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May 24, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-88, Day 62

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May 24, 1999; 10:30PM EDT - DAY 62

"Do not be afraid of your enemies - in the worst case they can kill you;

Do not be afraid of your friends - in the worst case they can betray you;

Be afraid of the indifferent ones: it is from their silent blessings that

all the evil is happening in the world!"

Bruno Yasensky, a Russian writer.


Hamburg                 1. Apache Which Crashed Was Shot Down by

                                    Yugoslav Military (German newswire, paper)

Washington            2. Twenty-five Congressmen to File Motion for Summary

                                   Judgment in Lawsuit to Stop U.S. Bombing

Sydney                    3. Gorbachev: "NATO Has Broken All Its Teeth on


Skopje                    4. Tormented Serb Rejected as Refugee

Pristina                   5. Russian, Israeli Volunteers Fight for Serb Soul Mates

Maryland                6. Playing the Belgrade Siren for a Granddaughter

Kraljevo                 7. NATO's "Hate Mail" on Unexploded Ordnance


1. Apache Which Crashed Was Shot Down by Yugoslav Military (German newswire, paper)

HAMBURG, May 24 - Remember the ill-fated Apache helicopter which crashed in Albania on May 5, killing two American pilots, and casting a pall on Bill Clinton's and Madeleine Albright's visit to the NATO headquarters in Brussels? The U.S. military spokesperson in Germany told Reuters at the time that the aircraft was on a training mission when it crashed. He speculated the Apache may have hit a power line.

Commander Tom van Leunen, spokesman for the U.S. European command in Stuttgart, Germany, said the crash occurred in darkness some 50 miles north of Tirana. Two pilots became the first admitted casualties suffered by NATO. Later on, the official line from the "lie and deny" Washington-Brussels crowd was that the Apache helicopter crashed due to either mechanical or human errors.

It didn't. It was probably shot down by the Yugoslav anti-aircraft defenses, according to a May 23 report in Germany's "Welt am Sonntag" ("World on Sunday") alleged. Citing a "secret report" issued by NATO experts, the German paper said the Apache exploded in the air and went down in a ball of fire. Which is the main reason the NATO experts had eliminated the mechanical or human errors as the cause.


TiM Ed.: The above "Welt am Sonntag" story rounds out our reports about the Apaches being the "Flying Coffins" (S99-81, Day 55, Item 1, May 17) and being grounded by mountains (S99-86, Day 60, Item 4, May 22).

Now we know why the Washington brass got cold feet about using the Pentagon's "fearsome," "pride and joy" high-tech weapon against the Serbs in Kosovo. "Whew... thank God," must have been the response by the Apaches' pilots and crews, used to turkey shoots in Iraq.

The timing of this shoot-down, if that's what it was, was also conspicuous. Did the Yugoslav military want to deliver a message to Bill Clinton and his Halfbright armchair bomber, as they landed for a round of NATO briefings in Brussels on May 5?

If so, it appears the message was heard. And heeded. The Apaches are now grounded. Not by mountains, as the British media tried to spin the story.


2. Twenty-five Congressmen to File Motion for Summary Judgment in Lawsuit to Stop U.S. Bombing

WASHINGTON, May 24 - One day after TiM called for a legal challenge to Bill Clinton's now illegal war against Yugoslavia (see S99-87, Day 61, Item 2, May 23), we received an advance copy of a press release from the 25 U.S. Congressmen who are planning to file tomorrow (May 25) a motion for summary judgment to stop the bombing. The motion is intended as a part of their Apr. 30 lawsuit against the Clinton administration (see S99-61, Day 39, Item 1, May 1 and S99-62, and Day 40, Item 3, May 2).

"On April 28, 1999, Congress voted overwhelmingly against declaring war against Yugoslavia (H.J. Res 44) and defeated a concurrent resolution (S.Con. Res. 21) to continue the air war. Only Congress has the authority to declare war under the Constitution. The President dismissed our disapproval and has continued the war against Yugoslavia....

As the President has indicated no intention of securing such (Congressional) approval, twenty-five Members of Congress filed a Motion for Summary Judgement and for Expedited Review of our challenge to the President's action."

Led by California's Representative Tom Campbell, this bipartisan group consists of the following plaintiffs: Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), Bob Barr (R-GA), Dan Burton (R-IN), John Cooksey (R-LA), Philip Crane (R-IL), Walter Jones (R-NC), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), Donald Manzullo (R-IL), Charles Norwood (R-GA), Ron Paul (R-TX), Thomas Petri (R-WI), Marshall Sanford (R-SC), Joe Scarborough (R-FL), Bob Schaffer (R-CO), Thomas Tancredo (R-CO), John Doolittle (R-CA), Rick Hill (Ind-MT), Greg Ganske (R-IA), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), John Duncan (R-TN), Pat Danner (D-MO), Fortney Pete Stark (D-CA), F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI).

To see the full text of the press release, check out:


3. Gorbachev: "NATO Has Broken All Its Teeth on Yugoslavia"

SYDNEY, May 24 - The former Soviet head of state, Mikhail Gorbachev, who presided over the western-engineered operation to remove the Russian bear's teeth, is now using the same metaphor in an entirely different context. In an interview with ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp.) radio, Gorbachev said, "NATO has already broken all its teeth trying to cripple Yugoslavia."

Gorbachev also questioned what NATO might be able to achieve against nuclear powers or larger countries when it has proved itself incapable of defeating Yugoslavia.

"Two thirds of the world's fire power - NATO's firepower - cannot cope with Yugoslavia," said the Nobel Peace Prize winner. "So what would they do with China, with India, with Russia or Indonesia or whatever other countries?"

He said NATO could destroy Yugoslavia by bombing. "But morally, politically, they have been defeated," he said. "The problem is that they can't stop."

Gorbachev's only face-to-face interview took place during his brief visit to Australia to deliver "motivational" lectures.


TiM Ed.: Wonder who the paid audiences were? The future would-be traitors of the land Down Under? Or those in the Australian government and business circles who have already sold out their souls to the materialistic New World Order, and are now seeking comfort from a Comrade-in-Treason?

Just in case you may think that the preceding was just a TiM bluster, check out the May 23 report in the The Age magazine, about the Australian government sellout of its sovereignty to the New World Order. The bad Aussies are spying on the other Aussies and on their neighbors - on behalf of the Yanks and the Pommies - while the local sheeple are fast asleep, or happily throwing the shrimp on the barbie.

Some barbiturate... Or a substitute for freedom and sovereignty! Here's The Age URL:


4. Tormented Serb Rejected as Refugee

SKOPJE, May 18 - The "humanitarian" face of the NATO-led New World Order shriveled faster than the Dorian Gray painting in the early morning hours of May 17 on the Macedonian border with Kosovo. A Serb who fled from Kosovo to Macedonia in a bus full of ethnic Albanians after his wife and daughter were killed by a NATO bomb has been told he does not qualify as a refugee, the London Telegraph reported on May 18.

His rejection was only the latest installment in a story of suffering that mirrors the Balkan upheavals, the Telegraph said. Stojan Zlatanovic, a Bosnian Serb by birth, was wounded six times in the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, and was taken prisoner by a Muslim warlord. He thought he had escaped war when, in 1995, he was handed over in an exchange for three Muslims.

A friend's house in Kosovo had served as a refuge for the Zlatanovic family since 1992, as the former Yugoslavia imploded. He finally found a job in Bosnia this spring, and wanted to persuade his wife to return with him to start life over again.

"When the bombing started I rushed back to Kosovo to be with them," he said. "I wanted to make plans for the future. My wife was reluctant to go back to Bosnia since we have nothing there."

Her indecision was fatal. Zlatanovic went to drink coffee one evening late last month with a friend. He was sitting on a porch when a NATO bomb hit his home 250 yards away, killing his wife and a 16-year-old daughter.

"I stayed to bury them," he said. "And I left on a bus full of Albanian refugees."

In Macedonia, however, he found himself in a refugee camp with tens of thousands of Albanians. "The lady taking names for the UN refugee bus to Germany wouldn't listen to me," he said. "She said if my name had been Alija or Muhamed, I might stand a chance."


5. Russian, Israeli Volunteers Fight for Serb Soul Mates

PRISTINA, May 20 - Five soldiers lounging lazily on upholstered chairs, hand grenades dangling from their suspender straps, said they were volunteers from Russia, according to a May 21 Washington Post report. The sixth said he was a Russian immigrant from Israel. All proclaimed that they had come to fight for Serbia and for Orthodox Christianity - which is shared by Russians and Serbs - and against Islam, the religion practiced by most of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority.

Tough-looking in their grimy fatigues, these men seemed anything but weekend warriors. All dismissed the label of mercenary. Rather, in the emphatic fashion familiar to anyone who has discussed mystical subjects with Russians, they said they came to fulfill a yearning of the soul.

"We are together with the Serbian people," said one of the Russians, cradling an AK-47 assault rifle in his lap, and shuffling his feet in agitation. "I feel at home here; we are brothers. I could be going to discos every night in Moscow enjoying myself, but it is a question of my soul. I feel something."

The Russian volunteers say they simply showed up at the Yugoslav border in the past two months, begged for a chance to fight, were sent to a military camp and are now battling separatist ethnic Albanian guerrillas in Kosovo.

The Russian-Israeli soldier's passion was further enflamed by his participation in Israel's drawn-out battle against Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim guerrilla group fighting Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon. He said he has been in battle here four times since he arrived a month ago. "I just hope I kill someone," said the soldier, who identified himself as David.

This is his third war, he said: Afghanistan and southern Lebanon being the other two. He knew little about Yugoslavia before coming. "I watched television; I know that the Serbs are Christian Orthodox, so I have to help them," he said.

David's description of his religious background was hazy. At one point, he said he was Jewish, at another, Russian Orthodox.

"Yes, I'm afraid of death; any normal person is," he continued. "Yesterday, an Albanian sniper shot at me twice. The bullets were 20 centimeters from my head. I could be killed, but I came to fight. I'm not looking for cars, for girls. I'm trying to find something for my soul. I hope I find it in Yugoslavia."

With a defiant cock of his head, he expressed no fear of a NATO ground invasion, the Post said. "I suppose NATO is not so good in spirit," he offered. "And if NATO comes, a lot of Russians will be here. 'God Save Serbia and Yugoslavia.' That's a good slogan."


6. Playing the Belgrade Siren for a Granddaughter

MARYLAND, May 22 - We received the following e-mail from a WW II British granny, Ruth Shirey, now reliving the horrors of the London bombings with her granddaughter in Maryland:

"Dear Bob, your E-mail was forwarded to me by my friend in Novi Sad. I listened to the sirens - the sound would definitely disturb a grown up, let alone - a four year old child. I know from experience! Every day and night, for nearly six years - I was subjected to the sirens.

Funny thing though, we were more frightened of the sound of church bells! That was the signal for invasion.

There are not too many of us left who can remember those times - the terror of the V2 rockets. The V1's - you knew when they were about to come down. The engine stopped, and it gave you a minute or two to take cover. The V2 never gave you that option.

The majority of Americans have really no concept of being under attack by a foreign power. They sit snug in their homes and watch people getting killed on TV - just as they would watch a bloody Western! Then, they go to bed, knowing they are safe and secure - and sleep the sleep of an innocent!

From the first time I came in contact with my young friend in Novi Sad, there isn't a day or night that goes by, without my thoughts and prayers are with him.

There were several weeks I had heard nothing from him. I don't care if he is a Serb or whatever. First and foremost - he is a human being. And I will never forsake him.

I was so glad to finally hear from him two days ago, and to learn that he was safe and well - along with his family.

There is absolutely no reason for me not to believe his accounts of the deaths and destruction that have occurred in his country.

I have probably bored you to death - sorry - One who has been there, done that, seen that."

Ruth Shirey, Maryland


TiM Ed. In response to TiM editor's request for further identification before we would publish the above comment, this Maryland grandma shared with us her novel way of raising our kids at this time of Infamy and Evil.

"I was babysitting my granddaughter today, and I let her hear the (Belgrade air raid) sirens (at the TiM Web site)! Her eyes were as big as saucers! She wanted to know where they were coming from. I told her they were coming from Belgrade in Serbia. I also told her what happens when they go off. She was very sad to know people were getting hurt.

There have been bomb threats at her school, and all around the country, which, I am sure, you are aware of - so she has some concept of what a bomb can do. Maybe, if we talk to the little ones now, they will have a chance of growing up without the bigotry and hatred. It all starts at home."


7. NATO's "Hate Mail" on Unexploded Ordnance

KRALJEVO, May 23 - Check out the photo available at our Web site. Two boys from the Serbian city, Kraljevo (roughly translated as Kingstown), are holding a piece of unexploded NATO ordinance. The hand-written message by one or more of the NATO war criminals read:

"Do you still wanna be a Serb now!!"


TiM Ed.: Let us hope that by the time this war is over, as all wars eventually end, the NATO war crime prosecutors will elicit help from hand-writing experts to pin down whoever the sick person was who had scribbled this message on this NATO bomb. And then drop him/her as a "leaflet of peace" over Kraljevo.

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