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April 4, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-26, Day 12, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 4, 1999; 00:30AM EST - DAY 12, UPDATE 1


Athens                     1. First 19 Americans Return in Body Bags; Yet Clinton Still Mum!


1. First 19 Americans Return Home in Body Bags; Yet Clinton Still Mum!

ATHENS, Apr. 3 - Some American soldiers are already enroute home in body bags. Yet their Commander-in-Chief continues to stay mum about this unfolding tragedy.

"First 19 Dead Americans in Thessalonika," read the headline of a front page story of the Athens daily, "Athinaiki," according to the Beta news agency. The article was sub-titled "Mowed Down by the Serbs." "Athinaiki" says that the bodies were secretly transported from Skopje in containers guarded by select American officers. The Americans met at the Macedonian border by the Greek police, and escorted to the 424th Greek military hospital in Thessalonika, where the bodies were prepared for further transport.

"Athinaiki" says that the 12 bodies which arrived on Wednesday (Mar. 31) have already been shipped to the U.S. Seven more bodies, which arrived on Thursday (Apr. 1), were expected to be sent home on Friday.

When asked for comment, Greek authorities stated that they knew nothing about it, "Atfinaiki" said.


TiM Ed. Looks like Washington's "lie and deny" PR tactic is in vogue in Athens, too. Wonder how the Greek policemen just happen to meet the American transport at the border and escort it to the Thessalonika hospital? But the truth has its way of escaping even the NWO Big Brother. Regrettably, the tragic truth, this time.

PHOENIX, Apr.8 - Here's a scan of the original "Athinaiki" story, dated Apr. 2: athn4-02.gif (9235 bytes)

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