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TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-1

Aug. 1, 1997

Western Peacetime "Reforms" Deadlier Than Wars?

Killing Russia Softly

Yeltsin Killing More People Than Stalin? Wailing Mom at the "Duma"; Russian "Miserables:" Orphans of the New World Order


"Governments in the 20th century have murdered about 200 million people!"

Columnist Joseph Sobran, quoting Prof. R.J. Rummel of University of Hawaii

PHOENIX, Aug. 1, 1997 - The latest health care figures from Russia attest to a genocide of enormous proportions which the New World Order (NWO) is carrying out in this country. Today's NWO monsters are even making Joseph Stalin or and Adolph Hitler look benign by comparison.

At the same time, the NWO elites are setting up the UN War Crimes Tribunals, pretending to be protectors of humanity. If these Kangaroo Courts were indeed about humanity and justice, rather than about destruction of national sovereignty and political persecution, the front row seats of the prisoners' dock would be filled with some Western heads of state and top banking and media officials. The back rows, would be stacked with their quislings, like Boris Yeltsin and his government. Together, they are all co-conspirators in possibly the greatest national mass extermination in the history of mankind.

A well-known syndicated columnist, Joe Sobran, quoted in two of his 1997 pieces some terrifying statistics dug up by Prof. R.J. Rummel, of the University of Hawaii. In a Jan. 2, 1997 column, Sobran said that the "governments in the 20th century have murdered about 200 million people!" That does't count wars (!), Sobran warned.

But the Russian Gen. Aleksandr Lebed, a former presi-dential candidate, augmented this Prof. Rummel's horrifying figure, by claiming that 75 million lives were lost in the 20th century through wars.

Prof. Rummel apparently invented the word "democide," as his term for government mass murder. "The great majority of these poor victims of the state were killed by communist regimes, especially in Russia and China," Sobran wrote in his January 1997 column.

The Russian Czars and Chinese emperors were relative dilettantes as far as mass murderers go, by comparison. "They could be cruel, but usually on a small scale," Sobran said.

In his May 20, 1997 column, Sobran added that the "Soviet communism killed tens of millions of (Russian) people - nearly 62 million," again citing Prof. Rummel as the source. "Anyone who provided as much aid and comfort to Hitler as (F.D.) Roosevelt gave Stalin would now be in total disgrace," Sobran wrote.

Except if the WW II victors were also in bed with Stalin. After all, why was Gen. Patton censured by the "U.S. establishment" for wanting to press on the U.S. offensive against Stalin? r

Western Peace Time "Reforms" Deadlier Than Wars?

MOSCOW - The crashing decline in the physical and mental health of the Russian male in the post Cold War era is literally sending millions to an early grave, the IPS news service reported on July 23. So bad is the situation that nearly half the 16 year-olds in Russia today will die before they reach pensionable age. According to minister of health, Tatyana Dmitriyeva, only 10 percent of teenagers can be described as healthy.

 The chairman of the Duma health committee, Nikolai Gerasimenko, notes that in 1897, demographic trends suggested that Russia's population would grow to 400 million within a century, some 2.7 times the actual figure today. Which means that the "American Century" has cost Russia some 252 million lives.

And the death toll seems to be accelerating as Western peace time "reforms" are ravaging social services, and sending millions of citizens of a once mighty superpower to life-threatening poverty. As a result, Russia's life expectancy figures are down to African levels.

In the 1960s, Russia was on a par with other developed states in terms of life expectancy, says professor Leonid Rybakovsky, head of the demographic centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. ''Today, Russian men are 135th in the world, and women, 100th - similar to the poor African states,'' he says. ''But not even in Africa is there such a difference in life expectancy between men and women''.

Russia's State Statistics Committee has forecast a continuing decline in the country's population in the foreseeable future, with the total expected to fall by 4.2 percent from 147.1 million at the beginning of this year, to 141 million in 2010.

The health of Russian schoolchildren has deteriorated in recent years, according to Yekaterina Lakhova, chairwoman of the presidential commission on issues of women, family and demography. The deterioration is greatest for teenagers. Since 1991 blood-related illnesses have increased by 160 percent and endocrine and metabolic disorders by 120 percent among children aged 15-17.

Some 50 percent of children suffer from various ailments and 40 percent are chronically ill. Tuberculosis rose 70 percent in the period from 1990 to 1995. The number of cases of syphilis increased by a factor of 49 among teenagers, and by a factor of 33 among adults.

Alcohol, drugs, smoking and heavy emotional stresses, all rooted in economic difficulties, combine to reduce the life span of 70 percent of the people.'

"The current structure of mortality in Russia is unprecedented in human history: a third of the deceased in any given year, i.e. 672,000 people, die before they reach pensionable age." Rybakovsky says. "Of that number, 550,000 are men. 'In the past five years, the country lost three million young men, dozens of times more than the loss of life in the Afghan and the Chechen wars.''

"Russian statistics can give you a heart attack: between 1987 and 1996, the number of yearly births dropped from 2.5 million to 1.3 million,'' he notes. ''But this is not the worst thing. The trouble is not the quantity, but the quality of new-borns.'' Currently one-third of young men of conscription age cannot be drafted for health reasons. The figure for 1985 was only five percent. r

Wailing Mom at the Russian "Duma"

MOSCOW, Mar. 19, 1997 - As I was about to leave the Russian Duma (parliament) Rus-mom.gif (185177 bytes)building, following some meetings with the Russian opposition leaders, one could heard a woman crying very loudly right at the security stations (but on the street side). She shouted something in between her sobs and wails, and despairingly hit her head on the counter between the two X-ray security machines. Then she suddenly started screaming uncontrollably from the top of her lungs.

Everybody around her seemed uncomfortable, but nobody was doing something about it. As my interpreter and I made our way our past her, I asked him what this was all about.

"She was saying that her son has been a Chechen prisoner for six years, and she wanted someone at the Duma to help her win his freedom," he explained.

"But the war in Chechnya had not begun six years ago," a rational part of me replied.

"True. The actual war had lasted only three years. But there was sporadic violence in Chechnya even before that," the interpreter said.

A Russian Mom with photo of her dead soldier-son

Next to seeing the poor little old "babushkas," or the war veterans with missing limbs, begging all over Moscow, especially around the Metro stations, the wailing of this Russian mother was the most devastating thing I had witnessed during my short visit to the Russian capital. It presented a ground floor view of the tragedy which Boris Yeltsin's Russia, now a mere NWO colony, had brought upon its people.

Another dimension was provided by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of Russia's Liberal Democratic Party. He said that about $400 billion had been transferred from Russia into Western banks by the various individuals in or close to the Yeltsin government. The money was mostly a result of the sale of Russian property at rock bottom prices under the guise of reform and privatization.

Zhirinovsky cited one example (in Grusia, as I recall), where some Russians and their foreign investment partners were able to buy an entire factory for about $200,000. "Just imagine - being able to buy a factory for a price of (a luxury) car." Zhirinovsky thundered. "What a rip-off!"


TiM Ed.: As some of you may recall from my column, "The Great American Divide" (which also ran on Mar. 9 as "Plutocrats of the New World Order" in the WASHINGTON TIMES), I quoted some Moscow media sources that $350 billion had been taken out of Russia by the local quislings and the Western neo-colonialists. If Zhirinovsky is right, it looks like our estimate was on the low side. Meanwhile, the Western multinationals had invested only $2.7 billion into Russia since the end of the Cold War, according to a United Nations December 1996 report. No wonder little "babushkas" and limbless war veterans are having to beg in Moscow streets while the Yeltsin elite are living it up like the Russian czars. Meet the "Great Russian Divide." r

Russian "Miserables:" Orphans of the New World Order

MOSCOW, Apr. 20, 1997 - An Associated Press story, filed from Moscow on Apr. 20, reported about an even greater tragedy of Russia's "progress" in its westernization - one million or more of abandoned, homeless Russian children - scrounging for every ounce of their existence.  These Russian "miserables" are the new orphans of the New World Order.

"When the authorities picked up Oleg and Sergei," the AP reported today, "the youngsters were sleeping in telephone booths with cardboard boxes for mattresses. Wild-eyed and filthy, as snapshots taken by social workers show, the brothers wandered the desolate streets of Moscow looking for handouts. They weren't alone.

Thousands of children, abandoned or neglected, have been left to fend for themselves in a country where the changes of the past decade (imposed by the Western bankers/politicians) have plunged millions into poverty."

The Moscow Human Rights Research Center estimates one million children are homeless in Russia, although the problem is so new that the figure is little more than a guess. Often they are the children of the unpaid or unemployed, driven into the streets by unbearable conditions at home - cruelty, heavy drinking or neglect by their parents.

Oleg, an impish boy with big ears and a crazy laugh, seemed like any other child as he assembled a model helicopter at his shelter. But his intense look hinted at a troubled past he wouldn't discuss. After Oleg and Sergei's father died, the shelter director Koulyanov explained, their mother became an alcoholic and took to the streets.

Months later, Oleg, 8, and Sergei, 9, live in a crowded but cheerful shelter where children are introduced to such social niceties as hygiene and table manners and share hugs with a director they call Papa.

But some experts worry it's getting too late to save what they fear may be a lost generation of abandoned children. A new subculture is taking root in Russia's biggest cities - children who have slipped through the cracks at a time of social upheaval and become homeless, beggars, glue-sniffers, con artists, even prostitutes.

TiM Ed.: In other words, "Les Miserables" of the New World Order on a scale which may have even amazed the "Oliver Twist's" creator, Charles Dickens. In case you're not heart-broken already, consider the fate of the four-year old Irina and her Mom - also cited in the AP story:

"... Meanwhile, many children are struggling to cope with an even worse alternative - the street. Four-year-old Irina Skornyakova has spent most of her life sleeping in Moscow train stations. Her homeless mother, Valya, on a recent visit to the Red Cross to have her daughter deloused, admitted prospects for the child are bleak.

Wearing a grungy parka and a black wool cap, she hung her head as a worker scolded her for Irina's miserable upbringing. ''We live terribly,'' she said sadly. "It's no way for children to live."

TiM Ed.: It sure isn't. The people who have caused this kind of suffering of the children in any nation in the world, ought to be 'deloused' publicly themselves, at the very least.

Now, let's see... where do we start looking for them? In New York? In London? In Paris? And of course, in Washington, Disease?

So the next time we see President Klinton posing with healthy-looking American children in a photo-op, think of Sergei... and of Oleg... and of little Irina... and of the millions of the little "Les Miserables" which Klinton and his NWO sponsors have helped create while touting the virtues 'democratization' (read a Western plunder) of Russia.

'It's no way for the children to live' Mr. Klinton, as poor Mrs. Skornyakova said apologetically when being scolded for being poor.) r

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