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Jan. 26, 2000

To: The Wall Street Journal

Putin: Lean, Tough, Scrupulous and Christian!

Re. "Red Alert?" - a WSJ OpEd (Jan. 24, 2000)



An abridged version of this letter was published by the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 3, 2000 under the headline, "Vladimir Putin, Good Christian."  Published paragraphs are highlighted.


Ned Crabb, Letters Editor


New York, NY

Subject: A letter to the editor re. "Red Alert?” - a WSJ editorial (Jan. 24, 2000)

Dear Ned,

He is lean, tough, scrupulous and a born-again Christian.  No wonder Vladimir Putin is the most popular politician in his home country.  By a country mile. 

No wonder the unscrupulous, cowardly, godless fat cats of the New World Order are sounding a “Red Alert?” (a WSJ editorial Jan. 24, 2000). The Journal editors also applauded NATO “Uebermenschen's” killing of  women and children in Serbia last year. When these "supermen" weren’t bombing wooden Serb MiG and tank dummies, that is.  In a typical style of communist propagandists - tell a lie, omit some truth, tell the victim he's uncouth - the Journal editors are now calling Russia’s acting president a Stalin sympathizing communist. 

What the Journal editors omitted to report to their readers, however, is perhaps the most surprising and revealing part of Putin.  Far from being a hardcore communist, Russia’s popular new acting president seems to be a born-again Christian.  Is that the real reason for the anguish of the Journal editors? 

It was Orthodox Christmas Eve (Jan. 6), and Vladimir Putin went straight to the essence of the Christian understanding of the holiday.  "Why did Christ come into the world?" he said, apparently speaking without prepared text, or a teleprompter. "To liberate people from sickness, troubles, from death. In its essence, Christmas is a holiday of hope."

Putin's remarks could have come straight from a sermon.

“As the world tries to understand the often-inscrutable acting president, attempting to figure out what exactly he did as a KGB officer in Germany and an aide to the mayor of St. Petersburg, at least one of his personal characteristics is becoming clear: He is an active Orthodox Christian with a more than passable knowledge of the faith,” the English language Moscow Times reported on Jan. 21.

When Putin became president on Dec. 31, he specifically asked for the Russian Patriarch Alexy's blessing for the three-month transitional period.  And Putin received it, as the Russian news agencies and television reported. 

Putin also made the sign of the cross and listened attentively during the televised Christmas service in the newly opened Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow (which Stalin had razed).

At the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity on the Sparrow Hills, where Putin stopped by for half an hour on Christmas Eve, people could easily tell he was a real believer. 

"You can instantly tell if a person is a believer or not," Priest Alexander Antipov, who serves at the church, said in an interview with the Moscow Times on Jan. 18. "Putin is a believer. He was the first politician who asked for the Holy Patriarch's blessing.  If any cause begins with prayer, it is already good. It means that the person has a moral basis in life. Let's hope!"

A prominent Orthodox priest in Moscow who asked not to be identified, told the Moscow Times that he had talked with Putin about matters of faith before he became prime minister, and confirmed that he is a "believing Orthodox man."

But did you ever hear about any of this in this predominantly Christian country (America), and the “land of the (supposedly) free?”  I certainly haven’t.  I’ve only learned about this from Russian sources.  In this case, the Moscow Times story was even published in English.  So there is no excuse for the Journal editors not to have been able to read it.

And even if the Journal editors somehow “missed” this story in a Moscow paper, the Newsweek also reported last week that Putin became religious three years ago, after rescuing his two daughters, now ages 13 and 14, from a fire at a “dacha” (country home) near St. Petersburg.  Journalist Yevgenia Albats, who co-authored Newsweek's profile of Putin, said she had received the information from "a very close friend of Putin's."

Priest Maxim Kozlov, dean of Moscow State University's St. Tatyana Chapel, told the Moscow Times the fact that Putin is a believer does not necessarily say much about him as a politician. "But it gives us hope that a person, who understands himself as an Orthodox Christian, would refuse to do certain things in politics. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about others. There, money rules everything."

A man who “has a moral basis in life” has become the head of the only country in the world with the means to confront the world where “money rules everything.”  No wonder the Journal is calling Putin a communist and is sounding a “Red Alert.”  For, the Wall Street-centered New World Order based on a “might is right” principle may be starting to unravel.  And that’s something America’s Main Street should cheer.

Best regards,

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media, Phoenix, Ariz.

 P.S. Ned, here’s some additional background information for you…

Russia has been the biggest victim of the NWO’s genocidal anti-Christian policies. Yes, even bigger than Serbia which NATO had bombed.  Russia’s most deadly WESTERN import was the 1917 “Russian Revolution” - paid for and organized by the Rothschilds’ man on Wall Street, Jacob Schiff (see “Stiching the New World Order Flag” ).  And she has been the “No. 1 Bogey of the New World Order,” too, as you’ve seen me write over the years (see “Two Faces of Globalism,” for example). 

That’s what Putin wants to change. Can you blame a believing Russian Orthodox Christian for wanting to defend his Mother Russia?  Yet that’s why your Journal colleagues hate him.

But unraveling of the “NWO empire” did begin in Serbia, a country known as the “graveyard of empires.”  As one Russian reader recently put it, “the Serbs stand like a rock and fall like a cliff.”   The “tsunami” which the fall of Kosovo has unleashed is yet to reach America’s shores.  And it may be a while before it crashes here.  But it is certainly on its way, via Russia, India and China.  So I’d take cover if I were you, Ned, a believing Christian surrounded by anti-Christian bosses and colleagues.

And it all started as NATO’s bombing of Serbia ended last year…

The Serbs and the 250 Russian troops executed a Slavic version of American football’s “end around” play, snatching the sophisticated and heavily fortified underground Pristina (Kosovo) Slatina military airport right under the noses of their gleeful but klutzy NATO “Uebermenschen” (see S99-107, "Peacefarce" 1, Item 1, June 11).

It was from that day forward, June 11, 1999, that Boris Yeltsin became merely a model for a future wax figure in a New World Order museum.  And the epitaphs for Clinton, Blair, Clark or Albright were already written.

After that, it was just a matter of time before the official Russian foreign policy began to reflect that reality.  Yeltsin’s appointment of Putin, a total unknown in the West, to the post of the prime minister on Aug. 9, was the first step.  Yeltsin’s stepping down as Russia’s president on Dec. 31, completed his transition from a president to a wax figure.  (Notice even God’s symmetry with the way Yeltsin cam to power - failed coup in August 1991, Gorbachev’s resignation in December 1991?).

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