore and Australia, including automatic residency, is on the agenda after the countries yesterday announced they would begin formal negotiations to secure a free trade agreement.  A successful conclusion to the deal within a year, as envisaged, will represent only Australia's second such treaty with a nation after New Zealand.

The Prime Minister, Mr,.H (John) Howard said the aim was to "put everything in the agreement" and a senior trade official confirmed later that "everything meant everything", including the movement of citizens and residency arrangements. "We see it as an ambitious attempt to open trade between two countries that are very close economically, politically and socially," Mr. Howard said.

Australia's decision to follow the bilateral trade route with Singapore reflects a strategic shift in trade policy away from reliance on forums such as the World Trade Organization and APEC. It is also indicative of the stalled global free trade movement after the collapse of the Seattle WTO round amid wild street protests. […]

Singapore is Australia's 7th largest trade partner. Exports to Singapore were worth A$4.9 billion in 1999-2000 while imports totaled A$4.4 billion, giving Australia a trade surplus of A$499 million. Gold and oil sales make up the bulk of Australia's exports to Singapore, with meat ranked third. Principal imports were computers, boats and floating oil rigs and telecommunications equipment in 1999-2000. Singapore sends more students (almost 18,000) to Australia than any other country.

New Zealand, with which Australia has a common market, signed its trade deal with Singapore this week.”


TiM Ed.: For the rest of the Sydney Morning Herald story, check out Push for open-door deal with Singapore.  Meanwhile, here is what the TiM reader who sent us this report said about it:

“I have written on this issue in a report (Coming Ready or Not) that details Australia’s present destiny: Economic change demanding cultural change; the finality of a political change into an Asian SuperState.

This report is FREE. It has been prepared in Adobe Acrobat and can be obtained by emailing me and requesting a download. However, it is a lengthy document of some 40 x A4 pages; the file size is 1.3 Mb and will take about 30 minutes odd to download.”

Kerry Spencer-Salt B.E., LL.B (Hons), The National Watchman, Australian Community Organisation, P.O. Box 136, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia -  


11. Flight of the Kiwis: New Zealanders Flee Globalist InvasionNov. 20, 2000

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Nov. 20 - In reaction to our pieces about the globalists’ invasion of Australia, Steve Upton, a TiM reader from the Washington state, has just sent us a heads-up about another story published in the Monday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald under a cute, though alarming, headline - “Flight of the Kiwis.”  Here’s an excerpt:

“New Zealand's best and brightest have become refugees, fleeing a falling currency, a lack of well-paid jobs and a country bowed by foreign debt.

The New Zealand of even 15 years ago is unrecognizable. It has been sold. Globalized. Almost everything has gone to foreign owners - the banks, the insurers, the brewers, the forest companies, the media.

Even those institutions regarded by many New Zealanders as public infrastructure are no longer locally controlled. The railways and Telecom were sold to big American companies a decade ago in an orgy of public asset sales first ignited by David Lange's mid-'80s Labor Government and continued by its conservative successor, the National Party. Lange has since recanted, many times. His treasurer, Roger Douglas, never has.

If the economic well-being of the country is the measure of success, the great free market experiment is now judged by many ordinary New Zealanders to have faltered, if not failed.

The foreign owners of New Zealand who have watched the New Zealand dollar collapse to US40 are sweating. Some want their money out, like the American businessmen who bought the New Zealand railway system. They cut an organization that once employed 25,000 to 4,000, and now want to sell the country's rail passenger services and cut their workforce to just 600.

The New Zealand economy has been slowing while Australia heads for a record four years of strong growth. About 70,000 New Zealanders are leaving a year. Half come to Australia, and are this country's largest source of migrants. They are fleeing a falling currency, a lack of well-paid jobs and a country that has pawned itself to foreigners and owes vast amounts in private overseas borrowings.” […]

For the rest of this story, click on


TiM Ed.: “Where Globalism Treads, Trash Follows.”  Same story, different milieus... South Africa, Russia, Southeast Asia, Serbia, Argentina, Romania, Brazil, Indonesia, Bulgaria… And now New Zealand and Australia, too.  To read individual stories about the devastation of national economies “globalism” and “free trade” have wrought in all these countries, click on the TiM Bulletins Index in the left frame of our home page, and then select Global Affairs or individual world regions which are of interest to you.

Also check out a TiM editor's 1995 travel vignette, "Shocked by Kiwi Power."

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