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TiM Forum 2010-03

July 2, 2010

Black-clad goons infiltrate, mar peaceful demonstration at G20 meeting in Toronto 

TiM Readers' Forum re. "Ugly Face of Globalism"

Canada seen as "police state" now: Brutal police action against weekend protesters draws out new demonstrators June 29, people, Toronto media demand full public inquiry


Black-clad goons infiltrate, mar peaceful demonstration at G20 meeting in Toronto;  over 900 people later detained, many roughed up and some young women molested by police while in detention

Ugly Face of Globalism on Display in Toronto

Canada seen as "police state" now: 19,000 police confront demonstrators, mow down their civil rights like weeds; protests overshadow meeting of 20 global prima-donnas; markets sag in response to G20 plan to cut spending

Your Turn... "Vive la Difference!"

HAIKU, MAUI, July 2 - Immediately after the "Ugly Face of Globalism" piece was published at the Truth in Media web site, we started to get reactions from various people around the world.  The feedback was quite interesting because of its diversity.  So "vive la difference," as the French say.  But first, here's an update to our original Toronto story...

CANADA: Did Toronto Police Brass Cuff, Muzzle Their Own Officers?

TORONTO, July 1 - Here's an update to our original Toronto story.  It appears the orders to stand down and let the black-hooded goons do their dirty work in the streets of Toronto came from the top - the police brass cuffed and muzzled their own officers.  A Toronto Sun columnist, Joe Warmington, writes that several frontline officers had told him they were ordered not to get involved.

Surprise, surprise... right, given that all three levels of Canadian governments cow-towed before the G20 "aristocrats" like a bunch of poodles.

"It was awful," one officer told Warmington. "There were guys with equipment to do the job, all standing around looking at each other in disbelief."

Here's a link to the full story...

Last Updated:  June 30, 2010 8:29am

Warmington: Cops had hands 'cuffed


Let's hope that there is a public inquiry and that, when the full truth emerges from it, real culprits end up behind bars.

And now, here's a sampling of letters we have received....

SERBIA - Protesters Have No Right to Disrupt My Life

BELGRADE, June 30 - We received the first reaction from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and the site of many protests in the past, and it seems now, too:

You are beginning to sound like Bianca Jagger writing against brutal Serbs raping poor innocent women in Bosnia by the thousands.

Living in a city paralyzed at least once a week by some protestors who feel it is their right to stop mothers from getting home after work to feed their children in order to bring to the media's attention their plight or right or just an opinion, I can fully sympathize with your angry Canadian friend. He probably, like myself, does not care who the protestors are, what they are protesting against (or for) and whether they are tools of instigation by a corrupt government or people with genuine grievances. He just wants to move on.

To paraphrase Darwin, people that will survive and thrive are not the strongest, the smartest, the most moral, but those that best adopt to change. Protestors are those who cannot adopt or do not want to. 

In the late 1800's in France villagers tore up railroad tracks believing the railway is responsible for the phylloxera outbreak that destroyed their vineyards. Earlier Ludits threw their wooden clogs into the gears of the machines to force the return to manual manufacturing. Today people are more sophisticated and better informed, so they protest against GM crops and free movement of capital and labor. They have as much chance to succeed as Ludits had. Should vast majority of people who adopt to change rather than resist it allow the minority to terrorize them? I can tell you that in Belgrade people no longer do. Last week angry drivers got out their tyre irons and some 20 protestors sitting on the main boulevard in front of the Parliament and blocking miles and miles of rush hour traffic suddenly decided that sidewalk is just as good a place to express their democratic rights. I would rather have police in armor disperse the demonstrators than citizens themselves. Having citizens turn against each other is ugly and always ends badly for everyone.

Those protestors have an option to field their candidate in the elections, to disseminate his message, to vote, to write petitions and organize referendum. Disrupting my life because they don't like current policies is not one of the options I can support.

B.A., Belgrade, Serbia

FRANCE - Extremely Well Put!

PARIS, June 30 - We received the following comment from a senior business executive in Paris, France:

Hi Bob, thanks for your article on this: extremely well put!


P.H., Paris, France

CANADA: Why Did Police Ignore "Black Thugs?" - a Valid Question

TORONTO, June 30 - We received the following comment from a Canadian friend in Toronto:


By changing your position from: "I now have unequivocal photographic proof that those thugs wearing black masks and smashing windows and setting cars on fire were in fact undercover police."  

To: "Of course, what happened in Quebec is no proof that the same thing occurred on Toronto streets on Saturday." 

... you have avoided trashing your own credibility as a serious geopolitical observer, and gone on to write a thought and action provoking article. 

Why the handful of ‘black thugs’ were seemingly ignored by thousands of nearby police is a very valid important question.

Your and Boyd Erman’s wrap-up (below) is a pretty good summary of my position: the G20 as it was done was an abuse of power by our federal & provincial governments.

I expect they will confirm that in elections.

W.M., Toronto, Canada

To which this writer replied - BEFORE seeing the Warmington column above:

HAWAII: "If You Don't Take Care of Your Rights, They Will Go Away"

Thanks for your feedback, as always.  You'd make a good lawyer.  But so would I, I have been told many times.   However, proof is in the eyes of a beholder.  What was good enough for me was evidently not proof enough for you.  Fine.  That's why we have 12 people on juries so they can debate the finer points of law and logic. 

But we are not dealing with lawyers here. Nor juries.  We are dealing with hooligans of the highest order.  And no, I am not speaking of the black-hooded thugs.  I am talking about the new global "aristocrats", the so-called New World Order (NWO), which Bush Sr. announced in Sep 1990.  They are trying to commit grand larceny by robbing us of our rights and freedom, and the countries of their sovereignty. That's why I told you in my previous email that there were larger issues at play here than just the possible undercover police work.  That, I will leave the civil libertarians and lawyers of Canada to deal with.  

The main point and thrust of my article was to elevate our point of view from the street level to a higher global perspective.  As I had been doing nearly full-time for 12 years since founding the Truth in Media in 1990, I wanted to alert and enlighten the reader to what's really going on; that almost nothing is ever what it seems when it comes to such spineless people.  I wanted to the reader to consider his/her rights are a precious and perishable commodity.  As one of the TiM readers put it a long time ago, "if you don't take care of them, your rights will go away."

The Toronto events this weekend have shown again that just because people have the rights written on paper, there is no guarantee they will keep them  Unless they are willing to protect them and fight for them.  

That's a lesson I learned a very long time ago, when I was a young student "revolutionary" taking part in the first-ever anticommunist government uprising in Belgrade in June 1968. Fearing that the Belgrade police would not shoot their sons and daughters, president Tito, the communist dictator, had brought in thousands of heavily armed police and troops from the provinces.  We, the students, faced them with just bare arms, but also with something more potent: a deep sense of righteousness and a resolve not to give up.  

In the end, after a 12-day stand-off, Tito backed down.  We "won."  My fellow-student revolutionaries sang and danced a victory dance in Belgrade's main square.  And I sat at home, watched them on TV, and wept. Because I knew that ours was a Pyrrhic victory; that, after we go home, Tito would try to pick us off one at a time.  So I left the country - illegally and forever.  

The point of the story?  I hope that the Canadian civil libertarians and all people who feel they were abused and stripped of their rights this weekend don't let up.  If they wait till the next election, the real hooligans - the government leaders who abused the people's rights - will get away with it.  Just like the black-hooded thugs, they will shed their clothes and blend into the crowd.  So that the next column of elected officials, who are also willing to sell out their souls and their people to the NWO interests, can continue their dirty work.

FRANCE - The Same Thing Happened in Paris

PARIS, June 30 - Here's another letter from France, from the wife of that senior business executive:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your input. I am not surprised at all! A few years ago I attended a demonstration in Paris. My group (the socialist party) was waiting patiently because traditionally unions walk before political parties. For three hours, the police were around but incredibly disappeared just before the group of black rioters arrived.... It suited the government to say that the demonstrators were violent, whereas over a million people had demonstrated perfectly peacefully, old and young, even babies among them.

M-C. H., Paris, France

To which this writer replied:

Thanks for sharing that, M-C. That's what I have been trying to tell my Canadian friends - that what happened this weekend in Toronto was neither unique nor extraordinary - typical NWO behavior.

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