Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

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April 1, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-19, Day 8, Update 3


FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 1, 1999; 0:30AM EST - DAY 8, UPDATE 3


Novi Sad                    1. Petrovaradin Bridge, Water Plant Hit by NATO


1. Petrovaradin Bridge, Water Plant Hit by NATO

NOVI SAD, Apr. 1 - We've just received five confirmations that the Petrovaradin Bridge (the so-called "old bridge) across the Danube was destroyed by NATO this morning at about 5:30AM (local time); 11:30PM EST.

We've also just gotten one e-mail from Novi Sad which reported that the city's central water plant has also been hit. This source said that they are now without water. But it is unclear as yet whether this means that all of Novi Sad's 400,000 residents are also without water.

More in tomorrow's "regular" Special Bulletins as we receive new information.

new-feat.gif (906 bytes) Petrovaradin Bridge after the NATO raid on Apr. 1, 1999:

(note its proximity to residential apartment buildings)

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