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Jan. 23, 2000

To: The Wall Street Journal

Aslund: Right at Being Wrong!

Re. "Underselling Russia's Economy" a WSJ OpEd (Jan. 18, 2000)




Ned Crabb, Letters Editor


New York, NY

Subject: A letter to the editor re. "Underselling Russia’s Economy,” a WSJ OpEd (Jan. 18, 2000)

Dear Ned,

Your OpEd contributor, Anders Aslund, was right at being wrong when it comes to today’s Russia (re. "Underselling Russia’s Economy,” a WSJ OpEd, Jan. 18, 2000).  For, this erstwhile “adviser to the Russian government in 1992-93” (as your attribution notes), made a grand fool of himself, and of the Journal’s editors who still choose to publish the hogwash from such “reformers” with whom even the hogs don’t bother anymore, let alone the Russian victims of Aslund’s counsel.

Your contributor made a fool of himself and the Journal when cheered Russia’s acting president, Vladimir Putin, as the man who would put things right.  Meaning who would be another western lapdog, like Boris Yeltsin.  Unlike Yeltsin, “who (supposedly) fought unsuccessfully for years to legitimize private ownership of the (Russian) land,” Putin “benefits from reformist majority in the Parliament,” opines Aslund.  So that the New World Order western pirates can pinch even more of Russia’s assets than they did under Yeltsin quislings - the real meaning of the term “reforms.”

Trouble is that your “expert” on Russia made this pontification one day before this “reformist majority” walked out of the Russian Duma to protest Putin’s alliance with Russian nationalist delegates.  In other words, Aslund, a “political scientist,” hasn’t a clue about which end is up in Russian politics.  His statement provides another dimension to a natural oxymornon that the term “political scientist” represents. 

But at least now Americans can see for themselves what kinds of “experts” the West had unloaded on Russia.  And why the Russians threw them out in the end.  Just as as they did with other NWO “reformist” leeches, like one of the Harvard “reds,” Jeffrey Sachs (see “Russia’s Privatization: A Financial Crime of the Century,” by the Journal’s former Moscow correspondent, Anne Williamson).  In her book, Ms. Williamson calls Sachs and Aslund “the Rocky J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose of Russian economic reform respectively.

Guess the latest Putin move has forced the NWO foxes, like Aslund and the Journal editors, out of their foxholes.  And out in the open, where there are no chickens in sight, only bears and eagles.  A scary sight, huh, if you’re a fox or an NWO editor?  Beautiful scenery if you’re a Russian or an American patriot.  The fox hunt is on...  Great news for the chickens.  And the bears and eagles, too…

Best regards,

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media

P.S. Anders Aslund of the Carnegie Foundation was an adviser to the Russian “reformist” government in 1992-1993, which helped the West plunder the country’s assets unider the guise of “reforms.”  Aslund, a Swede by birth, is also to be a Bilderberger member.  Here’s an excerpt about Aslund’s background from Ms. Williamson’s book on Russia:

 “(Jeffrey) Sachs and Anders Aslund, a former Swedish political officer stationed in Moscow in the 1980s whom Yegor Gaidar would later refer to as ‘a professional gasbag’ (and Richard Layard, a British economist too bolshie for Tony Blair’s New Labour, acting independently with British financing) worked to establish relationships with Aslund’s contacts - bright young things whose business cards the then official Swede had plucked when attending official Soviet soirees. The path of these Western rakes’ progress was determined by their sponsorship and funding of their new Soviet friends’ participation in economic conferences abroad at a time when alleged Soviet ‘reformers’ were all the fashion in academic circles and the VCR was a Soviet unit of currency.  One Russian insider deadpanned, ‘As to why these guys [‘young reformers’] were so popular in the West, I would say, it’s a case comparable historically to that of Pocahantas in London.  Very close’.”  

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