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Nov 7, 2004

To: The New York Times

Liberals Did Themselves In

Re. "A Blue City (Disconsolate, Even) Bewildered by a Red America," Nov 4


Letters Editor


"Liberals" Did Themselves In, Not the "Bushies"
Dear Ms. Dowd,
I know you're sore.  It's written all over your column "Rove's Revenge."  You're sore because your horse lost.  That's understandable.  But why throw mud at the winner?  That makes you seem like a sore loser.  It's not very gracious.  And it doesn't wash the mud off your horse's face. 
You write, "just how much did Karl Rove hate not being one of the cool guys in high school in the 60's... "a big nerd," a small guy with a pocket protector, briefcase, and glasses almost as big as his head."
Why get so personal?  A man cannot help his looks.  Do you think your horse was any better looking?  Kerry is a prime candidate for an anti-Botox ad?  "It ain't working," could be the caption.  Besides, what do the political strategist's looks have to do with anything?
Your major faux pas, howver, is that you ascribe Rove much more power than he deserves.  He didn't win the election for Bush.  The Democrats lost it.  They lost it with their "in your face" gay marriage, gay parades and feminist agendas that denigrated the very concept of liberalism.  Being a liberal used to mean being tolerant of others.  But today's "liberals" have hijacked that term and turned it into a "rub it in your face, we're better than you"-elitism.  Such arrogance is the antithesis of liberalism.  No wonder America rejected it on November 2. 
By being such a sore loser (" hatch schemes to marshal the forces of darkness to take over the country?"), you are doing the same thing.  You cannot seem to deal with an alternative point of view.  To you, the old-fashioned family values are the "forces of darkness."  Your latest column proves that today's "liberals" are among the most biggoted people in the country.  Which is why they turn into cry babies when they don't get their way.
"They'll (the 'Bushies') eventually do themselves in, but will they do us in first?", you ask.
Why should they bother?  You've already done yourself in. 


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Bob Djurdjevic

Phoenix, Arizona


Bob Djurdjevic

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