Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

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May 25, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-89, Day 63

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May 25, 1999; 11:00PM EDT - DAY 63


Phoenix                  1. Pin a "Swastika" on Brzezinski! Right Next to

                                   His "Red Star!" (a letter to the Wall Street Journal)

Belgrade                2. NATO's War on Urban Life: A Godsend for

                                  Serbia? The World?


1. Pin a "Swastika" on Brzezinski! Right Next to His "Red Star!" (a letter to the Wall Street Journal)

PHOENIX, May 25 - Check out our letter sent to the Wall Street Journal today: .


2. NATO's War on Urban Life: A Godsend for Serbia? The World?

BELGRADE, May 25 - At first, the West sold its materialistic way of life to the gullible Yugoslavs. The urban life, that is. Now it's killing it. Along with the gullible Yugoslavs. And others, too, who never knew which end was up. And many who still don't...

When the former Yugoslavia was a buffer between the West and the Soviet "Iron Curtain" countries, kind of Europe's half-way house, the West showered this communist country with billions of dollars in aid and loans. Now it's showering it with billions of dollars-worth of its bombs. Before their Y2K expiry label runs out.

In the wake of NATO's war on civilians, however, lie some unexpected victims. Such as the western way of life. In a bizarre mixture of stupidity and madness, the West is killing itself in Yugoslavia. And teaching the local populace, and the rest of the awake world, an expensive lesson about what happens when you get hooked on drugs.

Hooked on drugs? What drugs?

Drugs like Coke. Or McDonald's. Or Levi's. Or Madonna...

What happens is that you become vulnerable. You become a target.

Ironically, the very aficionados of the western, materialistic, urban way of life - the "cool living" - as the Belgrade "yuppies" thought who created the now world-famous TARGET sign, are now the main victims of NATO's war on Serbia.

The Serb farmers still have their wells, however polluted by depleted uranium and other chemical toxins released by NATO's bombing. They still have their cows, goats or sheep to give them milk and other necessary survival sustenance in times of war, just as they have endured over the centuries.

But what is an urban Serb dweller on the 20th floor of an apartment building going to do now that NATO has turned off his power, his water and all his other "conveniences" of urban living, to which the West has accustomed him over the last four-five decades?

Rebel against Slobodan Milosevic? (which is what NATO keeps hoping - against hope). No way. The urbanites knows Milosevic didn't bomb them; that the West betrayed them. Besides, they have about as much influence on Milosevic as they do on criminals like Bill Clinton or Tony Blair.  None.

So jump off the balcony? Some might. Especially the elderly. And even if some of them might get their water from the street fountains, how many 60+-year olds can carry the buckets up 20 flights of stairs? (with the electricity off, the elevators aren't working, either - remember?).

As for the young Belgrade urbanites, they now also know that the people they admired and emulated over the years - the "West" - can push their buttons at will; turn their power on or off; cancel their favorite TV or MTV shows; or the concerts at the Freedom Square, or on the Brankov's Bridge.

And even if they are young and strong enough to haul the buckets of water up 20 flights of stairs every day, surely by now they realize that that's slave labor for survival induced by their yesteryear's idols?

In the end, the Serbs, especially the young and impressionable Serbs, should thank God for giving them the opportunity to distinguish between the good and evil. And to make themselves worthy of their ancestors.

The Serbs who defeated the Ottoman Empire didn't live in apartment buildings. The Serbs who defeated the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany in WW I rode on ox carts, not elevators. The Serbs who defeated Hitler didn't watch MTV, drink Coke, or swivel their hips at a disco.

And so the Serbs who will defeat NATO's war criminals will not do so by bemoaning the loss of their urban conveniences. Such as morning showers. They will do so by banding together their freedom-loving spirits, as their forefathers did. And they will pray to God and thank Him for giving them a chance to find their own way to redemption from the past sins, when they embraced the western ideas, such as materialism and communism.

As the Serbian Patriarch told this writer on numerous occasions during our many meetings in the last eight years, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church does not watch TV. Which makes him one of the few humans FREE OF PROPAGANDA which the materialistic New World Order imperialists are beaming at the world, day in and day out. And one who is not suffering any great loss of a TV signal due to NATO's bombing.

On the other hand, we don't know if the 84-year old Serb Patriarch is having to haul water to his modest bunk every night. We hope not.

But we do know that were the Patriarch to do so, he would do it with the same humility with which he had served as the Bishop of Kosovo before he became Patriarch. And with the same sense of peace and compassion with which he asked this writer to pass on the message to the Serb Orthodox Christian faithful in America in September 1995: "Don't be afraid of anything except of sin."

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