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June 4, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-100, Day 73

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June 4, 1999; 1:30AM EDT - DAY 73


Stand Up and Be Counted - on June 5!

Washington             1. March on Pentagon Is On, Rain or Shine!

Brussels                   2. Anti-War Protests Okay, Except at NATO HQ

Canada                    3. Yellow Dust - Uranium Oxide?

Phoenix                   4. Farewell to Arms? For Now...


Stand Up and Be Counted - on June 5!

1. March on Pentagon Is On, Rain or Shine!

WASHINGTON, June 3 - Thanks to you, the Arlington Police were starting to "melt," the June 5 protest organizers were telling us this morning. They, as well as the Arlington County officials, apparently had been swamped with thousands of phone calls and faxes - many from overseas, too (as you know, TiM is now read in 100 countries by several million people).

Thanks again for your support. And keep it up. Until we manage to educate the "Klinton Gestapo" proxies that Americans won't put up with their efforts to abridge our rights and freedoms.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are close enough to DC, come and join us at the big anti-war rally being held at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, on Saturday, June 5, starting at noon at the Vietnam Memorial.

Here is your chance to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! So that one day, with your head held high, you can tell your children or grandchildren: "During the Days of the American Infamy, I did not remain silent; I stood up against Washington's Evil Empire, and defended America the Beautiful which our Founding Fathers had created."

For those who can't make it to DC but are close enough to San Francisco, there is a companion anti-war march being held there the same day (June 5). For details, check out


2. Anti-War Protests Okay, Except at NATO HQ

BRUSSELS, June 3 - Several TiM readers based in the Belgian capital have written to us to correct the comment by our Swedish correspondent about the anti-NATO demonstrations being banned in Brussels (see S99-97, Day 71, Item 2, June 2). They said that, while that was true during the early weeks of NATO's war on Serbia, it is no longer now - as long as the protesters don't vent their steam right around the NATO HQ.

In fact, a big anti-war demonstration was held in Brussels on May 2, our correspondents write, and another one is planned for this Sunday, June 6, at 2PM - in front of the WTC (World Trade Center), next to the railroad station Brussels-North. So be there!


3. Yellow Dust - Uranium Oxide?

CANADA, June 3 - Reacting to a story in our yesterday's Special TiM GW Bulletin (see S99-98, Day 72, Update 1, Item 5, June 2), one of the TiM correspondents from Canada wrote:

"It is entirely possible if not likely that the yellow dust your correspondent mentions is indeed Uranium Oxide, especially if (s)he has been downwind of DU munitions use.

Uranium Oxide is an inert ceramic like powder of a pale though visually pleasant yellow quality. It was actually used as a pigment at one time, but now that we know a thing or two about the dangers of radiation, it is no longer done.

The powder is particularly dangerous if inhaled, and if inhaled by a smoker, the combined effects are VERY serious. People in the vicinity of DU shelling should stop smoking, or the DU shells may claim a victim not too long after the war is over.

The radiation from this dust is beta (electron) radiation mainly, and does not penetrate deeply into or through tissue, unless it is inhaled or ingested. Obvious targets of DU munitions should be steered clear of by 50 metres.

For gods sake don't let women clean it up, since they are at significantly more risk than men from accumulated doses. Unlike men who produce fresh genetic material continuously, women's reproductive materials are present from their birth.

Thus radiation damage accumulates in women, potentially causing problems from the entire lifetime exposure."


4. Farewell to Arms? For Now...

PHOENIX, June 4 - Speaking of exposure of a different kind, this is now the 100th Special TiM GW Bulletin published in the 73 days of NATO's war on Serbia. Unless something extraordinary happens, it may well be our last - Special TiM GW Bulletin, that is.

Following our trip to Washington, DC, this weekend, we hope to return to our normal periodic coverage of global affairs, not the daily, nor the sometimes multiple daily, reports about NATO's war on Serbia.

For those of you interested in the Balkan affairs who have been with us for the last 100 issues and 73 days, thank you for your perseverance and support.

For those of you from other parts of the world, sorry if we had neglected you, while tending to this global emergency. We hope to make it up to you in the coming weeks and months, though hopefully not with NATO's "help."

Thank you for your support, and God bless you all!  And stay tuned...

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