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TiM GW Bulletin 96-04

April 1996

From a NIN Interview

The Woman Who Broke Gen. Mladic's Heart

An Old Woman, Half Frozen, Carried the Bones of Her Son in a Plastic Bag on Her Way Out of Her Native Sarajevo


BELGRADE, Mar. 15, 1996 - The March 15 issue of the Belgrade weekly magazine, NIN, carried an interview with the Bosnian Serb Gen. Ratko Mladic. Here some excerpts from his remarks:

"The international community does not see the tears of Serbian mothers. I have not seen such awful and distressing scenes in my entire life... Can you imagine meeting an old woman, half frozen, carrying a plastic bag, into which she had gathered up the bones of her son, killed in 1992?"

"One cannot say that there are humane and inhumane wars. All wars are inherently inhumane, except for self-defense ones."

"We have suffered a great deal in this war. (Yet) we’ve neither lost nor won the war, which is maybe the (real) tragedy. The politics forced upon us has determined that there not be a military solution."

"The Serbs were declared guilty for everything that has happened, since the start of the war, until the Dayton agreement... Yet we’ve lost the entire Republic of Serbian Krajina, and have lost one-third of the Bosnian Serb Republic in this war. We are the greatest victims of the war."

"America has its own interests (for blaming the Serbs). They wanted the world to forget their own crimes in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Cambodia, the (Persian) Gulf, etc."

"There are numerous examples of highly biased behavior by the members of international organizations in this war... The representatives of UNHCR are running around these days closing a contract with Alija Izetbegovic to provide glass windows and doors in Sarajevo; the French contingent of the I-FOR is building a power line for the Muslims using its helicopters; they are building bridges for them. And no one is even thinking about to rebuild the bridges (on Serb territory) which they destroyed themselves (in September 1995 bombing), especially the ones on the (river) Drina. At the same time, hundreds of I-FOR vehicles escort the Muslims traveling to Gorazde across Serb territory... while the I-FOR generals constantly turn down all our requests for passage of Serb civilians through Gorazde."

"The world powers of be, that invented some supposed mass graves of the Muslims, are now running around all over the place trying to locate them. But they can’t. The English are showing an especially high profile in this respect. And the Turks are trying to ferry in their own vehicles the Muslims into our towns of Doboj and Teslic."

"If we had wanted to, not a single Muslim would have left Srebrenica and Zepa alive. They were in a hopeless situation. We evacuated them across our territory into Central Bosnia, in the presence of UNPROFOR... In this war, I have not waged war even for a second, let alone a day, against any civilians, either Croat or Muslim."

"How is it that the Hague court is reserved only for the Serbian politicians and generals, as if we had been in war with some extra-terrestrial creatures? How come there is no room (on the defendants’ bench) for (Franjo) Tudjman and Alija (Izetbegovic) and their generals? How come there is no room for the international powers of be that intervened in this war? What of the (NATO) generals who bombed the Serb civilians, killing our people and our young and elderly?"

"Every war is inherently a crime, but that doesn’t mean that all warriors are criminals. We have been defending our country and our people."

"The Army of the Bosnian Serb Republic has not participated in any crimes; has not committed any crimes."

"We did not want to be the slaves of either the Ottoman or Austro-Hungarian empires, nor Hitler’s. And we don’t want to be the slaves of the ‘New World Order’ which rolls its tanks, along with its air force’s napalm and cartridge radioactive bombs and shells across entire nations."

Gen. Ratko Mladic, Commander of the Bosnian Serb Army


TiM Ed. (Aug. 199): And yet here they are... that's exactly what the proud Bosnian Serb warriors are today - the slaves of the New World Order.

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