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23 Feb 2013

Truth in Media Bulletins

Index of TiM Bulletins 2008-2011

2011 TiM Bulletins

Floodgates which opened in 1965 with Immigration Act are now gushing more illegals than ever

Arizona Counter-Sues U.S. over Illegal Immigration

Also see...

Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself

Analysis of new "Startup America" program

Case Makes a Case for Innovation 

2008 TiM Bulletins

A Year-end 2008 Editorial

Squeezing the Consumer Dry

Oil Industry, Not Just Bankers, Knocked Down U.S. Economy to Its Knees

A Christmas Editorial 2008 – by Bob Djurdjevic

Let's Quit Playing God & Start Serving Him/Her

“Lost Everything But Faith”

An Election 2008 Editorial

The Great Divide Widens (The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer in most developed countries – latest OECD study)

Fear Trumps Fact (There is a total disconnect at the moment between stock market and business fundamentals)

Screw Taxpayers to Help Bankers (Politicians do not walk their talk, an update to Just Say No to Greed 2)

Also see... Wall Street's Financial Terrorism (a 1997 Chronicles Magazine column that's as current today as it was when it was written)

"Georgia on My Mind:"

Olympic Fig Leaf Fails to Cover Bush on Georgia, Poland

Russia's & NWO's Interests Clash in Kosovo

To listen to a Bob Djurdjevic Internet Radio interview on Kosovo and Russia's vs. New World Order's geopolitical interests there, click on:

The program aired live on Fri Feb 29 at 11AM Eastern (9AM Arizona)

Kosovo Is Serbia

But Vandalism at U.S. Embassy Is Sign of Primitive Impotence, Not Substitute for Courage, Fortitude Serbia Should Have Shown since June 1999; Belgrade Protests Too Little Too Late

Latest Update: Camp Bondsteel: Proof of Washington's Land Grab in Serbia

Serbian Swimming Champion Banned from Competition for Wearing "Kosovo Is Serbia" T-Shirt

Just Say NO to Greed - Killer of Dreams!


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2010 TiM Bulletins

Soaring Unemployment, Rising Gas Prices, Mounting War Casualties...

Stupidity on the Rise in U.S.?  Or Just Government/Media Betrayal?

... Yet Obama and Clinton "most admired Americans" (per CBS/USA Today)

Where's Uncle Sam when we need him?

TSA Patdowns: Another Government Assault on Our Rights

"Ignore your rights, and they will go away" (TiM Reader, 1995)

Major ecological disaster in the making

Red Sludge Puts Red Smudge on Hungary's Face

Triple whammy of despair grips Hungary

History repeating itself: America today, Britain two centuries ago

Poverty Up in U.S., Again

Plutocracy flourishing in America: Poor get poorer, rich get richer

Do you hear New World Order war drums beating again?  Iran, here we come...

Ginning Up Another War

UN Court at the Hague Rules NATO's Occupation, Kosovo's Secession from Serbia Was "Legal"

Kosovo: "Might Is Right," UN Court Rules

Kangaroo Court Judges Jump Again on Washington Masters' Cue, Making Mockery of International Justice

Also see "Turban for an Urban" and other TiM Readers Forum letters

Ten years after Declaration of Independence 2000 was published by the Truth of Media, we bring you an updated version with some current facts and events 

Happy Fourth 2010!

Time to laugh or cry?  Check out what a U.S. Congressman asked a Navy Admiral about Guam

Black-clad goons infiltrate, mar anti-G20 summit demonstration in Toronto

Ugly Face of Globalism

Brutal Canadian police action against weekend protesters draws out new protests today (June 29)

Also check out... TiM Readers' Forum

Listen to a Bob Djurdjevic Mar 1, 2010 talk show interview on Badlands Radio, starting at 9:30PM eastern time on...

Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax

Keeping people in state of fear key to state control of people



2009 TiM Bulletins

Listen to a Bob Djurdjevic Nov 10, 2009 talk show interview on Badlands Radio, based in central Texas...

A Cosmic Radio Journey with Captain Jack

Free Clan Template by

Also check out the related Jan 2009 Editorial...

2012: Toward a New Breed of Man

Editorial Comment on 2009 Nobel Peace Farce

O Tempora O Mores...

If Obama were a leader with grace and dignity, he should have refused the undeserved prize

A Mid-year 2009 Editorial

Gouging the American Consumer

U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices Are Soaring As Global Crude Oil Plummets; Governments, Not Just Oil Companies, Keep Raking It In As a Result

A Jan 2009 Editorial

2012: Toward a New Breed of Man

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