Volume VIII, Issue No. 99-12

December 17, 1999

Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletin

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In this issue...

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NWO "Liberals" Cancel Christmas A TiM lead editorial 1


New World Order Flag A TiM editorial 3

nwo-flag.jpg (40845 bytes)


NWO Pits Canadians vs. Serbs Excerpts from TiM editor's lecture 7


Clinton Tells Yeltsin Who Is Boss TiM news and analysis 10

Chernomyrdin for Nobel Prize? TiM news and analysis 11


Chinese Embassy Deliberately Targeted? TiM news and analysis 12

Criminals Return to Scene of Crimes TiM news and analysis 13


Lenin Stamp in Belgium! TiM news and analysis 16

Christ Is Born! Peace on Earth!

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