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TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-2

December 8, 1997

A Christmas Travel Vignette

Singapore: Materialism Without Idealism

A Model NWO City-State Where Millions Worship the Almighty Dollar





SINGAPORE, Dec. 8 - Singapore has got to be the New World Order's model city-state. It's the epitomy of capitalistic communism. Or of communist capitalism. Take your pick... It all seems to boil down to the same thing.

An ancient entrepôt founded by the British East India Company in 1819, Singapore has become an Asian high-tech hub in the 1990s where materialism reigns supreme without the idealism of the original communists. This tiny country of only 239 square miles - roughly the size of Phoenix - probably has more worshippers of the Almighty Dollar on a per square mile basis than any other nation in the world. Except perhaps for its "sister city-state" of Manhattan with which it shares a dubious distinction of not really being a nation while housing the population equivalent of one.

Singapore is also where many former American jobs have ended up. IBM, for example, opened a new storage plant here last year, transferring to this authoritarian statelet some of the production which had been done in San Jose, CA, before. Nor is IBM alone in this. Singapore is believed to produce about half of the world's disk drives. It is also a leader in bio-technologies.

Singapore is also a maze of honeycomb-styled apartment buildings which resemble Moscow, East Berlin, Warsaw, Beijing or New Belgrade. If this is "capitalism," one could be easily fooled by its physical similarities with "communism." Indeed, given Singapore's generous welfare system; given its ruling elite's discernible disdain for democracy and individual liberties; given the sheepish and subservient ways of most Singaporeans, and one can begin to understand why the NWO masters chose this place on the Equator as its model city-state. It's colorless; it's immoral; it's full of "mutts;" and it is autocratic.

Which is why Singapore has so far escaped the Asian banking crisis virtually unscathed. For, it did not depend on borrowed money for growth, as did Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other troubled East Asian economies.

"It is fortunate for us that we did't have any foreign debt," the Trade and Industry Minister, Lee Yock Suan, told the Straits Times on Dec. 7. But he also warned that Singapore is very dependent on the world trade. "So whatever happens in the world economy will have an impact on us." Which is why the trade minister promised to revise (downward?) his economic growth forecast for 1998 of between 5% and 7%.

That's one explanation. Singapore's prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, one of the NWO insiders, offered another one. "The root cause of the Asian (banking) crisis is political, not economic," he said, according to a Straits Times' Dec. 8 editorial.

Thank you, Mr. Lee, for confirming this writer's theory about Wall Street's financial terrorism in East Asia (see the article written for the CHRONICLES magazine on the Asian banking crisis, 12/01/97). "The cozy arrangements between political and business elites, which bedevil so many Asian countries could go unchallenged for so long precisely because there was no fear of (public) exposure," the Straits Times also opined, playing the Monday morning quarterback..

Trouble is, these NWO "devils" aren't corrupting only the Asian countries. Have you checked out the goings on at the White House or the U.S. Justice Department lately?

Nor is the corruption merely financial. It is also cultural (check out this writer's "Dancing 'round the Golden Calf" column, the WASHINGTON TIMES, 8/31/97).

Just like some parts of Manhattan, Singapore is glitzy and glittery, especially at this time of the year. Christmas decorations dominate the downtown landscape. But for the fact that it's hot and humid here, walking down Singapore's fashionable Orchard Road at night seems like taking a stroll down Fifth Avenue. Cartier, Bvulgari, Gucci, Esprit, Louis Vuitton, Liz Clayborne... are all there lined up like little NWO soldiers, alongside Starbucks Coffee, Borders Books, Burger King, McDonald's or KFC. And, of course, Coca-Cola and Pepsi!

Nor are these godless (mostly American) NWO corporations the only ones exploiting Jesus Christ's birthday in Asia. A Japanese multinational, Hitachi, has also had its name is plastered all over downtown Singapore, underneath its street Christmas decorations. Never mind that Santa Claus, Christmas carols, Christmas trees are all (northern) CHRISTIAN symbols.

Ever seen a "Christmas tree" in Bethlehem? Or the reindeer pulling a sled in that part of the world?  Frankly, one would have reasons to doubt that the residents of Christ's birthplace would even know what a sled looked like, much less the reindeer.

Nevertheless, as in Manhattan and elsewhere in the U.S., these "Santa et. al." commercial icons have now become the exhilarating sounds of merchants' cash registers in Asia, too. Christmas in a country where about 76% of the population are ethnic Chinese, about 15% are ethnic Malay (Muslims), and about 8% are Hindus?

Most elementary school students could work out from the above figures that less than one percent of Singaporians are Christians! So seeing some (Malaysian?) Muslims with their turbans posing for pictures under the fake Christmas trees; reading the quotes from the Bible on a huge billboard in front of the famous (Chinese) Tang's department store; seemed like a rather grotesque abuse of Christmas.

Yet, Christmas is also celebrated with similar fervor in Manhattan. Why? Is a Jew, for example, who sticks a cross or a Santa image on his store window any less grotesque or any more crass, than the non-Christian Singapore Chinese or Malaysians?

After all, Singapore's "sister city" (Manhattan) is every bit "a third world sewer," in the words of one of its Christian residents; or a "marvelous multicultural society," according to some globalist-"liberals." Singapore and New York are two peas in a pod; two places which believe that money makes the world go around, not religious symbols or morality.

Yet the residents of each of these two "Gotham Cities" seem to forget that the first gift of Christmas was not a tie, a toy or a T-shirt. It was a gift of life. It was the birthday of God's only child. Whom God had sacrificed so as to teach the wayward humans the lessons of love, humility and tolerance... What a waste Jesus Christ's sacrifice would have been if the NWO materialism were to prevail.

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