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May 9, 1999

To: The Wall Street Journal

What to Do with World Class War Criminals?

Re. "A Good Deal for Milosevic," a WSJ editorial (May 7, 1999)



Ned Crabb, Letters Editor


New York, NY

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Your editorial, "A Good Deal for Milosevic" (May 7, 1999), quotes Victor Chernomyrdin, Russia's special envoy for the Balkans, as saying that the peace proposal, agreed to by NATO leaders in Bonn, Germany on May 6, was "a good deal for Milosevic," Yugoslavia's president. To which your editors added, "certainly it is a far better deal than the gallows he no doubt reserves."

Well, well... he who lives in a glass house should not cast stones. If Milosevic deserves the gallows, what then shall be proper punishment for the world class criminals, like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, Wesley Kanne Clark, Madeleine Albright, Sam Berger, William Cohen, Javier Solana, Jean Chretien... to name a few? Or for the accomplices of these mass murderers of innocent civilians and Chinese diplomats - the globalists who bought them and put them in positions of power - the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, or the CFR members? Which includes, of course, many members of the media, such as the Wall Street Journal's publisher, Peter Kann, and the editor-in-chief, Bob Bartley.

If Milosevic deserves the gallows, the proper punishment for these war criminals may be what the Ottoman Islamic rulers of the Balkans, whose descendants are now NATO members and Washington's allies, used to mete out to local Christians - impaling them on a stick. For all gory details of what that was like, your publisher and editor may wish to check out the Nobel Prize-winning novel, "The Bridge on the Drina," by Ivo Andric (George Allen & Unwin (Publishers) Ltd., 1959, ISSN 0-04-823017-0).

But personally, I'd prefer sending them to Serbia to face the parents of the children they've killed; to beg the people they have crippled for life for forgiveness. And then, if they are granted mercy, as I suspect they would be by the Serb Christians, be condemned to hard labor for life; rebuilding with their own hands the country they have destroyed, but whose spirit they could never vanquish.

Meanwhile, if the above-named world class thugs think that they are above the law, they should read the formal complaint filed at the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague this week against 60 of them by a group of Canadian lawyers. And a parallel legal action being taken by Glen Rangwala, an international lawyer at the Cambridge University in Britain. And then they should consider what Russia's foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, said on May 8 - that those who launched the military strikes against Yugoslavia "must be punished appropriately." He warned the NATO leaders that those who "hope to escape punishment are seriously deluding themselves." As were the Nazi leaders at their pinnacle of power.

Best regards,

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Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media

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