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TiM GW Bulletin 2001/8-1

August 10, 2001

Macedonia: Bosnia III, Kosovo II in the Making; New  Section of the “Green Interstate” under Construction

Macedonia: Another Farcical American Oil War

British Big Brother "Watching Over" Macedonia; TiM Readers Forum; Another Bosnian Serb Officer Secretly Indicted, Tricked, Abducted and Sent to the Hague  




Phoenix                     1. Macedonia: Another Farcical American War

Skopje                       2. British Big Brother “Watching Over” Macedonia

                                       President’s, Prime Minister’s Residences

Phoenix                     3. TiM Readers Forum  

Amsterdam               4. Another Bosnian Serb Officer Secretly Indicted, 

                                      Tricked, Abducted and Sent to the Hague  

Skopje                      5. Macedonia: Another “Peace Farce” in the MakingAug. 14, 2001


A Cover Story for the Australian New Dawn Magazine

1. Another Farcical American Oil War

Macedonia: Bosnia III, Kosovo II in the Making; Macedonia Section of the “Green Interstate” under Construction

By Bob Djurdjevic

PHOENIX, Aug. 10 - On Monday, government troops kill five Albanian guerrillas while “peace negotiations” continued at a lake resort on the Macedonian-Greek border.  On Tuesday, Albanian terrorists ambush and kill 10 government soldiers in the worst single act of violence since the conflict began in February of this year.  On Wednesday, the Lake Ohrid “peace negotiators” emerge to announce a “breakthrough deal.” 

Sane people laugh.  The rest applaud. 

“Let's give peace another chance," said Macedonia’s defense minister, Vlado Buckovski, considered a moderate, a euphemism for a Washington stooge.  He spoke at a news conference Aug. 9 about the killing of the 10 Macedonian soldiers.

A Hollywood farce?  No.  Just a few farcical scenes from America’s farcical oil war in Macedonia.

If it weren’t so tragic, the war that has claimed over 100 lives in the last six months would be downright boring.  Were it a film, it could be titled “Bosnia III,” or “Kosovo II,” just well as “Macedonia.”  It’s a “been there, done that”-production using the same scenario as that in Bosnia (1993-1995) and Kosovo (1998-1999).  Only actors and scenery are different. 

The plot goes like this… American government, acting on behalf of the Princes of the 20th Century - the New World Order’s real masters, multinational corporations - incites a regional conflict where none had existed before.  It does it by training and arming ethnic (Islamic) terrorists.  Or by using some of our “allies” to its bidding (such as Iran, in the case of Bosnian Muslims; or Germany, in the case of Kosovo Albanians). 

The NWO lapdog media echo the State Department pronunciations.  Soon enough, western public are told that the Washington-trained and funded terrorists are “[insert name here] Liberation Army,” or “ethnic insurgents.”  They are supposedly fighting for “independence” or greater “minority rights.” 

When the local government responds militarily to gruesome acts of violence by the western-trained thugs, such authorities, not the terrorists, are portrayed by the western media as “rogue” governments. 

The intent is, of course, to play on emotions of tens of millions of legal or illegal immigrants in the United States, Western Europe and Australia.  After all, these newcomers, many with “green cards” if not citizenship papers in their pockets, know better than most stupefied native citizens about government abuses (some also sponsored by Washington, such as in Indonesia, El Salvador or Chile, for example). 

Both citizen groups, however, are equally gullible, and thus easily duped, by the NWO media.  Which is why the greatest violations of sovereignty and human rights since the Soviet or Hitler’s invasions of neighboring countries have been carried out by the NWO forces in the last 10 years without as much as a whimper from the Coke- and McDonald’s-infatuated western masses. 

The ultimate goal of the Balkans clashes has been to send in the American and other international troops as “peacekeepers.”  Their presence claims another piece of the geopolitically strategic ground for NATO, at Russia’s expense.  And it provides security for a future pipeline from the Black Sea to the Adriatic (see the map).

As a result, NATO has now occupied virtually all of the former Yugoslavia, once a buffer zone between the West and the (Soviet) East.  Since the quisling Bulgarian and Romanian governments are pleading to be admitted to NATO, this Cold War relic, a military alliance created to defend the West against the now non-existent threat from a non-existent country (the Soviet Union), has practically achieved its goal of reaching the Black Sea.  In its wake, a new “Iron Curtain” has descended upon Europe (see the map).

No wonder the American president, who said during his 2000 election campaign that he would pull the U.S. troops out of the Balkans, has done a turn-about-face.  By doing so, George W. Bush proved that the interests of American oil and other multinational companies come first, that of the American public - a distant second.

Bush pushed the U.S. deeper into the Balkans quagmire in late June when her ordered some 80 American G.I.’s in to rescue about 320 Albanian terrorists from Aracinovo, a small town only six miles northeast of Skopje, Macedonia’s capital.  The U.S. troops marshaled 15 buses, 3 trucks, 3 ambulances and 16 Humvees for an operation in which the Albanian rebels were whisked off to safety of the NATO-occupied Kosovo (see the map). 

The news of the American G.I.’s coming to the aid of Albanian terrorists spawned a huge riot in Skopje, during which the Macedonian Parliament was occupied by some of the over 5,000 angry citizens for several hours.  Protesters fired guns in the air and shouted anti-western slogans during the night of June 25-26. 

The June 26 New York Times edition carried a front page photo of the Macedonian troops trying to prevent some citizens of the Umin Dol village from attacking the 101st Airborne Division G.I.’s who were rescuing the Aracinovo Albanian rebels.  Outside the capital, an American diplomat was slightly wounded, apparently accidentally, by the Macedonian army soldiers.

Several other anti-western protests erupted in Skopje during the month of July, usually after new acts of terrorism by the Albanian insurgents.  The targets of the local Slavic populace’s wrath were American, German and British embassies, as well as a local McDonald’s restaurant and an OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) car. 

Macedonian government spokesman, Antonio Milososki, called NATO in a July 23 news conference “a big friend of our enemies.”  The truth could not have been spoken any more plainly.  No wonder the State Department ordered all of its non-essential embassy employees to leave Skopje.

It is especially ironic that the U.S. troops were sent to rescue Albanian rebels less than a week after George W. Bush and his senior foreign affairs officials declared that they did NOT want the U.S. troops involved in any NATO operations that were to follow an eventual ceasefire.  Estimated at about 3,500, this NATO “peacekeeping” contingent is likely to be led by the British, whose government has agreed to deploy in Macedonia some 3,000 of its troops.  (No, regrettably British Petroleum isn’t paying for them, although it probably should be since they serve its interests).

Using American soldiers to save Albanian terrorists was evidently deemed by the White House and the Pentagon a legitimate mission.  Why?  Because birds of a feather flock together.  Albanian insurgents in Macedonia were fighting a Washington fight, just as they were three years ago in Kosovo (see “Kosovo: Bosnia II, Serbia’s Aztlan, Chechnya”, Mar. 6, 1998 -  No wonder a top NATO official in Macedonia (Daniel Speckhard) defensively told the New York Times that the late June U.S. action was “a one-time offer (to save the rebels) aimed at bolstering peace.” 

Really?  If so, why did NATO, the Albanian terrorists’ air wing in Kosovo, and a bus company in Macedonia, let the terrorist leave with their weapons, rather than disarm them first?

Details, details… The NATO “lie and deny” spokespeople have never been very big on details or logic, as those who have followed the TiM reports during the 1999 bombing of Serbia know very well (see  Fortunately, they fooled only the ignorant or the gullible.  Here’s, for example, what Colonel David Hackworth, America’s most decorated living soldier, said about the U.S. Aracinovo escapade in his July 10 column:

“This operation didn't pass the smell test for me. I couldn't stop asking myself why NATO brass would risk the lives of 80 American paratroopers to save a band of heavily armed cutthroats bent on overthrowing the established government of a country that our president and State Department have repeatedly stated they are committed to save.

The act was kind of like an FBI SWAT team rescuing Timothy McVeigh minutes before the execution. My first thought was, Whose side are we really on? My second was, What's the objective here -- stabilizing or destabilizing Macedonia?

The UCK (an acronym for the Kosovo Liberation Army) brigade -- dug in around Aracinovo, four miles north of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia -- had been surrounded for two weeks, under heavy attack by Macedonian government forces and on the verge of destruction. Imagine how we'd feel if one of our units was about to take out a rebel brigade whose objective was to overthrow our government, when out of nowhere a Canadian paratroop company swooped in and saved the enemy force?

Of course, the Macedonians were fit to be tied.

Sources in the U.S. Army in Kosovo familiar with the 3/502nd Airborne Battalion's rescue operation confirm that the mission was all about saving the "17 'instructors' among the withdrawing rebels -- former U.S. officers, who were providing the rebels with continued military education. But that was not enough: The Macedonian security forces claim that 70 percent of the equipment taken away by the guerrillas had been U.S. made -- to include even the most modern third-generation night vision devices," as reported by the German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt on June 28.

Other sources say the "17 instructors" were members of a high-ticket Rent-a-Soldier outfit called MPRI -- Military Professional Resources Incorporated -- that operates in the shadow of the Pentagon and has been hired by the CIA and our State Department for ops in ex-Yugoslavia. The company, headed up by former U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Carl E. Vuono, is filled with former U.S. Army personnel, from generals to senior sergeants, all of whom draw handsome wages on top of their Army retired salaries.

This is the same outfit that in the early 1990s trained Croatian soldiers for Operation Storm -- which resulted in the brutal ethnic cleansing of 200,000 unarmed Serb civilians -- as well as bringing Croatian Gen. Agim Ceku up to speed. Ceku, who played a central role in the slaughter, is alleged to have killed thousands of other Serb civilians before joining the KLA in 1999, where he again received training and assistance from CIA and State Department contractors operating overtly and covertly throughout ex-Yugoslavia and around the globe.”

Naturally, actions like this make Hackworth and other honorable American veterans furious.  One still-serving three-war vet, for example, told Hackworth: “A number of contractors have been pitching me to work for them after I retire. I said no. There's no principles, no love of country, no honor -- just MONEY. I can't ... sell my soul for a buck.”

“There are laws on the books that prevent American citizens from serving foreign governments,” Hackworth railed.  “It's about time Congress did its duty and enforced them.”

True.  But “who will guard the guards themselves?” (Juvenal, a.d. 60-130). What if the American government, including Congress, is in service of the multinational Princes? 

Frankfurter Rundschau, a respected German paper, virtually said that in its July 9 report on Macedonia.  Quoting Andreas Buro, a political analyst and a representative of the Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy, the German daily said that, “the West has never seriously followed a policy of conflict-prevention in Macedonia, at least partly because the United States wants to increase its influence in that part of the world.”

“The United States wants a reason to beef up its military and political influence in the Balkans,” Buro said.  He cited the huge U.S. base (Bondsteel) near Pristina, Kosovo, one of the largest in the world, from which “the U.S. forces can oversee transport routes and pipelines.”

To support his claim, Buro cited a letter from Willi Wimmer, a security expert from Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union party. Wimmer sent the letter, which has received relatively little public notice, to German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder after a meeting of heads of state, foreign ministers and defense ministers in Bratislava, Slovakia, in early May.  The United States, he wrote, wants to correct an oversight from the World War II era, and station U.S. military forces in the (Balkans) area for strategic reasons.

This writer first pointed out in November 1995, right after the Dayton accords that ended the Bosnian war were signed, that the “Green Interstate” (see, an Islamic demographic “highway” from Bihac (Bosnia) to Istanbul, represents a confluence of NATO and Islamic interests.  And I predicted that next conflagration point after Bosnia would be Kosovo, followed by Macedonia. 

This also helped explain why the former U.S. president, George Bush Sr., announced in December 1992 (see ), after he had already lost the election, that he would send the U.S. troops to this yet-to-be-formed “country.”  And why Bush Jr. is now following in his Dad’s and Bill Clinton’s footsteps.  Because they are all puppets controlled by the same puppeteers - the global multinational Princes. 

The fact that Bush Jr. chose a defense contractor and an oil company executive (Dick Cheney, who also served as Secretary of Defense in Bush St.’s government) for his vice president and overseer of national security, speaks volumes about which side an American president’s bread is buttered on (see “Weep Mankind,” this writer’s July 2000 article on that topic -  Of course, George Bush Sr. was himself a former oil company executive when he wasn’t in government service, doing virtually the same job.

(Also check out the article “Blood for Oil, Drugs for Arms,” (April 2000), which was published as a front-page story in the New Dawn magazine’s July-August 2000 issue).

It is worthy of note that Macedonia was being hailed in the mid-1990s by the New World Order globalist elite as a model multicultural country.  George Soros, for example, publicly praised Macedonia and often met with its former president Kiro Gligorov, who narrowly survived an assassination attempt in September 1995.  By that stage, some 500 American troops had been showing the flag in this former Yugoslav republic for over two years.

The Frankfurter Rundschau report also said that the British and U.S. military advisors have been training members of the ethnic Albanian rebels from the National Liberation Army (NLA).  One of the Western goals was to prevent Russia from establishing a presence in the Balkans, Buro said.  But for Macedonia and the Balkans themselves, a Russian involvement could be important.  Or that of Russia’s friends, such as the Ukraine.

Which is why the Bush administration is evidently trying to stop it.  While publicly proclaiming its support for the Macedonian government, the National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, said during her visit to Kiev on July 25, that she had received assurances from the Ukraine government that it would no longer sell arms to Macedonia.  Between May and July, the Ukraine had reportedly sent to Macedonia two Sukhoi-25 fighter jets, six Mi-24 attack helicopters, and four Mi-8 military transport helicopters, according to a July 26 Tanjug news agency report.

At the same time, U.S. military aid seems to be pouring in to its Albanian rebel protégés even as the “peace talks” are being pushed by American diplomats.  Like William Walker in Kosovo during the 1998-1999 period (see “Washington Crisis Factory” - and “CIA Ties to KLA” -, special State Department envoy, James Pardee, is Washington’s “Trojan Horse” in Macedonia.  His job is to distract and confuse. 

But many Macedonians aren’t falling for it as evident by the almost daily anti-American protests in Skopje these days.  That’s because many Macedonians have seen or heard firsthand reports of the American support of the Albanian insurgents.  Here’s, for example, our translation of a message the Truth in Media received on July 24 from a Macedonian whose identity is known to us, but whose name is being withheld for his own security:

“The last two days have been terrible.  The Shiptars (Albanians) have taken half of Tetovo (a town northwest of Skopje - see the map), and 80% of villages around Tetovo.  There are quite a few dead and wounded civilians who are being driven from their homes… About the West, (I wish to say) only one thing.  Two days ago, in full view of our army, they had dropped off to them (the Albanian rebels) two containers full of weapons.  The next day, they attacked Tetovo.  Is there anything more left to say?”

If still in doubt about the real reason for Washington’s support of the Albanians (oil), take a look at the above map, or at the map at the start of this article.  Note that the flashpoints of the latest Albanian insurgency lie north and northeast of Skopje.  In other words, trouble spots are AWAY from the areas in which the Albanians are ethnically dominant.  But they do lie along the route of the future oil corridor - the “Green Interstate,” as we put it.

So much for the Albanian rebels having anything to do with “liberation” or “secession” of the 23% Albanian minority from Macedonia.  Like their KLA predecessors in Kosovo from which many of the fighters come, they are mercenaries of the New World Order. 

So what does this tell us about “Dubya,” the current American president, and his foreign policy team?

(1) The best way of fighting international terrorism is to save the terrorists so they can fight for us another day.  Except for domestic terrorists, of course (McVeigh, Waco women and children; Ruby Ridge “rebels”…), who must be killed to set an example for other Americans who may be unhappy with the NWO’s usurpation of the U.S. government.

(2) Words are cheap.  Dubya’s actions speak louder than words. 

(3) Any difference between the Dubya and Bill Clinton foreign policy is purely accidental.  No similarities are.

No wonder Bush’s approval rating back home has now dropped to 50%, the lowest level for a sitting president in five years.  What the American public seems to be saying is: Clinton was bad, but a Clinton look-alike is worse.

NATO to Use Yugoslav Military Bases?

Dubya’s approval ratings would probably sink even lower if the American media were to carry one of the more bizarre Balkans news items that emerged in the last few days.  Two years ago after trying to bomb a defiant Yugoslavia into the stone age, NATO officials are asking that country’s government for permission to use the Serb military bases, according to an Aug. 5 report by the London Sunday Times ( ).

The reason?  The NATO “supermen” seem to have miscalculated a little when they started the Macedonian war.  An all-out war in Macedonia would cut off the Thessalonika-Kosovo supply route, a vital lifeline for some 40,000+ NATO troops in Kosovo. 

So NATO officials, hat in hand and checkbook in pocket, are now talking with Yugoslav government officials about supplying their Kosovo troops through Serbia (from Hungary, a NATO country).  The alliance would need to send up to 80 trucks a day through Yugoslavia, with stop-offs at Yugoslav Army bases in Novi Sad in the north, and in Nis in the south.

“There are 40,000 guys in Kosovo - and they need feeding, water, tents, whatever. We've got to look at the alternatives,” a NATO planner told the Times.  He admitted that the options of going through the Montenegrin mountains, or the bandit-infested north of Albania, had been ruled out.  Planners have calculated it would take a year to build a suitable road through Kukes in northern Albania.

A source close to recent talks in Belgrade between the five leading NATO countries and Yugoslavia, said the U.S., which is heading the negotiations, wants relations between the Pentagon and Belgrade to get back to where they were before Slobodan Milosevic came to power in 1987.  Among other things, this means that Yugoslav officers would be sent to West Point and Fort Lauderdale for training. 

Details of a NATO supply line through Serbia were discussed at an early August meeting in Germany between American officers, the Yugoslav foreign minister, Goran Svilanovic, and the Serbian deputy prime minister, Nebojsa Covic, the Times also said.

Given the current Yugoslav government’s subservient attitude toward Washington, Serbia may become a de facto NATO country even before some of the current Balkans frontrunners make it (Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria…). 

So is that bad?  Not if NATO pays up.  And what would be a fair price?  How about $30 billion and counting, roughly the amount of unconditional war reparations that the Yugoslav government should have, but did not, demand before becoming a western vassal.  Instead, Belgrade sold out its sovereignty and its honor by shipping Milosevic to the Hague kangaroo court for a mere promise of $1.3 billion, of which it has received one fat zero so far. 

Which is why the Serb prime minister, Zoran Djindjic, who orchestrated the Milosevic handover, railed against western treachery during a mid-July visit to Germany.  When I was in the opposition, the European Union promised us three million marks (about $1.4 billion) in cash for Milosevic,” he said in an interview with the German Der Spiegel (Mirror) magazine.  “Where is it?  I am seriously warning the West. If my government falls, that would cost the international community $10 billion."

Only $10 billion?

Djindjic said Belgrade had been expecting to receive a first installment of 300 hundred million euros ($255 million) by August, but had discovered that 225 million euros of that would go toward paying off old debts.... “I am losing my credibility and cannot stabilize the country anymore.  We didn't make any conditions for the handover. We wanted to show our goodwill to integrate into the international community.”

“But I must admit that I am shocked about the farce of the western aid which should amount to $1.3 billion,” he said. “If we do not receive a financial injection immediately, we will have demonstrations and unrest by September at the latest.”

Maybe not if NATO pays up, huh?  After all, “first you knock them down, then you build them up,” this writer wrote in 1995, in reference to the NWO/NATO occupation of Bosnia.  That’s when I also pointed out that the real NWO mantra was “perpetual war for perpetual commerce,” not “world peace through world trade,” as the globalist leaders claim. 

Guess the Yugoslav and Macedonian leaders are only now getting around to realizing it?


2. British Big Brother “Watching Over” Macedonia President’s, Prime Minister’s Residences

SKOPJE, July 21 - Macedonian Ministry of the Interior announced that a KFOR helicopter bearing British insignia flew over the residences of President Boris Trajkovski and Prime Minister Ljubcho Georgievski at the Vodno hillsides on three separate occasions on July 19-20, the Macedonian MIA news agency reported on July 21.

Observers noted some “lightning balls” being ejected from the helicopter.  A representative of KFOR was contacted about the matter, and he explained that they were only performing their regular observatory maneuvers, during which a security shield of the helicopter reacted to the presence of certain radiation in that area.

For detailed investigation of these occurrences, the Ministry of Interior requested that a commission to be established, to be made up of representatives of KFOR, the EU Monitoring Mission, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Interior.  TiM has received no further information about the formation of, or the activities of, any such commission.

Regardless of the nature and the origin of these “lightning balls,” the mere presence and spying of the British Big Brother over the heads of state residences in a foreign country shows that Macedonia is neither a free nor a sovereign country.  And why should one be surprised?  How can a country that has allowed unfettered access by NATO to its territory during the Kosovo war call itself sovereign?


3. TiM Readers Forum

PHOENIX, Aug. 10 - Here are some of the letters we have received as TiM reader reactions to our earlier stories:

IRELAND - Let Our People Go!

DUBLIN, July 10 - We received the following feedback from Joe Murphy, a TiM reader from Ireland, who had been a vocal opponent of NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999:

“Thanks for the news updates.  We had a vote here in Ireland on June 7.  I voted against the establishment of an International Criminal Court in the Hague, as I believed it would be selective and not universal in its punishment of so called 'war criminals'. 

I also voted against the Treaty of Nice.  This was my revenge on the Gang of 15 (the EU) for its bombing of the Serbian people in 1999.  Ireland sank the Treaty of Nice.  We want no part of the Rapid Reaction Force which is ready to start a war in Macedonia, in support of the Turkish invaders.

If it is true that Americans are inside Macedonia supporting Muslim terrorists, it would be a nice gesture if people who support the right of the Orthodox Christian people to live in peace on their own land, form an voluntary International Brigade to render military assistance to drive the Muslim terrorists from Kosovo and Macedonia.  Macedonia should not be allowed to fall to the Turks. 

In the 17th Century, King Jan Sobieski led a consortium of nations to defeat the Turks at the Battle of Vienna. Now, the European nations are in the process of creating a pan-Albanian state.  What warped logic, what a sellout of European ideals! 

To allow Islam a foothold in the Balkans is a most dangerous situation, what country will be their  next target?  Already, Muslims are rioting on the streets of England, shouting Allah Akhbar (God is great).  Is this the war cry of the future?  I hope not.

Meanwhile innocent Orthodox people and the Irish are being murdered in their historic homelands as they have been for hundreds of years.  Let our people go!  Best regards,”

Joe Murphy, Ireland


OHIO - Truth Can Help Free People from Tyrants

OHIO, Aug. 2 - We received the following feedback from Hugh Monroe, a TiM reader and a retired professor from Ohio:

“I just came across your site.  Good work.  The truth -- if widely enough available -- can help people to free themselves from tyrants, whether political or mercantile.

In reading your essay on the NWO (see ), I noticed you took the idea back to N. Machiavelli.  You might also recall the progenitor of fascism and Nazism (for a good cause of course: justice) -- Plato.  The Republic was an early (the first?) attempt to design a State that would impose conformity as a means to social justice: have the philosopher-King -- who had the only almost-full access to the Truth -- guide the men of silver, bronze, etc. as they kept the men of clay on the straight-and-narrow. 

Good thing P's (philosophy) student, Aristotle, saw the fallacies in such thinking, and good thing that the Founders of this Republic (USA) were not superficially grounded in the political philosophy and experiments of the past.

Hugh Munro, Ohio

P.S. Decided to do a search on 'truth' and turned up your site (along with Truth-In-Justice ... and a bunch of perfume (!?) marketing.  I am so weary of the lies, lies, and more lies in the media, and in marketing, and in government (did I leave anybody out?).  These bozos think that if they 'bend' the facts ... just a little ... then it's not really lying.  Wrong!  I think good citizens who raise their children to tell the truth use essentially the forensic (courtroom) standard -- 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.'  And we are not talking Platonic (transcendent, absolute) capital-T truth here, but Aristotelian, human, shades-of-gray truth.  Or, as he said, "we must not make people believe what we know to be wrong."  The courtroom standard simply means -- the truth as we know it, the entire truth (nothing important left out), and nothing essential left out.  Not a bad standard, methinks.


PHOENIX, Aug. 10 - Here is a letter we’ve received Thomas Kip Walls, a TiM reader from Oklahoma:

OKLAHOMA - U.S. Policy-makers Should Be Sent to the Hague for Crimes against Humanity

“Global Supply Side Economics continues to be a dismal failure worldwide as the U.S., Russia, Japan, EC, and some Southern countries fight off sagging economies bordering on deflation.

In the U.S., we have seen the impact political perception has had on the economy when coupled with rising interest rates resulting in sagging sales, declining raw material prices, and massive layoffs. Supply exceeds consumption in nearly all cases. Americans seeing both parties and candidates hell bent to legitimatize trade relations with China, allow fast track international deals, more Nafta-’s, a UN kicking the U.S. out of more and more committees but begging us to pay our dues, committing U.S. troops to NATO, New World Order, and more couldn't decide who to elect as President and really didn't like either choice.

The China Deal has been estimated to create one million jobs in the U.S., but will destroy nearly five million domestic American jobs.  This is another one of those cases where any export job is good is not true.

Basically Americans did not, by late April of 2000, see a candidate worthy of confidence. The American perception of the future was not good. Americans did not feel either candidate or party represented the country or the people and began to cut back on spending resulting in a spiraling downturn in economic activity in the U.S. and globally. Layoffs cause reduced spending and sales, and more layoffs.

Declining interest rates and tax cuts hold promise of restoring economic growth at least for a while but like Japan where interest rates are near 0, unemployment and deflation or depression still remain the threat. And now, “Mr. Greenspam” is talking of retiring (while he is ahead??).

(Neither) monetary confidence, nor fiscal stimulus, can stimulate an economy which has lost confidence in its political leaders’ will to preserve and protect their own people. Destruction of some degree of economic assuredness in the U.S. and Japan, as well as other countries utilizing erroneous supply side theory , has resulted in the spiraling adverse impacts we are seeing today with businesses cutting back, laying off and or failing.

Some will say this view is in error however what they will not admit is that real economic growth and prosperity as measured by sustainable long term profitability, improving sales, higher standards of living would have been possible with a more balanced and less radical program.

Global Supply Side Economics required in theory and thus reality that the U.S. lower wages and consolidate corporations to the point that the Middle Income has been destroyed and Lower Incomes have become even lower.

Bankruptcy and debt continue at record levels, proving that trickle


it could be fatal.. I believe that it has been the greatest failure.  We believed there would in fact be backlashes from the American People who should UNITE NOW to preserve and protect the United States, its people, freedoms, Constitution, and Bill of Rights from the tyranny of the radical right wing supply side global fascists of both parties that have controlled politics and business the past twenty five years.

Americans are also increasingly becoming victims of genocidal policies in the name of saving a few dollars of cost by American businesses or the choice made by both parties in Congress and the Administration to limit tax dollar expenditures for the benefit of their citizenry so more tax dollars are available for their elections and personal programs.

Americans are expendable under the current policy decisions to the point that people die as routine matter for the lack of health insurance and as a result medical coverage and treatment. It would seem that health insurance should not be a benefit of employment any longer with the wide spread abuse by insurers and employers.

The abuses center around :

- the increasing amount of premiums and reduction in benefits,

- the average life of an employer healthcare program is 18 months with preexisting conditions exclusions up to 12 months depending on state,

- development of new personal plans for healthy excluding sick people whose old policy premiums are raised until they can no longer afford to pay for the coverage and have to drop it.   

As a result Americans have been dying from these planned Government/Business Policies and Programs.  These policy makers and perpetuators should be rounded up and sent to Hague for crimes against humanity, and their accumulated personal, family, and trust assets nationalized.”

Thomas Kip Walls, Oklahoma



SERBIA - What Were We Bombed For?

BELGRADE, Aug. 11 - We received the following feedback from Radmilo Savic, a TiM reader from Serbia:

Dear TIM,

A few days ago, we (in Belgrade) have been informed, through several TV channels, that former president (Slobodan) Milosevic will be charged (before the Hague tribunal) for crimes against humanity and civilian victims and ethnic cleansing intentions - in the wars in Bosnia and Croatia (Krajina), but NOT (!) for Kosovo genocide and ethnic cleansing.  The reason?  Because there is not enough proof (evidence) for it against him or Yugoslavia (whose president he was)!? (according to a Hague spokesman’s comment to foreign news media).

Then, there is the question I have for any American citizen, and for any citizen of any NATO country which participated in the Kosovo war :


Radmilo Savic, Belgrade, Serbia


4. Another Bosnian Serb Officer Secretly Indicted, Tricked, Abducted and Sent to the Hague

AMSTERDAM, Aug. 10 - Witnesses said two British military jeeps and two civilian vehicles approached Col. Vidoje Blagojevic’s car as he arrived for a meeting with NATO officials in Bosnia, according to an Aug. 10 Associated Press story.  The British assailants pulled Col Blagojevic out of his car and sped away.  At the time of his abduction, Col. Blagojevic was still active as commander of the engineering units of the Bosnian Serb Army, and thus coming to attend the international meeting in an official capacity.

Eight hours later, Col. Blagojevic arrived at the U.N. prison at the Hague, the site of the U.N. war crimes tribunal for Yugoslavia to face charges of “genocide” for the alleged Srebrenica massacre, based on a secret indictment.  Western media parroted the NATO/SFOR storyline calling this abduction an “arrest.” 

The Associated Press, for example, quoted a NATO statement which said that, “the arrest was another step in its drive to arrest the remaining war crime indictees, and reflects NATO's commitment to bringing to justice those who perpetrated war crimes and atrocities.”

Now, wait a minute… maybe such an abduction, based on a secret indictment, would pass the muster as an “arrest” in a Nazi- or Bolshevik-type of judicial system.  But can you imaging any arrest here in the United States, no matter what the charges, standing up in court after a defendant had been apprehended in such a deceitful and brutal manner?  Of course, not.

Yet, "there will be no hiding place for anyone accused by the ICTY of these horrific crimes,” NATO spouted off in its statement. “Let today's arrest serve as a warning to those with guilty consciences: there is no escape, turn yourself in," according to the AP story. 

Sure thing.  Turn yourself in, and put your trust in the thugs that have turned the western concept of justice on its ear?  Col. Blagojevic is only the latest victim of deception and kidnapping (see “International Justice Progresses from Kidnapping to Murder?”, July 1997, and "Put the U.N. Justice on Trial", August 1998).

The tribunal convicted its first genocide suspect just over a week ago, finding Gen. Radislav Krstic guilty of the Srebrenica massacre in July 1995.  Krstic was sentenced to 46 years in prison.  Blagojevic commanded troops in the Drina Corps, which operated under Gen. Krstic's command, the secret indictment said.


5. Macedonia: Another “Peace Farce” in the MakingAug. 14, 2001

Albanian Rebels Attack from Kosovo as KFOR Looks the Other Way

PHOENIX, Aug. 14 - When the Kosovo war ended in June of 1999 with a “peace agreement” signed by the Yugoslav Army and NATO in Kumanovo (Macedonia), we said what the western officials and the media hailed as a “peace process,” would turn into a “peace farce” (see ).  It did.  In the wake of such a “peace” deal, more than 1,200 Kosovo Serbs were murdered by Albanians, and over 250,000 driven from their ancestral homes.

With yesterday’s signing of the Macedonian “peace accords” in Skopje, another Peace Farce is in the making.  Even before the ink was dry on the new “peace” documents, artillery fire could be heard north of Skopje, the New York Times reported in today’s (Aug. 14) edition.  And in the days preceding the signing ceremony, a new assault against Macedonia was launched from the NATO-occupied Kosovo by the Albanian rebels, while the KFOR border troops evidently looked the other way.  “Kosovo Troops Openly Attack Macedonia,” read the headline of the Aug. 11 Macedonian Information Agency dispatch.

We find it interesting that no major American media we are aware of bothered to carry this news story.  And for a good reason… For, it would have once again exposed the duplicitous role the U.S. government and NATO have played in the Macedonian conflict, as in Bosnia and Kosovo a few years earlier.

Kosovo Troops Openly Attack Macedonia

SKOPJE, Aug. 11 (MIA) - Just before 16:00 Saturday afternoon, hundreds of members of the Kosovo Protection Corps [TiM Ed.: A NATO-created “police” force into which the murderous Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) morphed in late 1999], came from Krivenik, Kosovo into Derventska Klisura (Dervent's Canyon), (and) fiercely attacked the Macedonian security forces in the Radusha area.  

Sources from the Macedonian Defense Ministry stated for MIA that the Macedonian Army most vigorously responded and took an offensive against the Albanian terrorists in Radusha.

One thing is not clear (to MIA): If NATO troops were supposed to protect the Macedonia–Kosovo border, how and why is possible for the Kosovo troops to cross the border and openly attack Macedonia?

(MIA) Editors comment: It is well known that, or if you prefer (it is) a public secret, that the Kosovars (Kosovo Albanians) were actively participating and helping the terrorists in performing the crimes against humanity, torturing the Macedonian and the local Albanian civilians, smuggling drugs, weapons, and all other criminal activities against Macedonia.

With a lot of help from the Albanians in the Macedonian government, Macedonia was an El Dorado, a promised gangland for these people.

When will the International public admit that the “pour Albanian people” that the whole world was defending, now are the same criminals, the same murderers wanted internationally for crimes, are now attacking Macedonia!

Our only fault was that we were blind and naïve to see, that while we the Macedonians, were making efforts to help the “poor refugees from Kosovo”, making efforts to create a multiethnic community, the Albanians were preparing for WAR!

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson attended the Aug. 13 signing ceremony in Skopje which paved the way for the deployment of some 3,500 NATO troops in Macedonia.  Robertson said that he hoped the alliance could move "very swiftly indeed" on launching the mission, according to an Aug. 13 Associated Press report.

Robertson and European Union envoy Javier Solana, the NATO civilian boss during the 1999 bombing of Serbia, watched as Macedonia’s president Boris Trajkovski and the leaders of the four largest parties, two ethnic Albanian and two Macedonian, signed the accord. The two mediators - Francois Leotard of France and James Pardew of the United States - also signed the 15-page document at Trajkovski's residence.

The British-led mission, dubbed Operation Essential Harvest, would also include troops from the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Robertson called the signing “a remarkable moment for the history of Macedonia. This day marks the entry of Macedonia into modern, mainstream Europe,” the AP said. 

Translation… it pushes Macedonia deeper into financial and political slavery to the New World Order masters.


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