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TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-4c

December 14, 1997

A "Russian Trilogy" - Part 3 of 3

What Glazyev Didn't Notice In Brzezinski's Ideas: Destruction of Russia!

Three Articles; Three Reasons; Three Sources - One Conclusion: Nothing Much Has Changed Since the End of the "Cold War" Except That Perfidy Is Now a Global Trait





Destroying Russia - is and has been Zbigniew Brzezinski's only goal, however carefully disguied.

PHOENIX - On Oct. 24, 1997, a Moscow newspaper, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, published some excerpts from Zbigniew Brzezinski's article, "Geostrategy for Europe," in which the former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter openly advocated aggression against, and dismemberment of, Russia. Here is what Dr. Sergey Yuriyevich Glazyev, a Russian economist, said about the Brzezenski's ideas in a Nov. 18 commentary published by the same paper:

"Brzezinski's arguments leave no doubt that Russia has turned out to be the main expendable card of U.S. geopolitics," Glazyev writes. "It is obvious from his book that the Cold War against us is not only continuing, but has, in fact, switched from being a Cold War against the USSR, to an aggression against Russia, with a view to destroying it."

"Brzezinski, who constantly equates the identity of Russia and the Soviet Union, notes the need, from the viewpoint of U.S. interests, to destroy Russia, describing its future in U.S. geostrategy either as a 'political black hole,' or as 'a freely confederative Russia, consisting of European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic'," Glazyev continues.

"With regard to China and Japan, Brzezinski declares the need for a 'profound strategic mutual understanding between America and China, and a clear determination of Japan's growing role," Glazyer adds. "Brzezinski also defines Turkey as the United States' strategic partner.... Nor does Brzezinski forget the interests of India and Iran, traditionally oppressed by the Americans."

"Suggesting that the Eurasian superpowers subordinate themselves to a 'soft U.S. hegemony,' Brzezinski seems to be currying favor with them to take in exchange control over parts of Russian territory," says Glazyev.

"The balance of forces in the New World Order should be achieved at Russia's expense," Glazyev notes. "Russia's division into three parts, Brzezinski believes, will be the basis for achieving a balance of forces in U.S. interests in Eurasia: 'Each of these confederative formations will be able successfully to develop local creative potential, for centuries slowed down by Moscow's heavy bureaucratic hand.' The development of the 'creative potential' of the pieces of a divided Russia will, according to this scheme, take place under the leading influence of the United States and its partners. It is planned to carry out the American colonization of Ukraine, together with Germany and France, and the colonization of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, together with Turkey and Iran, and of Siberia and the Far East, together with Japan and China."

So far so good... If you take a look at our map of Russia entitled "NWO Rings Around Russia" (in Part I of this TiM three-part series), you will see the three iron rings - NATO's, Islamic and Chinese - to which Glazyev and Brzezinski also seem to be alluding. But Glazyev's following paragraph clearly demonstrates that the Russian economist has no idea about what sort of a political animal he is dealing with:

"Brzezinski's writings could be seen as the ramblings of an anti-Soviet who has developed a passion for Russophobia, were it not for his authority as a leading U.S. geopolitical strategist, and his role as the public expression of geopolitical interests and the feelings of highly influential circles of the U.S. oligarchy," Glazyev says.

Wrong! Brzezinski has been a communist sympathizer all along. It's just that people like himself were forced to be "closet communists" during the FDR, Truman and McCarthy years. But now, given the radical shift toward totalitarian rule which the Clinton administration has brought to America, these "closet communists" are brazenly strutting their stuff out in the open.

How do we know that? Because Brzezinski himself said so. "Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man, over the inner, passive man, and a victory of reason over belief," he wrote in his 1970 book, "Between Two Ages."

In other words, Brzezinski sees Marxism a victory over materialism over spirituality. So much for the establishment media-created distinction between the NWO and the Soviet elites.

As if that weren't devastating enough for free spirited Americans Homo Sapiens worldwide, Brzezinski also added, "Marxism, disseminated on the popular level as Communism, represented a major advance in man's ability to conceptualize his relationship to his world."

And just think - a man like that was put in a position of handling America's inner-most secrets as the National Security Advisor to President Carter! Which, of course, is still a lesser evil than having a draft-evading President like Bill Clinton in charge of our national security. "If he were not the President, Bill Clinton couldn't qualify (even) for the lowest level of (the U.S.) security clearance," laments the U.S. Marines' Lt. Col. Tom McKenney in the (1994) book, The Clinton Chronicles. "Yet as President, he has access to and control of every secret our nation possesses."

Now that the West Side gang has prevailed over its East Side rivals, and has installed its own vassals to run the show there, similarities between the Soviet and the NWO elite is becoming a little more obvious. The fact for several decades they happened to be two rival gangs helped confuse matters in the eyes of the world. Which, in turn, also contributed to hundreds of thousands of American casualties in, what was essentially, gang warfare.

All this was evidently not obvious to Glazyev, who regards the Brzezinski as some sort of a Polish nationalist with an ax to grind against the Russians. Brzezinski may well be of Polish descent. And he may well be nominally a Catholic Christian. But he is no Polish nationalist, as Glazyev also suggests. Certainly less than Leonid Brezhnev was a Russian patriot. People like Brzezinski, Clinton et. al. are loyal only to one religion - the Almighty Dollar and the power which it can wrest for them.

"Not so long ago Adolf Hitler wanted the same thing (to rule the world)," Glazyev warned. "Today Mr. Brzezinski wants it. We know well how this ends. Perhaps the U.S. establishment does not know - perhaps they have been reading different history textbooks."

"The makers of U.S. cultural and information policy obviously think the same. At any rate those who "call the tune in Hollywood" are doing so with a powerful Russophobic bias. The new wave of American cinematography is imbued with anti-Russian hysteria, depicting Russians almost exclusively as terrorists, bandits, rapists, and monsters who should be feared and against whom 'everything is permitted' for the protection of the 'civilized world.'"

Welcome to Serbia, Dr. Glazyev!


Yes. The kind of demonization you've just noticed about Russia has been carried out by the NWO media against the Serbs ever since the end of the Cold War, Hollywood included. And with a far greater venom and intensity than against the Russians (so far). Notice how the Serb lands were dismembered, just as Brzezinski is advocating for Russia?

Why pick on Serbs? A TiM reader asked us that in August of this year. Here is how we answered the question in the TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-3, (8/10/97):

"The Serbs were the easiest to kill or enslave among the Eastern Orthodox Christians. They are isolated and surrounded by enemies. There are only 10 million of them. Plus, the Serbs are fierce freedom fighters. Beating them to a pulp would discourage rebellion against the New World Order (NWO) by others later on.

Also, the Serbs are the most 'Western' of all Orthodox Christians. The Greeks may be next. They are also isolated and surrounded by enemies. Plus, a smaller nation than even the Serbs. Notice that Bill Clinton has appointed Richard Holbrooke a special envoy to Cyprus? What Holbrooke did to the Serbs in Bosnia, he is likely to do to the Greeks on Cyprus.

Killing, enslaving the Orthodox Christian Russia will take longer. But the process is already under way. The methods are the same. NATO is an 'Iron Ring' around Russia's European neck. Islam will shackle her soft southern underbelly. China will finish the job from the east.

After the 250 million or so of Orthodox Christians are killed or enslaved, the Protestant Christians will become the next target of the NWO. They will be easier to kill or enslave than the Catholics.

There are only 500 million Protestant adherents vs. over a billion Catholics. Finally, the 'NWO cabal,' as you put it, will turn against the Catholics, too.

See a pattern? Like a pack of hungry wolves converging on unsuspecting animals, the NWO hyenas attack the weakest one first.

Among the Christians, that was the Serbs. That's why the Serbs were the first victims. That's why they need/deserve help from other Christians around the world NOW - before the others become too weak to help.

(Of course, in reality, things are not going to be happening serially, as described above, but in parallel - with the above order of targets determining the NWO priorities. So the actual process may be faster than it seems).

 Russian 19th Century Philosopher Predicted Antichrist's Arrival

What follows is a letter which we received from a TiM reader in Indianapolis, IN, about the above editorial comment:

"I must respond at once to your bulletin of August 7, 1997- the one in which you explain what is behind NWO persecution of the Serbs.

First, and foremost, unworthy though they (the Serbs) are because they fight each other, because they are Orthodox Christians, at least historically speaking, and their (shall I say our) situation can be understood in that context.

As a historian of Christianity, I can testify to you that you were inspired when you wrote what you did about the predicament and perils of Christians in the world. The irony, Bob, is that the Antichrist,who is behind all this, is uniting Western Christians, Roman Catholicsand Protestants against us without their knowing, blind fools, that one day the same fate awaits them! But then it will be too late!

The famous Russian philosopher, Vladimir Solovyev, (d. 1900) wrote a book called "Antichrist," in which he explains that the Antichrist will announce his reign through and from the United States of Europe (the today's NWO-although he does not use that term).

The Serbs were the first in the fourteenth century to face Antichrist when the Turks invaded their lands. However, after five centuries of slavery they survived, but Satan has been waiting to crush them. It began with the Second World War when in Croatia alone 1,000,000 of them perished. Now again he is at their throat through NWO.

One Christian people who were the first to be attacked were the Armenians in Turkey. From 1896-1916, two to three million of them perished. Now the turn has come of the Serbs.

You put it well. Satan, the NWO goes for the weak. Do not stop raising the alarm. The times are perilous-but God hears the prayers of the righteous!"

Dr. Charles Ashanin, Ph.D. (Glasgow, Scotland)

Professor Emeritus of Early Church History


Let us summarize with a pre-WW II quote by Winston Churchill (1874-1965):

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last." (a reference to European countries' meekness toward Hitler in the 1930s).

Churchill's warning resonates with special relevance today when Russian poets, such as Ivan Saveliev, also remind us of similarities with Hitler's rise to power (see Part II of III of this series):

"This is how I and the people of my generation view the October (1993) events in Moscow. For us, it was an echo of 1933 when Hitler seized power in Germany, and began his rebellion against a democratic regime."

Dr. Glazyev sees global danger signs, too:

"The chief organizer of the civil war in Russia - Lev Trotsky (actually one Leiba Bronstein, a Russian Jew who joined Lenin in 1917 from New York, followed by over 300 other Jews from the Lower East Side) - passionately desired world rule. Not so long ago Adolf Hitler wanted the same thing. Today Mr. Brzezinski wants it. We know well how this ends. Perhaps the U.S. establishment does not know; perhaps they have been reading different history textbooks.

(Yet they) are risking their soldiers' lives, and provoking global destabilization and a threat of a new world war with their imperial ambitions... Our historical experience attests graphically to the extraordinary danger of political utopias of that kind."

But Dr. Glazyev doesn't seem to realize is that the NWO establishment doesn't give a hoot about "their soldiers' lives." Certainly no more than Boris Yeltsin did about the lives of the fellow-Russians whom he ordered killed in October 1993, with Clinton's evident support (see Yeltsin's "Red October II" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-10, 3/31/98)). To ruthless power mongers like that, the Russian or American people are merely cannon fodder.

"The day before yesterday," they sent our fathers and mothers to die overseas in two world wars for their imperial ambitions. "Yesterday," they sent us and our brothers and sisters to bleed in places like Korea, Vietnam or Lebanon. "Today," they already have our sons and daughters posted in over 100 countries around the world, ready to be processed by the NWO human meat grinder.

Will we, the freedom-loving Americans, help feed the NWO crocodile by remaining silent about its rape of Russia and Serbia, hoping it would eat our children last?


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