Volume VIII, Issue No. 99-09

September 9, 1999

Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletin

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In this issue...

Article Category/Location/Source/Page


Who Lost China? A TiM editorial 1


Serb General: I Will Return to Kosovo with My Army A TiM news report/Nedeljni Tel. 7

Albanians Shell Gracanica by Mortar A TiM news report/SOC 11

Remaining Kosovo Serbs Are Starving A TiM news report 11

The KFOR "Peace Farce" A TiM news report 12

Toward a Serb-Free Kosovo A TiM news report/UNHCR 13

Over 50 Kosovo Serb Churches Destroyed A TiM news report/Frankfurter R. 14


The Forgotten War: Anglo-American Genocide Against Iraq A TiM news report 14


Truth in Media Wins Special Award for Kosovo War Coverage A TiM news report 17

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