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February 23, 2013

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)& "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

The KFOR "Peacefarce:" New Days of Infamy

Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!

PHOENIX, ARIZONA      bomb.gif (3054 bytes)  Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Epilogue to NATO's War on Serbia: NATO's Secret Losses (Aug 2006)

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A Photo Album pec6-20.jpg (53870 bytes)NATO's "Peacefarce"

A TiM Photo Album of Serb Decoys: How Serb Wooden Dummies Fooled NATO Brass Dummies

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Another Day of Infamy

Milosevic Is No Prince Lazar; More Like Vuk Brankovic

"Capitulation!" With this single word, a Belgrade resident summed up the "piss  agreement" reached on June 3, 1999.   "Chernomyrdin stabbed us in the back," the above Belgrade resident added.

Predictably... as he had done to Russia in Chechnya.  No friend of Al Gore can be a friend of the Serbs.

"Why did it take him so long to betray us?", another Serb resident told us, referring to Milosevic. "We could have had the same result with far fewer lives lost."

Belgrade and much of Serbia was appropriately in darkness this evening, its lack of electricity, due to earlier NATO strikes, symbolizing this moment of darkness in Serb history, making June 3, 1999 - another Day of Infamy.

Almost 610 years ago, Serb Prince Lazar faced similar choices. Unlike Milosevic, however, Prince Lazar chose the heavenly, over the earthly kingdom.   Milosevic is obviously no Prince Lazar. This turncoat communist is more akin to Vuk Brankovic, a traitor who failed to heed Prince Lazar's call to Battle of Kosovo in June 1389, heralded here through the famous curse of Stefan Musich:

If any Serb, or man of Serbian birth,

Or any man of Serbian kith or kin,

If any such a man comes not with me

To battle on the field of Kosovo -

Never shall he know a son or daughter;

Whatsoever he may touch shall wither;

Vineyard, field of wheat - his sweat and labor fruitless;

And his generations barren!

As for all those brave Serb men who fought and died defending their country during  the 79 Days of Infamy (Mar 24-June 10, 1999), as their ancestors did 610 years ago on the Field of Blackbirds - Kosovo...

...As for over 2,000 civilians killed by NATO in the last 78 days, 30% of them children; for thousands of people who were maimed; for more than half a million who are now unemployed because NATO destroyed their places of work...

...Maybe Milosevic may be prepared to forgive and forget such NATO barbarism in the hope of spending a few more days in his earthly kingdom. But the Serb people never will. Most of all, they will never forgive him - the new Vuk Brankovic. From this day forward, another Day of Infamy in this needless war, the old Kosovo curse will be on Milosevic's head:

Whatsoever he may touch shall wither;

Vineyard, field of wheat - his sweat and labor fruitless;

And his generations barren!

June 3 is St. Constantin's Day. May these verses from this day forward also be known as St. Constantin's Curse on Milosevic. And may the Serb people have the courage to indict him and try him for triple treason - of the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia, and now in Kosovo - before the NATO hyenas get their hands on someone who is so much like themselves.

And then, may the night belong to the souls of those vanquished by the NATO war criminals.

Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!

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