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TiM Bulletin 96-04

April 6, 1996

Clinton's "Iran-Bosnia" Deception Matches Bush's "Iran-Contra" Affair

Clinton: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Wall St.'s Rule over Main St. Already Apparent





PHOENIX, Apr. 6, 1996 - "There’s nothing new under the sun," King Solomon declared 30 centuries ago. Indeed. And just think: King Solomon has not even been to Washington, DC (where everything’s so "PC"). Nor to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Not that he missed much. For, he seems to know these American cities so well...klinton.gif (12113 bytes)

On Apr. 5, the Los Angeles Times revealed that Bill Clinton "directly participated" in a decision to let Iran covertly supply arms to the Bosnian Muslims from early 1994 through January 1996 (yes, even as the American troops were being deployed in Bosnia!?). And that the White House had deliberately kept the congressional committees in the dark about its secret plot.

Even the CIA wasn’t in on the scam, until it accidentally stumbled upon it in the fall of 1994.

Clinton’s spokespeople did not dispute the LA TIMES story, but merely claimed that "no laws were broken."

Really? Who said so? The four members of the top secret Intelligence Oversight Board - all of whom are Clinton’s political appointees, according to the LA TIMES. Or was it Clinton’s "Whitewater" pals that vouched for his integrity?

Meanwhile, the President, his National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake, Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott, and two U.S. ambassadors - Charles Redman (Germany) and Peter Galbraith (Croatia), make a mockery of the U.S. Constitution. And even Bob Dole, the likely Republican presidential candidate, didn’t seem overly perturbed, either. Rather than get worked up about the legal or moral issues which this deception raises, Dole, always an outspoken Muslim supporter, merely complained that Clinton should have openly armed the Bosnian Muslims, instead of doing it secretly.

Bill.gif (60683 bytes) There is at least one law which Clinton did break, however, the U.N. resolution which imposed an arms embargo on the former Yugoslavia. Now all American adversaries (China, Iraq, Libya, Iran...) will get the message - the Security Council decisions are meant to be flaunted!

Worse, the Clinton administration’s connivance has kept our envoy to Bulgaria, or the CIA operatives in the Balkans, unaware of its scam. Even R. James Woolsey, then CIA director, "was genuinely shocked by the evidence (of Iran-Bosnia deception), and quickly took it to the White House," the LA TIMES said.

But, "you ain’t seen nothing yet," a Washington insider told us about the LA TIMES’ allegations.

Frankly, we’ve seen enough. What could be more disgusting than seeing the people who risk their lives for our country being made to feel worthless by America’s "chief executive?"

Yet, this should be a familiar feeling to those involved in the Iran-Contra deception, which operated, in part, out of Arkansas. Is that where Clinton cut his teeth on how to lie through them?

Such a presidential duplicity is the tragic "déjà vu" of Bosnia! It has all happened before - in the jungles of Vietnam; in the Sands of the Persian Gulf; in the slums of Panama...

Scores of young Americans died, not to mention the three million Vietnamese; hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; hundreds of Panamanians. Why? They died because American presidents lied... and lied... and lied... Through their teeth!

"Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," goes an old saw. How many times will it take for America to realize it’s being duped?

"The Articles of the United Nations Charter amend by deceit and subterfuge the Constitution of the United States, in a manner not sanctioned by Article 5 of the Constitution," said Lt. Col. Archibald Roberts. "The United Nations is therefore a subversive organization and it is a threat to the freedom of persons and property guaranteed to the people by the Constitution."

The preceding is an excerpt from a debate which took place in White Plains, New York, on Sept. 26, 1969. Yes, 1969!

Yet it could have taken place yesterday. Or today. Just reverse the last two digits. And substitute Bosnia for Vietnam. And George Bush and Bill Clinton, for Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Never mind their different political party affiliations. They are merely smoke screens for the naïve among us. As is their use of the "stars and stripes" the means to an end: Power of the few over the many. In other words, a plutocracy!

You see, all these Democratic and Republican Presidents are members of the same party. Its color is GREEN. Its logo is $$$. Its capital is WALL STREET. Its motto is "ANYTHING GOES." When the time came to show their real stripes, all these "American" Presidents proved that their allegiance to Wall Street and the U.N. was stronger than their loyalty to the American people or the U.S. Constitution.

Now, a former governor of a small and corrupt state brought his "anything goes" morality to Washington. And his likely "opponent" (Dole) merely wants to do OVERTLY what the Arkansan had done COVERTLY!

"O tempora, or mores..."

King Solomon was right. "There’s nothing new under the sun." Clinton versus Dole is a contest of shameful versus embarrassing.

So why don’t we just skip this year’s Presidential election and go straight into dictatorship? After all, Wall Street’s rule over Main Street is already a fact of life in this "greatest democracy on Earth."

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