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May 14, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-78, Day 52

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May 14, 1999; 0:30AM EDT - DAY 52


California                        1. "I Love My Country, But Hate What This

                                            Criminal Government Is Doing"

Banja Luka                     2. NATO, U.S. Censors Try to Muzzle Bosnian

                                            Serb TV (Again!)

Belgrade                         3. A General-to-General Air War Talk:

                                           Novak-to-Clark - Abort Murder!

Moscow                          4. Gorbachev: NATO Bombs Destroying New World Order

Belgrade                         5. Where Are the Phony Western "Liberals" Now That

                                          Europe's Danube Basin's Ecology Is Being Destroyed?

Phoenix                          6. A Serb Poet (1907): "We Know Our Fate"


1. "I Love My Country, But Hate What This Criminal Government Is Doing"

CALIFORNIA, May 11 - They say that wars bring out the best and the worst in people. Here's an example of "the best" which we received from a TiM reader in California:

"Dear Bob, I've stopped paying taxes; I'm about to sell my home; and I would like some information about how to get into Yugoslavia in order to cover the situation with my camera. Could I send my video reports back to you?

I'm at my wits end about what our government is doing both at home and abroad. I'd like to show the people what 'we' are doing. And, therefore, the 'Truth in Media' seems to be a good source to spread the word.

I understand that you have been to Yugoslavia and might be able to help me with the details of getting there. I love my country, but hate what this criminal government is doing."

Kent Baldwin, California


TiM Ed.: We did help this TiM reader with the contacts he had requested, and wished him God speed in his noble endeavor.


2. NATO, U.S. Censors Try to Muzzle Bosnian Serb TV (Again!)

BANJA LUKA, May 13 - While some noble Americans, such as Ken Baldwin, are willing to sacrifice all they have to bring the truth about NATO's criminal activities to the world, the censors of the self-proclaimed leaders of the "free world" are administering the Soviet-style media pressures on the Bosnian Serb TV's broadcasters in Banja Luka. Again. (See "NWO Inquisition in Bosnia").

In a front page feature article, the Wall Street Journal reported today from Banja Luka, the "new" capital of the Bosnian Serb Republic, one of the two "entities" in the NOW-occupied and NATO-policed Bosnia, that the Serbian Radio Television's reporting on the war in Kosovo has angered the authorities. They have ordered it to air certain (western leaders') speeches in full, have sent army officers to threaten to close the station, and have warned that it could lose equipment if it doesn't change its coverage, the Journal said.

"A victim of Serbian nationalism? Actually, the speeches involved were by top American officials, the visiting officers were British, and the confiscation threats came from the U.S. Agency for International Development, which had given the broadcaster an editing console and a van," said Daniel Pearl, a Journal "staff reporter," according to the story byline.


TiM Ed.: Way to demonstrate Klinton Amerika's commitment to freedom of speech!


Such pressure reflects the two wars the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is fighting in the Balkans, the Journal said. The first involves airstrikes aimed at driving Yugoslav troops from the province of Kosovo. The second war is being waged on the propaganda front.

"Mr. Milosevic is expanding his country's clampdown on independent media and using state television to portray Serbs as victims of a Western conspiracy. NATO has bombed Yugoslav television, calling it part of Mr. Milosevic's 'war machine.' And NATO leaders are striving to keep news cameras focused on the ethnic Albanian refugees who have fled Kosovo and their reports of Serb atrocities, rather than on errant NATO missiles." [...]

"Caught in the cross-fire is Dragan Gasic, a tall, Yugoslavia-born Austrian with a booming voice. The Europe-dominated Office of the High Representative hired him last year to reform SRT, the state-funded broadcaster of Republika Srpska, but Mr. Gasic has been at loggerheads with his employers. He refused to force SRT to run full-length European news broadcasts, saying they aren't balanced because they don't show Serb civilians displaced by NATO bombs. He also refused to air NATO briefings in full, saying it was 'unprofessional' to give SRT orders no one would dare give an American broadcaster."

The U.S. State Department has pushed to replace Mr. Gasic, diplomats say. Five international organizations now monitor SRT.

But convincing Bosnian-Serb stations to be more like CNN may be futile, the Journal concludes. "Even the Western-funded stations keep playing up bomb damage and playing down the refugees. And when viewers see Ms. Albright on SRT, they assume it is only because the station is under Western control, says Banja Luka Fiat dealer Ducan Novkovic. 'If they don't follow their orders,' he says, 'they'll be off the air'."


TiM Ed.: Sounds like a lose-lose proposition for the Washington-Brussels "lie and deny" story spinners. Thankfully. For, they are certainly not fooling many in Bosnia, or elsewhere around the world, who still have a normal supply of gray cells, undiminished by the NWO dumbing-down.


3. A General-to-General Air War Talk: Novak-to-Clark - Abort Murder!

BELGRADE, May 12 - We received the following "Open Letter to General Wesley Clark, SACEUR," written by Major General, Bozo Novak (ret.). The Serb general provides his own introduction:

"My name is Bozo Novak. I am the former Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Srpska Army Air Force and Air Defense in Bosnia-Herzegovina. My specialization is in air defense missile units. During the Bosnian war, I headed a team organized by Air Defense which, despite its very small size, inflicted significant losses, and remained capable of fighting until peace was declared, earning the respect of NATO commanders such as General Joulwan, General Short (see S99-77, Day 51, Update 2, Item 3, May 13), and others.

That is my background and I believe it gives me, a military professional and a retired general, the right to address you, a military professional and a four-star general.

I am certain that you possess immense knowledge and skills. If you did not, you could not have attained your rank. I am certain that during the course of your education and your professional development, you developed a personal code of ethics as a professional officer, a code of honor which distinguishes the military from all other professions. To protect his honor, integrity and respect, an officer, especially a general, will lay down his life. During times of peace, a soldier prepares himself for armed battle. During times of war, he fights against the army of his enemy.

General Clark, I ask you: What are you are doing? For more than a month now, you have been destroying and ravaging this part (Yugoslavia) of my homeland. Not a single country, political or military alliance has declared war on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Not a single United Nations organization has issued a resolution to attack the FRY.

That means that the Balkans - based on your definitions and on universal legal norms - are currently at peace, not at war. That means that the forces you command are carrying out great crimes and acts of terrorism against the whole Yugoslav population.

Your administration continues to emphasize that war is not being waged against Yugoslavia and against the Serbian people. They say that you are intervening to prevent a 'humanitarian catastrophe.' Through a campaign of terror waged from the air, by striking against apartment blocks in densely populated cities, factories, heating facilities, bridges, roads and railways, civilian trains and convoys, hotels and resorts, schools, hospitals and maternity wards, oil refineries and chemical industrial complexes - YOU HAVE CREATED A HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE. YOU HAVE KILLED AND CONTINUE TO KILL MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE. YOU ARE COMMITTING GENOCIDE OF THE YUGOSLAV PEOPLE WHICH IS COMPRISED OF MORE THAN 20 DISTINCT ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS.

The victims of the terror you are unleashing are children, women, the elderly people - the defenseless. You are destroying everything that is essential for the very existence of the population.

So I ask you: Did you attend the finest schools in the world in order to learn how to use the strongest military force in the world to kill children and their mothers? To prove that the ONLY thing you are capable of is the destruction of everything that noble and creative people have worked for generations to build?

Honorable General, you do not need a fine education, nor skills, to do this: a sick, criminal mind suffices.

I am writing to you because I believe that you do not realize what you are doing. You do not realize that you are being used in the worst and a most vile manner possible to promote the interests of incompetent and evil politicians whose time is quickly running out. By manipulating you, General, they have sullied the names of great military leaders such as Washington, Grant, Sherman, Bradley, Alexander, Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower... and many others who are remembered and respected by the civilized world (as the Serbs' friends and allies).

This evil will end. My people will survive because you simply cannot exterminate us. Our Army, although it is small compared to NATO, is inflicting losses on your troops. It is defending, and it will continue to defend, our right to live on our land.

Right now, our nation has only one goal: TO DEFEND OURSELVES FROM TERRORISM AND CRIME. Through our resistance, through culture, through art, through song, through sports, through all activities which continue to show that we love life and freedom, we are proving that we belong to a developed European civilization which you are seeking to destroy.

You will not succeed in destroying us. With every passing day, the evidence against those criminals commanding and those executing this campaign of terror in the heart of Europe is growing. You must know that the evil people who command this action will be held accountable for all this.


Let the politicians resolve political problems by political means; and humanitarian problems should be resolved through humanitarian means.

With this open letter, I call upon my professional colleagues, who are generals, both active and retired, to raise their voices against the misuse of the military's calling - our profession's respect, integrity and honor - by politicians whose time is running out. I emphasize that we have THE RIGHT AND THE DUTY TO REFUSE TO CARRY OUT ORDERS WHICH CAUSE CRIMINAL AND EVIL ACTIONS."

Gen. Bozo Novak


4. Gorbachev: NATO Bombs Destroying New World Order

MOSCOW, May 12 - Even one of the chief protagonists of the so-called New World Order which emerged after the end of the Cold War; the man who helped destroy his own country in the name of the NWO, Mikhail Gorbachev, is now getting cold feet about the monster he had helped unleash.

"It is pure lawlessness and I strongly condemn it," Gorbachev said Tuesday (May 12) while attending a signing ceremony for a joint Russian-Canadian research project in Moscow.

"The former Soviet boss said NATO's war against Yugoslavia is a sign of collapsing global order, and it never would have been allowed to happen if the Soviet Union still existed. Russia has lost its former position and ability to influence events, and therefore was unable to prevent this war from occurring in the first place," Gorbachev said.


TiM Ed.: If it weren't tragic, such a comment is downright funny, coming from the man who helped diminish Russia's influence in the world.


"This war is a disgrace to all of us who tried to build a new world order based on political methods and a strong role for the United Nations Security Council. Instead we see NATO imposing itself as supreme arbiter, using military power alone".

Gorbachev, who led the Soviet Union from 1985 to 1991, is credited with ending his country's participation in the Cold War. But the Soviet Union fell apart, and the West tried to unilaterally impose its own writ upon the world, he said.

"At the root of this is the United States' ambitions to dominate the world," he said. "Two-thirds of the world's raw power, concentrated in NATO, is attacking one tiny country."

Last weekend's accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade shows the situation is spinning out of control, he said. "NATO is hitting everywhere, not only the Chinese Embassy. Their missiles are even falling on neighboring countries like Bulgaria," he said.


TiM Ed.: So maybe we should ask this NWO stooge to put his money where his mouth is, and go to Belgrade to reinforce its citizens' "human shield" guard on the bridges? We all know what the answer would be, right? About the same we would get from the "liberals," like Bill, Hillary or Chelsea Clinton - all big on environmental protection words; but short on guts.


5. Where Are the Phony Western "Liberals" Now That Europe's Danube Basin's Ecology Is Being Destroyed?

BELGRADE, May 13 - We've received word today from Serbia that the Yugoslav government has prohibited fishing on the Danube downstream from Pancevo, where NATO's repeated bombings of the chemical factories have released the dangerous toxins into Europe's longest waterway (see TiM Special Bulletin Day 26, Update 1, Item 2, Apr. 18 - filed from Serbia).

For those who can't tell the Danube from the Amazon, a look at the map of Europe will show that Danube's downstream waters take all this pollution into Romania and Bulgaria, both Serbia's neighbors whose governments have pledged their cooperation with NATO's air strikes.

Anybody still remember the ecological somersaults through which the American "liberals" went over the (ACCIDENTAL!) Exxon "Valdez" oil spill? Where are these people now that Europe's ecology is being DELIBERATELY destroyed by the NATO "humanitarians?" Where are the "save the Earth" demonstrators protecting the Dead Fish of the Danube, the way Brigitte Bardot and other supposed "greens" acted on behalf of the seals? Or are the "Serb fish" (along the Serbian portion of Europe's Danube) less worthy of protection, just like the Serb civilians, seem more expendable than the Canadian seals?

By their silence in the face of the Danube basin's ecological disaster, not to mention NATO's crimes against humanity, such phony western "liberals" are showing the world what they really are - accomplices of the NWO FASCISTS who are trying to destroy a European civilization. Along with its fish... (an early Christianity sign).


6. A Serb Poet (1907): "We Know Our Fate"

PHOENIX, May 13 - A TiM reader has just sent us an English translation of a poem, written by a Serb poet, Aleksa Santic (pronounced Shantich). The poem was composed in 1907, when the Austrian-Hungarian empire annexed Bosnia - as a prelude and cause of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914, and the WW I which ensued.

"This Serb poem is as appropriate for the Kosovo situation in 1999," this reader said. Judge it for yourself:


We know our fate and what to expect from life,

Yet, our hearts will not freeze in fear!

Oxen are forced the yoke to bear,

God gave freedom to all men alike.


Our strength is like a mountain river's sway,

No one will ever stop its flow!

How to face death these people know,

If free to stay there is no other way.

We know our path, the path of God-the-son,

And mighty like a mountain river's flow.


We will go even over the sharpest stones,

Ready to climb the Golgotha all the way.

And even if you take our only lives away,

Our graves will stay to fight you on!


TiM Ed.: We suggest that the above poem be introduced as mandatory reading by the attendees of the U.S. War College. Lest its graduates lead the American government into suffering a foolhardy defeat at the hand of the Serbian gravestones, just as the Ottoman empire did at the Kosovo Polje (Kosovo Field) in 1389. It was a battle the Turks thought they had won.  Only to lose it 500+ years hence. To the Serb Kosovo gravestones.

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