Election 2000 and Florida Supreme Court

November 23, 2000



 Toward Another “Just War?”

By Bob Djurdjevic

My Nov. 21 letter to the Florida Supremes was short and not so sweet.  That’s because the seven Florida Supreme Court judges, all appointed by Democratic governors, started to fancy themselves as supreme beings.  On Tuesday night, they began a dress rehearsal as electoral Gods, taking the law into their own hands.  This UNELECTED judicial body decided to usurp and override the powers of Florida's elected Legislature; of Florida's elected executive branch, and to punch a perfect chad out of the Florida voter's choice.

In doing so, the seven justices have just unilaterally changed the rules of the game - AFTER the game had already been played.  Here’s what I said to them:

“Subject: Florida Court of Disgrace

You should be all ashamed of yourselves! Your politically motivated meddling into an already badly flawed electoral process is disgraceful. You are making our entire country the laughing stock of the world, not just the state of Florida.

More importantly, along with your own, you're destroying the credibility of our courts. Which self-respecting American will ever again respect a decision by a politicized judge? Or the authority of a President who lawyered his way into the White House?

"Your Honors," if you really have any honor - individually or collectively - you should resign forthwith.

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media, Phoenix, Ariz.

P.S. For what it's worth, the writer is NOT a member of the Republican Party and did not vote for either Bush or Gore.”

 No reply yet from the judges.  But the Truth in Media readers across the U.S. and from overseas have flooded this writer’s mailbox with their message of support.

The “Ugly American” Comes Home, Reincarnated as Florida Lawyer

The Wall Street Journal also condemned in its Nov. 20 editorial, the “The Will of the Lawyers,” an earlier partisan move by the Florida Court of Disgrace.  “The seven Solomons issued their injunction (to prevent the Florida Secretary of State from declaring George W. Bush the winner) without even being asked; the Gore team hadn't filed its brief yet. This by itself is unheard of…”

True.  Except perhaps in banana republics into which the Democrats are turning our country.  That’s where anything goes in one’s quest for power.  In the Florida edition, top judges unilaterally impose a judicial dictatorships; monkeys pan for votes in the swaps; while alligators hide in orange trees from the Demo-donkeys.

No wonder some disenchanted Floridians have written to this writer derisively referring to their fellow-residents - Democratic activists - as “Floridiots.”  For, as the Journal also pointed out, “all of this started, remember, not because of any fraud but because some voters in Palm Beach County believe they made mistakes on a (“butterfly”) ballot designed by a Democrat. From that blunder the Gore campaign has built what has become a classic railroad job.”

Converting butterflies into railroads?  Why not, if the Democrats’ “main man” has a tight Chinese connection.  Remember the alleged illegal Red Chinese “soft money” donations to the Democratic Party?  Remember how the Attorney General, Janet Gore… oops, Al Reno… oops, Janet Reno (another Florida lawyer!), refused to investigate the Vice President over such allegations?

But what do the butterflies and magic have to do with the Chinese?  “I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.” (Chuang Tzu, Chinese mystic and philosopher, c. 4th century BC).

Wonder if Chuang Tzu, the butterfly with green dollar signs on its wings, came to Al Gore as an election night dream?  Which is now turning into a public relations nightmare for the Democrats.  And for America.

Over 40 years ago, William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick exposed the boorish overseas behavior of some U.S. ex-pats in their book “Ugly American” (1958).  Our friends and enemies world over snickered and laughed at us.  Now, the Democrats’ post-election boorish behavior is driving another message home: The “Ugly American” has returned home and is reincarnated as a Florida lawyer.  Our friends and enemies world over are again snickering and laughing at us.

But this is no laughing matter.  The Democrats have turned our electoral system into a “Demo Farce.”  What’s to be done? 

Maybe we should turn to ancient Greeks for advice. After all, they gave us the term “demos.”  In times of difficulties, classical man has often looked for divine intervention as a way out of a crisis.  In Greek dramas, Gods sometimes descended on the stage from above (lowered by a “machine,” thus the Latin term “deus ex machina” - a Latin translation from Greek “theos apo mekhanes”).  Greek dramaturge Euripides (480-406 BC) was particularly fond of it.

What we need in Florida is not more “Ugly Americans” reincarnated as lawyers, but a “theos apo mekhanes,” or “deus ex machina,” if you prefer.  Hopefully, He will be neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

One good thing about mechanical Gods is that, as most things made by man, they can come crashing down on stage, too, thereby quickly ending the farce.  If the Florida “deus ex machina,” were to arrive in the form of a God of Public Opinion, and then crash like a gavel on the heads of its Supreme Court justices, natural justice would be served.  Americans would laugh, instead of being laughed at.  Ancient Greeks would applaud from the heavens.  And Euripides would wear a large smirk on his face.

But real life rarely follows seductive stage happy endings.  “One wonders how this will play out?” asked a worried absentee Florida voter, now living in Europe, in reference to the unfolding American electoral farce.  The epilogue of this legal drama could turn ugly.  For, all this may lead to another war.  Not necessarily another civil war.

One thing is for sure - regardless of whether Al Gore or George W. Bush win the presidency, neither man will have the authority to govern.  After eight years of the Democratic rule, the country is hopelessly divided right down the middle.  So what the new president may need in order to try to “unite Americans behind him” is launch another “just war.”

It won’t be the first time people died for frivolous causes…

George Bush Sr.’s popularity was ebbing in 1989.  The Republican president was suffering from a “wimp” factor, especially after his limp reaction to the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators by the Red Chinese.  So what did he do?  He launched the Panama invasion.  Which turned out to be only a prelude to the much bigger “Desert Storm” (Gulf War) one year later. 

Suddenly, Bush’s approval ratings soared.  Suddenly, he was seen as the tough guy.  Never mind that a woman (Maggie Thatcher) had to prop him up during the overtures prior to the Gulf War by giving him a little pep talk.  “George, this is no time to go wobbly,” she admonished Bush.  Never mind that he again suffered from premature elation, leaving the Iraqi tyrant, Saddam Hussein in power.

Bill Clinton followed the same formula.  The number of armed conflicts into which this sorry draft-evader has led our nation in an effort to boost his popularity, and to deflect the country’s attention from his disgraceful behavior, are too numerous to list.  Suffice it to say that at the height of the Monica Lewinsky-related impeachment hearings Clinton ordered our military in the Persian Gulf to carry a new series of air strikes against Iraq, killing scores of Iraqi civilians (December 1998). 

Yet the Senate failed to impeach him.  Which in hindsight may be a blessing in disguise as it would have pushed up Al Gore to the presidency without forcing him to lie and cheat first.  Or to start another “just war.”

What better excuse for dipping again into the U.S. taxpayers’ pockets than by starting a “war of unification,” a “just war that will make every American proud of his own country again.”  

“Yikes,” lament the civilians world over?

“Yahoo!”, cheer the “death merchants” and other globalist corporate multinationals who have paid for both Gore’s and Bush’s campaigns. Their motto has been, is and will be: “Perpetual war for perpetual commerce.” 

Well, count this American out.  The plot is becoming boringly predictable.  Maybe some “dumbed down” and “numbed down” of my fellow-citizens would fall for it.  But if I want to see another “just war” in which we kill civilians for their own good, I’ll go see a Hollywood movie, like “Wag the Dog.”  Or turn on CNN. 

As for the American armed forces who may be called upon to die and win such a “just war” - so that another globalist president can continue to erode our rights and freedoms, well maybe some of them will remember what happened to their “absentee ballots” in Florida.  And then tell their Commander-in-Chief to go stuff himself.  Unless, of course, he is prepared to lead them into battle - personally and from the front line trenches.

Fat chance of that ever happening.  Leadership by example?  Only in Washington museums…


Bob Djurdjevic, founder of TRUTH IN MEDIA of Phoenix, Arizona, is an internationally published author, e-mail: 

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