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Feb. 22, 1999

To: Bill Clinton, the White House

Kosovo: Stop This NATO Attack!

An Impassioned Letter by Metropolitan Archbishop Pavlos


Thought you'd be interested in the Greek Old Calendar Orthodox Archbishop PAVLOS' Feb. 22 letter to President Clinton, enclosed below.

"You must understand that Kosovo is not only dear to Serbs, but she is dear to all Orthodox Christians," the Metropolitan said in his rebuke to the White House. "...I implore you to do everything in your power to stop this NATO attack. Your decision may make this your finest or bitterest hour."

It is ironic, perhaps, that not long ago, a Greek-American was a Democratic presidential candidate (Dukakis, 1988). And that another Greek-American (Stephanopolous) was, also not that long ago, a close associate and advisor of Bill Clinton.

And that, when and if the NATO occupation of Kosovo takes place, Greece, a NATO country, will not only be an accomplice in this "crime against humanity," as Met. Pavlos put it, but will be the staging ground for the NATO ground forces.

In fact, we hear that the whores of Thessalonika are already reporting a brisk business, as the NATO forces, which had already disembarked there, are awaiting for the Rambouillet egg to wash off Slick Willie's and Madam Halfbright's faces, before proceeding with their deadly mission.

May their wait be eternal, and their pleasure everlasting!


Bob Dj.


Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America

Holy Metropolis of The Greek Orthodox

Old Calendar Church of America

Cathedral of Saint Markella

22-68 26th street Astoria, N.Y. 11105

Tel: 718-274-2875 ext. 14

Fax: 718-777-0596

E-Mail: Smyrna1922 @ AOL.COM

From: The office of Metropolitan Archbishop PAVLOS

of the Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Church of North and South America.

Member of the Holy Synod of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Greece

under the Presidency of His Beatitude Archbishop CHRYSOSTOMOS II of Athens and all Greece

To: President William Jefferson Clinton

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C.

February 22nd, 1999

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing you as one of your constituents and the spiritual leader of the Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Church of America to express my great dismay at the planned NATO military action against the Republic of Yugoslavia. The United States is leading this planned military action and it will be American military forces that will constitute the largest bulk of the strike force.

As an American citizen I am appalled at this planned attack and I am very much against it. As a human being I am outraged and offended, and as a Christian I am deeply saddened.

My father and his two brothers fought proudly for America against the fascists in World War Two. My father, Staff Sergeant Peter Stratigeas (serial number 32714219), landed at Omaha Beach in June 1944 with the U.S. Third Army under General Omar Bradley. For this his country awarded him the Bronze Star. His two brothers fought the Japanese Empire in the Pacific. Though they remain proud to be Greek-Americans they are now appalled at the planned NATO strike against Yugoslavia.

There is no benefit that the United States can gain from striking at Yugoslavia. There is certainly no justice if this operation is carried out; a strike against Yugoslavia at this time would be a miscarriage of justice. In fact, the planned NATO strike is a crime waiting to be committed, a crime against humanity.

Kosovo has been a part of Serbia since there was a Serbia. Almost 1,000 years ago it was the Roman Emperor of Constantinople, Constantine Porphyrogenitos, who established the Serbian Kingdom in Kosovo. The faith, culture and civilization of Serbia are based on the Greek civilization of Constantinople. Constantinople is the foundation and basic model of all Christian nations. You must understand that Kosovo is not only dear to Serbians but she is dear to all Orthodox Christians in particular Greek Orthodox Christians. Kosovo is the heart and soul of Serbian Orthodox Christian civilization. The most ancient and revered religious and cultural monuments of that civilization are to be found throughout Kosovo.

The fact that the population of Kosovo is constituted by a majority of non-Serbians is irrelevant. When Muslims were the majority population of Jerusalem, the Holy City was still revered and beloved by Christians and Jews alike. Demographic numbers are not what should dictate a course of action in Kosovo. The terrorist group known as the KLA has made it very clear that it intends to rip Kosovo out of the body of Yugoslavia, this will be like ripping out Serbia’s heart.

No one is saying that horrible things are not occurring in Kosovo. It is clear that such things are occurring. What is not clear is exactly who is committing what actions and why. Is it the role of the United States and NATO to police the world and make it safe from the horrors mankind often engages in? If the answer to that question is "yes" than the question that begs to be asked is: Is NATO prepared to bomb Turkey? Is NATO prepared to bomb the British, the Indonesians, and the Chinese?

Turkey has destroyed over 2,000 Kurdish villages in the past ten years. During this same period in Turkey over 30,000 people have been killed, most of then Kurdish civilians killed by the Turkish armed forces. Unlike the Albanian speaking citizens of Kosovo the Kurds of Turkey are not permitted to speak their native tongue. The Turkish regime does not even acknowledge the existence of the Kurdish people who number some 10 million. The Turkish government refers to these millions of people as "Mountain Turks"!

The Kurds are more than 20% of Turkey’s population. Kosovo’s Albanians are only 2% of Yugoslavia’s population.

Turkey continues to illegally occupy 1/3 of the Republic of Cyprus 24 years after Turkey brutally and illegally (according to UN resolutions 353-361 and many more) invaded Cyprus. Is NATO planning to attack Ankara? Are my fellow Greek Orthodox brethren in Cyprus not worth the attention the Muslims of Kosovo are getting?

Great Britain continues to occupy six counties in Ireland. Yes, the US is helping to broker a lasting peace in the six counties but I doubt any NATO strikes against Britain are planned or were ever planned.

Indonesian military forces killed hundreds of thousands, yes that is correct, hundreds of thousands of East Timorese civilians during the last 20 years. East Timor is all but wiped out as a nation. Is NATO planning to bomb America’s great trading partner Indonesia?

What the Chinese did and continue to do in Tibet is well known. Tibetan culture is nearly extinct in Tibet thanks to what America calls a "most favored nation" China. I don’t think NATO would dare attack China.

Why the double standard? I think you know the answer to that question better than anyone does. In fact I am sure you know everything that is contained in this letter. I would like to remind you that though she is not perceived by the Great Powers as being as important as Turkey, Britain, Indonesia and China, Serbia has fought loyally, gallantly, and bravely as America’s ally in every major war America has fought in this century. In both World Wars Serbia lost two-thirds of her young men in the defense of freedom against fascism.

Serbia may not be important or powerful enough to warrant the same treatment given to the above mentioned nations. This is real-politick. But have we as a people become so cynical and callous that we measure our friends and how we treat them by how important and powerful they are? Does might make right? If the answer to that question is "yes" than I must ask you another question: Using the logic and pretense that a NATO attack against Yugoslavia is justified by the Serbian regime’s mistreatment of Kosovo’s Albanians by what authority does the U.S. justify an attack against Yugoslavia? If "might makes right" are the Serbs then not "right" in using their "might" against what they perceive to be a terrorist threat in their heartland? This is NATO and U.S. State Department logic, not mine.

Yugoslavia is a sovereign nation. How would America feel if a foreign power sided with a secessionist terrorist organization? If current trends continue many areas of the southern U.S. will be a majority of Spanish speakers. What if these Spanish speakers decide they want to secede from America and declare independence and one day unite with one of our southern Spanish-speaking neighbors? How would the US have reacted to a foreign power threatening to bomb Washington, D.C. unless Dr. Martin Luther King were not freed from his Birmingham jail cell?

Finally, I will remind you that Serbia is after all an Orthodox Christian nation. As the spiritual leader of the Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Church of this country I am extremely perturbed about this pending outrageous and unjustified military strike against my fellow Orthodox Christians! I am against this NATO action with all my heart and mind. Every Orthodox Christian in this country and in the world will be highly offended by a strike against Yugoslavia.

Christian values are what this great country of ours was founded upon. Your actions now should be dictated by such values. I implore you to do everything in your power to stop this NATO attack. Your decision may make this your finest or bitterest hour.

May God have mercy on us all.

In Christ I am,

Metropolitan Archbishop PAVLOS

of the Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Christians, of North and South America

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