Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

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March 28, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-11, Day 5, Update 2

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Mar. 28, 1999; 11:50PM EST - DAY 5, UPDATE 2


Belgrade:             1. To Bomb, or Not To Bomb? (A Commentary)


1. To Bomb or Not to Bomb? (A commentary)

PHOENIX, Mar. 28 - How would you feel if you were a US Air Force pilot, who has just been ordered by a self-confessed liar and a Vietnam draftdodger to incinerate a bunch of people you'd never heard of, in a country you never knew even existed before the pre-mission briefing?

Pretty miserable, I would assume, if the pilot were a decent human being? And doubly so, if he were a Christian, acquiescing to the order to destroy innocent fellow-Christians. Especially if the pilot were to find out that the people he was bombing were U.S. allies in two world wars who had saved 500 American pilots downed by the Nazi anti-aircraft artillery during WW II. Just ask Major Richard Felman of Tucson, who is one of the people who owes his life to the Serbs (check out our Web site for more details).

Yet, if you listen to the rhetoric of our Vietnam "fraud heroes," like Senator John McCain , for example, Clinton's comrade-in-arms when it comes to disinformation and betrayal of the American people, now that the President has ordered our military into action (however illegally!!), we must all line up behind him.

To which I say, bull! Two wrongs don't make a right. That's exactly what this two-bit "war hero" (McCain),  a member of the infamous "Keating Five," who used to take vacations in the Caribbean on the convicted S&L felon's Charles Keating's yacht, said in December 1995 so as to justify Clinton's sending our troops to Bosnia. For a maximum of 12 months, we were told.

Huh! Any American still able to count? The 12-month period ran out in December 1996. And you think that Clinton only lied about his affair with that slut Lewinsky?

Meanwhile, back to the terrible quandary which our honorable men and women in the armed forces are facing today... Do you obey an order by a man like Klinton? Do you bomb, or not?

Judging by the devastation which has been already wreaked on a sovereign country which never meant any harm to the U.S., some of our brave fighting men perhaps never gave even a fleeting thought to such moral issues. Nor did they consider that, by attacking sovereign countries and killing innocent civilians, they may have BROKEN their own oath of allegiance to the United States.

For, the only thing they swore to do, and the only thing the American people expect from our armed forces, is to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY.  Not to attack others. That's what Evil Empires do.

In light of that, we thought you may be interested in the following exchange we've had today with a TiM reader, also a U.S. war veteran:


At 0343 PM 3/28/99 -0600, you wrote

Dear Bob, I must say, as a former soldier in the ETO during the bloodletting of my German cousins, and as a member of the 45th Infantry Division in the Far East Command in the Korean War, I am not all that sympathetic with American pilots hurling death and destruction upon an innocent people who have done nothing, absolutely nothing to us, or our country.

If I were a military pilot, I would jolly well resign my commission rather than carry out acts of murder. If they wanted to court-martial me, so be it. We hanged good Germans after being tried at that Kangaroo court at Nuremberg for following orders.

You, my friend, are doing an OUTSTANDING service! I can't laud you enough.

Ernest Hume

New York


Please free to pass on this message to any and all of your friends and relatives in our armed forces, especially those serving within NATO. Defending America should NEVER be confused with crimes against humanity, which is what this bombing campaign of Serbia is. Just ask the honorable German soldiers who suffered the Allied victors' wrath after WW II, for no other reason but for "following orders."

So every once in a while, an honorable thing for a soldier to do is to disobey an order which is dishonorable; which goes beyond his moral beliefs and conscience. Michael New did it when he refused to wear the UN "blue" in Macedonia. And if "they," the NWO murderers of innocent civilians, "wanted to court-martial me, so be it," as Mr. Hume said.  That's how honorable men act.

So don't take it from us. Take it from this double U.S. German-American WW II and Korean war veteran. And then call your family members, or friends and relatives in our armed forces who may be engaged in this case of murder of innocents in Serbia, and give them a chance to save themselves before facing the "final judgment," that of our Lord.

May God have mercy upon their souls!


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