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TiM Forum 2007-02

Aug 27, 2007

We leave our rights behind when we enter a U.S. airplane: All passengers are treated as presumed terrorists 

Readers' Forum re. "Terror in the Sky"

If we don't protect our rights, they will go away.  Our government and the airlines are doing their darnedest to see that happens.


Your Turn...

SCOTTSDALE, Aug 27 - Even before the final version of "Terror of the Sky" was published earlier today, initial reactions by my friends who had previewed the article - all high-level, well-traveled business executives from around the world -  have been overwhelmingly positive.  There was only one dissenting view (see below).  Which is great.  Because only in totalitarian countries there is alleged uniformity of opinion. 

It seems my essay has struck a nerve.  One New York executive said he was hoping to see the piece on the front page of the New York Times.  I won't be holding my breath, knowing some of their editors, but I did send them a copy of the story.

Anyway, here are some of the initial reactions to the essay, more or less in chronological order as I received them.  I have withheld their full names even though most have given me permission to use them, lest the governments or airlines are tempted to mess with the people who speak the truth.  You will also find see here a response/apology I got today from American Airlines.

JAPAN - "Mafia Thing" Also Applicable to Japan, China

TOKYO, Aug 27 - We received the first reaction from Japan, as befits the "country of the rising Sun."  Here's what a senior corporate vice president with one of Japan's largest companies wrote:

I enjoyed your note attached. I have two comments to contribute:

                (1) This Mafia thing is also applicable to Japan and China. It seems Mafia thing works everywhere in the world.  In Japan they are called "Yakuza", and they do exactly what you wrote.

                (2) I wonder if we can make comparison between Airline carriers and passenger boats. In the passenger boats, captain also has authority over passengers, the customers, for the safety purpose. But I do not hear boat captains and boat attendants being rude or authoritative. Maybe with their long history, they just behave at the normal situation, and only in the unsafe situation they work with given authority. But airline carriers have still shorter history in their business, they do not know how to use their authority. Maybe they feel they are elite. Or they just take words from government and stick to government instruction as they are more regulated than passenger boat business.

                I agree with your notion to protect rights.  But in addition to it, I would recommend further that airline carriers should work harder to lessen regulation, not in terms of safety, but by competition among themselves.  Cheers!

                T.U., Senior Corporate Vice President, Connecticut

ARIZONA - We Need to Wake Up Or We Will See Our Rights Further Diminished

PHOENIX, Aug 26 - We received the following comment from a CPA in Arizona, who is also a world traveler:

Hi Bob

Your essay makes good points. The government and the airline industry have done a good job of intimidating the flying public, without really providing security. Unwilling to make the investment needed for real security, they have been able to convince us that relinquishing our rights as citizens is necessary to avoid the next terrorist attack. What will happen when the next one comes? We need to wake up or we will see our rights further diminished.

J.T., Arizona

CONNECTICUT - How Much Abuse Is Enough?  Friend Arrested for Crying!

CONNECTICUT, Aug 26 - We received this comment from a senior female business executive with a major IT company in the New York area:

 Bob, I am so glad you wrote it.... I was just thinking about the same - how  much is enough? This type of abuse goes on and on - and we have less and less rights as passengers.

You mentioned cream being taken off.  Well, two days ago, they took away my eyebrow tweezers.  I am still trying to figure out how I can do any harm with those - overpluck, perhaps?

Before the same flight - we were flying (my husband and I) from Mexico - they took away a bottle of water bought at the gate, well after the luggage control, still icy-cold with a receipt in hand.  My husband could not take his medication until an hour later, when the stewardess finally brought a glass of water (we waited for an hour before the take-off which seems to be a norm these days). 

I can list numerous occasions when I was singled out to be frisked.  Whoever tells me it's statistical should go back to school . When we flew to London on vacation last year and I was singled out again my husband stood aside and counted: he counted 11 women singled out while waiting for me and not a single kidding.

I did send letters of complaints to Delta for being rude to - lucky me, waited for landing to do it after I made the same mistake you did: told the steward I would report him. Got an immediate promise to be handcuffed 'for screaming at the flight attendant'. So I shut up and sent a letter when I got back and got a standard  letter back with lots of customer-care talk, and not a word of apology.

 Recently a friend of mine missed her flight because of Delta overbooking  their flight to NYC. So that she had to change terminals with bags twice to get to Boston connection - apparently no agent could give her a correct information of where to go. So she ended up sitting on the floor crying. Guess what?  She got arrested and spent a night in jail for that. She is
 preparing to sue the airline now.

 So, it goes on and on.....good luck with your letter. I liked your idea of  writing to a senator - this is what I will do next time. There should be a way to curb the airlines dictatorship masked as protecting us.

I.K., Connecticut

NEW YORK - Hope Your Story Makes the Front Page of the New York Times

NEW YORK, Aug 26 - We received the following cryptic comment from senior business executive with a major IT company in New York area:

It is all too common.  I hope your story makes the front page of the New York Times.  It should...

B.D., New York

ARIZONA - Threats to Our Freedom Stem from Government's Failure to Do Its Job (9/11)

Moral of the Story: Don't Travel by Air Unless You Absolutely Must

SCOTTSDALE, Aug 26 - We received the following comment from a corporate sales representative from Scottsdale:

Bob, I’m sorry to hear about your experience and to answer your question- yes it’s a story worthy for publishing. I’m sure it will provide the genesis for useful debate and sharing of similar stories by frequent travelers.

I feel that what’s happening to our freedom rights stems from the governments failure to do its job in the first place. Because the Federal intelligence and security agencies dropped the ball, while asleep at the wheel, distracted and disabled from internal squabbles for power- they allowed terrorists to pull off 911. And now we all suffer through bureaucratic safety measures which look good, but really don’t achieve anything but large scale hassle and the infringements you’ve highlighted. The cost/benefit trade-off between liberty and security is worth applying in my opinion, but the way things are going its very difficult (if not impossible) to attribute any benefits to the costs. The financial costs are staggering too.

My sense is that your experience or incident of terror in the sky had more to do with the revenge or preemptive strike by the flight attendant. Anyone that’s traveled will be able to identify with your story, and there are probably many similar stories (and worse) if someone wanted to research it.  Good luck.

The moral of the story: Don’t travel by air unless you absolutely must, or buy your own plane.

  G.R., Arizona

CALIFORNIA - Our Country Is Becoming a Police State

SAN DIEGO, Aug 28 - Alas, even flying your own airplane is no shelter from the government's long intrusive arm.  "The security/surveillance/scrutiny is catching up now to private aviation, too," writes D.G.S., former head of an aviation company in California.  Here's an excerpt from a comment he has sent about "Terror in the Sky" to his own list of friends:

This (Bob's) account should alarm most of us, but it will not.  People have for too long been giving up their freedoms for the illusion of safety/security, while our country is reformed into a police state or ARMED MADHOUSE.

I use to travel by commercial airline 2+ times weekly in the 90's.  I did not ever have problems and found it was a flexible and convenient way to travel for my job.  Since 9/11/2001, I've only taken one airline trip to Hawaii and do everything I can to avoid airline travel now but would love to take some international trips so I'll have to fly. 

I don't like the incremental criminalization of Americans (and myself).  I don't like the feeling of being molested and interrogated by taking off my shoes and belt.  And that was not even secondary or the 3rd check that many people get.  They are not going to take my liquids and gels, period.  It is a matter of principle, I have never been a great conformist of
feeling like cattle being herded (thus why I never-ever attend sporting events). 

It would not make me feel safer to be subjected to what the masses seem to accept, to go through machines, sniffers and be padded or wanded down.  The county sheriff deputies were standing there (in a courthouse), and I put my cell/wallet/keys/pen through the detector in the little tray, I felt they were more civil to me than the folks at the airports who walk around like little Nazi people.  Some even carry their AR15s on their shoulders just to impress me a little more.

Just keep running the reruns from 9/11 of big shiny airplanes hitting tall shiny buildings and then they all fall down, and I suspect the people will eventually agree to standard strip searches with body cavity inspections.  You know, it is for our safety.  Another 9/11 and I'm afraid we will all be told to sit down and not talk.  You'll have your own neighbors taking video of you with their cell phone when you are out after the 9pm curfew that they will establish to of course (say in unison, clap your hands) "keep us all safe." 

For many foreigners coming here from suppressed countries or dictatorships, they see this as something from their country of origin. For those that came here with much more freedom from their source, they see the differences here.  For those like myself that can still remember what it was like just a short-decade ago, believe me, I see the development of a police state and something far more sinister.

I've made some big mistakes in my life, the ones affecting people directly ranks as most regrettable, but one of the ones I do regret is shutting down my business in the jet charter industry because that industry (charter, fractional shares and full ownership of aircraft) has taken off incredibly since 9/11 because those with money and options, along with the desire to maintain a sense of freedom, are not traveling on commercial airlines unless they have to.  One slight problem, the security/surveillance/scrutiny is catching up now to private aviation too.

You must read the account of Bob's experience below, on American Airlines.  It is detailed and hundreds of people go through this every day now with the power Nazis who warn us that we should fear the Muslims. 

D.G.S, San Diego

NORTH CAROLINA - Great Read, But You'll Be Pissing in the Wind

CHARLOTTE, Aug 26 - We received this comment from a scientist who lives and works in the Charlotte, NC, area.  Here are excerpts from a longer letter:

You'll be pissing in the wind, my friend, should you send this out, other than to those who you call friends.
I KNOW I have mentioned to you before, back in the late 1990s...hard to believe how fast time flies... what an NSA fellow told us (US researchers here) about how things were going to be changing in the U.S. up to the year 2050. He mentioned that things were going to become draconian, and that by that time there would not be a U.S. Constitutional government, because you can't have people being patriotic to a country when you're trying to run a things from a global government administration.

I said that the reason "they" were interested in our research was to find a way to power aircraft carrier size crafts at 50,000 feet to patrol in both an offensive and defensive posture. I mentioned how this was their way of "containing" (their word) the masses as the economy was purposely restructured (demolished for the average American and by destroying the Constitution for all intents and purposes), and demographically changing the landscape (legal and illegal immigrants that don't share our Western value system) to bring most of us to nearly a 3rd World level.

Bob, I was serious then, and I've never strayed from that... Because since 1989, I have watched EVERY word that they spoke, slowly but surely unfold before my very eyes. Even the wars in the Middle East.... bar none, the NSA told it like it has happened ever since.
So you write this up (YES, it is a great read, like all of your works Bob and believe me, I have the greatest respect for you as both a human being and the professional person that you are)... what do you honestly think will happen? I mean, do you think everyone will get all bent out of shape and sell their AA stock tomorrow? Not in my opinion. 

Do you think they will write their Congressman/woman? I don't. No Bob...because think about it for a moment...I mean...really give this a are NOW BRANDED! Oh, I know, they'll let you fly onwards...but don't think for ONE MINUTE that they won't watch you on every other flight from now on...

Welcome to my world Bob! :-) I'm educated, I've worked with people that have worked with directly with Einstein and Von Braun (as I've mentioned before)...but...when you learn too much, discover too many "things" that they don't want you to know...they make your life...well..."different."

The real players in this game of Conquer the World are way, way up there...and they DON'T play nice. They don't worry about boat rockers...they just sink the whole boat. It means nothing to them. They have the means and the power to make things happen their way.
S.L., Charlotte, North Carolina

TiM Edit: I replied to S.L. that my purpose in publishing this article would be simply "to open some eyes, just as I do with all my other Truth in Media activities."  I can add to it now that "a thousand mile journey begins with a first step" (Confucius).  I encourage all TiM  readers to take it, as I just did, without fear or paranoia about retribution.  Fear is what the powers that be want to instill in us.  That's what Homeland Security warnings are all about.  If we let them scare us, they will win and we will be like vegetables.  Do you want to be a vegetable?  I don't.  I have faced communist guns and NATO bombs and they didn't scare me.  So why would practicing constitutionally guaranteed free speech scare me?  Truth in Media has been doing it for 17 years now.

"Sink the whole boat?"  I doubt it.  But if so, fine with me.  Then they will have made a martyr out of a writer.  What a glorious way to go.  Being scared sucks.  Ask anyone who's been in wars.  But I think that my scientist-friend gives the ruling elite more credit for their power over us, American citizens, then they deserve.  All it takes is standing up and saying, "enough is enough" - enough times.  As Winston Churchill said, "all we have to fear is fear itself."

AUSTRALIA - Keep Up the Good Fight!

PERTH, Aug 27 - We received the following comment from an Australian businessman in Western Australia:

G’day Bob – very interesting commentary.  It’s many years since I’ve flown in the US, and so I don’t have a frame of reference, but I do hear of these stories from time to time.  The same level of paranoia and control which drives these behaviours thankfully still sits at the periphery here in Oz, although in certain areas it is creeping in (there’s fairly massive uproar in certain parts of Sydney about the APEC conference next week which will effectively shut down the whole Sydney CBD, and to which there is still some doubt as to whether  the leader of the free world will even attend, but that’s another story). 

The airline staff I experience here are very good, and whilst Perth (domestic) airport has its fair share of goons, in other Australian cities I visit I have a more friendly experience.  But at a broader level, as a society we are regulated to the nth, particularly in the business sector.

 Good luck with your story – I think that you should publish it.  There’s a very quaint Australian (I assume) expression about “pissing into the wind”, and I think that’s probably what you’ll be doing, but, hey, go for it.  If enough people did, maybe things would change.  (And without in any way siding with or condoning the actions of those who actually do commit acts of terror such as 9/11, the reality as I perceive it is that they have had a far greater impact (win?) as judged by the all pervasive reaction of the Western world to their initial activities than they ever had with those activities in the first place.)

 Keep up the good fight!  Perhaps, as Arlo Guthrie famously said in his Alice’s Restaurant song in the early 70s, you’ll start a movement!  Keep me posted.

 P.C., Western Australia

BRITAIN/CANADA - Your Story Says It All

Our Acquiescence Is More Scary Than Government's Assault on Our Personal Rights

VICTORIA, BC, Aug 27 - We received the following comment from a retired banking executive who has just returned to Canada from his native Britain:

Hi, Bob:

I returned from the UK, yesterday and must empathize with your commentary.  Heathrow, which is a nightmarish airport at the best of times, has taken a progressively cynical view of their passenger/customers. Their standards of care and cavalier attitudes are slipshod and poor: the security rigmarole has gone way beyond a joke, and the blasť attitude to the personal rights of the clientele is actually quite frightening.  No, actually it is our acquiescence which is more scary.  In the name of the protection of our safety, we are permitting abusive and ever increasing manhandling.  

And, of course, the pursuit of the almighty dollar is allowing us less and less courtesy/service. Both airport staff and management hide their dirt and incompetence under the ‘safety’ rug.  

I complained, yesterday, when I was asked for the fifth time to produce id – and I had not left the secure area from the first id check.  I also complained when after having had my hand luggage rifled and having gone through a personal screening device, I and my fellow passengers were commanded to remove our shoes and pass them through their x-ray machine.  Now, perhaps you and I are fit enough to remove our shoes unaided: there are those who cannot and there was absolutely no arrangement for people to sit to both remove and replace their shoes.  Unacceptable.

My words of protest were ignored – it seemed I was creating a fuss, which I was not and even fellow passengers were more concerned with getting on with their day than voicing their objection. I don’t blame the traveler not wanting to create waves, but, like you, I think it mandatory we air our views and complain when our liberties and personal rights are being infringed.

I could add my own version of your horror show, but it is unnecessary: yours says it all.

As The Duke of Wellington said, when Harriette Wilson threatened to publish a biography of his life: “Publish and be damned”.

M.S., British Columbia

TEXAS - Base Problem Is Not Personal Liberties But Inability of Government to Profile as Needed

DALLAS, Aug 26 - Here's an excerpt from the only dissenting opinion we received from a senior business executive in Texas:

Maybe we are just two travelers looking at the same thing and reading the situation differently.   While I think some of the airport security is silly, I think the reason is quite different.

Somehow, the government and courts believe we cannot highly profile terrorist, run that profile against all both in and out of the airport,  then check them out where ever necessary. The actions and policy must say everyone must be treated the same. Making an old black or white lady with a crutch take her shoes off to go thru security is silly. Neither is making me take my belt off, assuming it is a normal belt.  So the base problem is not personal liberties, but the inability or unwillingness of the government to profile as needed.

The courts don’t make it any easier for the TSA, you, or me. Many judges being basic liberal wimps, that allow the 10 Muslim guys out of Miami to huddle in the airport, act strange on the plane, then bully the attendants… then file law suits for discrimination against the airlines and the government.  That is wrong in my book.

I would guess of the 8,000 attendants AA has that at least 200-300 of them are bad actors simply from a statistical basis. So, I don’t think you throw out all the rules, because of a few bad actors.  I’ll bet over the years, you have seen many people on flights that should have had their hands slapped or worse, but did not under the old rules.

When I get upset and the airport procedures, I get mad at the terrorists, not the TSA or the AA attendants.  I think you should not publish your letter. While I know you and your background, the average reader (99.9% of the people reading it) will have no prospective.

C.A., Texas

ARIZONA - Metamorphosis of Sky Waitresses to Sky Cops with Unlimited Power

PHOENIX, Aug 26 - We received the following comment from an IT manager in Arizona:

Hello Bob,

This is a very good story, and it has tremendous amount of general public appeal. Everyone who travels and has been experiencing this surreal metamorphosis of flight attendants from sky waitresses to sky cops with unlimited power, will appreciate your story. I see the general public appeal in lot of things you mentioned but primarily in the fact of dying politeness in this society that sometime makes me wonder whether I'm teaching my own kid a "wrong and dying skill."

Good luck in publishing this story.

D.J., Arizona

BRITAIN - Focus on the Airline, Not the Government

LONDON, Aug 27 - We received the following comment from a business executive in London, England:

Dear Bob,

I read your article with great interest.  Of course, we are experiencing that over here all the time.  I have to admit that here in London there is a great stink about it being made principally by big business, celebrities, etc.  I know that the London airport is one of the worst, but slowly, they are backing off, just because of that organized protest campaign and media stories.

People are different and so we have different observations.  I would personally attach the government less, and concentrate more on the fact that AA may have unilaterally exceeded its authority.  And even if it stayed within it, certainly that's not the way to handle a situation.

I also don't think that the article won't help much.  Instead, you should organize a meeting with some senior execs at AA, place a story on TV about how individuals misuse their power, etc.

S.P., London

TiM Edit: As my friend from London can see below, a meeting with senior AA execs was not necessary.  My letter seems to have done the trick, even without this article.

CANADA - U.S. Is Being Transformed into a Fascist Country

TORONTO, Aug 26 - We received the following comment from an architect and accomplished artist (painter) from Toronto, Canada (as you can see from the thumbnail of his latest painting - a "still life"):

Publish your story.  I am not sure if it will resonate in America, as the U.S. is being transformed into a fascist country. Communism was "small potatoes" compared to these cowboys.

B.M., Toronto

OHIO - Injustices of All Stripes Abound

KENT, Aug 26 - We received the following comment from a journalist from Kent, Ohio:

Hello, Bob! Asking the queen of lost causes whether to publish a piece that rails against an injustice and talks about our diminishing rights is like asking a junkie if they want a fix.

Certainly the subject has broad appeal and many readers can and will relate, judging from some of the horror stories I have heard. Unfortunately, the Internet is rife with tales of authority figures overstepping their bounds. Flying since 9-11, seems to be a favorite.

Injustices of all stripes abound. Have you gotten a dose of the legal system lately? The lawyers, judges and bureaucrats operating on your money, all seem to relish their authority over you.
God help you if you come up against any cop having a bad day in a situation where they want to teach you a lesson. Resisting arrest? Like I noted recently, customer service is similarly an oxymoron. I'm sure that my last run-in resulted in the rep taking a similar pre-emptive strike, pronouncing me a “very rude" customer when in fact I was merely advancing a rational argument.
I would be very interested to know what action AA takes in this matter. I think in the “old days," you could register a rational objection and the company would have bent over backward to set things right, and you the “good customer" would have been vindicated. If that occurs, please let me know, as I would want to put it in my Ripley's file.

In today's world, most companies it seems opt to offend a “good customer" rather than an employee, or more accurately the government or union that backs them and has way too much muscle.  In spite of all my jaded views, I say PUBLISH!

D.B., Ohio

TiM Edit:  Well, we hope that our journalist friend from Ohio will be heartened when she reads the following letter we got today from American Airlines.  No need to stay jaded.  :-)

EPILOGUE: ILLINOIS - American Airlines Responds, Apologizes, Takes Corrective Action

CHICAGO, Aug 27 - Here's an excerpt from a letter I received today from American Airlines.  It was a response to my letter to them of Aug 24.  The response was short and the action swift:

Dear Mr. Djurdjevic:

Thanks for contacting Customer Relations, and please accept my apology for the rude and unprofessional behavior you report by one of our flight crew on your August 24 trip with us.  We expect our personnel to perform their duties in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.  Therefore, I am especially concerned about your comments.  There is never an acceptable excuse for rude behavior, and I've shared the details of your experience with our Manager of Flight Service. 

Again, please accept our apology for the unsatisfactory service you reported, and rest assured that the appropriate supervisory personnel have handled the matter. (emphasis added)

Mr. Djurdjevic, although we disappointed you on this occasion, please know that we value your business.  We look forward to seeing you again soon.



Debbie Mahan, Customer Relations, American Airlines

TiM Edit: In my books, the closes the books on this particular incident.  I don't think a passenger/customer can expect anything more than this.  American Airlines reply was professional and to the point, and their corrective action swift and appropriate.  But other higher level issues about our general rights violations that were raised in my article remain.  We must stay vigilant in defending our rights.  This is a good example of how that sometimes pays off.  It should encourage us all to exercise our rights more.

SERBIA - It Pays to Complain, Denounce, Stand Ground and Fight Back

BELGRADE, Aug 28 - Speaking of which, as if on cue, we received the following comment this morning from an American ex-pat journalist/photographer who now lives in Serbia (see one of his recent photos - an old Gypsy playing "gusle," an ancient Serbian instrument, at a summer festival there):

Have had the same, from security checks where I am always friendly, to check in, to up in the sky. American Airlines I believe was a culprit as well. And when treated like shit and I complained, they called the cops, who asked judgmentally "what's your problem." I did file a report and the staff involved got dealt with by their bosses. It pays to complain.

Got a guy fired here from Sava Centar (large conference center) for treating me like shit. I threatened and used anti-Sava Centar reporting, which they were very sensitive to. Next time I came I was treated with velvet gloves.

It pays to complain, denounce, stand ground and fight back.
Spread this far and wide, write online review, and hit'm where it hurts, Bobo!

R.G., Belgrade

NEW HAMPSHIRE - It's About Money, Not Security

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Aug 28 - We received the following comment from Judith Moriarty, a writer who lives in New Hampshire and contributes her columns to Internet publishers:

Bob - yes your article 'Terror in the Sky', did hit a raw nerve with many people (just as the visual on the same subject 'No longer Free' That's  because people feel so angry and frustrated,  with nowhere to put it. It's senseless, as they've found out,  trying  to go the usual route of complaints to the airlines - your Congressman etc.  Under the guise of 'security' one is expected to adapt to the inconvenience - abuse - harassment - and invasion of their person. But then (we're both agreed) this is NOT about security - it's (about) $$$$ of contracts, to contractors who hire (sub-contract)  to inept, stooges, setting up these ridiculous security measures - alerts - daily fear theater announcements etc.

Once upon a time, I worked on a farm for a summer. Early in the morning  ( 5:00am) we'd herd the cows  all out to pasture - and at night bring them back. There was always the rebel cow that when off on her own... electric fences,  and a cattle prod the farmer carried - brought the cow quickly back in line.

That's the insulting thing about all of this (and those instituting it know it ). Here you have (some have been found to be felons for God's sakes) these rent a cops - getting a thrill out of lording it over those who (most ) are much more educated - moneyed (not having to work as a security guard), off on exotic trips - well dressed - etc. The people who've always screwed with them (so they think) and FINALLY it's their turn.

Power - even imagined power,  is a sick thing. When I worked in an institution - there were sick bastards who got their jollies off abusing helpless, crippled people -- namely because their lives were so God awful dreary - and hopeless - and powerless! 

We are supposed to believe,  with the BILLIONS we've spent on supposed defense, that 19 Arabs left their caves - took some lessons on crop dusters (failed) bought some $1.98 box cutters and pulled off this perfectly orchestrated event with high tech planes etc. PLEASE. I know I didn't just fall off the turnip truck last night.  If this is how damn (un)prepared we are security-wise, I say we surrender now. 

No (amount of) foot powder found  in the support hose of an Alzheimer traveler is going to have me thinking that we're ON TOP of things!!!  When you're building a global plantation, it is important to let the help - indentured slaves - know the boundaries, (the) rules, etc. That's why all this 'conditioning'... It's in preparation for modern day 'branding'... oops - ID chips - for security, mind you - something that gosh,  just can't be counterfeited.

You'll hear the brain-dead mutants  shouting, "Hey, if you don't have something to hide (dumb ass people ) why should you care?" Cows are a lot like that - stupid.

I'd like them to find out who sent military grade anthrax to certain Senator's offices - get the rent a cops down there, and while they're at it, instead of searching  the cabbage patch dolls of toddlers, they might look for that $2.3 trillion that Donald Rumsfeld reported couldn't be found - Sept 10-2001 (guess that got lost in the chaos of Sept 11 – huh?).

Judith Moriarty, New Hampshire

ARIZONA - Fighting for Freedom in Iraq While Losing It at Home

PHOENIX, Aug 28 - We received the following comment from the head of an insurance agency in Phoenix:

Bob, I just had the opportunity to read your draft.  I agree 100% with your feelings about our rights and freedoms being taken away.  It is a slow, creeping approach but it is relentless.  At one time, we were fighting in Iraq to create a Democracy and freedom while we are losing ours here.
A little power in the hands of the wrong people becomes a very scary situation - just as you experienced.
"Anyone who would trade their freedom for safety deserves neither freedom nor safety."  (Ben Franklin)

Please publish your story.

T.P., Phoenix

AUSTRALIA - We Are Getting Too Inured to All This Crap

SYDNEY, Aug 29 - We received the following comment from the head of a consulting firm in Sydney, Australia:

Well done. We might not see 100% on everything, but I agree 100% with everything you wrote on this one. I too have had serious trouble with attendants simply for having the temerity to answer back to arrogance and stupidity.

Why, I had an incident just last evening coming back from Melbourne. My crime was to question the reason for a stupid order “in front of other passengers”.

But in May, when I went cattle class Sydney – San Francisco with United Airlines, it was like a big party. The airline staff were happy and friendly, the passengers were too.  Customs & immigration were easy – but that’s they way it should be all the time. We are getting too inured to all this crap.

G.P., Sydney

AUSTRALIA - What If Nobody Came?

MELBOURNE, Aug 29 - We received the following comment from a Truth in Media reader in Melbourne, Australia:

Dear Bob, here in Australia a war vet was telling a class of children his story, and when he finished a small girl put her hand up to ask him a question. She told him how sad she felt for all his suffering, and then asked him this: "If a war was held tomorrow and nobody came, what would happen?"

So my question to you and your fellow Americans is this: If the president elections where held tomorrow and nobody came, what would happen?

History has shown what happens when slaves do the opposite to what their masters expect.

N.P., Melbourne, Australia

TiM Edit: History has also shown what happens when angry people rise up against tyranny, such as in 1776, 1788, 1917, 1941... They send the cruel masters packing.  You may also want to read George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

CALIFORNIA - A Priest: This Is Outrageous

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 29 - We received the following comment from a priest in San Francisco, California:

This is outrageous... to be treated like that. You do have the right to be treated respectfully. I don't think she knew that you had such a broad base of people who read (your articles). Now it is time to have them learn some compassion, if not some manners.

So what some militant Moslems took planes and blew them up? They (the airlines) shouldn't act is if everyone on board would do the same thing. Security and manners are different things.

It is too bad the attendants are drunk with power. I believe we have the right to a little bit of civility in the sky. Thank God I don't have to fly to Reno to serve the Royal Martyrs Church any more. It was such a hassle to go through security I stopped traveling. 

It is just like the Antiochean Orthodox Christian Church that got burned down because the Moslems murdered on 911. It seems you attack anyone that looks bad.  The Syrian Orthodox Church had Arabs going to church there, so you punish Moslems by burning down the Christian Church. Good old American reasoning. I pray that something is done before it gets out of hand.

It would not have killed the woman (flight attendant) to say please sit down until I go by. If you need to use the rest room I will inform you when it is empty.

With love in Christ
Fr. Mark

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