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March 30, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-14, Day 7, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Mar. 30, 1999; 11:50AM EST - DAY 7, UPDATE 1


Moscow                  1. Russian Estimates of Serb Losses; Hackers Ready to Attack NATO

Belgrade                2. New TV Images of Downed NATO Planes; A Graphic Description of NATO Losses

London                   3. Labour Peer Resigns in Protest

London                   4. A New Cloud on Albright's Horizon Family Accused of Stealing by an Austrian


1. Russian Estimates of Serb Losses; Hackers Ready to Attack NATO

MOSCOW, Mar. 30 - Russia's military today repeated its claim that 1,000 civilians and more than 50 Yugoslav or Serb fighters had been killed by the airstrikes. Yugoslavia hasn't given an overall estimate, and it was impossible to independently confirm casualty figures.

Meanwhile, the Russian news agency Interfax reported today, that the Russian hackers are ready to break into NATO computer systems. Citing a survey by the Hackzone web site, by noon today 1,156 hackers had replied that they are "absolutely ready" to try to infiltrate NATO computers.

Just in case you may think this is some sort of a prank, rhe WIRED magazine reports on 'failure' of the official White House Web site which was knocked "off the air" all day Sunday (Mar. 28). Among the suspects are anti-NATO Russian hackers.


2. New TV Images of Downed NATO Planes; A Graphic Description of NATO Losses

BELGRADE, Mar. 30 - While Washington and NATO continue to insist that they had lost only one aircraft, that of an F-117 "stealth" plane on Saturday, our sources in Belgrade report that the Bosnian Serb TV showed pictures of another NATO jet crashing in Bosnia. The Montenegrin TV also showed the footage of footage of one of the two NATO planes flying low over Podgorica, being hit and exploding in the hills over the Montenegrin capital. "To my count, it is 28 jets down," our Belgrade source reports.

It is interesting that CNN and other major networks somehow "failed to notice" these Serb TV broadcasts. And they call themselves "independent" media? Sounds to us that they are more like outreaches of Washington's propaganda ministry.

An American TiM reader has just sent us a message that he was on the phone yesterday with an aquaintance in military aviation who is being moved to the Mediterranean. "Aviators exchange information among themselves," this reader said. "He tells us the scuttle-butt is that a 'shitload' of NATO planes have been downed in Serbia. I am not sure exactly how many planes are in a 'shitload,' but it is certainly more than the single F-117," that Washington is admitting to.

Another TiM reader wondered if the downing of the F-117 plane(s?) was "another Titanic" story.  Guess not.  It wasn't its maiden flight.  But the aura of invicibility is certainly gone.


3. Labour Peer Resigns in Protest

LONDON - BBC News reported on Mar. 25 that a veteran Labour peer had resigned as the party whip in the House of Lords in protest at the NATO air strikes in Serbia. Lord Jenkins of Putney, 90, accused the UK Government of supporting "murder", saying the Nato action in Kosovo amounts to "criminal barbarity".

Lord Jenkins, who was a flight lieutenant in World War II, says the attacks are not justified under international law. As Hugh Jenkins, he was MP for Putney for 15 years up to 1979.


4. A New Cloud on Albright's Horizon Family Accused of Stealing by an Austrian

LONDON, Mar. 28 - As if NATO's attack on Serbia wasn't enough of a hot seat for the hawkish U.S. secretary of state, the London Times reported on Sunday that a wealthy Austrian family is threatening legal action against Madeleine Albright, over a priceless collection of paintings and antiques that has its roots in the chaotic aftermath of WW II. The story headlines, "Albright's father 'took war loot to America', was filed by by Matthew Campbell, the Times' Washington correspondent.

In a hitherto unpublicised dispute, descendants of Karl Nebrich, an Austrian industrialist, claim that Albright's father, Josef Korbel, a former Czech foreign ministry official who was Jewish, stole millions of dollars' worth of art and furniture from them, then fled with it and his family to America at the end of the war, the Times reported.

Tired of endless brush-offs from an American lawyer acting for John Korbel, Albright's brother, Nebrich's heirs are considering legal proceedings to reclaim the property - including a collection of old masters - in what risks becoming an embarrassing distraction for America's first female secretary of state.

"I cannot believe the American secretary of state enjoys eating with my family's silver," Philip Harmer, a great-grandson of Nebrich, said last week. "These things must be handed over to my family."

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