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TiM GW Bulletin 2002/6-1

June 11, 20026/12/2002

Bush’s “911 Brown Shirts” Rampage against U.S. Constitution, Liberties: American Arrested Basically for Surfing the Net, Now to Be Tortured?

Dirty Tricks with Dirty Bombs

Who Are the Real Anthrax Assailants? Wall Street Journal Spikes Published Story!


"United we stand!” 

Our heads in sand,

Our tails held high,

Our brains dumbed dry,

Our pockets picked clean,

In the Wall Street canteen.



Phoenix                                       1. Dirty Tricks with Dirty Bombs  

                                                     1a. Wall Street Journal Spikes Published Story6/12/2002

Washington                                2. Who Are the Real Anthrax Assailants?

Bush’s “911 Brown Shirts” Rampage against U.S. Constitution, Liberties

1. Dirty Tricks with Dirty Bombs

American Arrested Basically for Surfing the Net, Now to Be Tortured?

PHOENIX, June 11 - Remember George Bush’s “dirty tricks”-brigade who forced Ross Perot out of the 1992 presidential race?  Perot, the leading contender who was not beholden to the New World Order would-be masters, alleged they sabotaged his daughter’s wedding, and wiretapped his Dallas office (see USA TODAY, Aug. 23, 1996).

Well, the Bush “brown shirts” are back at it again, reincarnated under the tutelage of the Junior.  Now they are taking a higher aim at a loftier target - the U.S. Constitution.  Riding on the coat tails of the 911 tragedy, nine months later to the day, they are trying to keep the country in a constant state of fear, so as to justify their unconstitutional usurpation of power.  And to divert the public attention and scrutiny from their own transgressions.

The “dirty bomb” threat is the latest in their bag of dirty tricks.  The story broke yesterday, as the “911 Brown Shirt” General… oops, Attorney General, John Ashcroft, announced the arrest of one Jose Padilla, a.k.a. Abdulla al-Muhajir, for allegedly planning a “dirty bomb” attack on the U.S.

The scenario is so asinine and so bizarre, that originally, we did not even plan to comment on it.  We thought the “dirty bomb”-story was an insult to one’s intelligence.  But yesterday’s questions from some of our readers prompted the following “off the cuff” response by the TiM editor:

Okay. I did not plan to comment on ridiculous stories, like this one about "dirty bombs," but since you brought it up, I'll make it brief...

Dirty bombs? Ever heard of a "clean bomb?"  A "clean bomb," of course, is the one manufactured by the U.S. "death merchants" and dropped by the Pentagon.  So Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Belgrade, Baghdad... were all struck by "clean bombs."  That's what the brain-dead Americans are supposed to conclude at the end of today's Justice Dept. news conference.

Bombs?  What bombs - clean or dirty?  The FBI director admitted today the arrested suspect had no bombs, nor any bomb-making materials when he was arrested.  He is alleged to have been plotting to do something, somewhere, some day... With no proof of it at all!  And that's an AMERICAN CITIZEN, born in Brooklyn, NY, we are talking about!

The suspect was arrested on May 8.  Today is June 10.  Why is the news of his arrest only news today, a month later?  Nobody that I've heard in the media asked that question.

Most despicably, why is a U.S. citizen being turned over to the military, and deprived of his constitutional rights of “due process” that every citizen has? 

The Attorney General's answer is... because he is being treated as an enemy soldier.  Ashcroft’s spokesmen dredged up some Italian POW story from WW II as legal precedent.  But that Italian-American was captured by our military in Italy and in an Italian army uniform.  He was an enemy soldier and a POW.

Jose Padilla is NOT an enemy soldier.  He arrived in civilian clothes on a civilian flight from a friendly country (Pakistan).  He was arrested by U.S. civilian (immigration) officials.  As everyone (even among the “911 brown shirts”) agrees, he is an American citizen! 

So that could be you and I tomorrow being deprived of our constitutional rights if we search the Net, using this guy Padilla as a legal precedent to justify our illegal arrest and detention.

Today’s (June 11) Wall Street Journal provides additional details:

Officials said there is no sign that Mr. Padilla, who goes by the name Abdullah al-Muhajir, had acquired radioactive material. The material is the essential component of a dirty bomb, which uses conventional explosives to spew radioactive material.

Although some U.S. officials, including U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, said that Mr. Padilla researched dirty bombs in Lahore, Pakistan, an intelligence official said his research consisted of "basically surfing the Internet" for information on the crude devices. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said "there was not an actual plan. We stopped this man in the initial planning stages."

In short, this American citizen was basically arrested for surfing the Net!

And then, we had various U.S. TV networks telling their viewing audiences yesterday how to make a “dirty bomb.”  Using the same logic, wonder why the Bush “911 brown shirts” did not seize and turn over to the military our establishment media networks?  At least some public service good - getting rid of liars and connivers - would have come of that unconstitutional move. 

Speaking of handing the suspect over to the U.S. military…

Mr. Ashcroft on Tuesday described Mr. Padilla as a key al Qaeda operative possessing "very significant information" on Washington's terrorist enemies.

If that’s true, you would think our government would want to reward this American citizen for providing such valuable information in our “war on terrorism.”  Instead, they held him for a month, and then (illegally!) turned him over to the military.  Why?

Because we suspect that the suspect refused to sing for the FBI, the Justice Dept. et. al.  So could it be that Padilla is being handed to the military so they could try to TORTURE the information and/or “confessions” out of him?  

After all, even a “respected,” “liberal” Harvard law professor advocated torture as a legitimate means of dispensing “justice” (e.g., Alan Derschowitz, see TiM Readers Forum, Mar-April 2002).  And a “respected” establishment member of the establishment media - The Washington Post - also reported about it last October (see Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma, WP, 10/21/01).

Gestapo anyone?  Yessirree!

Right here in the good old US of A?  Yessirree… Bob!

Heil Bush!  Yukh... it even sounds awful.  Like toasting a pyracantha or a bougainvillea. J

Yet the TV networks are telling us that our Pretzel Prez warrior’s approval rating is supposedly still well above 70%!

"United we stand!” 

Our heads in sand,

Our tails held high,

Our brains gone awry.

Wake up, America!  Do you want history to remember us as the Land of Ostriches or the Land of the Free?

There is still time to stop the Bush “911 brown shirts” from taking our country from us.  “Just say no!” to assaults on the Constitution by those who have sworn to protect it.  And kick the NWO kow-towing congressional rascals out of office, come November.

1a. Wall Street Journal Spikes Published Story!6/12/2002

Print Story Disappears from Online Edition

NEW YORK, June 12 - The court-appointed lawyer for the "dirty bomb" suspect filed a draft of a habeas corpus petition, asking a federal judge in New York "to free her client on the grounds his detention by the military is unlawful," the Wall Street Journal reported in its print edition today (June 12).  

Donna Newman, Jose Padilla's attorney, told the Journal reporters after the hearing that, "the rules of this game are changing by the minute. I had always thought that if I have a client who is a U.S. citizen, he has constitutional rights. Now, I find out he does not."

She added that her client had been cooperating with her, "but he has reacted as any U.S. citizen would: He's highly upset."

In other words, Ms. Newman expressed the same concerns as we did in our yesterday's editorial, "Dirty Tricks with Dirty Bombs" (see Item 1 above).  As did some law professors, too.  

Here's what the print Journal also reported in its story which ran atop the second (A2) page, under the headline, "Lawyer Asks Judge to Free Alleged 'Dirty Bomber'; Rumsfeld Seeks Interrogation:"

Prosecutors apparently feared they lacked enough evidence to bring a solid case against Mr. Padilla. They considered charging him with a minor offense, such as making false statements, based on what he told authorities in Chicago, but "there really wasn't much there," said a person familiar with the case. "The evidence we have indicates that this is a very dangerous man, but we couldn't make the criminal case and it's just not an acceptable option to just let him go.''

Some questioned, however, whether the administration had acted legally. "The laws of war don't trump the United States Constitution," said Erwin Chemerinsky, a law professor at the University of Southern California. "The Bush administration is showing profound disrespect for the judicial system," he said. "If the allegations are true, [Mr. Padilla] deserves to be prosecuted, but I don't believe the Bill of Rights allows for citizens arrested in the United States to be held outside the justice system."

But when we tried to look up that story in the Journal's online edition around noon today, so as to give you the URL to it, the article was nowhere to be found. Gone. Vanished. Poof!  

So the story's disappearance became a new story.  We fired off the following e-mail to the three Journal reporters who were credited with the article:

Subject: Deep-sixing a story?

This is outrageous! I read your story in my hardcopy edition of the WSJ this morning. It ran on page 2 under the headline "Lawyer Asks Judge to Free Alleged 'Dirty Bomber'." When I got to the office, I could not find it anywhere in your online editions! Nor can I find the quote you attributed to Ms. Donna Newman, Padilla's lawyer, which starts with "The rules of this game are changing by the minute..." and ends with her comment about her client not having constitutional rights even though he is a U.S. citizen.

Nor can I find the quote attributed to Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky about the Bush administration's "profound disrespect for the judicial system."

What's going on? Have the Journal editors joined the Bush/Ashcroft's "911 brown shirts?"

If I am wrong, and that story is buried somewhere at the WSJ site, would you be kind enough to give me the URL to it? Thank you.

A few minutes later, we received the following reply from Jess Bravin, the lead reporter on the story:

At 03:16 PM 6/12/2002 -0400, you wrote

Thanks for your note. This has been a fast moving story, and each print and online edition has been updated with new information as we obtain it.

To which the TiM editor replied:

I understand the adding of new information. What I don't understand, is the excising of the old. And the spiking of an entire (already published) story.

Maybe I'll do a story about that... and/or write a letter to the WSJ editor. Is Ned Crabb still doing it?

A short while later, a portion of vanished story, including the Prof. Chemerinsky quote (cited above), miraculously reappeared in the Journal's online edition (see WSJ, June 12). But Ms. Newman's above comments are still missing.  As is the section of the article which talks about Judge Michael Mukasey "chiding the prosecutors."

This is what the Journal said about the case in its yesterday's (June 11) edition:

According to a person familiar with the matter, the administration's hand was forced by the calendar: a hearing on Mr. Padilla's case had been scheduled for Tuesday (June 11) before U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey. Prosecutors feared they lacked enough evidence to bring a solid case against Mr. Padilla, this person said, and that the judge would order him released.

(see WSJ, June 11, but you have to be a subscriber to read it)

So "lacking enough evidence to bring a solid case," what did the Bush administration do?  They physically abducted the accused from the federal court's jurisdiction and transferred Padilla to a military brig in South Carolina.  No wonder the judge "chided the prosecutors." But the Bush administration officials were pleased, according to the Journal:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters in Qatar, where he is visiting U.S. troops, that the U.S. priority was to interrogate Mr. Padilla for more intelligence about possible terrorist acts, rather than to prosecute him. Enemy combatants, unlike criminal defendants, have no right to a lawyer during questioning. 

(see WSJ, June 12 but you have to be a subscriber to read it)

What has happened in the case of Jose Padilla, an American citizen born in Brooklyn, is quite clearly a gross miscarriage of justice carried out by the Bush/Ashcroft/Rumsfeld Justice and Defense Department officials. What is not clear, however, is why a federal judge is letting them get away with it. If we still have an independent judiciary, that is. 

As for the Journal spiking an already published story, even the veteran media watchdogs, such as the Truth in Media, are left speechless.  We know of no other precedent like it. Did someone make the Journal editors "an offer they could not refuse?" Or did they voluntarily join the Bush/Ashcroft "911 brown shirts," as we put it in our e-mail to them?

Meanwhile, you can savor the following synopsis of the "dirty bomb" suspect story in the World-Wide news column in this morning's (June 12) Wall Street Journal print edition, carried on its front page:

* A "dirty bomb" suspect's attorney asked a federal judge to release her client, American Jose Padilla, even as the Bush administration said the alleged terrorist could remain in military detention indefinitely.  Authorities said he planned to attack domestic targets with radioactive bomb. (Page A2).

The preceding lead had also disappeared from the online edition. So one advantage of print editions is that they are harder to destroy.  But not impossible. Remember Hitler's burning of the books at the Reichstag on Sep. 5, 1933?  What's the difference between that and deleting a published story?  Luckily, we still have our hardcopy version as proof.  

2. Who Are the Real Anthrax Assailants?

The Mother of All Questions: “What did the Bush administration know, and when did it know it?”

WASHINGTON, June 7 - Frustrated by the Bush White House’s failures to produce documents sought under the Freedom of Information Act, a Washington government watchdog group has sued the Bush administration and the FBI, asking for an explanation about why the White House staff allegedly started taking anti-anthrax medication on Sep. 11, nearly a month before the first anthrax case was reported in the U.S.

Here’s an excerpt from the Judicial Watch’s June 7 press release:


Judicial Watch Wants to Know Why White House Went on Cipro Beginning September 11th

What Was Known and When?

Washington, DC  - Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse, said today that it has filed lawsuits against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for those agencies failures to produce documents concerning the terrorist anthrax attacks of October 2001, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Judicial Watch has additional anthrax-related FOIA requests pending with the White House and other government agencies that will see legal action in the next two weeks.

Judicial Watch represents hundreds of postal workers from the Brentwood Postal Facility in Washington, DC. Until the Brentwood facility was finally condemned by the CDC, Brentwood postal workers handled all of the mail for Washington, DC, including the official mail that contained the anthrax-laden envelopes addressed to Senators Daschle and Leahy.

While Capitol Hill workers received prompt medical care, Brentwood postal workers were ordered by USPS officials to continue working in the contaminated facility. Two Brentwood workers died from inhalation anthrax, and dozens more are suffering from a variety of ailments related to the anthrax attacks. A variety of legal actions are being planned for the disparate treatment and reckless endangerment the Brentwood postal workers faced.

In October 2001, press reports revealed that White House staff had been on a regimen of the powerful antibiotic Cipro since the September 11th terrorist attacks. Judicial Watch is aggressively pursuing the disclosure of the facts and the decision for White House staff, and President Bush as well, to begin taking Cipro nearly a month before anthrax was detected on Capitol Hill.


This time, even the establishment media (e.g., CNN Headline News) carried a report about the Judicial Watch lawsuit.  CNN, for example, said the White House spokesman denied the charges.

Charges?  What charges?  From what we can see, the Judicial Watch is asking questions.  But now that the White House spokesman has voluntarily engaged in self-incrimination - by denial of the non-charges, maybe the American public deserves to know more about who was really behind the anthrax cases.  Why did they flare up, kill a few people, and then stop just as suddenly as they started?  That sure doesn’t sound like “acts of war” perpetrated by determined terrorists, does it?

At the time, we were told that there are only two places in the world where such potent kinds of anthrax are made - in the United States and in Russia.  If true, that rules out Iraq or Al Qaeda.  Unlike the “dirty bombs,” the toxins that killed our postal workers and other innocent civilians were reportedly of a “pure” anthrax variety. 

“There may be a connection between Wall Street investment, groups, the publishing company in Florida where anthrax struck, and an institute in Michigan which produces anthrax vaccines,” a TiM reader wrote to us on Oct. 14, 2001.  “All appear to be owned by the same people.” 

The reader enclosed two links (click on “Overthrow of the American Republic” and on “Evercore” at our web site) with this comment.  On the second link, click on "Personnel" and note that Altman, Beutner, Grillo, and Mital all have connections to the Blackstone Group which owns the Carlyle Group,” the reader said.

Furthermore, Dr. Len Horowitz, a medical doctor-turned-a motivational speaker and writer, had this to say in his long missive (The CIA's Role in the Anthrax Mailings: Could Our Spies be Agents for Military-Industrial Sabotage, Terrorism, and Even Population Control?) about the anthrax scare:

The evidence strongly suggests a conspiracy to commit military-industrial sabotage, terrorism, and treason against America involving anthrax developers at the Battelle Memorial Institute and collaborating agents within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and/or national security system.

Whether or not you want to believe in conspiracy theories advance by conspiracy theorists is up to you.  But you’d better pay attention to this firsthand information that we received on May 30 from one of the U.S. government “insiders” with a conscience:

I have been carefully reading and digesting your incredible writings and am in awe of you - a man filled with such passion and compassion - and in-depth foresight to see through the carefully contrived workings of the "establishment."  As I have told you previously, I have some "inner-circle" knowledge of certain "workings" that from time to time I wish to share with you so that you can add these FACTS to your knowledge base, and factor-in those unknowns, and perhaps enlighten and educate a sleeping world population to some OTHER very real dangers that pose a terrible risk to our existence and that of future generations. 

At present - there is a great deal of secret research into potential bio-terrorism agents that can and WILL be used against mankind by either our own or other "governments" in this terrible "war" in which we are hopelessly embroiled.  I fear that our government has already secretly used some of these agents against our OWN population in order to foster widespread public support for this so-called “war on terrorism.”

I call your attention to the following CURRENT very curious references as a sampling of currently publicly available data:


"VACCINES FOR VIRAL HEMORRHAGIC FEVERS: FILOVIRUSES AND ARENAVIRUSES The VHFs are among the most feared, least understood, and most deadly viruses in the world. Medscape Infectious Diseases 4(1) 2002:


The Indian Ocean was free of cholera for decades, until January 1998, when an outbreak was detected in Comoros Islands. Emerg Infect Dis 8(3) 2002:

Although you are probably most keenly aware, there are additional very real risks we WILL face in the very near future (not even mentioning the increasing Hanta virus outbreaks in THIS hemisphere). 

I am hoping that you can possibly include some of these facts in your very informative and persuasive writings that have such widespread distribution and respect, Bob - so that the WORLD can be made aware of these HORRIBLE REAL risks and through public outcry - put pressure on those who CAN obtain funding for research for THE PUBLIC (the government already has highly secret protections for a very select few).


TiM Ed.: Such as in the case of the White House staff allegedly going on Cipro medication on Sep. 11?


The public NEEDS to know and no one has such a broad base of readership and influence as you Bob.  As always, I need to remain anonymous for reasons of security but the references I have provided can be easily verified.

(Name withheld per writer’s request, but known to TiM)

So there you have it… these are some choices we are facing!  Would you rather be killed by “dirty bombs” or by “pure anthrax” or by some other deadly bio-agent?  

The answer, of course, is none of the above.  In which case, you need to go back and reread the finishing paragraphs of our first story above…

Wake up, America!  Do you want history to remember us as the Land of Ostriches or the Land of the Free?

There is still time to stop the Bush “911 brown shirts” from taking our country from us.  “Just say no!” to assaults on the Constitution by those who have sworn to protect it.  And kick the NWO kow-towing congressional rascals out of office, come November.

The “dirty bomb”-story may well have been timed to divert the public’s attention from the increasing vigilance with which the public and some Washington officials are demanding answers to the Mother of All Questions:

“What did the Bush administration know, and when did it know it?”

The answer to that question may be the first step in ridding this country of the “911 brown shirts.”

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