Volume VI, No. 97-06                                          July 23, 1997

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In this issue...

Article Category/Location/Source Page

Put the American Justice System on Trial A column/TIM/CRA 1
"Bilderbergers" Meet in Georgia; Media Mum A News Report/Gainsville Times 4
Move the U.N. Out of the U.S. A Letter to Editor/New York Times 6
The Nungs: Cry Freedom, At Last! A News Report/TIM 6
Russia: Cheated by the West Over NATO A News Report/ New York Times 6
Caspian Sea Oil: Next World Crisis? A News Report/Dow Jones 7
Turkey and the Baltics Unite Against Russia? A News Report/Dow Jones 9
Destroying Russia in the Name of "Progress" A News Report/Hindustan Times 10
Russian Army Suicides Double A News Report/RFE/RL 10
A Polish "Nyet" to NATO A News Report/EIR 11
Murder Conviction Stands, Though Victims Are Alive A News Report/Reuter 13
Send Dole And McCain to Bosnia A News Commentary/TIM 13
If the Mountain Won't Come to Mahmut... A News Commentary/TIM 13
Clinton/Albright Send Wrong Balkan Signals A News Commentary/TIM 14
Wiesenthal Reminds World of Croat Crimes A News Rep./Slobodna Bosna 17
Jewish Cemetery Desecrated in Croatia A News Report/AP 17
Some Refugees Starving in Yugoslavia A News Report/RFE/RL 18
Two China Moves Shift Global Oil Balance A News Report/Reuter 18
China to Gain Military Superiority? A News Report/Defense News 18
Coddling Up to Dictators Makes Poor Foreign Policy A News Report/TIM 19
America: A Cash Cow for Islamic Terrorists A News Report/AP 19

The "New World Order" at Work:

PHOTO: Serbs fleeing Krajina, Western Bosnia, in August 1995

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