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TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-3

Aug. 10, 1997

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August 1997


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"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last."

(a reference to European countries' meakness toward Hitler in the 1930s).

                              Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


Why Are the Serbs New World Order's First Victims?

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Russian 19th Century Philosopher Predicted Antichrist's Arrival

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Why Are the Muslims the NWO's Favorites?


Why Are the Serbs New World Order's First Victims?

READER QUESTION: "As with Stalin's plan (1923) for the destruction of Christianity by destroying Germany via WW II... I wonder what is also special about the Serbs that would make them the intended victims of the same leadership types in the NWO Cabal?"

TiM Ed.: The above TiM correspondent is a retired US Army officer, a German-American who had served honorably in Vietnam, among other places. He asked the above question in response to the TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-2 - re. Holbrooke - the "Balkan Bully," and the Washington Times column, "Will the American Troops Ever Leave Bosnia?" (August 1997). Our reply follows:

TiM ANSWER The Serbs were the easiest to kill or enslave among the Orthodox Christians. They are isolated and surrounded by enemies. There are only 10 million of them. Plus, the Serbs are fierce freedom fighters. Beating them to a pulp would discourage rebellion against the New World Order (NWO) by others later on. Also, the Serbs are the most "Western" of all Orthodox Christians.

The Greeks may be next. They are also isolated and surrounded by enemies. Plus, a smaller nation than even the Serbs. Notice that Bill Clinton has appointed Richard Holbrooke a special envoy to Cyprus? What Holbrooke did to the Serbs in Bosnia, he is likely to do to the Greeks on Cyprus.

Killing, enslaving the Orthodox Christian Russia will take longer. But the process is already under way. The methods are the same. NATO is an "Iron Ring" around Russia's European neck. Islam will shackle her soft southern underbelly. China will finish the job from the east.

After the 250 million or so of Orthodox Christians are killed or enslaved, the Protestant Christians will become the next target of the NWO. They will be easier to kill or enslave than the Catholics. There are only 500 million Protestant adherents vs. over a billion Catholic ones.

Finally, the "NWO cabal," as you put it, will turn against the Catholics, too. See a pattern? Like a pack of hungry wolves converging on unsuspecting animals, the NWO hyenas attack the weakest one first. Among the Christians, that was the Serbs. That's why the Serbs were the first victims. That's why they need/deserve help from other Christians around the world NOW - before the others become too weak to help.

The NWO is a reverse (and more perverse) form of the Crusades. In fact, it is a revenge for the Crusades. It is a crusade against the Christians! (Of course, in reality, things are not going to be happening serially, as described above, but in parallel - with the above order of targets determing the NWO priorities. So the actual process may be faster than it seems).


Russian 19th Century Philosopher Predicted Antichrist's Arrival

What follows is a letter from a TiM reader in Indianapolis, IN:

"I must respond at once to your bulletin of August 7, 1997- the one in which you explain what is behind NWO persecution of the Serbs. First, and foremost, unworthy though they (the Serbs) are because they fight each other, because they are Orthodox Christians, at least historically speaking, and their (shall I say our) situation can be understood in that context.

As a historian of Christianity, I can testify to you that you were inspired when you wrote what you did about the predicament and perils of Christians in the world. The irony, Bob, is that the Antichrist, who is behind all this, is uniting Western Christians, Roman Catholics and Protestants against us without their knowing, blind fools, that one day the same fate awaits them! But then it will be too late!

The famous Russian philosopher, Vladimir Solovyev, (d. 1900) wrote a book called "Antichrist," in which he explains that the Antichrist will announce his reign through and from the United States of Europe (the today's NWO-although he does not use that term).  The Serbs were the first in the fourteenth century to face Antichrist when the Turks invaded their lands. However, after five centuries of slavery they survived, but Satan has been waiting to crush them. It began with the Second World War when in Croatia alone 1,000,000 of them perished. Now again he is at their throat through NWO. I will say no more.

What is reassuring to me is that lay people like us, see and understand all this, even if our clerical leaders do not. I congratulate you on this.   One Christian people who were the first to be attacked were the Armenians in Turkey. From 1896-1916, two to three million of them perished. Now the turn has come of the Serbs. You put it well. Satan, the NWO goes for the weak. Do not stop raising the alarm. The times are perilous-but God hears the prayers of the righteous!"

Dr. Charles Ashanin, Ph.D. (Glasgow, Scotland), Professor Emeritus of Early Church History


Why Are the Muslims the NWO's Favorites?

PHOENIX, Aug. 16 - A TiM reader, to whom we shall refer as "SJ," wondered why the Bosnian Muslims were singled out as the New World Order's favorites in the break up of Yugoslavia. This reader sent us some Los Angeles Times articles from 1993, in support of his theory:

TiM READER: Here is the Los Angeles Times article I mentioned. It is from 1993, not 1992. The Times was advocating U.S. involvement in Bosnia in 1992, but didn't offer any real rationale until this article. What the Times views as "U.S. interests" is revealing.

TiM's ANSWER: Thank you for your trouble, SJ, in digging up this article. By April 1993, the demonization of the Serbs in the American media had already reached an advanced stage. This April 28, 1993 LA TIMES article is indeed typical of those who contributed to it.

So your hunch was right. It had all been prepared (by the NWO/US government) long before the Bosnian war started (by the NWO, then blamed on the Serbs - sound familiar re. FDR and Hitler in the 1930s?).

We started to track the media demonization trend back in late 1988. By March 1993, we (Truth in Media) had produced an extensive study documenting four years of anti-Serbian propaganda by the NEW YORK TIMES, for example (TiM Bulletin 93-03, Mar. 8, 1993). Our research encompassed some 1,200 NYT articles, including 120 Editorial and OpEd pieces on the subject of Yugoslavia, three of the four years being BEFORE the Bosnian war started.

Of that total, 93% were anti-Serbian, 7% were anti-Croatian; NONE were anti-Muslim!!

Furthermore, we were able to prove that the NYT editors DROVE the Balkan news, not the other way around. In 1990, for example, the Letters on YU topics outnumbered Editorials and OpEd articles by a 17-8 margin. But by 1992, the year in which the Bosnian war stared, the Editorials and OpEd columns dominated the Letters by a 89-32 margin.

In late March 1993, our report was presented to the NYT editors in person by a concerned American. They just shrugged it off.

At about same time, back in Sarajevo, on direct orders by the Muslims' President Alija Izetbegovic issued in February 1993, a real "cleansing" was taking place. Over 6,000 Sarajevo Serbs, mostly intellectuals, were quietly killed by the Muslims, according to a March 22, 1996 confession by Sljivo Jasmin, given in the presence of international observers (see TiM GW Bulletin 96-05, 5/26/96).

This Muslim (Jasmin) confessed to personally shooting to death, or cutting the throats of, more than 200 Serbs in Sarajevo. He also said he had raped over 40 Serb women, some of whom were the girls he had known from before the war.

Yet, this was never reported in the Western press. And this guy is not on the Hague "war criminals" list.

Some of the Serbs who managed to escape the hell-hole called Sarajevo told me that the number of Serb victims could be as high as 7,000 to 10,000 (killed).

Why Did NWO Want Yugoslavia Busted?

[cont'd] The preceding is a direct answer to your question. But the above explains WHY the NWO wanted Yugoslavia busted and the Serbs demonized. Answering a TiM reader's question in the (see an earlier story in this issue), I tried to explain why the Serbs were the first NWO victims in a historical context. Now I'll try to shed some light on it in the current, the 1990s context.

The LA TIMES story you enclosed gives its readers the liberal/globalists' "song and dance" about the virtues of multi-ethnic countries, like ours (the U.S.). And it cites the North Korea, for example, as a contrary example.

That's pure hogwash! Consider Japan, for example, one of the purest ethnic societies in the world. Why didn't the NWO pick on the Japanese, and not just on the North Koreans? Or... (any number of other more or less "ethnically pure" nations).

The answer is quite simple. It's because the North Koreans haven't been bought yet. By contrast, Japan is already a U.S. colony (why and how could be a book by itself, so I won't go into it now).

By the same token, Yugoslavia, as well as the Soviet Union, were MODEL MULTI-ETHNIC societies - if that's really what the NWO's objective was. It was not. Just look at how the NWO destroyed BOTH OF THOSE MODEL MULTI-ETHNIC societies.

Why? Because it each case - Yugoslavia and the USSR - had the Western democratic majority rules been applied - the ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS (Serbs, Russians) would have been the dominant groups. The Serbs accounted for over 40% of Yugoslavia's population, and would have easily controlled any democratically elected government.

THAT IS THE REAL REASON Yugoslavia was busted up! That's why the NWO (read the U.S. government) encouraged Croatia and Slovenia to secede (in 1991), as well as later on the Bosnian Muslims and Croats (in 1992). I have in my archives proof for both assertions.

The NWO's motive for destroying Yugoslavia was to prevent the Orthodox Christians from being the dominant ethnic group.

As for the Russians, the Orthodox Christian domination could not have been avoided even in its diminished state (147 million). So the NWO settled for a "salami" approach, one slice at a time, "killing the Russians softly," by disease and starvation, as we have shown in the TiM Bulletin 97-4).

Only evil minds could have dreamed up such crimes against (the Orthodox Christian) humanity. Which is why it's important for the Christians the world over to understand what awaits them next, if they remain complacent; if the NWO is allowed to rule the world, as it has until now.r

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