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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/10-8

Oct. 24, 2000

From a TiM Reader in Wales...

EUrosaurus in EUrassic Park

Hungary: From Godless Socialism to Godless Capitalism; Romania: A System Worse Than Slavery



Wales                     1. EUrosaurus in EUrassic Park

Hungary                 2. A Letter from Hungary: From Godless Socialism to 

                                   Godless Capitalism

Romania                3. A Letter from Romania: A System Worse Than Slavery


1. EUrosaurus in EUrassic Park

Text Box:  WALES, Oct. 23 - We received the following tongue-in-cheek contribution from Greg Lance-Watkins, a TiM reader from Wales, who says that his comments represent the views of several people and organizations who do not wish to be known, including several politicians and household names” in Britain (the accompanying illustration at our web site is TiM’s artwork):

Advantages of a Monster-state over Superstate - Exploding the Myths about EUrosaurus

Monsters are reputed to have been quite agile but rather dim.

Yes, we thought about this one.  For instance we noticed that dinosaurs only had two brains which is obviously too few.  From the start, EUrosaurus was fitted with six brains, the latest version has 1.5 decabrains brains and we have plans to increase brain power to 2.7 decabrains.

You need not worry, the EUrosaurus is indeed very brainy. 

But the EUrosaurus has stopped walking, and is sinking into the mire.

The original heart fitted was designed for a six-brained animal, and is overworked in the 1.5 decabrain animal.  We have been pumping more oxygen into the heart, but I am afraid this is a case of too little too late. No expense has been spared employing a good family firm, the Kinnocks, who have extensive experience with rotten hearts, to design a new one.  He, his wife, children and extended family are all working hard and assure us that they are making very good progress.

Lots and lots of oxygen will be needed. 

But I cannot understand a thing it is saying.

This is a failing of yours (individual brains), not the EUrosaurus.  You seem to have forgotten that the EUrosaurus has 15 brains and can speak 15 languages simultaneously.  Until you learn 15 languages, you cannot hope to have a meaningful conversation with the EUrosaurus.

I could advise you to learn 15 languages, but remember that the EUrosaurus is a much brainier than you, and can learn new languages faster than you.  Quite probably by the time you have learnt two new languages, the EUrosaurus will probably be speaking 27 languages.

You have to learn your place, and accept that the EUrosaurus is much cleverer than you will ever be.  Once you have understood this, you will find it easier to refrain from trying to be involved with the decisions that the EUrosaurus needs to make on your behalf.

It seems to squash things.

Ho, ho, ho… you are contradicting yourselves again. As you pointed out yourselves, the EUrosaurus stopped walking because of its heart condition and is sinking in the mire.  So when it stopped walking it stopped squashing.

Anyway we are working on this problem; that is why we are giving it the keys to the gun cupboard.  In future the EUrosaurus will shoot, bomb or blow up things.

But does it care about us?

Of course it cares about you, just as it cares about itself.  Without you, how would it be able to feed itself and where would its oxygen come from? Rest assured it depends on you and loves you with all its rotten heart.

In defense of the British peoples and our Nation or the rights and freedoms of any peoples, against the EU, NAFTA, WTO, IMF, OWG, NWO or the Regionalization Policy, designed to break up YOUR Country on a divide and rule basis.”

Greg Lance-Watkins, Cynulliad i Gymru [trans.: THE WELSH ASSEMBLY], Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Great Britain (also check out some other EUrosaurus illustrations at -, or other articles like this at the Silent Majority web site -


2. A Letter from Hungary: From Godless Socialism to Godless Capitalism

MARYLAND, Oct. 23 - Hungary was the first Eastern European country behind the Soviet “Iron Curtain” to embrace some form of capitalism.  Remember the phrase “goulash communism?”  It predates the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.

Furthermore, Hungary has received more foreign investments per capita than any other EasternText Box:   European nation since the end of the Cold War.  In comparison to much larger countries, such as Russia, for example, Hungary got 19 times (!) more western money during the 1990-1998 period (see A Cleaner, Neater World? Hardly. But Deadlier, for Sure..., Feb. 3, 2000).  It got more than double the amount of foreign investment per capita that Mexico attracted during the same period; over three times more than Brazil; over eight times more than China.

So you’d think that streets are paved with gold in Hungary by now, right?  Think again.  Because even if there are some glitzy shopping areas in Budapest, for example, that’s only “fools gold,” the only kind the New World Order pirates trade with, before making off with a target country’s more valuable resources, while destroying its soul.

Here’s a letter, for example, we received today from Dr. Bela Szepesi, a Hungarian-American scientist, now based in Maryland, who has just returned from a trip to Hungary:

“Dear Bob, I have just returned from Hungary last night. I start the morning at 5:30 with a shot of plumb brandy - to remind me where I have come from. The trip was centered at Szeged, but I went to Miskolc by bus, which took me over the 'eastern route' of the plains and returned to Szeged by train, which took me over the 'western part' of the plains.

Everywhere I traveled, I heard people complain. Intellectuals had developed ways of moving to Socialism, but not back from it.  Nor do they like the reverse transition and profit from the chaos of the transition politically.

Shock therapy worked in Poland, a country with a strong Christian practice. Russia followed a slower route. It did not work. Hungary tried to copy and learn from others-with mixed results. The Czechs are Czechs. Slovakia is dirt poor as usual. Romania is a mess and remains a third world country.

As a solution to its problems, it offers chauvinism - a Greater Romania including Moldova, and parts of Hungary to the Tisza. And some Hungarian politicians want Transylvania and the Vajdasag (Vojvodina, Serbia) back.  As if including those lands into Hungary would restore past greatness, rather than bring the misery of war and more chaos.

And there are jackals like Soros and the "capitalists" who buy factories and close them, so they can peddle their Western-made goods.

Everywhere I went I heard people talk of earnings, money, misery, poverty and riches, jobs and factory closings and such. And of the deterioration of morality. No one mentioned God and His laws; that He had given us the tools to live well, all we got to learn is to help and serve others, starting with helping the poorest.

I despaired. Then I saw God's mercy and hand among the believers north of Szeged. Bujor is a Romanian who had come to faith this year. He had lived in Hungary for three years, and speaks accentless Hungarian. The government of Hungary is busy trying to deport him, because he does not have the requisite job he needs.

Bujor called me 'testver' (brother, literally, a member of the body by blood), kissed me on the cheek and tried to do for me as much as he could. And we tried to bring peace to his heart as he is about to be torn from the family he found. May God turn the hearts of millions of Romanians like his. Then they can have Transylvania and there will be peace and prosperity.

I see the change has finally come to Serbia. And it is very hard. It will be made all the harder if the move is from godless Socialism to godless capitalism. But, misery is often the way God has of turning peoples' heart softer, so they can listen to Him. And blessings follow.

In these trying times Bob, it is my privilege to remind you of something you know. Which is that there is hope.”

Bela Szepesi, Maryland


TiM Ed.: Everlasting! (re. “there is hope…”).


3. A Letter from Romania: A System Worse Than Slavery

ROMANIA, Oct. 23 - As if on cue, Stefan Escu, a TiM reader from Romania, also sent us today the following comments, which echo Dr. Szepesi’s sentiments, only in a more depressing form:

“Congratulation for the small light you are keeping alive in this vast darkness of the propaganda media. Small light but extraordinary work, I have been appreciating for almost two years now.

I am writing you to warn and to suggest.

The need to warn came to my mind when the events in Yugoslavia reminded me the 1989 ones in Romania. Do not do the same mistakes as we did, do not let Serbian peoples to be fooled, do not let Yugoslavia to be ruled by the IMF and the World Bank!

It has been now 11 years since the "democratic" changes were brought to us by the "revolution", and the bill is as heavy as the bill of a war.  The population downsized by a million out of 23 million.  But no, the one million fewer Romanians was not genocide.  No, Sir.  

Three millions elderly are dying in the streets because it is not economically efficient to feed them.  But no, this is not Nazism.  No, Sir.

Expenses for health and education are cut down. People are basically denied medical care.

Studying is becoming more of a luxury.

Orphans are sold out with the complicity of the government to be slaughtered for organs. 

The whole economy has been sold out to strangers, excuse me… privatized.

The army has been ordered to disband by the IMF. After the problems they had with Yugoslavia, no wonder.

There is basically no justice.  People speaking the truth too loudly are murdered - as in the case of Victor Sahleanu.

The political class is tight with the mafia and mobsters. Just bribe them and you can steal millions. More than 10 $US billions are out, in foreign banks, while the country has a rampant debt of at least the same size.

All the mineral richness is now privatized.  Romanians have not a word to say - see the case of Danube poisoning with cyanide (TiM Ed.: Death on the Danube; Feb. 17, 2000).

Forests are sold cheaply, driving the country into the ground. Plants have been driven to bankruptcy to be bought cheaply. The "investors" make no investment in technology, they just throw out workers.

Some multi-million plants have been sold for less than 10 $US. The 10th lartgest commercial fleet of the world has been reduced to the price of scrap iron.

And all those changes were made in the name of "a better society" by the same opportunistic lackeys that were shouting communist slogans. "A better society", what a great mask for human decay. Great name for a system worse than slavery.

Years ago, I realized that the history taught in schools is nothing more than propaganda made by the winners; a useless chronology wrapped in justifications and great humanistic ideas, designed to make history look like a perpetual victory of the justice.

The reality behind is that the driver of wars and politics is human greed. And the why behind the events is occulted because it will make obvious that humans, as of today, are nothing more that herded slaves.

So, years ago, I started writing a history showing the "why" behind the scenes. I stopped it many times, because I am not an historian and because I lack access to the proper archives. Without this scientific work, this history will be nothing more that another esoteric book dealing with whatever the propaganda media will decide it has to be labeled. Easy to dismiss and to submerge in lies.

But you, Bob, you have a wider audience. Some of your readers might have the proper resources and might decide to start documenting the reality in such a way that the result of their work will be an educational book. A history book that will spare the next generation of being manipulated as we are today.

We have to face it, we are denied human dignity. They might decide to lay the ground so that no dictatorship or censorship will ever be able to hide the low morals of the ruling peoples. Remember, we need scientific documented work. We have to document the truth, organize it and spread it - we need this historic perspective.

Think twice, the next generation may not know anything about the The propaganda media will take over. Not to speak that the relative freedom of alternate medias might come to an end soon - there are subtle ways of censorship, technology is great.  With sadness, yours,”

Stefan Escu, Romania


To which the TiM editor replied:

“Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your despair with us, Stefan. We are a little more optimistic, both when it comes to technology as a weapon of truth, and regarding the decay of which you write. As you probably know from history, most empires have been destroyed by decay; the rot from within. The same will be true of the New World Order empire.

By the way, your comparison of the Serb to the Romanian "revolution" of 1989 is entirely appropriate, and we have even published a letter from another Romanian reader about it (see "An American Takes Part in the Serbian “Revolution (Oct 6, 2000) -”

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