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March 29, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-12, Day 6, Update 1

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Mar. 29, 1999; 7:50PM EST - DAY 6, UPDATE 1


Belgrade                 1. Photos of Damage to Civilian Structures Poster

Belgrade                 2. Serb Air Defense Claims 13 NATO Craft Shot Down, Over 30 Missiles

Washington            3. Even Establishment Media Fed Up with Disinformation

Belgrade                 4. Serbian Farmers vs. NATO

Toronto                   5. Two Russian Nuclear Power Warships Sail to Cyprus;

                                    Is a Greco-Turkish War Next?


1. Photos of Damage to Civilian Structures Poster

BELGRADE, Mar. 29 - Since some TiM readers have written back and asked if we could show them photos of damaged civilian structures in Serbia as a result of the NATO bombing, we have posted them now at our Web site. We've also posted some pictures from yesterday's concert in Belgrade, including those of kids wearing the TARGET signs.


2. Serb Air Defense Claims 13 NATO Craft Shot Down, Over 30 Missiles

BELGRADE, Mar. 29 - A spokesman for the Serb Air Defenses wing of the Yugoslav Army said at a press briefing today in Belgrade that his organization shot down seven NATO airplanes, three helicopters, three pilotless remote controlled aircraft, and more than 30 missiles. Keep in mind that that's ONLY the alleged scorecard for the YU Air Defense. These numbers do NOT include any hits scored by the YU Army's ground troops.

If even half of these claims are true, that's quite a few human casualties which NATO is hiding from the public. Will the relatives of these American and other NATO soldiers killed in action have to wait for the YU Army to tell them the awful news, while our Supreme Traitor-in-Chief and the warmongers around him "lie and deny" everything? No wonder even the establishment press are fed up with them (see the next story).

In a related event, the Yugoslav Army decorated and promoted today to higher ranks five Air Force pilots and three Air Defense air defense officers.


3. Even Establishment Media Fed Up with Disinformation

WASHINGTON, Mar. 28 - Even the establishment media are fed up with the disinformation campaign launched by the Clinton administration and NATO. Check out the story, "U.S. Tack Demonize Enemy, Tightly Control Information," in the Washington Post:


4. Serbian Farmers vs. NATO

BELGRADE, Mar. 29 - Serbian farmers have become a part of the war effort, as they are harvesting the many radio locators which NATO planes had dropped in order to mark the targets for future sorties. Serb TV has shown what these objects look like, and asked the Serb citizens to help find them and remove them. And the harvest is reportedly yielding bountyful results, even though this is the time the fields should be plowed, not harvested.

The NATO planners have thought of all sorts of high tech star wars, but they’ve neglected to consider a very basic fact, that "this is a county of farmers!" as one of our Belgrade sources put it.


5. Two Russian Nuclear Power Warships Sail to Cyprus; Is a Greco-Turkish War Next?

TORONTO, Mar. 29 - As we reported last week, two Russian ships have been ordered to sea in order to conduct "exercises." Now, the Toronto-based New World Order Intelligence Update ( NWOIU) has provided additional details as to their objective. "Peter the Great", a huge nuclear-power cruiser and the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov," will be transporting the S-300 missiles to the Greek military in Cyprus (for more background on this, search our Web site for appropriate keywords).

John Whitley, who publishes this report, sees a good possibility that NATO's attack on Serbia may escalate into a war between two NATO countries - Greece and Turkey. If this were to happen, it would bear out this writer's prediction made last summer (see "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing," a column in the CHRONICLES magazine, available at our Web site).

The heavily-armed, 823-foot long "Peter the Great", along with three other warships of its class, was designed to smash U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups, the New World Order Intelligence Update says. It carries a formidable range of weaponry on a six-deck superstructure, including 20 SS-N-19 anti-ship surface-to-surface missiles.

Its consort on this maiden voyage to Cyprus, the "Admiral Kuznetzov", carries 36 of the feared and deadly fourth-generation Sukhoi-27 fighters, which in our opinion easily out-perform, out-range, and out-manoevre their U.S. equivalents. They have extremely powerful missiles and guns, superb radar and aiming equipment, and - for an aircraft weighing over twenty tons - an extraordinarily high acceleration capability and thrust-to-weight ratio (for details - check out the full story at Whitley's Web site ).

Whitley also says that the British Royal Air Force has been quietly making preparations for a rapid and massive evacuation by air of British, E.U. and Commonwealth residents and tourists from Cyprus in the event of war there later this summer.

British intelligence activities have also stepped up dramatically on Cyprus, as the Turkish military command issued orders to the Turkish fleet to prepare for a war with Greece in the Aegean lasting one or two days, according to what Whitley calles "reliable sources."

Meanwhile in Moscow today, the Russian foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, did not mince any words when he said that NATO was shamefully lying that they had no plans for a ground campaign. Back in the U.S., Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of state, and Jean Kirkpatrick, the former U.N. ambassador, confidently predicted that "NATO will prevail with or without Primakov." Kissinger was referring here to the planned trip tomorrow to Belgrade by the Russian prime minister, Yevgeny Primakov, the foreign minister Ivanov, and the defense minister, Igor Sergeyev.

Considering that NATO has said it would not halt its attacks on Serbia while the THREE top Russian government officials are in Belgrade, their trip appears to us as much more than just "brokering of a peace agreement." Can anyone imagine Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and William Cohen risking their lives while flying into a war zone? And if you can't, as we can't, then the mere fact that Russian "troika" is doing it would suggest that dire consequences lie ahead.

So if anyone did not take us seriously that March 24, the day NATO started bombing Serbia, may be remembered as the new "Day of Infamy" which may lead to WW III, we suggest you reread it at our Web site. For, I am afraid that this may be the beginning of another planetary war which the warmongers in Washington have started. Keep your powder dry and check out where your local bomb shelters are. Unless this madness stops, soon enough, many other people around the world may start finding out what the hell the Serbs and Kosovo Albanians are going through right now is like.

(check out the TiM GW Bulletin, "On the Brink of Madness," and my Washington Times Mar. 21 column, "Chinese Dragon Wagging Macedonian Tail" - both available at our Web site.  Also see the CORRECTION to this story).

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