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Mar. 31, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-18, Day 8, Update 2


FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Mar. 31, 1999; 8:30PM EST - DAY 8, UPDATE 2


Belgrade                    1. NATO's Impotence Turning to Rage; Air Strikes Only Solidify Serb Defiance

Phoenix                      2. US Marines Officer: "We Are Going to Lose Lives; Lives That Need Not Be Lost"

Phoenix                      3. A TiM Message to Serbian People: 76% of American People Against This War!

Moscow                      4. Russian Ships Sailing After All; Sophisticated S-300 Also to Be Deployed?


1. NATO's Impotence Turning to Rage; Air Strikes Only Solidify Serb Defiance

BELGRADE, Mar. 31 - It's not working... Even the establishment media, like CNN, are starting to acknowledge that the NATO air campaign against Serbia, now in its eighth day, is failing. The Serbs were supposed scare and buckle under the NATO military might into submission to the would-be New World Order masters.

Yet, undaunted by NATO's escalating air raids, tens of thousands of people massed in downtown Belgrade today for the fourth day, singing, dancing, rocking, shouting anti-NATO slogans, and waving home-made signs, including some "Adolf Clinton" images.

In Novi Sad, the capital of the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina with a sizeable Hungarian minority, members of the local folk dance group, dressed in traditional Serb costumes, danced and sang in the street in another example of open CIVILIAN defiance of NATO.

In Brussels, the NATO spokesman blamed today the Serb hackers for repeatedly knocking off the NATO off the air in the last four days. The performance of the NATO home page has been "erratic to say the least," he said.

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NATO's refusal to discuss its losses after an eight-day campaign is a further indication that the war is not going its way. That, in itself, is unbelievably arrogant! Toward the American people and other NATO taxpayers. How long do they think they can withhold the truth from the public whose sons and daughters are dying, or ending up as Serb POWs? And who are paying for this needless waste of lives and assets?

Another sign that NATO's arrogance may be turning into impotence is that the Clinton administration and its supporters are starting to call for TARGETING of civilian buildings. Arizona's Senator, John McCain, an alleged Vietnam "war hero" and a rumored Republican presidential candidate, said on CNN last night that if he were president, he would increase the intensity of NATO's air attack, to include buildings and bridges in downtown Belgrade. During the day, a number of other Washington and Brussels political figures echoed such sentiments, including even the Belgrade TV as a possible target.

Proposing such a barbaric act of vengeance against the people of Belgrade, which would be of no military value whatsoever, is another indication of the rage caused by NATO's impotence in subduing the Serb defiance. Add to it that what all these Washington "Christians" are proposing to do may be happening around Easter, no wonder that Serbs are waving "Adolf Clinton" signs and American flags with swastikas in lieu of stars.

For, Hitler also bombed downtown Belgrade on Orthodox Easter (April 6, 1941), outraged that Belgrade demonstrators had forced the Yugoslav government into saying "no" to his proposal to join the Axis powers. April 16, 1944, also Orthodox Easter, was another day which will live in infamy for many Serbs. That's when American planes carpet-bombed the Serbian capital, while ostensibly attacking the German occupiers. Still, the Serbs helped save the lives of 500 American pilots downed during the war by the German air defense. And then, finally, 50 years later almost to the day (April 10, 1994), NATO planes bombed the Bosnian Serbs around Gorazde, in the first-ever offensive use of military power by NATO. Need we tell you that was also on Orthodox Easter?

Meanwhile, the Washington Times and Philadelphia Inquirer report that the US Air Force is running low on air-launched cruise missiles which are being used to bomb the most heavily fortified parts of Serbia. NATO has so far used up about 50 of the 150 $1.16 million missiles, leaving 100 for continued air strikes. Add to it the unspecified NATO losses of aircraft and other missiles, and one can see that the only people wringing their hands in glee over the prospect of new business are the "death merchants," the U.S. defense contractors.

No wonder a growing number of American military officers are also starting to protest... (go on to the next story).


2. US Marines Officer: "We Are Going to Lose Lives; Lives That Need Not Be Lost"

PHOENIX, Mar. 31 - The following is an e-mail which we received this afternoon from an active duty U.S. Marines officer who had just returned from a deployment in the Balkans. He may be returning there soon, and hates the idea. For a good reason. Because he thinks it may turn into another Vietnam (which is exactly what TiM has been saying right from the beginning, if not lead to WW III). We publish his letter solely at his request, to help save lives - American, Serbian, Albanian lives. And we do so under a pseudonim "Devildog," also at his request. Our farewell reply to his gut-wrenching note follows

At 0329 AM 3/31/99 +0000, you wrote:

Hello Bob,

How are you my friend? I am enjoying my time home with my family, but it will short-lived, I'm afraid. The Marine Corps is gearing up its war machine, and things don't look very good. As a proud Marine, I have always been faithful to our country and to my Corps, but there are a lot of things that are out of kilter with this conflict.

I have said this before Bob, and I'll say it again, someone has to stop these atrocities. When we were there, I had seen the likes of things that I never want to see again; the innocents of war, from both sides, lying lifeless in the mud. But I feel there has to be a better way. I harbor no ill feelings toward the Serbian people, but Slobodan must be stopped.

We are faced with another Vietnam here, Bob, and I never thought the American people would have to endure such a meaningless loss of its young mens lives, ever again. As you can see I was wrong.

I have spoken to numerous parents this week concerning the safety of their children, who also happen to be my Marines. It pains me not to tell these people the truth, Bob. We are going to lose lives; lives that need not be lost. We have not the need for another wall of tears.

My friend, please continue spreading the word . Since last we spoke, I've been promoted, so if you would like to reprint this letter please sign it "Devildog."

Keep up the good work, my friend, and may God be with you .

Sincerely , Your Friend

TiM Ed. Reply:

And with you, too, D. Congrats on your promo! And may God protect you on your next mission.

D., my friend, I am truly split in two as an American patriot of Serb descent. But before being either, I am first a servant of God. And it is to Him that I dedicate all the truth I can find and speak.

Before the bombing started, I would have agreed with you that Slobo was the bad guy. In fact, I told him to his face in Feb/92 that, unless he prosecuted anyone who committed any crimes against civilians, he himself may end up as war criminal (see my Washington Times columns - "Kosovo why are we involved?", July 5, 1998, and "An ugly double standard...", Oct. 25, 1998 - both available at our Web site in the Djurdjevic's Columns section).

But after these eight days of senseless and needless bombings, which have produced more casualties among innocent people (both sides) than two years of KLA terrorist actions vs. MUP (YU police), and vice-versa, the biggest war criminals in the world right now reside in Washington and Brussels. As you may have seen, even ethnic Albanians protested today in front of the U.S. embassy in Belgrade.

(As you may have also seen, in Belgrade, there are posters everywhere calling our Supreme Traitor-in-Chief "Adolf Clinton." I hope to God and he, and the Neo-Nazis around him who had launched this war, one day get to have the front row seat in a future War Crimes trial. Or else, we'll all fry in hell one day... on this earth (nukes), or up above.

Good luck, and may God be with you and protect you wherever you go! Bob Dj.


TiM Ed.: Anyone still doubting that Clinton/NATO intend to deploy American ground troops in Kosovo?


3. A TiM Message to Serbian People: 76% of American People Against This War!

PHOENIX, Mar. 31 - The following is an angry message which we also received this afternoon from Serbia. It supposedly quotes some American pilot's e-mail [IN RED] to a Belgrade resident:

Dear fellow Americans,

You journalists (By Thomas W. Lippman and Dana Priest, Washington Post Staff Writers, Wednesday, March 31, 1999; Page A1) wrote this The United States and its NATO allies yesterday agreed on an expansion of the bombing campaign in Yugoslavia that would target the center of Belgrade ...

Your pilots (two AOL e-mail addresses - deleted) write to us:

ill sleep fine knowing that we are killing the stupid serbian assholes ... we are not unarmed as the countless dead of your stupid race can confirm ...

You go to hell, you die and you go to hell!!!

Etc. [...] [the letter rages on...]

tIm'S rEPLY:

Take it easy, S.. What makes you think those e-mails are authentic, and not a part of the Washington-Albanian propaganda? I know many, many U.S. military people who are OUTRAGED at Clinton for bombing Serbia. Check out our Web site... [etc.]


TiM Ed. TiM would like our Serbian readers to know, however hard that may be to understand, that a vast majority of the American people also regard NATO's attack on Serbia as an illegal aggression against a sovereign state which has always been America's friend and ally. Like you, most also hate the un-American Clinton administration.

So by all means, vent your anger at NATO and Clinton. But not at the American people who, for the most part, empathize with your suffering and support you in your struggle against the Evil Empire, the New World Order.

And if TiM editor's word is not a sufficient proof of that; nor the above letter by an active duty US Marines officer, then go to the "Clinton News Network's" (CNN) Web site. We just did. In an on-going poll of the visitors to its Web site since Mar. 25, 76% of Americans had voted AGAINST Clinton's war on Serbia as of 6:36PM this evening!


4. Russian Ships Sailing After All; Sophisticated S-300 Also to Be Deployed?

MOSCOW, Mar. 31 - The on-again, off-again confusion about the deployment of the Russian warships is on again, according to today's Bloomberg's newswire report. "Russia needs to monitor the situation developing in the region as NATO strikes are about to escalate," the Defense Minister, Igor Srgeyev, said. "We are planning to increase military presence there to analyze the situation and reach adequate conclusions." Seven ships, not two as previous reported, are reportedly preparing to moving out of the Black Sea through the Turkish Straits.

The State Department spokesman's reaction to this was that, "this is not a particularly helpful gesture."

Well, one can certainly understand that from the NATO standpoint. But it is music to the ears of all free people around the world who are anxious to see the unchecked aggression stopped, before it escalates into a WW III.

No wonder that the leaders of all major opposition parties in Russia, including Gen. Alexander Lebed, and Moscow's mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, called today for Russia to provide direct military assistance to the Serbs.

No wonder the Russian defense officials continued to send signals that they are contemplating military measures to counter NATO's operations in the Balkans, the official Itar-Tass news agency reported today. An unnamed Russian military source was quoted yesterday as saying that the country's armed forces have been practicing, "with considerable success, " maneuvers involving the rapid transport and deployment of advanced Russian S-300 air defense complexes (the same ones, which were supposed to be deployed by the Greeks on Cyprus - see earlier stories on this at the TiM Web site).

While providing no context, Itar-Tass said today, the report clearly hinted that Moscow was prepared, if necessary, to move the highly capable air defense systems to Yugoslavia for possible deployment against NATO aircraft.

In another example of worsening relations between Russia and NATO, Russian military officials late on Monday night (Mar. 29) accused the United States, of testing a new secret weapon in Yugoslavia -- a weapon that is somewhere between conventional and nuclear! "The United States is using Yugoslavia as a test range for its latest secret means of destruction," representatives of the Russian Defense ministry told reporters late Monday night.

The Pentagon refused immediate comment. Russia claims that a bomb tested in Yugoslavia radically differs from conventional weapons. "It was created in Los Alamos and is aimed to destroy radio electronic equipment," the Itar-TASS newswire reported in Tuesday flashes. The military said that the bomb generates an electric impulse similar to electromagnetic fluctuations caused by a nuclear explosion. They added that the bombs are being carried by two strategic B-2 bombers of the Stealth technology.


TiM Ed. "So don't go away," as the talking heads on American TV shows like to say before commercial breaks. The Washington madmen are still on their suicidal course.

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