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April 8, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-32, Day 15-16, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 8, 1999; 1:00PM EDT - DAY 15-16, UPDATE 1


Dallas                              1. Clinton's "Wag the Dog" Production Isn't Working!

Phoenix                           2. TiM Readers Help Unmask Media Deceptions

Missouri                          3. A Veteran of War and Journalism Speaks Out

Phoenix                          4. Why Not Quit the Big Brother's ISP - AOL!

Key West                       5. Clinton's "Thought Police" in American Schools, Too


Dear TiM readers,

Back in the saddle and on the air, after a quick trip to Dallas... Which is why we start with a little anecdote from that Texas city.  Bob Dj., TiM Ed.

1. Clinton's "Wag the Dog" Production Isn't Working!

DALLAS, Apr. 7 - Clinton's "Wag the Dog" production isn't working. Even some Dallas limo drivers can attest to it.

"Have you heard that 19 American soldiers' bodies have been smuggled into Greece, and that draftdodger and liar in Washington isn't telling us anything about that?", my driver said, making small talk during a ride from the DFW airport.

"Really?" the TiM editor played dumb. "How do you know that?"

"Heard it on a radio show. Some outfit in Phoenix apparently reported it, quoting a Greek paper."

"Wonder what outfit that would be?" the TiM editor chuckled without saying anything.

* * *

Even before leaving for Dallas, however, we had received another update from that "Greathn4-07.gif (9673 bytes)ek paper." The "Athinaiki" (which means "The Athenian"), reporting from NATO HQ in Brussels and claiming a "100% accuracy", claimed on page nine of its April 7, 1999 edition that NATO had suffered 88 dead or missing soldiers, and had lost 32 airplanes and helicopters (check out the scanned copy of the Apr. 7 article in Greek --->).

[Since so many of our readers have been asking for a "proof" of the first "Athinaiki" Apr. 2 story about the 19 American soldiers' bodies being smuggled to Thessalonika, we have now scanned it and posted it as an update to our original story - see Day 12, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 4].

The 32 aircraft lost aircraft figure matches up almost exactly with the 31 shoot-downs claimed by our Serbian sources (see Day 13, Update 2, Item 2, Apr. 5). But NATO's human casualty figure of 88 seems frankly too low. Not only because in one incident alone the Serbs claim to have shot down two American helicopters killing all 50 troops aboard (see Day 13, Update 2, Item 1, Apr. 5). But because we've also received other (unconfirmed) reports that at least one other American and two British helicopters had also been shot down in the first 13 days of the war, each presumably carrying betwe2ath4-07.gif (8561 bytes)en 12 and 25 troops.

On the other hand, we can confirm with a "100% accuracy" at least one American casualty. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail TiM received on April 6 from an American officer serving within the NATO forces in Europe:

"Today, I have just confirmed that I have lost one of my soldiers, and quite frankly, I have had my fill of our government shit. Now, thanks to Mr. Clinton, I must express my sympathy for the death of their son this soldier's parents."


TiM Ed.: So as not to betray what branch of our armed forces this officer is serving in, we've changed one word from his original e-mail to a generic "soldiers" in the above text.


P.S., Apr. 8 - Just got the following dispatch from the same American officer:

"Things are getting worse. Yesterday, I had two soldiers wounded. One will never have the use of his right leg again. I have been in this situation before, but nothing quite like this one. I honestly feel we don't belong here any longer. I am trying to keep the faith , but it gets more difficult every day."

* * *

2. TiM Readers Help Unmask Media Deceptions

PHOENIX, Apr. 8 - Clinton's "Wag the Dog" production isn't working also because Americans are getting smarter, and the TiM readers are leading the way. Here are a few gems we've received during the last 24 hours:

CNN: Same Boy, Different Story

"I feel sorry for all the suckers out there who refuse to realize they arecnn.jpg (14011 bytes) being fooled," writes I.M. Brannon, who also posted this comment to an anti-NATO listserv. "In fact, yesterday (Apr. 6) I watched CNN's pathetic reporting on the Albanians. They featured a little boy who they said, he said, the Serb police shot him. A few minutes later I turn to FOX News. They show the same boy and they say, he said, his whole family was shot and his Dad was shot, but is alive, and he survived by hiding in a pile of bodies. Same boy, (a) completely different story.

A good percentage of the horrific actions that have taken place in Kosovo have been committed by intelligence operatives in order to create a crisis situation that would warrant NATO intervention. It is an old story, terrorize with the right arm, and come to the rescue with the left arm."


BBC: Jumping the Gun?

"BBC screened the 'massacres' tape on 3 APRIL 99," writes Prof. J.P. Maher of Chicago, a professor emeritus of the Northeastern Illinois University. "They said the guy who gave them the tape had been hiding in the woods for 7 days. On the tape itself, of which I have a copy off the air, lower left screen reads '1 4 99'."


TiM Ed.: Oops... 7-3=4. Did BBC broadcast this "Wag the Dog" segment four days early?


SKY TV: Where Have All the Extras Gone?

SKY TV news (British) has just reported that the Macedonian authorities had overnight emptied a camp in which only yesterday there were "tens of thousands of Albanian refugees," a TiM European source reports today (Apr. 8). The SKY pictures showed a practically deserted camp. Which is why our source suggested: The SKY reporters should visit the neighboring villages in Macedonia where all these 'Albanian refugees'-cum-'Wag the Dog'-extras may have come from.


3. A Veteran of War and Journalism Speaks Out

MISSOURI, Apr. 8 - Clinton's "Wag the Dog" production isn't working because there is a growing number of Americans who are joining our quest for truth about NATO's war on Serbia, and are contributing their own experiences to the cause of saving lives. The following is a comment by Dexter Peabody, a veteran of war and journalism, as you can see from his text. We've left his spelling of "clinton" as it was in the original text - with a small "c:"

"You are so right! No, one has seen anything, period! The FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) should NEVER allow CNN, CBS, Sky NEWS, ABC, or NBC into Kosovo or the FRY. They are total propaganda machines for the clinton administration.

All I have seen are thousands of so-called refugees. If the military told them to leave their homes, I can understand that and so should clinton. In the Vietnam War, whole villages were told to move south, it was a common practice. They wanted to deny the Viet Cong and the Vietnamese Army sanctuaries.

If the VJ (Yugoslav Army) is doing that, I can understand. If the paramilitary is rounding up Kosovars and just killing them, I don't agree with it, but, having been in war, I can understand how that happens. It is not nice, but, in war, given the terrorist activity of the KLA, I can understand how some not nice things would happen. It is very difficult to control the entire armed military and paramilitary groups, because constant outrages committed by the enemy, (KLA) upon you, (FRY) can cause normally rational men to behave irrationally. Do I approve, no, but, I do understand how it can happen. It happened at Mai Lai in Vietnam, where US troops killed innocent Vietnamese villagers, because of the earlier deaths of their comrades.

It happened just recently in Somalia, where Belgian, Italian, and Canadian, the "best" of the UN peacekeepers, killed, raped, tortured and forced into prostitution, the little children of Somalia. Did you hear of any calls for a war crimes tribunal? NO! And, in fact, in the US, this story which was big in Europe, and in Canada, didn't even make it to the major networks, CNN, CBS, and NBC. ABC only mentioned it for 15 seconds one night and downplayed it, by announcing that some Belgian soldiers were going to court for playfully holding a Somali child over a fire. That was the extent of it.

Why? Because the US media is the propaganda tool of the clinton government, because the media loves bill clinton.

How do I know? Well, I was in radio and television for 25 years before taking my present job, I have seen it all. Many Americans are beginning to realize that we do not really have a free media in the US. The are turning to shortwave radio, truthful magazines, (search KLA and see what they have to say), and the Internet:,,

Read why the FRY would be FOOLS to have a UN or NATO "peacekeeping" force in the FRY.. "Beasts in Blue:"

The US has an IDIOT for a Secretary of State... Madeline Not-So-Bright "

Dexter Peabody, Missouri


TiM Ed. Asked what state he was in for the purposes of TiM attribution, Mr. Peabody replied: "Mentally, I am in a state of intense anger, frustration, and distress. Geographically, I am in the state of Missouri... Thank you, for leading the effort against this, yet another example of tyranny."


4. Why Not Quit the Big Brother's ISP - AOL!

PHOENIX, Apr. 7 - Following our report that AOL is engaged in a Big Brother-style censorship and warmongering on behalf of the Clinton administration (see Day 14, Update 2, Item 6), we've received several e-mails from TiM readers who also confirmed that their own posts to the AOL boards had been deleted by the AOL "thought police." Here is one example, along with TiM's reply, which is also directed at ALL TiM AOL readers:

"Yes sorry to say. All postings from (AOL e-mail ID deleted) were wiped from the board last time I looked. I had read this was being done in, Truth in Media Home Page - Bob Djurdjevic, Founder... but I did not want to believe it.

I lost FOUR Bulletin Board postings in past hour. Vanished. Now I believe Bob Djurdjevic.

All I did was mention what is in the news: Turkish troops are attacking Kurd rebels we protect with our Northern No-fly Zone in Iraq.

My posting took no sides. Only ask if we should bomb our friends the Turks now. I think America Online is being downright UNAMERICAN!"



TiM Ed.: So why not do the AMERICAN thing and cancel the AOL service, but not before first urging as many other AOL users as you can - to do the same?


5. Clinton's "Thought Police" in American Schools, Too

KEY WEST, Apr. 7 - The Clinton's/NWO "thought police" seem to have also penetrated American schools. Take a look at a comment we received about an incident in an elementary school in Key West, Florida:

A teacher at an elementary school in Key West, Florida asked the young children to write a letter to president Clinton regarding the war in Yugoslavia. When one of the children wrote that she thought that the US should not be bombing Serbia, the teacher told off the child that, saying that was a rude comment.. So the teacher removed the letter from the stack of letters to be sent to the president.

The story was reported by the child's grandfather who called the Neal Boortz ( radio program, which airs between 8:30AM and noon EDT Tuesdays.

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