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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/10-1

Oct. 2, 2000

Tennis Star Vows to Quit Australia, May Move to U.S.

"Ugly Americans" Booed Down Under 

Belgrade’s “Red Star” Prevails over British Soccer Opponent and British Government, Too



Sydney                 1. “Ugly Americans” Booed Down Under

Sydney                 2. Tennis Star Vows to Quit Australia, May Move to U.S.

Vienna                 3. Belgrade’s “Red Star” Prevails over British Soccer

                                Opponent and British Government, Too

London                 4. Yugoslavia Now Also Banned by World Soccer 

                                  Governing Body for Hosting MatchesOct. 3, 2000


1. “Ugly Americans” Booed Down Under

SYDNEY, Oct. 2 - It is not often that we cover sports stories in the TiM Bulletins.  But since politics and sports have become so commingled in this commercialized New World Order era, we bring you today three stories which illustrate this point.  The first two originate from the just-concluded Sydney Olympics.  The third one happened at a soccer pitch in Vienna, Austria.

"Every country here, for some reason, doesn't like us," Mesa (AZ) wrestler Melvin Douglas complained to Dan Bickley, an Arizona Republic sports columnist, according to a front page story in today’s Phoenix daily.

Boorish and arrogant American athletes “were booed at every venue, though admittedly some brought it upon themselves,” Bickley notes.  Yet did you ever see that on the jingoistic NBC TV Olympic coverage?  We didn’t.  So much for the coverage vs. propaganda, a mere filler between the commercials.  No wonder the NBC Olympic ratings were at record lows.

“It would be convenient to say it all started with Phoenix swimmer Gary Hall Jr., who said the U.S. swim team would smash the Australians ‘like guitars’,” Bickle reports.  “He unknowingly became the symbol of American arrogance, an athlete who actually influenced Australian culture.”

Convenient, but inaccurate.  Not only because the outraged Aussie swimmers humiliated the Americans, especially in relays.  But also because it wasn’t just the American athletes who suffered the wrath of the local Aussies.  U.S. journalists took some hits, too.  “One night in Sydney, a local walked up to an American and looked at his media credential,” Bickley says. “And with a mocking face, he began playing an air guitar.”

Furthermore, at the Opening Ceremonies, all athletes were housed in the Sydney Superdome.  To pass the time while waiting to march, each nation took turns voicing patriotic chants and anthems.  “When the Americans started shouting, "USA! USA!," the entire building erupted in boos and whistles,” Bickley says.

Something else we didn’t see or hear on NBC TV.

In the gold medal baseball game, the Americans were heavy underdogs to Cuba, a team playing for a Communist dictator. Yet the fans lent their support to Castro's boys, constantly shouting, "Cuba, Cuba, Cuba. Oi! Oi! Oi!"

In the boxing venue, every American fighter was jeered, no matter whom he was fighting.

And so on, and so forth… Bickley recounts painful examples of what he says was a cold shoulder the Americans athletes got at the “Summer Olympics that felt like winter for the U.S.” (for additional examples, check out his full report at -


TiM Ed.: And so, over 40 years after the book “Ugly American” was first published (authored by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick, 1958), a new generation of Ugly Americans has resurfaced in the form of dumbed-down athletes.  These poor victims of the NWO propaganda have evidently swallowed hook, line and sinker the Washington leaders’ soap about being the world’s only superpower.  And behaved accordingly. 

But the boos the American athletes received weren’t necessarily aimed only at them. They were only symbols of an Ugly America - an America that bombs civilians and civilian structures in distant countries; an America that tramples on national sovereignty and cultures of other nations; an America that leads overseas invasions (such as in East Timor, Somalia, Haiti or the Gulf War); an America whose bankers and other multinationals ravage local economies, and install plutocracies while claiming to be spreading democracy.

In other words, an America whose leaders are the Ugly Americans first and foremost. 

We should pity our athletes.  The arrogant ones - for their stupidity.  But we should also pity the vast majority American athletes who are not like the professional basketball prima donnas or the Gary Hall Jr.’s of this world.  They suffered ignominies through no fault of their own. 

Most of the young men and women whom we sent to Sydney are upstanding citizens who have committed their entire lives to the dream and a privilege of one day representing their country at the Olympics.  Most of them are shining examples of hard work and self-sacrifice for a noble goal. 

Which is why we should salute them, and explain to them why they were receiving the boos and jeers from a nation that the TiM editor has found to be one of the friendliest and most hospitable to Americans.  That the Aussie boos and jeers were really aimed at the Washington and Wall Street Ugly Americans, as well as at a few arrogant athletes.  That the Aussies who behaved that way toward ALL American athletes were equally as dumb as the dumbed-down Americans back home.

And we should remind our honorable athletes that honorable American veterans returning home from Vietnam in the 1970s, often suffered the same fate - being snubbed by the Dumb Americans at home, even though they had served their country with dignity in an undignified war. 

As this writer pointed out in his Washington speeches last year, the Washington and Wall Street leaders are the ones who are at their core un-American (see Djurdjevic's speech at the March on Washington '99, May 1, 1999) and Drop Clinton, Not Bombs, S99-101, Day 74 - June 5, 1999).  They are the ones who should be booed and jeered, both by Americans and other nations.


2. Tennis Star Vows to Quit Australia, May Move to U.S.

SYDNEY, Sep. 29 - Another example of politics mixing with sports came after the bronze medal tennis match between two women, both Yugoslavia natives.  In the end, the more experienced Monica Seles, a naturalized American, prevailed in two sets over the 17-year old tennis star, Jelena Dokic, a naturalized Australian. 

Shortly afterward, a disgruntled Dokic vowed never to play for Australia again, and is considering a permanent move overseas, according to a Sep. 29 report by the London Daily Telegraph, that was also carried by the Associated Press. 

No, the reason was not Dkic’s loss to Seles.  It was alleged discrimination by the tennis world against her father, a Serb and a former Yugoslav boxer. Text Box:    Dokic said that she was ready to confront Australia Federation Cup captain, Lesley Bowrey, and make herself unavailable for future matches for her country. 

The prodigiously talented Dokic, who shocked the tennis world last year when she defeated the world number one player, Martina Hingis, in the first round at Wimbledon, made it known she was upset with continued media criticism of her father Damir, who has been suspended from the WTA Tour after a high-profile series of incidents at Wimbledon and the US Open this year.

Her father was also the subject of an article in Tennis Australia magazine this month which suggested he needed to see a psychologist to curb his temper.

"I am going to speak to my Fed Cup captain Lesley Bowrey before leaving tomorrow and tell her I don't want to play for Australia again," said Dokic, who was due to play in Japan after the Olympics. "I don't care what people say and do to my ‘Poppa’ - the bond between us, my mother and (brother) Savo, no one can break."

Damir said he was readying himself to visit the Yugoslav Consulate to organize passports for the entire family.  Dokic was born in Osijek, Serb Krajina (now a part of Croatia).  She and her family became refugees after Croatia’s secession from Yugoslavia in 1991.  They emigrated to Australia in 1994.

As a junior, Dokic became the world number one tennis player in 1998, at the age of 15.  She was the winner of the US (junior) Open '98, finalist in Roland Garros '98 (French Open), semi-finalist in Australian Open '98 and Wimbledon '98; winner of the doubles in Roland Garros '98, and finalist of the doubles in US Open '98.

Her father claimed he could no longer walk down the street without drawing attention, and said it was no longer safe for him in Australia. "It is too dangerous for me to live here any more," he said. "I go to police station and ask for protection."

Text Box:  
Damir Dokic being evicted by British police from a  tennis tournament in England
Her father was also arrested at the pre-Wimbledon tournament in Birmingham last year for obstructing traffic (and then released without being charged).  The incident happened after Damir had been ejected by the British police from the tournament for allegedly barracking his daughter's opponent, and calling officials Nazis.

It's not the first time Jelena has intimated she would make herself unavailable for her country. The teenager originally said she would not play in the Olympics, either, before changing her mind, and going on to play some brilliant tennis on the way to a fourth place finish.

The Dokic family are rumored to be contemplating a move to the U.S., as Jelena already reportedly owns a house in Florida.  Florida is also home to Monica Seles where she had trained as a teenager, before becoming the world number one 10 years ago.


3. Belgrade’s “Red Star” Prevails over British Soccer Opponent and British Government, Too

VIENNA, Sep. 29 - Another example of politics mixing with sports occurred last Thursday in Vienna, Austria.  That’s where the popular Belgrade soccer team, “Red Star,” the club champion of the world in the year the U.N. sanctions were applied to Yugoslavia (1992), was forced to play its “home” match against the English Leicester City squad in the first round of the European UEFA Cup competition. 

The reason?  Continued sanctions against Belgrade, this time even by the UEFA (European soccer federation), at the urging of the British government.

Here’s a report of what happened in the end, which we received from Stelios Stylianou, a TiM reader who lives in Britain:

“As you may already know, the Red Star of Belgrade soccer team exacted sweet revenge on the English team, Leicester City, after being forced twice in the club’s history in two soccer seasons to play at a neutral venue because of the political situation in Yugoslavia.

The reason Red Star had to play away is that Leicester City agreed to become politically involved by the (British) Foreign Office.  It decided not to play in Belgrade, ostensibly fearing its players could get hurt by the so-called hostile crowd in Serbia. This did not go down too well with the Red Star boss who guaranteed the (English) players’ safety.  Still, Leicester City refused to play in Serbia. In other words, they became whores of Tony Blair's government.

Moving on to the game itself now, allow me to describe what transpired on the soccer pitch. I myself watched the game on television that night, on the English "Channel 5," that was screening the game at the time. The commentary about the game was sickening, and the commentator was none other than Jonathan Pierce, who throughout the match labeled the Serbs as idiots and hostile people, especially when some fans cried out to Leicester City supporters "You Bombed our Country!"

This commentator was so biased, I wish I could have killed him!  And to add to the list of insults, he said "the UEFA made the right decision not to play this game at Belgrade!" If I had a website for the Hall of Shame, I would put him among the top of the list!

As I was watching the match, the Red Star fans were jeering at the Leicester players and chanting "Red Star, Serbia, Yugoslavia," throughout the match - to spite the fans of Leicester city and probably the western media too.

The best part was that the Red Star won the match 3-1 (4-2 on aggregate score), and the racist commentator of Channel 5 was lost for words. Justice was served at last from a psychological point of view.

Bravo Red Star and to hell with Robin Cook! I hope some of this rubs off on the Serb military as well!”

Stelios Stylianou, U.K.


TiM Ed.: Clearly, a letter from a true Red Star fan, but nonetheless one that demonstrates the degree to which politics is perverting sports, especially professional sports.

More than a century and a half ago, another Briton, Lord Acton, noted that, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Applied to contemporary sports, this one liner could read, “money corrupts, and big money corrupts absolutely.”

When talented amateurs (the word is derived from the Latin word “for the love of”) stopped playing the game for the love of the game, and started doing it for money, they lost their innocence and became the slaves of the game and of the fame.  And events like the Olympics lost all of their innocence and most of their charm.

So here’s a message to the Olympic Committee:

Save the Games: Boot out the pros!  Bring back the amateurs!  Or perish…


4. Yugoslavia Now Also Banned by World Soccer Governing Body for Hosting MatchesOct. 3, 2000 

LONDON, Oct. 3 - Yugoslavia has now been banned not only by the European soccer federation (see Item 3 above), but also by the world soccer governing body - FIFA, according to a report we've just received from a TiM reader.

"The FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee, chaired by Lennart Johansson, took the decision to postpone World Cup qualifying matches against Russia in Belgrade on Saturday and against the Faroe Islands next Wednesday after consulting the three national associations involved," the FIFA release said.  "The world governing body decided it was not feasible to play the matches after civil unrest in the wake of last month's presidential elections, and will now reschedule the matches."

To which the TiM reader who sent us the story reacted as follows:

"Considering that Yugoslavia is, in comparison to the most countries -- parts of the U.S., Turkey(!), etc. -- relatively stable and safe, one should question the motivation behind FIFA's decision to suspend all world cup qualifying games in Yugoslavia. Of course, this is simply a continuation of the blatant Serb-bashing, and NATO aggression, manifested throughout the last decade on the West's behalf. The 'safety-concerns' raised by the Leicester vis--vis their match with Red Star in Belgrade, as you correctly pointed out, was just the second latest of many recent examples of the above."


TiM Ed.: Or is the real reason for the FIFA ban that they know something most Yugoslav soccer players and fans don’t - NATO’s plans for a “Red October?”.

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