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TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-10

March 31, 1998

Russia's "Waco" and "Tiananmen"

Yeltsin's "Red October II"

An Orwellian Plot: "Defending Democracy" by Killing Pro-Democracy Demonstrators - and with Foreign Assistance?





Translated from the "Russian Cause;" written by Natalia Raduga; translation by Yuriy Kirienko

PHOENIX - Remember the bloody images of "Red October II," the massacre at the Russian White House (parliament) in October 1993, carried out by the Boris Yeltsin government and recorded on live TV? The New World Order's Russian quislings killed scores of their own people who wanted real democracy. Yet they did it in the name of democracy, CNN and others in the establishment media would have us believe.

But you'd have to be brain-dead or stone-drunk to buy that. Just as you'd have to be brain-dead or stone-drunk to think that the U.S. officials acted properly at Waco or at Ruby Ridge.

Yet the western leaders, starting with Bill Clinton, declared their immediate support for this Yeltsin government's crime against humanity. In doing so, Clinton acted more brazenly than did George Bush regarding the Tiananmen Square massacre in June 1989. At least Bush stayed silent for a while before declaring that the U.S. needs to stay engaged in China. Which only goes to show us how much more CRIMINAL our government has become in the last decade or so.

What brought this on? Well, we've recently received the following excerpts from interviews with the "Red October II" eyewitnesses and survivors conducted by Natalia Raduga, a correspondent for the "Russian Cause," a Russian patriots' publication. Her story was translated by Yuri Kirienko. As you read it, we suggest you keep thinking, could this happen in America?

"Our correspondent has accomplished a big job, the 'Russian Cause'" the editors wrote. "She has gathered an eyewitness testimony about the horrible events which took place in Moscow between September 21 and October 4, 1993. Some of her witnesses took an active part in those  events, and fearing prosecution, chose to stay anonymous. However, that anonymity does not in the least reduce the testimonial value of what they had said, since their statements were made at a time when both their fears and the events that caused them were still fresh in their memory'."

And now, here's Ms. Raduga's story, edited only for English grammar and spelling. But we have to warn you: Some eyewitness stories are quite gory, as they describe scenes of shocking violence. Reading them is not recommended for the faint at heart.

A solemn memorial service was held for the fallen defenders of the White House 40 days after the tragic events, according to Russian traditions. That event took place on the November 13, 1993, in an open air ceremony in Drujinnikovskaya Street. That place is near the Red Presnya stadium, not far from the (Russian) White House (the parliament). About 50,000 people gathered there to pay their respects to the murdered compatriots.

[Where were the CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS cameras then? TiM Ed.]

This stadium, near Drujinnikovskaya Street, was a home to many terrible memories of mass executions of the Russian patriots in October 1993. Many Cossacks, militiamen, officers of the Army - all taken prisoner by the Yeltsin government for acting as defenders of the White House - were lined up and executed in cold blood along the walls of this stadium. Commemorating this tragic event, thousands of candles were lighted, and many fires were lit along the wall of these martyrs for democracy on Nov. 13, 1993.

The wall of this stadium is a silent witness to a heroic act of a 75 year-old woman. Defying the bullets whistling over her head, Varvara Petrovna, saved the lives of eight executed, but still alive Russian boys. She moved them away from the Presnya Stadium's wall of death to her apartment. There she bandaged their wounds, treated them as best as she could, and kept trying to help them find their friends and relatives.

Story of Two Young Men

Other people at the "Stadium of Death" told me similar stories while warming up their freezing hands over wood fires on a cold November-night. Two young men approached me. One was about 20. The other perhaps 19...

"We were among those who lived in the tents near the White House to protest Yeltsin's closing of the Supreme Soviet. During the night of October 4, we quartered in a nearby sporting hall. At approximately at 6:30 in the morning, without a warning, snipers opened fire on the people manning the barricades and the dwellers of our 'tent city'.

The fire came from the roofs of the nearby (four) buildings. They were the roofs of a residential building No. 11, along Drujinnikovskaya street, near the hotel Mir. And from the high-rises in the Barricade Square and of the City Hall buildings, formerly occupied by SEV, the western-sponsored Council on Economic Cooperation between the former socialist countries. Gun fire also came from the direction of the American Embassy.

At 6:45 a.m. (Oct. 3), all defenders of the White House were alerted, and gathered in the Freedom Square in front of the building of the Supreme Soviet. At 7:30 a.m. a large caliber machine gun opened fire from the direction of Kalininskiy Prospect. Everybody on the perimeter of defense outside the tent city, who was without weapons and could not escape on time, was placed inside the building. A squall of sniper fire on the ground level forced further evacuation into the underground passages. The evacuees were moved to the third floor because all windows of the White House were raked with bullets from 'Yeltsinoids.' Those who were armed took up defenses from the sixth floor up."

At 7:15 a.m. BTRs (armored personnel carriers) pulled up at the City Hall building and opened fire from a heavy machine gun.

At 10:00 a.m., helicopters started firing at the White House, and at 11:30 a.m. tanks began shelling the building. Yeltsinoids announced to the world that firing began at the deadline set in their ultimatum. This is a lie - we were under fire long before that. At the time when the building was shelled, somewhere around 12 o'clock, Cossacks caught two spies wearing Spetznaz uniforms (Special Troops). They coordinated enemy fire by radio and, it must be specifically pointed out, spoke Yiddish between themselves. Cossacks executed them. Then a word of warning was passed around on the possibility of saboteurs being inside the building."

Story of a Belgrade Writer

Your TiM editor needs to interrupt the young men's testimony at this point. Notice that the two spies who coordinated enemy fire by radio spoke YIDDISH to each other? Until now, Americans had no reason to believe that the "Red October II" massacre was anything other than one Russian power group (Yeltsin's) battling against another faction (the deputies). But the above incident raises a possibility that FOREIGN elements were also involved in the White House battle, evidently on Yeltsin's side.

This writer first became aware of such allegations in February 1997, during the pro-democracy protests in Belgrade, Serbia. Dragos Kalajic, an accomplished writer and editor of the DUGA magazine, gave a speech at the Writers' Club in Belgrade in which he explained why he chose not to join the demonstrators in the Belgrade streets. Here is an excerpt from his talk, which was also published in the DUGA magazine:

"One of the important ethical reasons for not participating in the (Belgrade) protests is a sense of duty I feel toward my friends. During the night between October 3 and 4, 1993, the pro-American and Russophobic Kremlin government... used military force against democracy; against the representatives of the political will of the Russian people in the Russian parliament.

The West, of course, had shown then how much its leaders and media care about 'democracy,' as they applauded this crime and atrocity. A legion of foreign mercenaries, led by the CIA colonels, and with the help of the snipers from the Israeli division, 'Uerihon,' killed at least 1,500 Russian defenders of freedom and state. Among the killed were some of my friends. I do not forget or betray my friends - not when they are alive, and especially not the dead ones."

So here we have again a reference from another source to the role foreign mercenaries played in "Red October II." Mr. Kalajic even names the Israeli division from which some of the snipers were deployed. This could help explain why the two spies who were directing by radio the outside fire at the White House were speaking Yiddish.

And now, back to the story of the two young Russians, as retold by Ms. Raduga...

"One more episode. When the shooting began, we were still in the sports hall. At approximately 6:45 a.m., a horrible-looking shell of unknown nature burst into the room. The object looked like a fiery red ball the size of a kitchen pot. It bounced around the room noisely, sending sparks in every direction. Then the ball got into the box stuffed with socks and set them on fire. I do not know what happened next because we ran out in a hurry."

Story of a Russian Deputy

U.A Birukov, 62 years of age, a deputy from the Tagansk district of the city of Moscow, testified that in early September 1993, a rumor had spread among the deputies that they would be crushed militarily.

"The rumor had it that the President (Yeltsin) had already ordered artillery to be deployed in September, and ground forces in October. We were expecting extraordinary events every day and they finally came on September 21.

It was the Presidential Order No. 1400. Everyone was outraged and surprised by that ease with which the President reneged on his solemn oath. The oath bound him to abide by the Constitution he swore to uphold.

Everyone was also stunned by the ease with which he violated the mandates of the lawfully elected deputies and the statutes of the lawmaking body. Functioning of the parliament is outside of his jurisdiction, and in doing so, the President crossed the boundary prescribed by law. He broke the law, exceeded his authority, and thus put himself in the position untenable with his staying in power much longer.

A session of All Peoples Vetche (the Russian version of the House of Representatives) was planned for October 3. Notice of this event was dutifully filed a month and a half in advance. The time and the place of such a session was coordinated with the government authorities. Nevertheless, this event was banned on October 2.

On that day, I happened to be among half a million demonstrators who were moving from Kalujskaya Square toward the White House. The demonstration was lead by deputy G. Urajtsev. Initially, we planned to hold a meeting near the Kremlin wall. Yet instead of stopping the column on the approaches to the Red Square, Urajtsev led it directly to the Krimskiy bridge.

OMON (Special Police Detachment) troops, positioned on the Krimskiy bridge, shot some tear gas into the crowd and retreated. They yielded to people in order to stir up their passions. Coordination between OMON and Urajtsev was obvious to an experienced eye. Demonstrators quietly proceeded to march along Sadovoye Circle, passed Smolenskaya Square, Arbat, finally reaching Kalininskiy prospect. That's where they turned toward the White House. It was already nearly 4 p.m.. Looking through the windows of the White House, deputies waved their hands welcoming us.

When we finally reached the White House, someone opened fire on the column from the direction of City Hall, killing two policemen. Such an audacious provocation outraged everyone as it was clear that the death of the policemen would be attributed to the defenders of the Supreme Soviet.

I climbed on the balcony of the White House where five military men and several deputies had already gathered. They took turns checking out the City Hall and the hotel Mir through binoculars. They were looking for the place from which the fire had come. Soon they located the scum hiding behind a window pane on the upper floor of the hotel Mir. His machine gun could be seen clearly through binoculars.

"We’ve got to nail the bastard," I told the guys around me. "How? We do not have a single sharp-shooting rifle," someone replied. All our submachine guns were fitted with shortened barrels effective only in the shooting range from 20 to 30 meters. If we had had at least one real Kalashnikov, we could have taken that sleaze bag out right then and there.

That day, I returned home after midnight. A telephone message from my District Council was waiting for me -- a new session was scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m. In the morning on the October 4, however, I discovered that the building of my District Council had been taken over by OMON. On what legal basis? It turned out that all other offices of the opposition deputies had been also occupied during the night on orders from the government. Then I went to the White House to find out what was going on.

I arrived on the bridge around 11:00 a.m., and observed a large crowd of peaceful citizens had already gathered there. A machine gun set on the roof of the building No. 19, along the New Arbat street, was firing at them. I decided not to risk my life needlessl,y and turned back to Chaikovskaya street. Around noon,a sniper began shooting at passersby from the rooftop of the house located across the street from the American Embassy. Obviously that spot was deliberately chosen to give the foreign gentlemen a better view of the gory spectacle. It enabled them to see the bloody face of the opposition close up.

Policemen swarmed around the building shooting from their short-barreled machine guns. Yet nobody surrounded the building, and nobody even tried to capture the sniper. That means that the whole affair was again nothing but a show played out on the real life stage of Moscow streets..."

Olga's Story

Olga P.:  "We spent most of the night of October 4 sitting around a wood fire. By 6 a.m., only three of us still remained there: Yuriy, a 15 year-old boy from the Communist Youth League, and we, two women. The rest of the group melted away. Some had gone inside the building to warm up; some to have a short nap. In the neighboring tents, there were several other Communist Youth League girls from Kaluga.

A sudden pop broke the morning stillness. (I took it just for a snap as I did not know yet what a sniper shot sounds like). In front of my eyes, Zinaida, who sat next to me, began disintegrating into a bloody mess. While my consciousness could not yet fully grasp what was happening so close to me, the sight of so much blood caused animal fear in me.

The boy, Yuriy, jumped to his feet and ran for cover toward a building. Instinctively, I followed him. The pops began sounding in rapid succession from all directions. Suddenly, running ahead of me, Yuriy jerked and fell flat on his face. I ran up to him and noticed a small bullet hole on the back of his coat. The building was only 30 meters away, and I wanted to lift him up and help him to carry on toward it. When I turned him around I saw a huge gaping bloody wound in his chest. To be exact, there was practically no chest left. Indescribable horror overwhelmed me. I dashed aside, fell, then ran to the White House again. I do not remember how I reached it. The sniper was shooting from the residential building No.: 11 on the Drujinnikovskaya street."

An Old Man's Story

A 70 year-old witness, who lives close to the White House, across the street from Krasnaya Presnya stadium, testified as to the following:

"The night between October 3 and 4, 1993, we could not even think of sleeping. Both I and my wife were looking through the window of our second story apartment. We saw a man trying to run away captured and executed in cold blood inside a personnel carrier. All night long, troops in uniforms were chasing and shooting the people who attempted to escape from the White House.

In the morning of October 4, while walking out with my dog, I counted eighteen (18) dead bodies in our yard. In the following 10 days,we observed strange activities taking place inside the stadium. By the morning of October 4, authorities had closed the entrance gates to the stadium. On that and all other days, tanks kept driving in circles, and water tank cars were moving in and out. What that meant I can only guess. Ask those who live on the upper floors."

A Soldier's Story

Suddenly a soldier approached the fire around which we were sitting, Ms. Raduga, the Russian journalist, said. He introduced himself as being from the special forces group Alpha. For a while he stayed silent, but by the morning, he also joined the general conversation.

"I am telling you this because I am flying out today anyway. There was very extensive destruction within walls of the White House. The tanks shot fougasse shells, which means that their detonators were set to go off inside the building. I counted 300 bodies in the parts of the White House that I could see myself.

I figure that another 500 to 600 people were executed against the stadium walls. In my position of a rank-and-file soldier, I estimate that the overall number of murdered is between 1,500 and 2,000.

[Interesting, isn't it, how this jives with the figure which that Belgrade writer used? TiM Ed.]

The morning of October 4, I saw the deputies and others captured with them in White House being arrested and crowded together. It should be noted here, that they (Yeltsin's troops) did not execute just anyone captured in the White House, but separated them first into groups. At the stadium wall they executed only the officers of the Army, the Cossacks, and the officers and rank-and-file policemen who took the side of the people. The same fate also befell those who took part in the fighting in Prednestrovye and other hot points.

In such a tumult, without a master roll in the executioners' hands, it would not have been possible to separate those people for immediate execution so fast. That means that the list with the names of the White House defenders, and generally of everyone inside the building, had been passed outside long before the storming began. The White House leadership betrayed the people who trusted them even before the actual events took place. That treason doomed the best patriots of Russia to death!

Also, various military detachments conducted themselves quite differently. Memorize it and inform whoever you can that an exceptionally savage behavior was displayed by the OMONs of cities of Vladimir, Omsk, and Tomsk. With similar savagery also acted Taman division and some other detachment called PPS No.:2. I do not know how to spell it out but that unit is quartered close to Lefortovo.

Sankt Peterburg and Moscow OMONs took a different stance and refused to take part in the executions. I watched three members of the Tomsk OMON execute two 17 year old girls on one of the White House floors. My friend and I finished them off on the spot...

And in general, there were plenty of those who enjoyed the savagery. If it were not for our group Alpha, I doubt that, aside from the deputies, anyone would have been left alive. The bandits feared us."

"I continue to gather evidence," is how Ms. Raduga signed off her report.

TiM Ed: So could something like this happen in America? You bet.

Who was the first world leader to give Yeltsin his full and immediate support for the "Red October II" massacre? (Answer: Bill Clinton). Didn't the FBI assault at Waco take place less than six months earlier? Hasn't our government been trying to disarm Americans, the Second Amendment notwithstanding? Aren't they now using the Jonesboro, AK, juvenile killings as another opportunity to put the guns on trial, rather than our Hollywood-induced violent society?

Just as importantly - why has no western media outlet (as far as this writer is aware) ever reported the full story of Moscow's "Red October II?" Such as the snipers' killing of two policemen so as to blame the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, and later justify a turkey shoot of civilians and occupants of the Russian White House? Why didn't they tell us in this land of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press, about the presence of foreign mercenaries who took part in the massacre of the Russian people? Or about the summary, and later, mass executions at the Red Presnya stadium?

And even if the media were too skittish or subservient to the NWO elite to tell us the full truth in the pitch of battle, where were the western correspondents when 50,000 people gathered at this Moscow stadium 40 days later for an all-night wake on Nov. 13, 1993? Where have the famed western "investigative reporters" been since that time?

Did they withhold the full truth about the "Red October II" from us to keep us, the American lambs, dumbed-down and ignorant so when our turn for slaughter comes we'd be just as unprepared as the Russian patriots were? If so, now you know why we felt it was important for America and the world to know what really happened in Moscow in October 1993. And to realize that the same people are still in charge of both the Russian and the American governments.




PHOENIX - We received the following comment from a TiM reader responding to our report, "Yeltsin's 'Red October II'," (TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-10, 3/31/98):

"I don't know anything about the specifics of this post, but I do have another minute data point which may relate. In 1993, my family and I were living in Wolfheze, The Netherlands. My wife, E., had struck up a friendship with several foreign (to The Netherlands) women who were attending a seminar at the University of Wageningen, including a number of Russian women. When the flap started in Russia, several of the Russian women asked if they could come over to our house to watch events on CNN. E. said that would be fine and we became the local Russian cultural center. Our guests all contended to us that we were seeing a dictator (Yeltsin) destroying any hope of real representative government democracy. Just the opposite of the spin from the controlled media (ours and theirs), of course."

B.D. (this reader requested anonymity, except for the initials)

To which the TiM Editor replied:

Thanks for sharing your Dutch-Russian experience with us. You reminded me of where I was on Sept. 21, when Yeltsin dissolved the parliament, leading up to the 'Red October II' massacre. Here's an excerpt from  report I filed from Budapest, Hungary on Sept. 21, 1993:

Yeltsin's Coup d'Etat

"Once I got back to my hotel, I had dinner and went back to my room. While working on my laptop, I caught a glimpse of Yeltsin on CNN from a corner of my eye. I turned up the sound and learned of the coup d'etat which he launched barely an hour ago. 'Here we go...,' I thought. 'Some democrat he is. As one of his first steps, he banned the Communist Party in 1991! Now, he is unconstitutionally dissolving the Parliament! What will come next? A Yeltsin dictatorship instead of the Communist one? Time will tell, I suppose'..."

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