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May 13, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-76, Day 51, Update 1

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May 13, 1999; 0:30AM EDT - DAY 51, UPDATE 1


Moscow                 1. Yeltsin Sacks Primakov on Eve of Duma's

                                  Impeachment Proceedings (new-feat.gif (128 bytes) updated)

Phoenix                 2. Post-Yeltsin Russia: A Giant or a Midget?

Belgrade               3. Kosovo Refugees Were Paid Actors, Yugoslav

                                 Minister Says

Los Angeles         4. An Oaf Is Running OAF


1. Yeltsin Sacks Primakov on Eve of Duma's Impeachment Proceedings

MOSCOW, May 12 - Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, sacked today his third prime minister in less than 14 months on the eve of his impeachment trial which starts tomorrow in the Duma, the Russian lower house. Yeltsin dismissed an increasingly more popular Yevgeniy Primakov in the same capricious manner which had marked his previous prime ministerial sackings - of Viktor Chernomyrdin in April of 1998, and of Sergei Kiriyenko last summer.

And the Russian president appointed Sergei Stepashin, minister of the interior, believed to be a Yeltsin loyalist, as acting prime minister, pending his confirmation by the Duma, which is not expected to vote on the matter until May 19.

The moves throw Russia into another political turmoil just as the country is struggling to redefine itself as a world power, through its mediation in the Balkans, and its warming relations with China. And the appointment of the minister of the interior as prime minister is a clear indication that Yeltsin may be worried about a creeping coup against him. For, the move is bound to alarm the increasingly powerful regional governors who have been seeing the Ministry of the Interior as a bastion of Moscow's central power.

Furthermore, the appointment of a loyalist, like Stepashin, may also have personal implications for Yeltsin, TiM's expert sources on Russia say. For, Yeltsin and his family members have been under a relatively low-key investigation for allegedly embezzling some state assets, and transferring them into some western bank accounts.

Yeltsin's seat is bound to get hotter by the weekend, when the Duma is expected to conclude its three-day trial and vote on his impeachment on Saturday (May 15). If Yeltsin is impeached by a two-third majority vote, something which our sources consider possible, if not likely, he will no longer be able to use his biggest presidential stick - the threat of a dissolution of the Duma, which he used successfully last year in strong-arming a reluctant Duma into confirming the 35-year old Kiriyenko as prime minister, but only on the third vote. And only to have to dismiss this NWO greenhorn a few months later.

When the impeachment trial opens tomorrow, Yeltsin will face five counts:

  1. That he is guilty of causing the Chechnya war and of war crimes in that civil conflict;
  2. That he is responsible for the break-up of the Soviet Union;
  3. That he is guilty of murder of thousands of Russian citizens during the October 1993 attack on the Russian parliament, which he had ordered (for more information on this, see "Yeltsin's 'Red October II," available at our Web site)
  4. That he is responsible for the deterioration of the Russian military;
  5. That he is guilty of genocide against the Russian people (through an economic and social collapse of Russia which his policies have caused);

For more information on all these points, especially those dealing with Counts 4. And 5. - check out the many stories which are available at the TiM Web site in the Eastern Europe/Russian Affairs section (, specifically "Killing Russia Softly," a collection of our articles from 1997, including one about a visit to the Russian "Duma." new-feat.gif (128 bytes)

When the impeachment trial ends with a vote on Saturday, even if he is impeached by the Duma, Yeltsin will be able to drag things out just as Bill Clinton did after the House of Representatives voted to impeach the American president last December. Russia's Supreme and Constitutional Court will have to rule on the legality of the impeachment articles. Finally, the Federation Council (kind of like the U.S. Senate), consisting of Russia's regional leaders, will also have to vote with a two-thirds majority to impeach him.

But the Russians have never been known for changing their government through a drawn-out political TV soap operas, like the Watergate hearings, for example. Or the Clinton impeachment process, which ended up with a whimper in the corrupt Senate. And which helped convince most freedom-minded Americans that not only have the un-American New World Order bosses bought the White House, along with and all of its agencies and accoutrements; they have also bought and corrupted the majority of U.S. Senators.

Since that's NOT the case in Russia, stand by for a much more exciting news from Russia in the next three months - the period of time during which the impeachment process must be concluded, according to the Russian Constitution. Or even a shorter time frame if some Russian, or God, decide to pull the plug on this disgraceful "Russian" leader, an NWO quisling.

Either way, through God's of human intervention, our bet is that Yeltsin will not serve out his presidential term, which expires in June of next year.

As if trying to reinforce this TiM assessment, within hours of Primakov's dismissal, the Duma voted 243 to 20 in favor of a non-binding resolution calling on Yeltsin to resign, the Associated Press reported. And the Deputy U.S. Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott, who arrived in Moscow today, found the Russian government in shreds. And had heard Yeltsin warning that Russia would end its Serbia mediation efforts if NATO did not heed its views on Kosovo - meaning an immediate cessation of its bombing campaign (see S99-74, Day 49, Update 2, Item 1, May 11) - before retreating to Finland, for the time being..

The political imbroglio also appears to endanger the latest International Monetary Fund loan package for Russia, which is considered critical to avoid a default this year on the country's $17 billion in foreign debt. The IMF loans were contingent on parliament's approval of a number of reform measures, which now appears unlikely because of the power struggle between the executive and legislative branches.


TiM Ed.: Surprise, surprise... All sorts of ramifications the NATO warmongers had not thought about before launching their March 24 attack on Serbia. Such as that their favorite Russian stooge may be more than a bit out of it.

Yeltsin, 68, who has suffered a long series of health problems, announced Primakov's dismissal in a television appearance in which he appeared puffy and seemed to have difficulty pronouncing his words, the Associated Press reported.

So maybe the next stage of NWO's "Ruin Russia" scenario, we'll have wax-like figures making pronouncements on behalf of the Kremlin leaders, just as in the good old days of the Soviet Empire?


2. Post-Yeltsin Russia: A Giant or a Midget?

PHOENIX, May 12 - The above conclusion begs the questions of what the consequences for world peace (or war) would be of the current turmoil in (still) the largest country on earth, and what a post-Yeltsin Russia will look like?

Given the already heightened volatility of global international relations, brought about by NATO's attack on Yugoslavia, and exacerbated last Friday with its bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, additional turmoil in Moscow can only contribute to the global political instability. Which is exactly what the NATO governments need, if they are to pursue their illegal and murderous campaign against the Serbs. So Yeltsin's sacking of Primakov can hardly be regarded as good news in Belgrade, for example.

On the other hand, the Yeltsin government continues to send mixed signals to the world, betraying a chaotic situation in Moscow these days. Such as the message by Sergei Prikhodko, for example, a Yeltsin's deputy, following his recent meetings with the Chinese leaders.

Speaking on Tuesday (May 11) on the radio program, Voice of Russia, Prikhodko revived the old "triangle plan." He said that in order to avert the possibility of non-NATO nations meeting the same fate as Yugoslavia, New Delhi, Beijing and Moscow should work in close cooperation. Besides enabling them to avert the use of force against them, such an arrangement would strengthen world security and reduce global tensions, he said.

Add to it another "triangle" in the offing, such as that of Russia, Byelorussia and Serbia (see Day 17, Update 2, Item 1, Apr. 9), and you can understand why the best epithet for today's global situation is - CHAOTIC! And it is all due to the "Washington Crisis Factory," as we pointed out in our New Dawn column, written while in Australia last January (see

As for the second question - about what a post-Yeltsin Russia may look like, just about every Russian knows by now that the only way this vast country can go after getting rid of this western stooge is - UP! The question is: Is it going to go up in flames, as the U.S. and Western Europe will in the event that NATO's current intransigence causes a military response from the post-Yeltsin Russia, leading to WW III? Or is it going to go UP the way the ancient Chinese warriors used to win their wars - by not having to fight them (i.e., by checkmating their enemies beforehand).

For the sake of humanity the world-over, let us hope it is the latter.


3. Kosovo Refugees Were Paid Actors, Yugoslav Minister Says

BELGRADE, May 10 - Terrified refugees fleeing Kosovo are actors, the Yugoslav government claimed Monday, laying out a "Wag the Dog'" scenario in which thousands of ethnic Albanians were paid $5.50 to participate in a NATO-directed screenplay, the Associated Press has reported.

Goran Matic, a Yugoslav minister without portfolio, outlined a scenario in which ethnic Albanians were paid to traipse around in a vast circle beginning and ending in Kosovo.

The Yugoslav government has long claimed NATO bombs and missiles, not its own police and paramilitary units, are to blame for the refugee crisis. But Matic went a step further, outlining what he called a "big production" that would do credit to Hollywood (also see Day 8, Update 1, Items 4 and 5, Mar. 31).

Matic said 3,000 to 4,000 ethnic Albanians were paid $5.50 each to act the parts of Kosovo refugees during the first 10 days of the NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia. They traveled to Macedonia, then on to Albania, then to the Yugoslav republic of Montenegro and then back to Kosovo province, marching in a circle so as to seem like vast numbers of people on the run, he said.

But this NWO "Wag the Dog" production began to falter, Matic said, when the Albanian "actors" weren't paid and tried to go home. Only to be denied by NATO the chance to do it. Matic illustrated his briefing to the media with photos of burned and mangled bodies, twisted wreckage, and a map titled "Albanians in Circles."

Matic also questioned the number of ethnic Albanians who lived in Kosovo before the conflict, shaving nearly a million people from the generally accepted number of 1.8 million, the Associated Press reported.


TiM Ed.: And if any of you, our long-time loyal TiM readers, think that this is just a Yugoslav government propaganda, we invite you to check out the TIM GW Bulletins about the demographics of Kosovo - written WELL BEFORE NATO's bombings began on Mar. 24 (by doing a SEARCH for appropriate keywords). And then make up your own minds as to whom you wish to believe.


4. An Oaf Is Running OAF

LOS ANGELES, May 11 - An oaf at the White House is running the OAF - Operation Allied Force - as the murderous NATO campaign against Serb civilians is being sold to the American public, says Cal Thomas, a Los Angeles Times Syndicate's nationally syndicated columnist.

Having looked up the dictionary definition of OAF, Thomas says that it is, "an elf's child; a changeling left by fairies or goblins; hence a deformed or foolish child; an idiot."

Whereupon Thomas concludes that, "the cost of this administration (to the U.S. taxpayers) will be paid on an installment plan over many years. More than our defense and intelligence capabilities (which have been compromised) will have to be rebuilt when Clinton finally leaves office (God-willing?). American credibility and prestige will also have to be repaired... But that's what happens when we elect and maintain an oaf in office."


TiM Ed.: For all Thomas' wonderful eloquence, "we," meaning the American people, have nether elected, nor maintained, this Klinton "oaf in office." It is only the establishment media who are maintaining this "demo farce." The Clinton vs. Dole duel in 1996 had all the excitement of a Yankees' "blue" vs. "white" team "World Series," TiM said contemporaneously (check out this writer's Nov/96 Washington Times column, "Demo Farce and the American Century,"


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