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March 29, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War of Serbia

Issue S99-13, Day 6, Update 2

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Mar. 29, 1999; 11:30PM EST - DAY 6, UPDATE 2


Paris                        1. Another "Stealth" F-117 Bagged by Serbs?

London                    2. British Public Against the War

Phoenix                   3. Some TiM Readers' Comments


1. Another "Stealth" F-117 Bagged by Serbs?

PARIS, Mar. 29 - Today's issue of Le Parisien gives a prominent place to a story about the downing of an F-117A Stealth fighter in NATO's war against Serbia. What is strange though is that the photograph accompanying the article shows American soldiers guarding the wreckage of the plane.


The caption reads:

"TEOCAK (BOSNIE), HIER. Des soldats américains gardent le site sur lequel s'est écrasé leur avion F-117-A dans la nuit de samedi r dimanche."

In English "Teocak (Bosnia), yesterday American soldiers guarding F-117A downed at night between Saturday and Sunday."

The story also says that the plane was downed over Serbia (see the map). Does this mean that TWO "Stealth" F-117 planes were shot down and that one of them fell inside Serbia, and the other crashed in Bosnia? Is that also how the "rescued" American pilot ended up at the U.S. base in Tuzla, instead of at some military hospital in Germany or Italy?

The things the Washington "lie and deny" artists don't tell us... At the very least, the preceding story repudiates in black and white (literally) Pentagon's and NATO's repeated statements that the F-117 which the Serb TV showed on Saturday was the only NATO plane lost so far.


2. British Public Against the War

LONDON, Mar. 27 - While the American public is supposedly evenly divided in its support or condemndation of NATO's war against Serbia, the British public is decidedly against it. In a phone-in poll on Teletext, 72 percent of more than 10,000 callers said they DISAGREED with Prime Minister Tony Blair when he said the air strikes were justified, even if they meant British casualties. In another phone-in poll, on Talk-Radio, 65 percent of the nearly 3,000 callers said they did not back the action. The euro does not like miltary action either. It hit an all time low against the dollar yesterday.


3. Some TiM Readers' Comments

PHOENIX, Mar. 29 - Since the NATO bombing of Serbia began on Mar. 24, we've received literally THOUSANDS of messages from you, the regular TiM readers, as well as the new ones who read our reports at the Truth in Media Web site. An overwhelming majority of those, probably in the vicinity of over 90%, expressed their outrage with NATO's attack. Here is a selection of some of them,  NONE of whom are of Serbian descent:

"I'm ashamed to have ever been associated with our military; I retired after 20 years in the Army as a disillousioned First Sergeant 2 years after the Clinton Administration came onboard. The changes in the military (social engineering) have brought chaos to the system of "rank and file, discipline and honor".

This mess that the Clinton Administration has ensnarled us in is unjustifiable by the wording of the NATO Charter, and using the lack of UN mediation as an excuse is wrong. The Ukraine is going to rearm with nukes as a result of "NATO" action in Serbia. The Russians and the IMF bailout will not bow to this unlawful use of force.

I recently worked in the US Army Regional Studies Detachment which turns out political-military officers (analysts to serve as a Commanders/Ambassadors area expert), and am better versed in the area than most due to the US military mission in Bosnia. There are two sides to every story; the Serbs have been likened to Nazis by President Clinton in a Speech, however, it was the Muslims and Albanians which sided with the Nazi's to persecute the Serbs in WW II.

Public education in American schools and the gross negligence of the vast wire and news services, coupled with complicity from the TV news anchors have created a "dumbed-down" public which believes just about anything broadcast or put into print.

I fear that our Constitution has been severely damaged by both political parties during this Presidential Administration for their own short-sighted political gains.

God help us all in American who still understand right from wrong. I believe that a boy becomes a man the day he learns to decide something he knows is wrong is okay by reasoning/justification. We were all once God's children, but we are not all God's people!"

Edwin M., North Carolina


"I have to tell you...I agree with you 100%. I don't have any affection for the Russians, but I really hope they get involved with this to stop this injustice. Bill Clinton got caught giving away our nation's secrets, and now he's (successfully) diverting attention away from his own treason by picking a fight with the Serbs. He's a master at politics...he's been very good so far at re-writing history as it pertains to this region to meet his own political needs. This man has no shame. He is sacrificing U.S. soldiers and Serbian patriots to save his own sorry ass..."

Paul G., New York




Mary S.


"Regarding your comments on the US death merchant military industrial complex, after working in it for 25 years in technical and management functions, I can tell you that you most probably don't know the half of it. or maybe you do, if you've sources inside the industry. The extent of the fraud, mismanagement, calculated technical incompetence to escalate profits through design changes, extravagent perks and parties for contractor management and customers at the taxpayers expense, revolving door policies, ad infinitum, was exposed during the early and mid 1980s.

It's a scumbag industry run by the most unprincipled, thieving scumbags on this planet. And the bastards just pulled off another boondoggle rape of the taxpayers wallets by resurrecting star wars.

Those industries are scum, Bob. I'd rather deal with the Mafiosa - at least you know the type of guys you're dealing with.

I'm not a particularly paranoid conspiracy theorist, but any one who doesn't see that there is, in fact, a shadow government influencing events in this country just is nor looking far enough - or is an ostrich.

Contemporary star wars began when Reagan shot off his mouth about an antimissile umbrella, and the mil/ind complex jumped right on it, foreseeing their taxdollar slop troughs drying up, and knowing full well that they were incapable of converting their corporate lifestyles and culture to the competitive rigors of commercial industry, after Gorbachev informed Reagan he would do the worst thing he possibly could to the US. He deprived them of an enemy."

Ron C., Florida


"I am a Portuguese citizen that wishes to express 100% support to Yugoslavia, victim of one of the most coward and shameful agressions of the XX Century. My government, as many others in Europe, chose to follow the usual "master" of the United Assassins of America. I feel shame as my Tax Money is being

used to hurt the people of Yugoslavia... Please take my words as a clear support to your country, defend yourselves as much as you can, for you are defending your land against barbarian intruders! Victory to Yugoslavia!"

Pedro, Portugal (original letter sent to a TiM reader in Belgrade)


"Thank you, kind Sir, for your forthright coverage of the USA aggression against Serbia. I am deeply ashamed and angry over my country's actions and you have given an intelligible voice to my feelings of outrage. Note, I am not Serbian and probably don't have a drop of slavic blood in me. I am an American who would like to be proud of his country."

Allen S.


"Canadian aircraft have bombed targets in Yugoslavia. Our country has committed acts of war against a sovereign European nation. We and our NATO allies are attacking a country that has not attacked us or any attacked us or any other country. We are not acting under the sanction of the United Nations or any other font of international law. We, in fact, are acting in direct contravention of the UN Charter. Nor has Parliament authorized our government to make war on Yugoslavia. What in the world is happening to us?

When I heard the news about our fighter planes attacking Yugoslavia I felt ashamed to be a Canadian. What bitter irony, to think about Canadians' past enthusiasm for bringing war criminals to justice. Well, we have joined their game. Maybe there is good reason to bring Madame Justice Louise Arbour home."

Michael Bliss teaches history at the University of Toronto

(this letter was also published in the National Post)


End Attack against Yugoslavia, Demands the Libertarian Party

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar. 25 - The U.S.-led military strike on Yugoslavia is an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, a potential Vietnam-style morass for American ground troops, and a dangerous expansion of the U.S. government's "perpetual war for perpetual peace" foreign policy, the Libertarian Party said today.

"This is not our war," said the party's national chairman, David Bergland. "No matter how tragic the civil war in Yugoslavia is, the security of the United States is not at stake. We should not be involved in this conflict."


"BRAVO! on an excellent article Bob (re. "Playing Possum," Mar. 26)! In your coverage of yesterdays events though, you neglected to mention that the Clintoon Administration along with it's politically-in-tow Generals already started "dumbing down" the meaning of the word "victory" by redefining it. Victory is no longer "surrender of one's enemy", rather it now means that your enemy "shows signs of agreeing in principle, without actually signing (a peace accord.")

Serbia's playing possum will only last so long. They forever view themselves as the "victim" having suffered centuries of oppression dating back to 1389, according to my research. But even a possum can only take so much, and eventually fights back. That time will come when US Pilots have physically exhausted themselves performing numerous bombing runs, and have to actually start flying over Serb territory to drop their destruction. Then, and only then, will the Serbs fight back. These are the same Serbs who fought the Muslim incursions for centuries, and fought and turned back Hitler without assistance. They are a stubborn people and all the bombings have managed to do is unite Serbs everywhere. They've put aside their political differences and united against the "evil Clinton empire." God Bless 'em for doing it, IMO. It's about time someone fought back against the tyrannical, amoral Clinton Administration."

Larry B., Chicago, IL


"NATO's unwise, counterproductive and non-legal bombing of sovereign Yugoslavia is justified by President Bill Clinton, EU and other Western leaders and media with reference to humanitarian concerns. Supposedly air strikes serve to stop ethnic cleansing, future massacres, refugee flows, and prevent innocent children and women from being killed. Diplomatically expressed, this comes from the marketing department. Bombings will to produce what it purports to prevent."

Dr. Jan Oberg, TFF's director, Sweden


"The appalling acts by America and NATO against the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia are exeeded only by the disinformation campaign preceding and surrounding the bombing. The "useful idiots" of the media have really gotten aboard on this one.

I am disgusted and ashamed with what is happening and am pleased to know that there are people such as you who are trying to disseminate the truth. Keep up the good work."

Paul G., New York

P.S. To my knowledge I haven't any Serb blood in me.


"We are hurtling toward the greatest war in history. Stop the Kosovo madness. READ THE FACTS. LOOK AT HISTORY.

A radical militia guerrilla group which represents 2% of the Albanain Muslims has been in revolt against the legal government of Yugoslavia. Clinton is going to attack the legitimate government of Yugoslavia to "save" those guerrillas.

This is like China striking the US to support the Montana Militia, or the dead children of Waco.

For God's sake, stop this insanity before the Warrior of Little Rock plunges the world into what well might be the final war."

Arthur A., Florida

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