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TiM Bulletin 2010-10

Nov 25, 2010

Where's Uncle Sam when we need him?

TSA Patdowns: Another Government Assault on Our Rights

"Ignore your rights, and they will go away" (TiM Reader, 1995); Beware of Janet's in Government!


Where's Uncle Sam when we need him?

TSA Patdowns: Another Government Assault on Our Rights

"If you don't defend your rights, they will go away" (TiM Reader, 1995)

Beware of Janet's in Government!

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 25 - It may be time for Uncle Sam to reincarnate and shake things up - in Washington.  For, the New World Order (NWO) Uncle Sam impostors, such as Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano, are showing their ugly faces - by their deeds. 

"Stop harassing my people," Uncle Sam might want to order the federal government officials who are trampling on our rights like trash on the ground.  "Patdowns" and full body scanners at nation's airports are the latest examples o invasive tactics.  Never mind that not once (!) since the 9/11 has any government scanner discovered any threat to our security at any of the domestic airports!

First you scare'm, then you make'm pay for protection.  Sound familiar?  Remind you of "Godfather," perhaps?  Or Orwell's "Big Brother?" 

Well, take a look at that photo cartoon on the right.  You will see the latest NWO reincarnations of those scary characters.

When Janet Napolitano was the governor of Arizona, she trampled on my home state citizens' rights by installing so many cameras in the streets and roadways of Phoenix our state capital looked like a sprawling prison.  Meanwhile, she allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to use Arizona as a springboard into the U.S. (see "Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself," July 2010). Now as head of Homeland Security, Janet and her boss, the Prez, are invading the American citizens' privacy nationwide with their "patdowns."

So it's okay to let potential terrorists sneak across our borders as illegal immigrants, and then harass millions of American citizens, including the indigent, pretending to be "protecting" us?  Thanks, but no thanks.  Where was our government on 9/11 when we could have used some real protection?  Asleep at the wheel, hiding in their foxholes, or aiding and abetting the assailants?

No wonder the people are pushing back.  Enough is enough.  Lawsuits are being filed against the government and the TSA.  Outraged citizens are talking to the media about their ordeals.  Like that man from Michigan, a bladder cancer patient, whose urinary bag the TSA morons broke while patting him down before a flight.  He was both embarrassed and livid. 

"Guess you're under a lot of heat?" this writer said last week to a frazzled-looking TSA officer at a JFK airport security line in New York.

"Yes, we are," he admitted.  "That's why we are not using the new machines."

It was only then I noticed the idled security scanners behind the usual X-ray portals.  "Interesting," I thought.

But the government is not backing down.  Once the mafia get the upper hand, they don't let go of the victim easily. 

So what are they doing about the public uproar?  You won't believe this, but Janet Napolitano is apparently considering EXEMPTING the Muslim women from patdowns!?  So reverse "racial profiling" is okay? 

Check out this story from Colorado's Greeley Gazette (Nov 17):

Napolitano considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at Airports!

By Jack Minor

With the holidays fast approaching, the Transportation Security Administration has announced new security procedures requiring passengers selected for secondary screening to go through a machine that produces a full body scan producing a nude but grainy, black and white image. Passengers choosing to opt out of the scan will face a full body pat.

The head of Homeland Security has indicated the government is considering the request of an Islamic organization that has suggested Muslim women be allowed to pat themselves down during a full body search that is part of new enhanced procedures at airports.

Since implementing the procedures, numerous complaints have arisen that the search is not a "pat-down" but rather feeling and grabbing along a person’s genitalia and other areas until they meet resistance. Critics have said the pat-downs would be considered sexual assault if performed elsewhere.


[CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story]

Perhaps Janet is saving the Muslim women to pat them down herself? [she is rumored to be a closet lesbian - see YouTube: Is Napolitato Lesbian?].   As a friend of mine from Chicago noted, those are exactly the kinds of people who should be screened more carefully.  We know that it wasn't a cancer patient from Michigan or that little old lady in the above cartoon that carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Jokes aside, the government assault on our rights is serious matter.  If we don't resist it, we will lose them.

Re. "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99).
As one of TiM readers put it in a letter to the editor in 1995, "ignore your rights, and they will go away."

If our rights were infringed in 1994-95 by Bill Clinton and another Janet (Reno - his Attorney General - right), who used Waco and Oklahoma City the way Bush and Obama have used 9/11 to strip us of our rights), then they are getting shredded now by Obama and Janet. 

Even Clinton's wife, now Obama's Secretary of State, took exception when asked about patdowns in a recent media interview with New York Daily News (Nov 23):

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put down TSA pat-downs on Sunday, calling it an "offensive" security measure she wouldn't want to experience herself.

"Everybody is trying to do the right thing," Clinton said on CBS' "Face The Nation." "I understand how difficult it is, and how offensive it must be for the people who are going through it."

Asked if she would be willing to submit to an airport frisk, Clinton laughed and admitted, "Not if I could avoid it. No, I mean who would?"


[CLICK HERE to read the full story]

Well, there is one way to avoid the patdowns.  Don't fly.  Or fly less.  And only when you have to.  Which has been this writer's New Year's resolution for the last two years in a row anyway.

But there is no easy way to avoid the government intrusions into our lives or our wallets.  So how about it, Uncle Sam?  Will you come down and tell Janet and Obama to stop harassing us?

Meanwhile, beware of Janet's in government! 

Bob Djurdjevic is a writer and consultant based in Haiku (Maui), Hawaii.  He is a free-thinking humanist.  Which means he is neither Republican nor Democrat.  You can find more of his research and columns at (geopolitical) and (business) and his personal web site

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