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TiM Bulletin 2010-07

Sep 9, 2010

Do you hear New World Order war drums beating again?  Iran, here we come...

Ginning Up Another War

Don't fall for commercially-inspired and media-engineered hatred: Planned burning of Koran books and New York mosque "controversy" are parts of "Wag the Dog"-scenario being played out by New World Order establishment as prelude to another war; Pastor backs off his book-burning plan


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"Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce"

Do you hear New World Order war drums beating again?  Iran, here we come...

Ginning Up Another War

Don't fall for commercially-inspired and media-engineered hatred: Planned burning of Koran books and New York mosque "controversy" are parts of "Wag the Dog"-scenario being played out by NWO establishment as prelude to another war

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 9 - Over 15 years ago, when the world's attention was focused on Bosnia, one of the early products of the "Washington Crisis Factory," we uncovered the truth about what makes the New World Order tick.  In a nutshell, its slogan should be "perpetual war for perpetual commerce," not "world peace through world trade," the official mantra that's being drummed into us by the establishment media (see Ginning Up Another Crisis, Washington Times, Mar 1998, Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce, Washington Times, Aug 1998, New World Order Flag, Nov 1999). 

Since that time, we have been using the decade-long experience of a war correspondent for early detection of the next eruption of the NWO war volcano (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq...).  We are hearing those war drums again.  As always, they are disguised as chirping of the doves of peace (see "Another NWO Humanitarian Mission"-cartoon - right).  "Innocent sheep" in wolves' clothing start crying wolf while sharpening their knives for another attack.

You know what they say about the difference between mechanical and civil engineers who work on NWO "humanitarian projects?"  Mechanical engineers build the weapons.  Civil engineers build the targets. :-)

It is not hard to guess who the target will be.  Iran, of course.  The only question is when?  Soon, would be our answer.

What makes us so certain?  Well, past experience, of course.  "It's deja vu all over again," as Yogi Berra said.  Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq... The NWO has established a predictable pattern in the way it manufactures crises and wages war in order to quell them. 

Strike One: Mosque Near WTC in New York

We first heard the drums of war in June.  A friend from Canada sent a video and photo report about a protest in New York City against a planned building of a mosque near the World Trade Center.  He dressed it up with some inflammatory comments about how the mainstream media were supposedly ignoring the news.  Here's what we wrote to this friend in Canada contemporaneously, in early July:

Thanks, W.  I was unaware of this ground zero controversy until you sent me this email.  But upon a quick research on the web, I see that some of the major media did cover it (Fox News, for example, which is certainly a major network).  

As a Christian whose family and ancestors had suffered more than 500 years of Muslim oppression and terror (in Serbia), and having seen examples of their brutality as a war correspondent in Bosnia or Kosovo, I should probably be the last one to say anything positive about them.  Yet, I can see examples of bigotry and intolerance in the banners and among people below, and calls for condemnation of terrorism by the Muslim leaders who want to build that mosque/cultural center in that Fox News story.  

Are we to blame all Muslims, including these American citizens, for what foreign Islamic terrorists have done?  If so, are we also going to hold all Christians responsible for the crimes committed during the Crusades or by the Nazis?  (Don't forget that Hitler and Mussolini thought they were advancing a Christian cause and had full support of the Vatican).

Intolerance is what led the pilgrims to leave England in pursuit of religious freedom.  This country (America) is founded in part on guarantees of religious freedom.  Of course, I understand the raw emotions of the families of the 9/11 victims as I do of those who oppose an individual's right to burn an American flag, for example.  But once you start restricting people's freedoms, where do you stop?  Hopefully before you wake up one day in a Nazi America run by white supremacists or Judeo-Christian zealots.

For what it's worth... Thanks for this thought-provoking story.

By now, of course, everybody can see how ludicrous that assertion was - that the media were supposedly ignoring this "controversy."  Everybody and his uncle got into the act.  Most normal people are sick and tired of hearing about it and seeing it in the news over and over again for almost three months now.  Which is why you have not seen a comment from TiM until now.

Strike Two: Burning of Koran Books in Florida

A few days ago, the NWO drumbeat got louder.  It was supposedly brought on by some evangelical pastor in Florida who announced plans to burn the Koran books on 9/11 (Koran or Quran, is the Islamic equivalent of a Bible, a holy book).  Suddenly, you cannot help but hear about this madness everywhere you turn. Then just as I was about to tune out of such ridiculous stories about what some Floridian kook thinks (which is what I had initially discerned), I got this question from a New York TiM reader whom I respected:

The US government would like to ban the evangelical Christians from burning the Koran on 911 and from their radio broadcasts entitled THE LIE OF ISLAM.  What are your thoughts?

As you know, I try not to get drawn into every controversy in the news, especially some that seemed as preposterous as this one, but I realized there was a larger issue at stake here.  The NWO war drums are beating again.  As the Truth in Media editor, I felt it was my responsibility to forewarn people again before they fall into under the spell of commercially-inspired hatred.  So this is how I replied to that TiM reader:

"Any Book Worth Burning Is a Book Worth Reading"

J., what I have been wondering is why is our lamestream media giving so much coverage to a crazy UNchristian pastor from FL whose church following numbers 50 people?  In other words, why is the NWO Establishment trying to inflame the anti-Muslim hatred?  It makes no sense (if they are really for peace).

Ditto re. that mosque deal in NY.  It was blown out of all proportion.  

Why not let the sleeping dog lie?  

If you want me to speculate, it could be because they are priming the pump for a strike against Iran (on Israel's behalf, of course... neither Iraq nor Iran have ever threatened OUR [American] security).

As for the book burning plan, I was reminded of two things: 1) Hitler (and the Inquisition); 2) A plaque someone once gave me in honor of my TiM work.  It read: "Any book worth burning is a book worth reading."

So watch this space for more anti-Islamic rhetoric.  And be mindful of the anti-Serbian rhetoric in the 1990s.  It is the same poison.  Don't drink it.

Inspiring hatred of any religious sect or any ethic group for any reason is poison for the soul.  The US government and the NWO media it controls are guilty of giving voice to, and propagating globally the views of an individual extremist who has a following of 50 people.  Thereby, they are deliberately fostering hatred of and endangering all Americans, including you and I (see photo of anti-American demonstrations in Kabul, Afghanistan, for example, and the just-issued [09-Sep-2010 09:15:45 PM GMT] warning: Global: Official Travel Advice: U.S. warns of potential for violent response to burning of Quran.). 

If our government and the major media really cared about peace and the security of American people, they would have simply ignored this crazy Florida plan to burn holy books, just as they pay no heed to any other nonsensical ideas. But this pastor's rants obviously served their purposes of whipping up hatred of Islam in America, using that pastor as a mouthpiece.

So Washington politicians and the major media are guilty of complicity of helping the spread the poison of hatred and intolerance while ostensibly preaching against it.  That's a typical NWO double-talk and "Wag the Dog"-scenario.

Our Forefathers understood the dangers that come from hatred when they wrote in the The Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...

It would appear that our Washington government has learned nothing from its own history.  And people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Let us not join them in their dirty games.  Let's not drink their anti-Islamic poison.  Come November, let's elect politicians who preach and PRACTICE tolerance and peace, not hatred and aggression.  And let's always remember that, "any book worth burning is a book worth reading."  

P.S.: Florida Pastor Backs Off, Rails against Muslim Crimes in Former Yugoslavia

Shortly after our above editorial was published, the Florida pastor backed off his book-burning plans.  But in a televised statement earlier in the day, he railed against the Muslim crimes against the Christians in former Yugoslavia.  Check out this MSNBC video:

Then the pastor proceeded to cancel the burning of the Koran.  Here's a report about it from today's New York Times:

This is what we said about the latest developments to the TiM reader who sent us the above video:

Two wrongs don't make a right.  If the pastor wanted to protest crimes against the Christians in Serbia or Bosnia, he should have done that rather than mess with other people's holy books.  Of course, then the establishment media would have ignored him as they ignored the crimes against the Serbs on the ground in former Yugoslavia.

Everybody who has been following TiM should know by now about the 150 destroyed Christian churches and various other atrocities that the Muslims committed against the Serbs in Kosovo.  I suspect that this Green Beret was talking about Kosovo.  Wish that people like that would come out of the shadows and publicly name names and places of what they saw. Otherwise, their information is worthless gossip.  I have also had information like that given to me over the years by our CIA and Special Forces people, but none of them would go on the record about it.  I find that almost as disgusting as the government cover up of these events.

Be that as it may, back to the pastor, he never mentioned either Kosovo or the Serbs during his long TV tirade.  He kept on mentioning the non-existent country 'Yugoslavia."  Which goes to show us how ignorant he is of the subject he chose to discuss as diversion from his crazy book-burning idea.

Anyway, this writer, for one, is glad that this Koran charade is over.  At least for now.

Bob Djurdjevic is a writer and consultant based in Haiku (Maui), Hawaii.  He is a free-thinking humanist.  Which means he is neither Republican nor Democrat.  You can find more of his research and columns at (geopolitical) and (business) and his personal web site

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