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August 14, 2000


American vs. Serbian "Demo Farce" 

No Vote Is Better Than Fraud Vote

By Bob Djurdjevic


“Three Stooges” from Serb Diaspora Offer Unsolicited Advice to Their Beleaguered Countrymen - “Vote No Matter What!”  Why?

Remember what our Ma and Pops used to say when we, the “Baby Boomers,” finally got to be old enough to vote and for this country? (but not to drink!).  

“Always vote!”  Or, “don’t throw away your franchise!”  Or, “it doesn’t matter for whom you vote, just vote.”

Well, such an America, a country in which our vote still mattered to someone, somewhere is now merely a fond, distant memory.  Margaret Carlson, a Paradise Valley, Arizona, resident, said it well in her letter to the Arizona Republic, published on Aug. 12, under the headline, “Death of an Old Friend.” 

Here’s an excerpt:

“…A very old friend had died behind that red-white-and-blue curtain; a beloved 225-year old friend.  His name was Democracy…. He believed in government of the people, by the people and for the people. 

Let’s try Plutocracy for a change; a government by the few for the few - the few that have enough big bucks to buy the government.

So don’t rush out to vote this year - unless you need an exercise.  The voting has already been done for you, one of the advantages of Plutocracy.  It’s so much simpler this way…”

It was both ironic and providential that the same day (Aug. 12) we received another message titled, "Serb Chain Letter  - Lan~ano Pismo."  It came from a TiM reader in Serbia.  Yet it had evidently originated from the "democratic" Serb brethren in the Diaspora - the three men whom I am going to call “Three Stooges” for the purposes of this article.

(Since their advice to the Serbs was made supposedly at a “national interest” level, there is no need to expose the identities of the Three Stooges - at least not for the time being.  Suffices to say that the TiM editor knows personally all three, and that all three are supposedly OPPOSED to the Milosevic regime.  Which makes the stupidity of their UNSOLICITED advice to the Serbian voters that much greater.  High turnout would only help Milosevic). 

In essence, the message from the Three Stooges in the Diaspora to the people to the Serbia was, vote no matter what! 

Actually, they said, according to the message we had received from Serbia:


Or in Serbian…


To which this writer replied with - hogwash! 

What follows are excerpts from a reply to this piece.  The advice by the Three Stooges was perhaps well-intentioned, but nevertheless is ill-construed, and more importantly - UNSOLICITED advice to the Serb electorate.  Especially considering that two of the Three Stooges do NOT have the right to vote in Serbia, as far as this writer is aware, anyway.

“Thank you for your "Serb Chain Letter  - Lan~ano Pismo." My comments that follow below are, of course, not aimed at you personally, but at those Serbian well-intentioned fools in the Diaspora who had initiated it. Willingly or unwittingly, they are serving the interests of the Serb enemies, both external and internal, and to the detriment of the Serbian nation.

This "Serb Chain Letter  - Lan~ano Pismo" was one of the most foolish pieces of "advice" the Serb voters have ever received from the Serb Diaspora.

Why?  Why should the Serbs be bigger fools than Americans? 

        Don't the Serbs know that only 38% of Americans voted in the 1998 congressional elections?  (i.e., that 62% of Americans boycotted the latest show of our “Demo Farce?”). 

        Don't the Serbs know that the American political system has become so corrupt that only fools bother to vote for major parties? 

        Don't the Serbs know that, what is being presented to the Serbs by the western opposition quislings as "democracy," is in fact, a "demo farce" or a plutocracy? 

        Don't the Serbs know that the Serbian "demo farce" is a copy of the American version of vote fraud?

If they don't, I invite them to check out our recent articles on that topic... American vs. Serbian “Demo Farce” and A Party of Firsts, First to Blink: “Bonehead Al” Taps “Phony Gerry” against Texas “Big Dippers” 

 "About the only thing that ranks in the same league of short-sightedness and stupidity as the above advice to the Serbs to get out and vote no matter what, and thus endorse the Serbian "demo farce," was a similar letter I remember receiving in December 1991 from the Serbian Unity Congress, for example, urging the Serbs the world over in another “circular letter” to support the so-called "Vance Plan." 

 For those Serbs with blotted-out or faded memories, the "Vance Plan" supposedly "ended the 1991 war in Croatia."  In fact, it started Yugoslavia's occupation by NATO. 

 This writer was livid about that "Vance Plan" at the time.  For, for the first time in modern history, it called for deployment of foreign troops on Yugoslavia's sovereign soil, under the guise of "blue helmets."  Consequences of that Slobodan Milosevic strategic and tragic mistake, about which I had told off Milosevic to his face in February 1992 (if interested, search our web site for details, or check out this writer’s Washington Times column, July 1998), are now regrettably visible even to ordinary people, not only to statesmen and to supposedly strategic thinkers.  

Yet some of the Serbian Diaspora "leaders," who now seem to be again saying "vote no matter what," also hailed the "Vance Plan" back in 1991.  Which was the prelude to the "ethnic cleansing" of nearly one million Serbs during the 1990s by the "blue helmets" and NATO.

 In this writer’s opinion, if leaders of the Serb Diaspora should be telling the Serbian people in Serbia anything (and again, in my humble opinion, they should not - at least not until the Serbs in the Diaspora have a vote in Serbian elections), it is that they should BOYCOTT any vote that would endorse the fraudulent "victories" by either Milosevic or the Clinton/Albright-proxies.


After all, Hitler was also elected by a popular vote…  And in an election far more honest than today’s American or Serbian “demo farces”.

Any vote in a fraudulent election or in a plutocratic society only serves to legitimize the oppression of the regime.  And that's what the Three Stooges of the Serb Diaspora, who are ostensibly opposed to the Milosevic regime, advised their countrymen to do? 

O tempora, o mores...

With harebrained advisers like that, the Serbs back home might as well just follow the old national saw - "trust in yourself and in your own horse." 


Bob Djurdjevic, founder of TRUTH IN MEDIA of Phoenix, Arizona, is an internationally published author, e-mail: 

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