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on Wall    Street

By Bob Djurdjevic

It is a time to be jolly,

For it is a season of folly.

It is a time when the foxy

Masquerade with moxie

In the statements of Proxy;

A time when the real

Yield to the surreal.

It is at this time of Easter

That men in suits of stripe

Gather in street called Wall

To hear the shareholder's gripe.

But how can a deaf hear?

How can a mute speak?

So Wall Street's annual rigmarole

For shareholders on patrol

Has all the meaning of pomp and greeting

Though it's called the Annual Meeting.

As for the truth, as for the honor?

"Check at the entrance door

Before entering the land of Greed."

This is the true Wall Street creed.

EasterEggs.gif (9146 bytes)Happy Easter!

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