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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/4-2

Apr. 5, 2000

NATO Mobsters Raid Home of Top Bosnian Serb Official at Dayton

Krajisnik Brutally Abducted!

Fr. Sava Jeered in Britain; KFOR Uses Attack Dogs against Serbs


An EXCLUSIVE and EXPLOSIVE TiM SPECIAL: Wartime Anecdotes about Krajisnik, Karadzic and Milosevic 


Sarajevo                     1. Top Bosnian Serb Official at Dayton Abducted by

                                         NATO Mobsters

Belgrade                     2. Alternative War Crimes Tribunal Condemns NATO

London                        3. Fr. Sava, “His Disgrace’s” Envoy, Jeered by

                                         Serbs in Britain

Belgrade                     4. Kosovo Serbs, Democratic Party of Serbia,

                                         Condemn Another Act of Collaboration with the Enemy; 

                                          KFOR Uses Attack Dogs against Serbs  

Toronto                      5. Maclean's Publishes Excerpt from TiM Letter

Perth                           6. TiM Editor’s Perth Lecture - Photos

W. Australia               7. One Year Ago Today… A New TiM NATO War

                                         Remembrance Series


1. Top Bosnian Serb Official at Dayton Brutally Abducted by NATO Mobsters

Holbrooke Gloats over Krajisnik’s Kidnapping ; Tribunal Spokesmen Hints at the West’s Role in Arkan’s Being “Hunted Down”

PALE, Apr. 3 – It was a 3 AM raid that would have made the Gestapo or any hardened mobster boss proud.  Their “soldiers” blew up the entrance door to the targeted victim’s home, tied up his children, pressing their faces to the floor, locked their grandparents in the kitchen, and took away their prey clad only in his pajamas and bare feet. 

Their “catch” was the top Bosnian Serb official at the Dayton peace negotiations in November 1995, Momcilo Krajisnik (55), who was secretly indicted by the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague on Feb. 21 of this year.  And the thugs who carried out the brutal abduction were the “soldiers” of the NATO crime family. 

The French Defense Ministry in Paris said French troops made the arrest.  But not only French.  “They took my Dad away,” Krajisnik's son Milos, 21, told The Associated Press. “Some of them spoke Serbian, some English but mostly French.”  He said he and his brother, Njegos, 19, were tied and their faces turned toward the floor during the NATO raid, while their grandparents were locked up in the kitchen as Krajisnik was taken.

“It can't be worse. If they had only rung the bell I would have opened the door, but they threw a bomb, that's what happened,” said Krajisnik's 80-year-old father, Sretko. 

Predictably, the New World Order mob bosses praised their thugs’ brutal assault on Krajisnik’s home.  It was the “best news in five years,” rejoiced Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who negotiated with Krajisnik while brokering he 1995 Dayton peace accord for Bosnia, in a comment carried by the Reuters news wire.  “My admiration for the French soldiers who did this.”

NATO Secretary-General, George Robertson, said Krajisnik stood accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, violations of the laws and customs of war and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, including murder, willful killing and extermination. “I think it is a very clear signal today that nobody is immune, nobody can hide permanently, that they will all face justice and the sooner they turn themselves in the better,” he told Reuters Television in an interview in Washington.

State Department spokesman James Rubin said the former Bosnian Serb president, Dr. Radovan Karadzic, should now sleep less easy.  “It is a positive step toward peace and reconciliation in Bosnia because it is only by the assignation of individual responsibility that collective responsibility can be expunged,” Rubin told reporters in Washington.


TiM Ed.: Well said.  The world will have to remember that when assigning responsibility to the individuals responsible for NATO’s war crimes, including Holbrooke, Robertson and Madeleine Albright’s official war cheerleader, Rubin, who recently became the father of a child borne by another old-time hardcore Serbophobe – CNN’s Christiana Amanpour.


But perhaps the most interesting slip of the tongue (?) about Krajisnik’s abduction came today from the Tribunal spokesman, Paul Risley.  After claiming that Krajisnik was “present at every meeting where political and military actions were decided upon that resulted in deportations, illegal arrests, ethnic cleansing and the deaths of thousands of Bosnians,” Risley added that “Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic would be better off personally if they surrendered,” according to a report the TiM has received from Jovan Grbic of the Serbian Information and Cultural Centre, in Tilburg, Netherlands.

“Otherwise, they will be ‘hunted down, like Arkan’, implying that anybody could kill them without being prosecuted for that, concludes our Netherlands correspondent.  The comment also hints that the New World Order mobsters, rather than Milosevic, may be responsible for “whacking” Arkan.   

The following is an excerpt from the TiM editor's Jan. 23 comment about Arkan's death:

" least two suspects have been arrested - Dusan Gavric (who was wounded and hospitalized in Loznica) and Goran Jevtovic (who tried to flee to Hungary). Ties to Montenegro mafia (Milo Djukanovic) are suggested, but not proven. The "mastermind" of the operation is reportedly still on the loose, and the Serb police are trying to hunt him down. His identity has not been revealed."

Apr. 21, 2000: The TiM editor has just read in a Serbian rag during his minibus ride from Budapest to Belgrade that the "mastermind" may have been someone called "Gagi" Nikolic (not 100% sure about the name; writing this from memory) who managed to flee the country.

The western media immediately, as if on a cue, blamed the Arkan hit on Milosevic, absence of valid motives notwithstanding.

No wonder prominent Serbs, including some opposition leaders, reacted with anger at the latest example of the NATO thuggery.  The brutal arrest of Momcilo Krajisnik… has eliminated the last traces of doubt about the true nature of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia,” said Dr. Vojislav Kostunica, the leader of the Democratic Party of Serbia, an opposition party that is staunchly opposed to Milosevic.  Here’s an excerpt from the rest of his comment:

“It is crystal clear that the War Crimes Tribunal is neither a legal, nor a  judicial, nor an  international institution.  The Court is a mere tool in the hands of NATO, or more precisely, the United States, eager to establish law and order tailored to the immediate needs of the United States, and to the detriment of human race. […]

Is this a private war waged by several people in the U.S. administration against not only the Serb political representatives, but against the Serbs in general? Or is it a bid to influence yet another quasi-vote in Bosnia? (where the elections are scheduled for next weekend). It is very likely that ‘yes’ is the answer to both questions.”

When the war ended in late 1995, Krajisnik served as the Serb representative on the three-member Bosnian presidency, along with a Croat and a Muslim.  During his election campaign, he and other senior leaders of the Serb Democratic Party advocated Serb secession from Bosnia.  Election officials MADE THEM (!) apologize publicly on the eve of the vote, fraught with fraud.

Krajisnik had been the Serb member of Bosnia's inter-ethnic presidency in 1996-1998 until he lost his seat in an election rigged by the New World Order proxies in Bosnia and the OSCE. 

Monday's abduction was NATO’s 19th detention of a Bosnian war crimes suspect since the first such arrest by British troops in 1997.  Seventeen have been Serbs and two Croats (the Bosnian Muslims, you see, were the “designated victims” by the New World Order). 

One Bosnian Serb general was kidnapped and taken to the Hague in January (Gen. Djordje Djukic).  He died shortly after that.  Another Bosnian Serb leader killed himself in January 1997 (Dr. Nikola Koljevic).  Another accused Serb was shot in the back by the NATO assailants in July 1997 (Simo Drljaca).  Another one committed suicide at the Tribunal jail in 1998 (Slavko Dokmanovic).  One was allowed to bleed to death in his cell from perforated abdominal aorta, as the Tribunal officials refused to give him medical attention, also in 1998 (Milan Kovacevic).

Twenty-eight publicly indicted suspects remain at large, including Dr. Karadzic and his military commander, Ratko Mladic.  God only knows how many secretly indicted Serbs may be on the Tribunal’s hit list.  Even the very term – “secret indictments” – is an invention of this kangaroo court, that has turned so many legal principles upside down in an effort to cover up the criminal activities of its NWO political bosses, and/or its own.

Krajisnik is an economist by training. He was an executive of the largest company in Bosnia, Energoinvest, which made parts for Russian nuclear reactors.  He was ELECTED (!) speaker of the Bosnian parliament in 1990, before Serbs walked out.  The Bosnian war began in April 1992, after the former U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia reportedly encouraged the Muslims to renege on a deal with the Serbs and Croats which they had reached in Lisbon in March 1992. 


TiM Ed.: Is there a message to all Serbs that stems from Krajisnik’s brutal abduction by the NATO thugs?  Yes, there is.  The same fate awaits all sheep, ostriches or sardines among the Serbs who are still hoping that the New World Order/NATO crocodile may spare them if they try to appease it.  Instead, their best and brightest hope is that the crocodile will eat them last (to paraphrase Churchill).    Krajisnik and Djurdjevic at Pale in May 1994

The ONLY way for Serbs to save themselves from a hungry New World Order crocodile is to neutralize it first. Just ask Mick, the “Crocodile Dundee.” J

Krajisnik evidently and naively assumed (just as Slobodan Milosevic had) that, having been given the red carpet treatment at Dayton, and the highest Bosnian Serb public office in the implementation of the Dayton accords (read the job of carrying out the betrayal; of the Bosnian Serbs), he would be immune from the western trickery and treachery. 

He was wrong, as now he knows it, too.  Nor was it the first time.  When Bill Clinton was elected president on Nov. 4, 1992, Krajisnik naively rejoiced about the news.  "We expect a positive turn in American international affairs," he told the Bosnian Serb SRNA news agency.  "The USA and its president will pay more attention to themselves, and so (will) allow the Serbian people in the former Bosnia and Herzegovina to accomplish their goal - founding of their own state."  

Now in the Hague prison, the former speaker of the Parliament will have plenty of time to think about where he went wrong and why he and other Bosnian Serb leaders chose to ignore a contrary advice.

Krajisnik was used for a short time after Dayton, while the Serbs sheep/ostrich/sardines’ co-operation was essential for NATO’s installing its occupation force in Bosnia.  By counseling the Serbs to fight IFOR/SFOR occupiers, Krajisnik helped prevent the NATO casualties that the American public would have never tolerated.  And thereby wrote his own prison ticket.

Instead of striking at the crocodile early, while he still had a chance and the croc was vulnerable in unfamiliar territory, Krajisnik and others chose to try to appease it.  Now, safely in the NWO crocodile’s bowels at the Hague, this genuine patriot, a gentle man and a devoted father by this writer’s experience in dealing with him, will go down in history as another example of a pathetically nave fool.

Instead of a Serb hero he could have been, Krajisnik will be tossed into the garbage of history like an old shoe.  Which is God’s way of “rewarding” crocodile appeasers and imperial bootlickers.

(Where was Krajisnik’s security detail, by the way, when he was seized?  Bribed not to resist the assailants?  Incompetent?  Or just cowards?).

Krajisnik’s final chance at some sort of a redemption will be to tell the world in court what he knows.  And he knows a lot, having sat at Bosnia’s head table from start to finish. 

Yet, we have a sinking feeling that he may not get a chance to do it.  After all, he is being be held at the New World Order’s version of the Bastille, in which four important Serb witnesses to history have already perished before telling their stories. 

So, if Karadzic and/or Mladic, wherever they may be, were to learn a belated lesson from this example of the NWO crocodile appeasement, the lesson should be – “come and get me!”  Better to die for one’s country and man’s liberty in a hail of bullets, taking out as many as possible of the NATO mobsters, than to suffer the ignominy of an erstwhile statesman being taken out of his bedroom barefoot and in his pajamas, while his octogenarian parents and teenage children are being treated by the “free world” thugs as if they were criminals. 

At least that would be a better choice by Knez Lazar’s standards.  Until such time that the tables are turned, and the NATO hunters become the hunted.  We have an uplifting feeling that those days may not be too far away.

2. Alternative War Crimes Tribunal Condemns NATO Leaders

BELGRADE, Apr. 1 - A Russian-led war crimes tribunal sought to turn the tables on the West in Belgrade Wednesday (Mar. 29) by accusing NATO leaders of war crimes during last year's air strikes, according to an April 1 Reuters report.

The tribunal, made up mainly of sympathizers from the Eastern European countries, convened in the Serb capital for a hearing on the 79-day bombing.  Its list of accused included President Bill Clinton, NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and leaders of Britain, France and Germany.

Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor of the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague, was invited to observe.  “We (have) had no replies,” Mikhail Kuznetsov, a Russian lawyer who presided over the Tribunal, told the audience at the Sava Center in Belgrade.

After two days of debates, including witness testimony and speeches from dozens of jurists, mainly from Russia, but also from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Poland and Germany, the Tribunal came out with its verdict Wednesday afternoon.  It said the accused had launched the bombing without declaring war and with no legal basis, and alleged it had deliberately targeted civilians, including children.

Listing a string of United Nations conventions it said NATO had violated, the Tribunal demanded a criminal investigation of the accused, and added that its conclusions would be sent to the United Nations and to the Hague tribunal.

It also called for the disbanding of NATO, the dismissal of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, and asked the countries involved to put their military and political leaders on trial.

NATO insisted throughout the air strikes that it was aiming only at military targets and took all possible precautions to avoid civilian casualties.

3. Fr. Sava, “His Disgrace’s” Envoy, Jeered by Serbs in Britain

LONDON, Mar. 29 – Fr. Sava Janjic, an ever-present aid to “His Disgrace,” Bishop Artemije, was booed and jeered by the Serbs living in Great Britain, when he addressed a highly electrified crowd at the St. Sava church in London on Mar. 29.  He (left in the photo) and his bishop (right in the photo) should be used to it by now.  They were also booed and jeered by their own Serbs in Kosovo when they cavorted with Madeleine Albright last summer.

In a story headlined “Scandalous Statements by Fr. Sava, Bishop Artemije’s Envoy,” Belgrade’s (state-owned) Vecernje Novosti reported in its Mar. 29 edition that Fr. Sava’s answer to the Serbs in Britain who objected to Robin Cook’s foreign policy (Cook is Britain’s foreign office secretary), was “to move out of Britain.”  He also accused the Yugoslav Army of hauling out of Kosovo the property stolen from Albanians.  And he explained that Cook promised him 9,000 ($14,400) to start an “objective” (read pro-NWO, anti-Serb) radio station in Kosovo.  He also justified NATO’s bombing of Serbia a “peace mission of the international community.”

One of Fr. Sava’s “pearls” which had caused the Serb audience in London to explode with rage, was his apportionment of blame for the destruction of over 80 Serb churches in Kosovo during the KFOR “peace farce:” The most responsible is the Milosevic regime; the second most responsible are the Albanian separatists; and only the third is (not NATO but) the “international community” according to Fr. Sava.

And when he referred to the withdrawal of “Milosevic’s army and police” from Kosovo, shouts “Serbian army, Father!” interrupted his comments.  Unperturbed, Fr. Sava proceeded to accuse the Serbian army of leaving Kosovo with truckloads of goods stolen from the Albanians.  The allegation was greeted with a angry and loud protests, to which the cleric didn’t react.

But perhaps the most stunning bit of news about Fr. Sava’s visit to London was that just before his address at the St. Sava church in London, the Serb monk had been received by the British foreign minister, Robin Cook. 

Now if that doesn’t tell us what sort of treasonous cleric Fr. Sava and his bishop are, we must be either sheep, ostriches or sardines.  For, how many “normal” monks, let alone the Orthodox Serbian variety, do you suppose, does the British foreign minister receive in a day, a week, a month or a year?  And who walks away, just like that, with a 9,000 ($14,000) pledge for a radio station in Kosovo.  Our guess would range from zero to none. 

Which makes Fr. Sava a “special” kind of a monk indeed.  “Special” enough because he and his bishop seem to hate Milosevic more than they love their people.  Which is why they are cooperating with the Serb enemies for the sake of “saving” the Serbs.  The more than 1,200 Serbs who were murdered in Kosovo while they were trying to “save” them, and the over 200,000 Serbs who were driven from their ancestral homes during the KFOR “peace farce,” are a good indication how effective Bishop Artemije’s and Fr. Sava’s work has been – for the Serb enemies, of course.  

Nor have Bishop Artemije and Fr. Sava ever explained who is paying for their gallivanting around the world.  Nor why only the two of them are being invited by the New World Order leaders, rather than some other Serbian Orthodox Church representatives.

Being the God-fearing people for centuries, the Serbs have been indoctrinated into axiomatically respecting the black clerical robes.  But priests are humans, and thus subject to all human vices as any of their flock.  His Disgrace and his English-speaking envoy are perfect examples why the Serbs must take nothing for granted; why they must lift the clerical robes, and judge the priests by their actions to see if behind the robes beat the hearts of God’s and the people’s true servants, or that of traitors and foreign vassals.

The Serbs who attended Fr. Sava’s presentation in London already know that.  When one person asked Artemije’s envoy “how will you dare show your face before the Serbs in Kosovo and tell them, ‘folks, here’s the money which Robin Cook is sending to you.  How do you think the people would react?”

Fr. Sava reportedly replied that the people will be grateful, because Milosevic isn’t sending anything to them.  A storm of protests spread throughout the church hall in response to the cleric’s reply.  Shouts, such as, “Robin Cook, murderer of our children!” could be heard.

To which Fr. Sava replied, “if you disagree with Robin Cook, why don’t you move out of Britain?!”


TiM Ed.: What a great idea – if applied in reverse.  If Fr. Sava and Bishop Artemije disagree as violently with Milosevic as the British Serbs do with Cook and Blair, why don’t they move out of Serbia and join their bosses in the West?  Surely they would be welcomed with open arms?  Or maybe not… There is much more treasonous work left to be done on undermining the Serb people – on behalf of the New World Order.


If still in doubt about what these two clerics are really about, take a look at the next story and the reaction by the Democratic Party of Serbia, an opposition party with a truly patriotic platform, about new acts of subservience to the NATO enemy that Bishop Artemije, Fr. Sava and others have demonstrated in Kosovo:

4. Kosovo Serbs, Democratic Party of Serbia Condemn Another Act of Collaboration with the Enemy

Some Kosovo Serbs Pledge Non-Violent Non-cooperation after KFOR Attack Dogs Injure Many

BELGRADE, Apr. 3 – The Serbian National Council (“Koushner's new boys and girl,” as our Serb correspondent who sent us the Apr. 2 report called the council members - Bishop Artemije, Rev. Sava Janjic, Momcilo Trajkovic and Radmila Trajkovic), said it had decided to send representatives as observers to the civilian administration being established by the United Nations.  Other Serbs boycotted today's meeting, which was held in Gracanica, a 16th century monastery five miles from the Kosovo capital, Pristina.

The Democratic Party of Serbia (DPS) also condemned the decision by the Serb National Council to enter the Interim Administrative Council of Kosovo and the Transitional Council of Kosovo in the capacity of observers.  The DPS called it a “hasty decision,” that “can easily have far-reaching and extremely hard consequences.”  Here is the rest of the DPS statement:

“It (the above decision) may be particularly detrimental to the remaining Serbs in Kosovo, the few in the vicinity of Gracanica and somewhat larger Serb community in the north of Kosovo alike. The sad truth is that our ranks are thinning in Kosovo and that there have never been so few Serbs in the province, which is our major problem and the chief challenge to Kosovo's future as well.

Albanians were returned to Kosovo in a matter of days. No one has even tried to return the Kosovo Serbs. Therefore, the entry into the UNMIK-Albanian administrative organs, even with all those terms and conditions, can hardly be interpreted as anything else as giving legitimacy to the current situation, which is a Kosovo ethnically cleansed of the Serbs.

Even if the original intention was different, political and historical consequences will be more or less the same. The few of us left in Kosovo should have joined our forces and made KFOR and UNMIK provide safe return for all our exiled fellow citizens, in strict conformity with the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244. Had we increased our numbers we could have afforded the luxury of thinking about administrative organs in the province, their composition and operations. It is numbers that could have let us have some tangible influence.

However, our brothers in Gracanica decided to take some other path and take the places the political weight and subsequent influence of which were determined by someone else, whose friendly intentions towards the Serbs are extremely hard to believe in. Belgrade, April 3, 2000”

"The international community will help us to help them carry out the peace agreement," said the Rev. Sava Janjic, one of the Serbian leaders who will become an observer, according to the Apr. 2 Associated Press report.  He described the decision as a "turning point" in relations between the Serbs and the United Nations administrators who run Kosovo, suggesting that “the Serbs expect the West to reward their concession with help in security, housing and the return of refugees.”

And now, here it a Mar. 27 Politika report about how the West, i.e., KFOR, is really “helping” the Serbs in Kosovo.  The story’s headline was, “Serbs Pledge Non-Violent Non-cooperation after KFOR Attack Dogs Injure Many.”


“March 27, 2000 - Lipljan, March 26th (Politika) - KFOR soldiers from the Finnish contingent set their search dogs on Serbs protesting against the last-night's brutal arrest of Dejan Slavic from the village of Lepine in the Lipljan municipality, who was taken in for an alleged car theft, stated today the local radio-amateurs.

A large number of residents from Lepine suffered dog bites, and among the seriously injured were Slobodan Rasic, mother of the arrested Dejan, Miroslava Slavic, Mladjan Mitrovic and Zoran Slavic, whom the KFOR soldiers forbade to go to the Russian hospital in Kosovo Polje, where he was not driven until the UNMIK police insisted on it.

Lieutenant Peter Ramstel hit Predrag Slavic in the back of his head with a rifle butt, who is currently under medical treatment in a hospital due to the received injuries and bone fractures.

Serbs from the surrounding villages, after the brutal beating, held an assembly and decided to fight for the people of the highest KFOR command to be dissolved of their duties. Negotiations on this Serb request with the KFOR command started around 3 p.m., and it was concluded that the residents of this village, in the case that the KFOR command does not fulfill these requests, would treat the infamous officers and soldiers as occupiers and would confront them in every way possible, it was added in the report.”

5. Maclean's Publishes Excerpt from TiM Letter

TORONTO, Apr. 10 (forward dated) – Canadian magazine Maclean's, which last month ran a cover story about the supposed heroism of Canadian pilots during NATO's bombing of Serbia, published in its Apr. 10 issue an excerpt from the TiM editor's letter to the editor, along with seven other letters.  The Maclean's editors excised, of course, the juiciest parts of the TiM correspondence, such as the disclosure that Canadian pilots bombed the train on the Grdelica bridge in which at least 14 civilians died and scores were injured.  To read the letter click here or on the headline of this paragraph.

6. TiM Editor’s Perth Lecture - Photos

PERTH, Apr. 4 – Photos from the TiM editor’s lecture, “New World Order and Serbia,” which was held at the Maddington Serbian Center on Apr. 2, are now available at our Web site.  Just click here or on the above title if your wish to view them.

7. One Year Ago Today… A New TiM NATO War Remembrance Series

W. AUSTRALIA, Apr. 5 – Regular visitors to the Truth in Media Web site will have noticed that, starting with March 24, the New Day of Infamy, we have begun to run a series of commemorative reports under the title “One Year Ago Today…” Every day between now and June 11, you will be able to see and read what we said exactly one year earlier about NATO’s bombing of Serbia – what NATO hit, what it missed, and what it lied about.  And what mankind lost that day.  Just click on the appropriate links at our home page –

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