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TiM GW Bulletin 98/11-6

Nov. 18, 1998

Is Today's Russia Like Germany's "Weimar Republic?"

Is NWO Spinning Out of Control?

Is U.S. Kosovo Policy Like Hitler's "Munich?"


WASHINGTON, DC, Nov. 18 - Is the New World Order is spinning out of control? Everybody and his uncle seems to be invoking Hitler these days. Against their adversaries, of course. Which means that the accusers lack convincing rational arguments to back up their charges. For, accusing someone of being like Hitler is merely appealing to emotion, not reason. And is proof that such people don't have any policies, only hatreds and prejudices. Like Hitler in his latter years. [Here we go, too, committing the same sin while arguing against it… J ].

Madeleine Albright, for example, has invoked "Munich" (Hitler's occupation of Sudetenland, a predominantly German-populated part of the then sovereign country called Czechoslovakia) in reference to Serbia's policy in Kosovo. But a Russian writer, Boris Zanegin, argued just the opposite in an Oct. 20 article titled, "A New 'Munich?'," published by Zavtra, an opposition newspaper in Moscow [translated for TiM by George Sprukst of the Russian-American Information Services]. Zanegin said that the U.S.-led NATO ultimatum in Kosovo is an interference "by a narrow military-political block in affairs of a sovereign country." Just as Hitler did in 1938 in Czechoslovakia.

The US News & World Report also joined he name-calling with its Nov. 16 feature, "Is this Weimar Russia? Eerie parallels to Germany during Hitler's rise to power." "Weimar Germany," by the way, to which this magazine is trying to draw a parallel with today's Russia, was Germany between 1918 and 1933, defeated WW I enemy, its economy in shambles, its people starving and dying enmasse. Just as in today's Russia.

After World War I, Germany had to swallow the punishing terms of the Versailles Treaty, giving up territory and stifling its arms industry. "It was a country that lost a war, lost its dignity, and tried to become a democracy under the worst possible conditions," Alexander Konovalov, a historian and political analyst at Russia's flagship ORT television network told the US News & World Report. Similarly, he argued that Russia today is reeling from a tacit defeat in the Cold War and has "lost huge amounts of territory, one half of its gross domestic product, and 10 years of male life expectancy." Russia's devaluation and widespread misery have a close parallel in the catastrophic devaluation of the mark that wiped out much of the German middle class in the 1920s.

The precedent of Weimar's failed democracy began worrying Russia watchers during the early 1990s, the News & World Report said, when Yeltsin lifted state controls on prices and inflation soared to 2,600 percent. And now, the economic similarities with Weimar are popping up again.

Konovalov believes that the chaos and corruption that have accompanied democracy have made many Russians long for the totalitarian past: "The desire for security, for law and order, probably outweighs the desire for freedom." And demonstrators are resorting again to rhetoric that would have been perfectly familiar to Germans 50 years ago, blaming a conspiracy of scheming Jews and vengeful Westerners for Russia's problems, US News & World Report opined.

Meanwhile, while the American and Russian government officials and the establishment media are firing barbs, insults and blame across each other's bows, the people in Russia continue to suffer. And die.

In early November, the United States agreed to send 3.1 million tons of food aid - worth about $625 million - to help Russians get through the winter after their worst harvest in 45 years, according to the US News & World Report. Actually, the preceding statement is BS. And it only goes to show us that this U.S. establishment media member is working in concert with the Clinton administration. The reason the Clinton administration agreed to provide this food aid to Russia - for a price (!) - was to help out the American farmers by spending the U.S. taxpayers' money in order to buy 1.5 million tons of excess wheat from them. And by beating out its European Union (EU) competition (in food giveaways) whose farmer had also accumulated vast amounts of surplus.

"We must not let the Americans help Russia alone," the head of the French wheat producers association told Reuters, according to a Nov. 4, 1998 New York Times report. The EU "must launch its own food program." Which has been under way since the time this report was published.

Sound familiar? Remember our civil vs. mechanical engineers joke from the "perpetual war for perpetual commerce" strategy discussion? (see "A Reform Party of AZ Speech," Sept. 5, 1998, and several other articles at our Web site on this theme). First you knock them down; then you build them up (as in Bosnia). First you starve them; then you feed them (as in Russia). Either way, western producers profit. Either way, the adversaries suffer. Especially the Christian ones.

If in doubt about that, take a look at the photograph of this desperate-looking little Russian girl , not older than 10, which we picked up during travels in Europe in September (the photo is available at our Web site). Crouching against a wall on a Moscow street, she was holding a handwritten sign which read: "People of good will, please help out with a piece of bread, in the name of Jesus Christ."

Nor are the children the only ones suffering in Russia. London's Telegraph reported in its Nov. 17 edition that the Russian jails, "already overcrowded and a breeding ground for disease, are struggling to feed their inmates because of the nation's economic crisis. A state within a state, the Russian prison system is now barely able to provide its one million inhabitants with a proper diet or treat the tuberculosis from which many suffer." Russia's prisons, labor camps and rehab centers, were described in one United Nations report as the "hell on earth."

And just think - all this while both the U.S. and the EU are experiences large surpluses in wheat stocks.

Now, we realize, it would be easy to dismiss the plight of the Russian criminals. Easy, but not right. Nor Christian. Lest we forgot, Jesus Christ died on the cross alongside the thieves. He was the son of God, the same God who is watching all these sins being committed by the NWO leaders today. Just as He took account of those perpetrated by the pagan Romans and others nearly 2,000 years ago.

Frequent references to the historical parallels between the current state of the world affairs and those which existed in the "interwar" period (between the two world wars) only serve to reinforce the notion that the godless New World Order may be spinning out of control. Under God's watchful eye, and perhaps even with His nudge or two? For, a logical antithesis of that thesis would be that Christianity may be starting a late comeback?

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